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From the Senior Editor: We’ve reached August again and at the time of writing, it seemed like it was going to be a hot one. This is a strange month in the Barcelona calendar—for lots of people, it’s their busiest time of the year, for many others, their quietest. To reflect this, the magazine this month contains a suitably mixed bag of content, with ideas of things to do for those with extra free time as well as articles about some of those for whom August is (or was) anything but a down time. In the latter camp, Xavier Macia tells us about Nancy and Archie Johnstone, two Britons who set up a successful hotel in the undeveloped Costa Brava of the Thirties, while Nicola Thornton interviews British choreographer Thomas Noone, whose company will be performing this month, and Roger de Flower gives us some food for thought about taking advantage of the busy city beaches by setting up ‘office’ there. In contrast, for those with time on their hands, we suggest salsa dancing, water sports and adventure days out. Hannah Pennell


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Charming 100m2 apartment – Eixample

210m2 penthouse – Plaça Francesc Macià

Sunny apartment of 110m2 – Eixample

Penthouse of 185m2 – Passeig Sant Joan

Bright three-bedroom apartment with excellent central location. Furnished. Price: €1.600 Ref. L0431ba

In classical building, apartment with three bedrooms and two terraces of total 90m2. Recently renovated. Unfurnished. Price: €3.000 Ref. L0430ba

Corner apartment in modern building, all exterior with three bedrooms and nice views. Unfurnished. Price: €1.700 Ref. L0409ba

Large living-dining room and kitchen, four bedrooms, all exterior and a fantastic 90 m2 roof terrace. Parking. Price: €3.000 Ref. L0445ba

Penthouse of 285m2 – La Bonanova

Brand new 120m2 attic apartment – Eixample

Cosy 70m2 apartment – Eixample

Designer 300m2 house – Valldoreix

Fantastic attic duplex apartment with terraces on both levels and four bedrooms. Nice location. Parking. Unfurnished. Price: €3.500 Ref. L0440ba

Full of light penthouse with two terraces of 50m2 each, three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Unfurnished. Price: €2.500 Ref. L0433ba

Recently renovated, open-plan kitchen, double bedroom and bathroom. Furnished. Price: €1.000 Ref. L0125ba

Plot of 700m2 with pool and summer dining area, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Parking. Furnished. Price: €4.500 Ref. L0198ba


Brand new flats in classical building – Passeig de Gràcia From one to three bedrooms. Luxury finishings. Fully equipped kitchen. Price: from €575.000 Ref. V1314BA

Brand new flat – Barceloneta seafront

Full of light 150m2 apartment – Eixample

93m2 loft with lovely 35m2 terrace – Francesc Macià

Top floor flat of 110m2 and two bedrooms. Lots of light. Perfect condition. Price: €470.000 Ref. V1312BA

Top floor 150m2 flat located one block from Passeig de Gràcia. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Price: €750.000 Ref. V1296BA

Open space with living/dining area, open kitchen, master bedroom en-suite, office space with shower room. Price: €490.000 Ref. V0359ba

Please call for further properties 93 241 30 82 Avda. Diagonal, 433 3º 2ª - 08036 Barcelona www.johntaylorspain.com

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on our web www.barcelona-metropolitan.com


Good food guide After a brief hiatus, our food writer Tara Stevens has returned once more to her role as our food and drink blogger, ready to share some of her gourmet tips for getting the best out of Barcelona. Recent posts have included her three top snack bars in the Boqueria (above). www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/foodanddrinkblog

Yes, we know that the man pictured above is clearly not on a beach located anywhere round these parts, but it caught your eye, didn’t it? Now that we have your attention, we wanted to let you know that while our Informer news blog will be taking a well-deserved summer break this month, we are starting up a special August blog, featuring weather info, our picks of what’s going on in the city and some of those ‘silly season’ stories that we all love to read about at this time of year when real news supposedly doesn’t happen. Read all about it from the comfort of your deckchair, wherever you happen to be in the world. www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/summerblog

REVIEWED Catch up with the latest theatre productions in Barcelona with the reviews of Alx Phillips. Alx has been a regular contributor to Metropolitan in the past and is now sharing with us her thoughts about some of the most interesting Catalan language plays being staged in the city. While you might think that your language skills are not up to sitting through plays such as Dubte (pictured left)—a translated version of John Patrick Shanley’s 2004 award-winning play Doubt—Alx’s enthusiasm and insight may just persuade you otherwise. www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/theatrereviews

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An inside look Illustrator Mark Gary McKenny http://markmckenny.tumblr.com It was halfway through my degree that I realised I had a passion for drawing and storytelling. I was studying Fine Arts, but I was spending more of my time in coffee shops reading, catching up on my book-underfed childhood. I often discussed this with my tutor and he told me not to worry, it was all intertwined. I guess now I’m a bit of everything. Being an artist takes you from place to place; I guess that would explain why I’m in Barcelona. For me drawing has always been about how and why. When I’m in a big open space, I draw big; when I’m slightly confined, I paint small. As long as you create an energy and a purpose to what you’re doing, it will work. Right now I’ve been using a lot of ink as it’s cheap and quick, which is reflective of my current lifestyle. Barcelona is a sleepless city. I never miss anything for more than a day. I always avoid La Rambla when it’s busy. A view: Messi at Camp Nou A building: Hospital de Sant Pau An inspiration: CaixaForum A place to go with friends: Mercat de Sant Antoni on a Sunday On my to-do list: Museu d’Història de Catalunya About the cover: Barcelona is all about movement. As I mentioned above, it’s a city that never sleeps. One of the things that makes it so great is the ability to go down to the beach and let yourself loose. We all need to do that once in a while.

Interested in featuring your photographs or illustrations in our magazine? Email us at design@barcelona-metropolitan.com

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Hungry for Hungarian

Photo courtesy Ximenetas

The name of this new pastry shop, which is located in the heart of the city, is ‘Ximenetas’, and the cakes on sale there are designed to look just like chimneys, with a hollow centre and delicious outer layer.The churro-like pastry is a Hungarian speciality, but its popularity has spread around the world and the owners of this new Barcelona venture explain that they want to make it famous here too. The tiny shop has been set up to enable both passers-by and customers to see for themselves the production of the ximenetas, which come in a variety of flavours including caramel, cinnamon and hundreds and thousands. For those of a less sweet-toothed nature, they are also planning a savoury range for the near future. With free tastings and weekly offers, this Hungarian treat seems set to succeed. Jaume I 3. www.facebook.com/Ximenetas

There’s something suspicious about the rows of fruit smoothies in Barcelona’s most famous market. They’re so brilliantly coloured, it almost makes you wonder whether they’re artificial. As an alternative, when you feel like a vitamin C kick or a potassium boost, opt out of buying a pre-prepared smoothie amongst the hoards of tourists and head to Express Fruta, a new juice shop opened up in the Gòtic neighbourhood. Simply tell them what fruity blend you fancy and if the selection of fruits in question has been delivered and is ripe, then you’re in luck! They’ll blend together all your favourite healthy fruit with no added sugar (and no queues) to make a simple, refreshing smoothie. Mercè 8

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Photo by Tashoma Lemard

A refreshing change

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Photo courtesy costagroup.net

Every once in a while I crave a tasty crêpe, so I was happy to see that a new place has opened up in the city centre, serving both savoury and sweet pancakes. However, the name of this locale, Crepería del Mar, is a bit of a misnomer. For a start, it’s nowhere near the sea, but instead in Ronda Universitat and surrounded by buildings rather than sand and sea. Secondly, it serves up a lot more than just crêpes. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the venue also goes by the name of Food Market Café, which is a lot more accurate when summing up this eatery. As well as crêpes, you can get ice creams, salads, pasta (understandable given the Italian roots of its creators, Costa Group) and pastries, with many dishes made in front of you. The design is a mix of urban chic and upmarket indoor market, combining exposed ceilings and metal columns with colour and fresh produce. An ideal place for a bite to eat or drink and a rest from the heat if you find yourself in the area this month. Ronda Universitat 12

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(ALMOST) ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT: SIESTAS RANDOM FACTS AND FIGURES • The word siesta originated in the mid-17th century, based on the Latin word sexta (hora), meaning ‘sixth hour’ (source: New Oxford Dictionary of English). • People can take short naps with their eyes open and not be aware that they are actually ‘sleeping’ (source: National Sleep Research Project in Australia). • The ideal nap length is 10 to 20 minutes (source: www. siestaawareness.org)

THE SCIENCE BIT - The reason why siestas can feel so good is because our circadian rhythms—a biological process that lasts 24 hours and encourages us to be awake in the late afternoon—balance with our intrinsic need for sleep (aka homeostatic sleep propensity), which starts as soon as we wake up. The point between these two urges is the ideal time to take a nap. - Some research suggests that daytime naps are not a good idea for those suffering from insomnia, and that those with this affliction should do all they can to stay awake during the day to focus on trying to sleep at night only. - Research released last year from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania (US) says that a 45- to 60-minute sleep during the day helps lower blood pressure (source: www.guardian. co.uk). In 2008, a study carried out by the City University of New York found three quarters of an hour of shut-eye can improve memory function (source: www.health.msn.com). Other benefits found over the years include reducing the risk of heart disease, being more productive at work and improving creativity (source: www.michaelhyatt.com)

“España no está para siestas” This was the rather surprising declaration of Spanish justice minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, back in June, when he claimed that Spain isn’t interested in siestas but rather in working 365 days a year. He wants to make a radical change to the country’s justice system and keep it working at full capacity during August.

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There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled. Ovid (43BCE-17CE)


• Winston Churchill: said to have coined the phrase ‘power nap’, he argued in favour of a daily afternoon sleep for the clarity it gave him during wartime. • Salvador Dalí: the Catalan artist used to rest while holding a key in his left hand. When Dalí actually fell asleep, the key would fall onto a metal plate on the ground, waking him up. Albert Einstein was another fan of this ‘hypnogogic nap’, which takes advantage of Stage 1 sleep when the mind releases creative thoughts. • Napoleon Bonaparte: although the French leader would stay awake for hours at a time when planning his campaigns, he could drop off quickly to catch up on his sleep almost at will.

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Photos by Juliana Tamayo, with thanks to Just On and Tomate

Juliana Tamayo gives some fashion tips and shopping advice for the Barcelona summer season.

When August comes, so do the heat and humidity, and it’s not easy getting dressed when all you want to do is stay fresh and comfortable. The temptation just to pull on the lightest/smallest/coolest outfit you have (viz. bathers and flip-flops) can be overwhelming. But while this month is serious beach season in Barcelona, that doesn’t necessarily mean you to have dress as though you were on the beach for the whole month. What’s more, with the summer sales still on and the majority of shops offering air-conditioning, you have good reason to enjoy some major fashion retail therapy over the coming weeks. One option is simply to head to the high-street stores. If you go down Portal del Ángel, make a trip to one of the city’s shopping centres or simply decide you’re brave enough for a spending spree on Passeig de Gràcia, you’ll find yourself surrounded by stores such as Women’Secret [sic.], Calzedonia, Oysho, Yamamay, Etam and ES Collection, all stocking the latest hot colours, such as electric blue, magenta and orange. From tiny bikinis and sophisticated swimwear at Calzedonia to Oysho’s button-up shirt range via ES Collection’s selection of beachwear for men, if you actually are planning on spending most of this month on the beach, you can do it in some style after a visit to any of these places. However, for those of you who, like me, would rather not be in a swimsuit for the next 31 days and prefer to find smaller, one-off places that suit your individual style, head down to the Gòtic or Born neighbourhoods where you’ll find a great range of little shops amongst the cool, narrow streets. Just On, Tomate, Instinto, Studium and Como Agua de Mayo are all worth a look, or maybe try somewhere a little more upbeat such as Dresscode BCN. These are all independent shops that offer a variety of clothing options without the crowds or overwhelming choice. If you want elegance that isn’t too over-the-top for this time of year, these stores won’t disappoint;

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in fact, they might give you a hard time deciding what to buy, making at least one return trip inevitable. For advice on what to purchase, talk to Javier and Bianchi, the owners of the cute, artsy fashion and jewellery store Just On at Plaça Sant Just (pictured above, left and right). They work together to inspire designers to sell their work to both locals and tourists; their philosophy is about being open and stylish, and discovering what looks best suit you. And because this store specialises in one-off pieces, you can be sure no one else around will look like you. Another place worth a look is Tomate (above, centre), a fashion store that has been going for 13 years, despite being hidden away in the Barri Gòtic. They sell clothes created by both locals and foreigners living in Barcelona, with only a few of each design being produced to ensure exclusivity. The concept is to “sell local”, giving tourists the chance to feel like part of the city and residents the opportunity to admire the work of some of their fellow citizens. So there really is no excuse not to keep up the style standards this month, whether you’re planning to spend most of it in Barceloneta or will be fighting through the crowds of tourists to get to work. And don’t forget, however hot it gets during the day, the cooler evenings mean you have every chance to show off your fashionable side this August. More info Just On—Plaça Sant Just, 2, tel. 93 304 3978; www.konfusionbarcelona.com Tomate—Banys Nous 22, tel. 93 301 3788 Instinto—Banys Nous 5, tel. 93 317 3273 Studium—Libreteria 17, tel. 93 310 1030 Como Agua de Mayo—Banys Nous 17, tel. 93 412 3172 Dresscode BCN—Lledó 10

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Clockwise from top left: Archie and Nancy Johnstone together with Walter Leonard, who worked at their hotel; leaflet that the Johnstones produced to promote the hotel; Nancy on the beach at Tossa with her puppy Beetle; Casa Johnstone just after it was completed; Nancy Johnstone (far left), pictured in 1947 on a return trip to Tossa after the war. Next page: cover of translated version of Nancy’s two books. All photos kindly provided by Tusquest Editors, publisher of Un Hotel a la Costa

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Living the dream In the Thirties, British couple Nancy and Archie Johnstone set up a small hotel in an as yet unspoiled Costa Brava. By Xavier Macia.


ust before dusk on a late July day in 1936, a British Royal Navy destroyer appeared opposite the bay facing the little town of Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava. The Spanish Civil War was a few days old and as the destroyer—charged with taking off British nationals and other foreigners who wanted to flee the war—edged her way inshore, her crew was unsure how they would be received. Two ship’s boats carefully approached the beach where most of Tossa’s bemused population had gathered to watch. After dark, the destroyer’s powerful searchlight swept the beach and town as most of the foreign residents gathered up belongings and went aboard. However, one British couple watched the spectacle with a combination of mirth, disgust and contempt. They were not about to abandon the Republic and Catalunya. Tossa was then so isolated that the war hardly touched it, and they were determined to stay. Nancy and Archie Johnstone had “discovered Tossa by accident” in 1934, while looking for a holiday spot. Some years later, in her first book about their Tossa experiences, Nancy wrote that Archie, with “his usual method of picking a place to holiday in, [had] chosen the Costa Brava because he knew of no one who had ever been there.” Tossa de Mar was then a town of 1,400, unspoilt by tourism and still dependant on fishing and agriculture. But in many ways, it was unlike other coastal towns. At the time of the First World War, a number of artists—from both sides of the conflict—had settled in Barcelona and holidayed in Tossa de Mar, attracted by its tranquility and the stark beauty of the rocky coast overlooking turquoise seas. During the Twenties and early Thirties, Tossa acquired a reputation in artistic circles as far away as Paris and Berlin, as a quiet, out-of-the way village but still relatively accessible. A second wave of artists arrived after 1933, consisting mostly of Germans who had left their homeland after the Nazis gained power. The list of artists who passed through Tossa is reflected in the municipal museum’s current collection that includes works by Marc Chagall, André Masson, Albert Gleizes, Jean Metzinger and Olga Sacharoff, amongst others. Soon after the Johnstones discovered Tossa, they took a leap of faith

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and decided to build a small hotel in the town. They would cater mostly to British tourists looking for an inexpensive holiday in a somewhat exotic locale. Perhaps they were tired of living in London and, like other Britons in recent times, calculated that they could live comfortably in Spain on modest means. Archie was a journalist with the News Chronicle and he was keen to escape the hurly-burly of Fleet Street. He was also a veteran of the First World War and it’s possible that this contributed to his ennui with life in England. Nancy was more than willing to oblige her husband. She seems to have been a whirlwind of energy, dashing ahead with their plans as Archie was swept along in her wake. A timely but modest inheritance set them on their way. The Johnstones engaged one of the German refugees, an architect, to design and supervise the construction of their hotel on a bit of land on a hill overlooking the Platja Gran and across the bay from Tossa’s old town. Nancy insisted that the hotel be built as high up as possible on the hill. The result was that Casa Johnstone had magnificent views of the Mediterranean and the old town, although guests would complain of the uphill slog to get there. Casa Johnstone opened its doors in 1935 and was soon a success. To fill the hotel, the Johnstones worked their connections in London, especially amongst their Fleet Street friends, and soon a parade of Britons made its way to Tossa de Mar. The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War the following year did not stop the Johnstones, and their hotel continued to function. A number of visitors including Fleet Street luminaries and the odd British secret service agent came through their doors during these years. From time to time, Archie went off to the front to do some reporting for the News Chronicle. The couple were committed to the cause of Republican Spain and were embarrassed and frustrated by Britain’s abandonment of a democratically elected government. They also understood Catalunya as few foreigners did, even learning the language. Nancy wrote two books about their time in Tossa. The first, Hotel in Spain (1937), dealt with their decision to quit London, the building of the hotel and the first months of the Civil War. In the second, Hotel in Flight (1939), Nancy wrote about their determination to keep


7/23/12 12:55:48 PM



Casa Johnstone going despite the war. Toward the end of 1938, as the war became more desperate for Catalunya, Nancy and Archie turned their hotel into a children’s refuge, housing about 50 children escaping the war from all parts of Spain. Eventually the war touched even Tossa de Mar, and Nancy and Archie fled with their charges to France. There the children were incarcerated in refugee camps while the Johnstones arranged for their welfare. Happily, all of the children were later able to return to their respective families across Spain. Nancy’s books have long been out of print and most historians of the Civil War are unfamiliar with them. Even the tourist office in Tossa was unaware of the books until Miquel Berga, a professor at Barcelona’s Universitat Pompeu Fabra, recently translated them into Catalan. The translations, published in a single volume entitled Un Hotel a la Costa (2011), aroused much interest in the Catalan press. “Nancy’s books are valuable documents,” Berga told Metropolitan, “not only because of their depiction of everyday life in a small Catalan town—the Tossa de Mar of those days no longer exists—but also as a contrasting account of the war by foreigners who came for reasons other than to fight.” While George Orwell wrote a somewhat unkind review of Nancy’s second book, calling it “chirpily facetious”, Berga believes that “Nancy’s first book has a level of humour in the style of Mayle’s A Year in Provence but in the second book that changes to irony and then sarcasm.” That change in tone reflects the seriousness of the changed circumstances. The Johnstones felt so strongly about the British government’s betrayal of the Spanish Republic that instead of returning to Britain

after the Civil War, they went to Mexico where many Republican exiles had fled; they were able to make at least one trip back to Tossa after the Second World War. The Johnstones eventually separated. Nancy stayed in Mexico and Central America and remarried. She wrote two other books, including a novel. In 1950, Nancy was in a serious automobile accident in Guatemala and, although she survived, she later disappears from public records and nothing is currently known about the rest of her life. After the Second World War, Archie returned to England and then went to Moscow, where he edited a publication of the British embassy. Later, he joined the ranks of British defectors in the Russian capital, what British journalist John Miller described in his 2010 memoirs as the “grey men”. Archie, Miller wrote, “chose freedom, Soviet-style, and tore up his British passport.” He also remarried, with a Russian woman. There is a hint that in his old age Archie missed those exciting days with Nancy in Spain: shortly before he died in Moscow in 1978, Archie asked Guardian correspondent David Mitchell, who had recently visited Tossa, how the trees that he and Nancy had planted around Casa Johnstone were doing. Casa Johnstone still stands but is now part of the large Hotel Don Juan complex and dwarfed by the buildings around it. It retains views of the sea and old town but now also overlooks the roofs of the hotels below it. To the relief of guests, escalators have been installed that alleviate the walk up the hill. But, if one visits Casa Johnstone there is nothing to indicate that the building was the dream of a remarkable British couple, with not even a plaque to recall the memory of Nancy and Archie.

The couple were committed to Republican Spain and were embarrassed and frustrated by Britain’s abandonment of a democratically elected government. 14-16. The Johnstones PDF.indd 4

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Thomas Noone Choreographer/Director of Thomas Noone Dance, 41, British

I got into dance quite late. I grew up a typical Wembley boy so it wasn’t really the sort of thing you did, but I’d always enjoyed dancing as a teenager. The bug took hold when I went off to Jamaica when I was 17. I was teaching maths and science there and at the end of the year we had some time off. They were running a course in Jamaican national dancing for four weeks so I thought, “Alright, I’ll have a go at that!” We did ballet, jazz and Afro-Caribbean and after four weeks, I got hooked, but I went back to study Geology at Oxford. My mother is from Guyana and my father is Irish/English and I think they wanted me to do the typical Oxford thing, but I knew I wanted to dance. I spoke to my mum about it and she said: “Oh yes, that’s fine.” But unbeknown to me at the time, she wrote to my tutor at Oxford, asking him if it was a wise idea for her son to have a career change. He was a fine artist, and I think he saw that I couldn’t sit still long enough to do the whole geology thing. He told my mum: “I’m sure he’ll excel in whatever he does,” and told me to go ahead, so I went back to London, got into Rambert [Dance Company] and did three years with them. I was really lucky to get a job with a company in Holland straight afterwards. It was my Catalan wife that brought me to Barcelona. I met her in Amsterdam, she was in a ballet company there and I was in a contemporary company— sounds great, doesn’t it?! She was renting out a room to one of the dancers I was dancing with. She came to a rehearsal one day, and I said “Who’s that?” and they said, “Oh she’s far too busy, don’t bother her.” So I kind of chased her round. She was getting bored with Holland, finding it too grey, and soon announced she was going home. I said “OK, I’ll come.” I think she was a bit sceptical at first, but here we are! At the moment, the company is all Spanish. Half the dancers are Catalan, the others are from Galicia, Valencia and the Canaries. You see a similar training when you have a whole Spanish crew, they are more flamenco-ey. I was working in France with more northern European nationalities recently and, without thinking, I

19. interview PDF.indd 24

said “Olé!” They thought that was strange coming from an English choreographer but I don’t feel so English anymore. I go back to the UK and it bewilders me. There are some things about it that I dearly love, but I would find it very hard to fit in. I notice I speak too loud now and I kiss too many people when I go back. For me, dance is a fundamental way of communicating. It’s not about high art. There are six people going into a space, working up a sweat, and moving their bodies together, and people are just watching. It sort of bypasses all our cerebral rationale. You talk about it afterwards, you get it, you don’t like it, but the important thing is that you feel something. I actually shy away from the whole artist thing. When we go to Central America, they call us maestros and do that whole deference thing, like shuffling away from you. I’ve never felt 100 percent comfortable with that. But if you catch me after a few drinks, I will probably talk more like an artist. Last year, I won a Barcelona City Prize (Premis Ciutat de Barcelona 2011). I thought the Culture Department was ringing me because we’d done something wrong with our grant form, but no, it was really nice. I have a bit of chip on my shoulder about being a foreigner here, but this was actually a very big deal for us. We have quite a respected structure here that never ceases to amaze me. Because of my academic background, I almost feel like I’ve been caught playing. We do work really hard, not just on the artistic side but the administration side is quite a serious job. We are involved in an ongoing community project here, as well as our tours and shows. People have this idea that dancers just waft around in tights but we don’t. WE DON’T WEAR TIGHTS! Actually someone did wear tights the other day and it was quite amusing. We all fell about laughing.

www.thomasnoonedance.com. The company will be performing Lugares Extrañamento Desastros this month at La Villarroel (Villarroel 87) from the 14th to 26th. Interview by Nicola Thornton. Photo by Lee Woolcock.

7/23/12 11:48:18 AM


Out at sea August is the ideal month to try out some local water sports. By Nicola Reid


ake the most of any extra free time that you have this month, thanks to reduced working hours and/or annual leave, by trying out one of the water sports on offer in Barcelona and along the Catalan coast. Plain sailing There’s something enchanting about the many onlookers who wave to the boats coming and going under the open bridge at La Rambla del Mar in the Port Vell. The life of a sailor can appear idyllic, especially at this time of year, and as boats set sail towards the horizon, it’s difficult not to wonder where they’re off to on their travels, and maybe even to wish that we too were heading out of Barcelona on a sailboat. That’s not to say you want to leave Barcelona once and for all, but sometimes a breath of fresh sea air is the

20-21. Water sports REPDF.indd 2

kind of escape you need from the claustrophobia of the lively city, particularly during these sticky months. If you think that sailing could be for you, an ideal place to head is MTF Sail & Power, currently the only Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accredited sailing school in Barcelona. The school offers a wide range of courses, whether you just want to have a go as a novice or you fancy yourself as a more serious sailor. Courses are both theory-based and practical, from beginners’ courses (Competent Crew) to Day Skipper, Yachtmaster and Oceanmaster qualifications. Maybe you used to sail and would like to pick it up again or perhaps you want to build up your nautical miles. If you’ve got your sea legs and wish to do a few different courses, MTF also offers special package deals. Alternatively, you may be interested in speeding your way across the waves, in which case the powerboat qualifications will be for you. Essentially, there’s a wide range of courses suitable for all sailing abilities with prices ranging from €300 to €4,500, depending on the course you take. The Irish couple who run the school, Michael and Teresa Townley, are passionate about sailing, and with their experience and sense of adventure, they hope to pass on their love of yachting to their students.

So, if you sign up with MTF, it could soon be you waving from a sailboat departing from Port Vell, rather than watching wistfully from dry land. SURFING BCN Are you in the position that every time you pick up a surfboard, you have to shamefacedly admit to your new instructor that you have actually learnt to surf several (if not countless) times before? To save your embarrassment, the next time you want to catch a wave in Barcelona, take an oar with you and enjoy some stand up paddle surfing (SUP). Originating in Hawaii in the Sixties (its name is Hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian), this relaxing sport has made its way to Barcelona and is fast becoming a hit here and on other local beaches, such as Gavà Mar. Indeed, head down to Barceloneta on any summer day and you’re bound to see a number of these ‘alternative surfers’ paddling away at a leisurely pace. It’s not that they’ve given up on surfing, but they’re probably just as impatient as the rest of us. By transforming surfing into a slower hobby, you’re less likely to lose your patience about falling in every few minutes (because you won’t be), and you will have much more control over where you want to go and how quickly. What’s more, rent yourself a board and oars for a couple of

7/23/12 2:22:29 PM


Opposite page: Diving with Submares; this page: setting sail with MTF

hours and you’re bound to make some new friends—everyone seems intrigued by this up-and-coming sport. Stand Up Surf runs the first and only website dedicated to the sport of paddle surfing in Spain. For three years, their Barcelona school, based at the Port Olímpic, has offered different courses and lessons as well as organising regular activities and competitions for paddle surfers. They upload regular weather information onto the website, and tips for both aspiring and experienced paddle surfers. UNDER THE SEA Biologists have estimated that there are between 500,000 and 5,000,000 species living in the Earth’s seas, making a scuba diving trip below the waves a journey into the mysteries of nature. To try your hand at this activity locally, the Costa Brava is is the place to head. But it’s not just fish, molluscs and other sealife waiting to be discovered there; there’s also history to be rediscovered. Whilst exploring the Catalan marine world, you can also marvel at shipwrecks and ruins from the past. Schools such as Submares, based in Tossa de Mar, give you the chance to discover the Mediterranean beyond Barcelona and its beaches, with courses and diving qualifications available. At Submares, their range of diving courses starts with an

20-21. Water sports REPDF.indd 3

Initiation level for complete beginners, and also includes PADI qualifications (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), including Rescue Diver, Divemaster, First Aid and Advanced Open Water, which includes deep diving, diving at night and diving around shipwrecks and underwater rock landscapes. There are two shipwrecks that you can explore with Submares (note that you need to have at least an intermediate level to participate in these dives). They are: the Reggio Messina, which was used originally to transport trains and passengers then due to be turned into a luxury boat for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games until weaknesses in its outer shell let in rainwater, causing it to sink; and the Boreas, a one-time German naval tug baptised Pellworm that was used in the Second World War and later converted to civil use, when its name was changed. The Boreas was abandoned for several years in the port of Palamós (after being immobilised by the authorities due to its use for drug running), until it was intentionally sunk to create an attraction for local divers. MORE INFO MTF Sail & Power—www.mtf.com, tel. 695 806 029/646 654 067 Stand Up Surf—www.stand-up-surf.com Submares—www.submares.com, info@submares.com, tel. 653 932 32

Paddle surfing. Images courtesy Stand Up Surf

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Thanks to all of you who sent in photos for this subject. The theme for next month is: ART—please send your photos to editorial@barcelona-metropolitan.com by August 17th. Find all the practical info at: www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/photocollage

Mediterranean Currach 2012—by Fabio Ferlito

Analia riding a pony at La Foixarda stables, Montjuïc—by Emma Grenham

22-23. Collage PDF.indd 34

At Godó tennis championsh

Sebastian and Victoria having just taken part in the children’s Vila O

7/23/12 11:55:31 AM


MACBA skateboarder—by Geoff Harrison

nnis championships with umpire Carlos Bernardes—by Alex Alzuria

hildren’s Vila Olímpica races, July 2012—by Raymond Monk

22-23. Collage PDF.indd 35

Kayaking in the Costa Brava—by Andrea Moreno

7/23/12 11:55:36 AM


Spice up your s


alsa, the dance style that developed on the streets of Cuba, has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon and, especially as of late, has made its mark on Barcelona. If you’re looking to add spice to your summer, look no further than your nearest dance club. Now, if this is to be your first foray into the salsa world, keep calm—poco a poco, as they’re always telling me here. Try a Meetup event or a free class. Bring a friend and arrive prepared. Wear comfortable clothes without too many frills, and minimal jewellery; the last thing you want is to get tangled up when your partner tries a vuelta (turn). Women should wear shoes that support their arches and ankles. Super-high heels are not advisable; think four or five centimetres, and you’ll be fine. If you want to take the plunge and buy a pair of dancing shoes, good prices and global shipping can be found at www.lightinthebox.com (search for ‘salsa shoes’). Believe me, you’ll have a much better time if you go home without blisters on your toes. And where to go? If you ask someone local, you’ll probably get one of two responses: “Antilla” or “Mojito”. These are the two best-known salsa locations in the city, and each has its own dance school to boot and they host performances by groups from their respective schools. Either could be a great option to get started if you’re just investigating the scene, but the places that really interest me are the offbeat, lesser-known places to dance. There are tiny rooms like El Copetín in Passeig del Born. It’s a Cuban cocktail bar that sports old wooden furniture and candles to light the room. Salsa events can often be found here, but you have to check their website or call in advance to find out what’s going on. And on Passeig Joan de Borbó, just a few hundred metres from the sand, is a restaurant and bar called HBN BCN, or Habana Barcelona. They offer Mediterranean and Cuban cooking as well as dance events and casual group dance classes. 7Sins restaurant and bar on Muntaner offers salsa classes downstairs on Wednesday—you can purchase a tapas-and-salsaclass package, which allows you to eat and get to know folks before you start dancing. This event usually caters to beginners and people who are new to town, and the classes are often in English. For the truly adventurous, some of the most unconventional places I’ve found are not necessarily dedicated to salsa alone, but are still part of this cool little world. I discovered a tiny bar called Mistura that sits literally underneath Barcelona. One Saturday night, I was exiting the metro at Sant Antoni. As I walked towards the exit, I heard the unmistakable sound of salsa music coming from the little bar tucked away in the corner of the station. I walked in, and lo and behold, there was live music, people dancing and homemade empanadas, all underneath the city streets. It was 2am, but there were adults, little kids, grandmothers and teenagers. Giovanni Santis, who works at the bar and is the

24-26. Salsa PDF.indd 34

owner’s son, explained to me that they started Mistura with the intention of reflecting the ambience of the neighbourhood. “We are really proud that we can provide a place where local people or people who are just in town for a while can come and enjoy the food and, on the weekends, the music, and dance.” A couple of local groups host monthly outdoor events, such as Salsa als Carrers (‘Salsa in the Streets’), usually in the gazebo of the Parc de la Ciutadella. Announcements are made via Facebook and private blogs, but you really have to scour the internet to figure out where they are. The best place to find out about all of these events is the salsa Meetup group in Barcelona (see More Info list for details). The world of salsa dancing incorporates people from all walks of life, and is fuelled largely by word of mouth. If you see a sweaty guy in white shoes walking home at 4am on a Saturday night, you can bet that he’s part of it. (The shoes help onlookers and fellow salseros to see the dancer’s moves better in a dark club.) It’s an instant way to connect with people when travelling—and even if your dancing partner happens to be from a totally different country and culture, the music and moves themselves are the language in common. Social lines disappear. You might dance with a doctor, a student, a grocer and a guy who works at H&M, all in the space of an hour. To find out more about the Barcelona salsa scene, I spoke to a few people who are already well-ensconced in it. Cristian Vera is from Chile. He is studying sports medicine, but is also a salsa teacher giving intermediate-level workshops. He himself takes master classes from Jorge Camaguey, a famous

7/23/12 12:37:55 PM


r summer

Cuban teacher who now lives here. “When I first arrived in Barcelona two years ago, I went out to a salsa club and stayed for about 15 minutes,” Cristian told me. “I went home with my tail between my legs—the dancers were amazing! But I was determined to learn. I got in contact with Jorge Camaguey who kindly let me sit in on some rehearsals with his dance company. I think he was curious to know why this Chilean guy was so interested in Cuban music. That experience changed my life as I later became one of Jorge’s students. Thanks to dancing, I’ve been able to travel to many countries in Europe that I’d probably never have seen otherwise. I just got back from participating in private group classes in Switzerland, for example.” Cristian has taken part in various festivals and competitions such as the Campeonato de Colombia Guaguancó Festival 2011. His preferred dancing spots are Suite Lancaster (Castelldefels), Mojito and Sandunguita (also in Castelldefels), while he and a few friends also rent an apartment where they meet specifically to host dancing fiestas. Karina Murrieta is originally from Peru, but has lived in Barcelona for nine years. She makes her living as a massage

24-26. Salsa PDF.indd 35

The salsa bug is spreading throughout Barcelona, from the popular clubs to more hidden venues. By Tori Sparks. Photos by Richard Owens

Left: El Copetín; right: Bailongu


7/23/12 12:37:57 PM


Harlem Jazz Club

therapist, and while her brother is taking dance classes here, she learned salsa back home. “I grew up dancing salsa in Peru, but I never learned formally, I learned on the street. Barcelona is a cool scene because you can enjoy the atmosphere and dance even if you haven’t taken classes. I haven’t learned all the complicated choreography but I can still go out and have fun. I like going to Agua de Luna on Wednesdays or Antilla on Thursdays, especially. They have live salsa bands around midnight that are amazing. In general, it’s a friendly atmosphere; I’ve met people from all over the world at Antilla.” One of those “amazing” live bands is Son de la Rambla, a group of Catalan musicians who specialise in Cuban music. They regularly play at the Festa Major del Raval and Harlem Jazz Club, and they’re known for their matching white suits and hats. Clave player Carlos Ramagosa, born, bred and retired here in Barcelona, says “the musical and cultural connection between Cuba and Catalunya dates back to the 18th century and remains strong to this day. I’ve been travelling back and forth for 15 years and the connection between the two countries only grows, thanks to the internet and airplanes. In the past, there were very few of us who danced or played Cuban music [such as salsa or son], and now there are many. We’ve learned so much.” Habana Con Kola is one of the other well-known Barcelonabased salsa bands (or orquestas) that can also be found at Harlem Jazz Club at least one Saturday a month. And the tiny-but-cool JazzSí Club, which is run by the music school next door to it, has live Cuban music every Thursday evening. Carlos Saltos is originally from Ecuador, works in IT and heads the Salsa Meetup group in Barcelona. He greets everybody with a huge smile and usually a hug. “I organise events once every

24-26. Salsa PDF.indd 36

couple of weeks, or try to spread the word about other classes or workshops that are going on. My favourite thing is when it’s a small house party with friends. There are always friends of friends who have never danced before, but end up getting excited about salsa after trying it once! The idea is just to share something we love and get other people involved. When I go out to clubs, Bailongu is one of my favourite places—it’s a friendly atmosphere.” Excited yet? Whatever your tastes or level of experience, checking out salsa in Barcelona this summer should definitely be on your to-do list. Just remember to wear the right shoes.

MORE INFO: Antilla—Aragó 141, tel. 93 451 2151 Mojito— Rosselló 217, tel. 93 237 6528 HBN BCN—Carrer de l’Escar 1, tel. 93 225 0263 7Sins—Muntaner 7, tel. 93 453 6445 El Copetín—Passeig del Born 19, tel. 607 202 176 Mistura—Sant Antoni metro station, Ronda Sant Antoni or Villarroel La Suite Lancaster—Cinco 22, Castelldefels Playa Sandunguita—Passeig Marítim 423, Castelldefels Agua de Luna—Viladomat 211, tel. 93 410 0440 Harlem Jazz Club—Comtessa de Sobradiel 8, tel. 93 310 0755 Salsa Meetup—www.meetup.com/Salsa-Barcelona Bailongu—Passatge d’Utset 11, tel. 93 247 1602 JazzSí Club—Requesens 2, tel. 93 329 0020 www.salsacongress.com posts a list of all the salsa congresses in Europe, including one in Barcelona in September

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MAKING PLANS A few suggestions about things to do tonight, this weekend, later on...

Out-of-towners Festival de Cap Roig. Until August 18th. www.caproigfestival.com Festival Castell de Peralada. Until August 22nd. www.festivalperalada.es

Up on stage Rosana. Poble Espanyol. Saturday 4th, 9pm. €28

Bunbury performs at Cap Roig on Friday 17th

With Mother Nature as their backdrop, the Cap Roig Gardens and Castell Peralada are the locations for two of the biggest music and dance festivals in the region. The first makes the most of the Costa Brava landscape with an outdoor setting that can host up to 2,000 people. Over 20 national and international artists will be performing this year at Cap Roig and while you may have missed Tony Bennett and Bob Dylan, there is still a range of world-class artists to look forward to. These include Alejandro Sanz, Joaquín Cortés and James Morrison, to name but a few. Further away from Barcelona but worth the extra mileage thanks to the spectacular castle setting, Peralada will this month welcome the Deutsche Oper de Berlin performing Don Giovanni, Sara Baras paying homage to the Spanish constitution of 1812, La Pepa, and Harry Connick, Jr.

There’s mighty slim pickings when it comes to concerts in August—anyone would think that the music promoters are all on holiday. So it’s somewhat surprising that someone somewhere programmed a concert by one of Spain’s best-selling female singer-songwriters of the past 15 years for this month. Rosana’s songs have a deceptive appearance—the lyrics tend to describe the ups and downs of romantic relationships, but her powerful voice and skill with the guitar somehow make you forget you’re listening to Spanish pop. Her latest album ¡Buenos días, Mundo! will be too upbeat for some, with its attempts to find some optimism about recent times, but if you’re in the mood for a summer boogie, this concert should deliver in spades.

Summer tradition San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival. Various venues. Until Friday 31st. www.masimas.com

The Mas i Mas Festival returns to Barcelona as loud as ever. The festival, which takes place over several days and various venues, has become a permanent and much-anticipated fixture on the city’s August calendar. Since its launch in 2003, hundreds of artists have performed and this year’s festivities are sure to live up to the promise of past events. Indeed, the 34 dates in total make Mas i Mas more of a music marathon than a festival, and whether you choose multiple concerts to attend or are more selective about your choice of performer, there is certainly something at

28-29. Making plans PDF.indd 6

the Mas i Mas Festival for everyone. For example, fans of classical music will enjoy Harmonía del Parnàs and Astrid Steinschaden, while jazz enthusiasts should look out for the the Roberto Fonseca Quartet, Benny Golson Quartet and Ignasi Terraza Trio. Other genres include techno, from DJs such as Dark Vektor and Undo, and flamenco, courtesy of Karime Amaya and A Media Luz. For fans of short, sharp bursts of music, the Barcelona History Museum and Palau de la Música are hosting 30-minute concerts. Prices range from €4 to €54, but average around the €8 mark.

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Barça celebrate winning the 2011 Trofeu Joan Gamper 5-0 against Naples. Photo: FC Barcelona


Trofeu Joan Gamper, Camp Nou. August 20th, 10pm. www.fcbarcelona.com

Times they are a-changing over at FC Barcelona. Make the most of the above photo, because there’s one man there who you definitely won’t be seeing in similar images this season (and we’re not talking about Seydou Keita, who is off to play in the Chinese Super League). Blaugrana hero Pep Guardiola decided a few months back to call it a day on his time as the coach of Barça’s most successful first eleven, so this will be one of the first home opportunities to see what his successor (and close friend), Tito Vilanova, is made of. For those of us without a season ticket, this pre-season cup (which actually takes place after the league starts this year) named for the club’s founder is a great chance to see the splendour of Camp Nou from as little as €9.

Photo courtesy Circuit Festival

No jacket required Circuit International Gay and Lesbian Event, Thursday 2nd to 12th. Girlie Circuit, Tuesday 7th to Monday 13th. www.circuitfestival.net

The above photo from last year’s Circuit Festival Water Park Day shows just one part of what this spectacular August event, this year celebrating its fifth anniversary, is all about. Bringing together gays and lesbians for a fortnight or so of summer fun, the water park party (on Tuesday 7th from 10am at Illa Fantasia in Vilassara de Mar) is one of the highlights of the programme and it is now Europe’s largest gay outdoor fiesta. But there is a lot more scheduled for this edition, including art shows, sporting activities, discussion groups and film screenings, as well as nightly concerts featuring DJs and live acts.

28-29. Making plans PDF.indd 7

Festes de Gràcia. Photo by Andrea Moreno

Street parties

Festes de Gràcia: 15th to 21st, www.festamajordegracia.cat Festes de Sants: 18th to 26th, www.festamajordesants.cat Festes de Sant Roc: 14th to 18th, www.bcn.cat

Despite what you may think, in August it is the turn of not one, not two, but three Barcelona neighbourhoods to hold their festa majors—the Gràcia festes tend to dominate proceedings but this isn’t the only city neighbourhood letting its hair down this month. Slightly more lowkey, but still worth a look are the festes of Sants, which has its own tradition of street decoration akin to that of Gràcia but also focuses a lot of its energies on the Parc de la Espanya Industrial. Here you’ll be able to see various Catalan traditions, such as human towers and caps grossos (‘big heads’). For more historic festivities, go to the Gothic quarter (specifically around the Plaça Nova by the cathedral) for the Festes de Sant Roc. This is one of the city’s longest-running traditions and some of the activities that take place date back to the 16th century. They include la cucanya, where participants have to try and cross a greaseddown tree-trunk; and glops amb el porró llarg, where the aim is to drink wine from a large version of the traditional Catalan spouted glass container.

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British photographer Hannah Collins embarked on a global voyage to capture the stories behind some of the key ingredients used by Catalan chef Ferran Adrià.

Circumstance—FIRE!! 2012



London artist Hannah Collins is based part-time in Barcelona, and

Why did you decide to embark on this global voyage—taking

has a portfolio of work that includes photos, films and books. We

in Europe, Latin American and Japan—to capture the 30 or

put some questions to her about one of her latest projects, the

so featured ingredients? The project was a decision between

results of which can be seen this month at the Fundació Suñol.

myself and Ferran...it was always about looking at the way we use different things to make food—he chose the things and I went

Why and when did you decide to spend part of your time

to where they came from. So, he uses roses from Ecuador, for

living and working in Barcelona? I moved to Barcelona in

instance—it was important to go to the exact place each thing

1989—I wanted to bring up my daughter, who was then a year

came from. I discovered that things come from particular locations

old, away from London and I found Barcelona very interesting at

for very particular reasons: for instance, anemones which Ferran

that time. I lived full-time in Barcelona until 2001 when I took a job

has used come from Cadiz, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean

as a professor in the University of California starting up a media

meet; honey from northern Italy [where there are] whole areas of

department. Since that time, I live in Barcelona part-time and the

[just] one flower, so the honey can be made only from [that] one

rest of the time I travel, like many other people, I guess. I have

flower and has a particular colour and taste.

always loved the relaxed, local feel of the city, though of course

What do you think of Barcelona’s own food markets

it’s changed a lot over the years.


How did you first get to know Ferran Adrià? In your opinion,

I have shopped in Barcelona’s markets since the week I arrived

what is it that makes his work so special? I got to know Ferran

in Barcelona—I used to hate it when they closed a market for a

in the first place because a collector gave him a photograph of

while and worked on the building but it’s usually done with great

mine—it’s a picture of a man’s hands with five eggs balanced

respect for the stall-holders, and the markets have stayed viable

between the fingers. He has it in his taller [workshop]. We then

and modernised with time in a good way. Only the Boqueria has

met over this project. He has a unique hold on the connection we

maybe suffered, particularly as tourism has encouraged the stall-

have to what we eat; he is also witty and totally involved in his

holders to stock different things that are more about immediate

practice—it’s a highly disciplined thing. But you should read my

consumption and less about cooking and the kitchen. I love to

book, which speaks a lot about how Ferran’s work and mine have

shop in the market but again you really have to read the book to

intersected in this project.

know that!

Did you ever eat at El Bulli? I have eaten in El Bulli—it’s not

Read the full interview online at: www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/

really the dishes but more the attitude and the precision of what


they did that is impressive and the level of inventiveness. I have been looking at the things from the world that go into the kitchen

El Festí Fràgil. Rutes a Ferran Adrià (The Fragile Feast.

so that is really my viewpoint more than the dishes themselves:

Routes to Ferran Adrià). Fundació Suñol (Passeig de Gràcia

roses, honey, bottarga [cured fish roe] and so on. The meal as

98, www.fundaciosunol.org), until September 1st. The

an event is amazing though—time flies by. I particularly liked the

accompanying book of the same name, available in English

coconut Easter Egg as it reminds me of a prehistoric dinosaur egg;

and Castilian, is on sale at Vinçon (Passeig de Gràcia 96),

it seems to have nothing to do with a kitchen.


31. Summer art PDF.indd 6

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a different angle The CCCB presents a new edition of Gandules, its high-brow take on the open-air cinema experience that is now in its 10th year.

The Day He Arrives (2011), showing on Tuesday 14th


The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (2011), showing on Thursday 16th

ccording to the eponymous hit song from Grease, summer nights are a time for love matches to be made following days spent innocently flirting by drinking lemonade, staying out till 10 o’clock and splashing around. But the good people at the CCCB who organise the annual August Gandules film-fest would certainly disagree with such a concept. For starters, their screenings start at 10 o’clock, so not only do you need to be out until then, but you really need to try and stay awake for another two hours or so. Furthermore, this is unlike ‘ordinary’ open-air film festivals, where the focus is generally on enjoying watching a movie in the warm summer air perhaps with a fizzy beverage or two, lemonade or otherwise. No, the Gandules people want you to think. They want to expose you to the sort of films you’re unlikely to see in the Verdi on a wet Tuesday evening in November, let alone during the summer, when the nearest most of us get to ‘culture’ is with some comfortingly silly beach reading or by heading to an airconditioned cinema to see this year’s Hollywood blockbuster. And they really want you to read subtitles. As they point out in their on-line blurb, all nine of the films picked by local experts to be shown at this year’s event have won both audience and critical acclaim, but for various reasons have not been able to capture a commercial release, which is where the CCCB comes in—to right such wrongs. Taking a preliminary look at the line-up, it doesn’t seem entirely surprising that some of these films have struggled to get a look-in when up against vampires, 3D extravaganzas and sequels of sequels. Instead, you have: a young Bulgarian man hitchhiking his way to a funeral who is joined by a compulsive liar for the journey (Avé, Thursday 23rd); a Japanese director discovering his brother has been executed by a gang for not paying his debts, who then gives himself up to be the punchbag of the same gang to raise cash (Cut, Wednesday 22nd); and a documentary exploring ‘pandrogynism’, where an artist and his wife undergo plastic surgery to make them look like each other (The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, Thursday 16th).

33. Gandules PDF.indd 6

But of course, that is what makes Gandules so endearing to its fans, of which there are presumably many as this is the 10th year that the festival is taking place. As thanks for all that support, organisers let the public vote on-line last month for the film they wanted to see close the festival out of a selection taken from the past decade of screenings— the winner was Luis Buñuel’s El angel exterminador (The Exterminating Angel, 1962), which sees an upper-class dinner party come over all Lord of the Flies, as the guests find themselves trapped together. It’s all a very long way from Rydell High. -HP WHAT TO WATCH? Our film expert Jonathan Bennett gives us the lowdown on two films featured in this year’s Gandules programme. August is a time for sex, sweating and moving slowly. You’ll probably be doing plenty of at least some of those, but to see other people doing the same kind of thing, albeit in a less urban environment, Verano by Chilean film-maker José Luis Torres Leiva is the one to go for. Screening at last year’s Venice Film Festival and shot in grainy, saturated colours, it feels a little like a series of misplaced memories of what you did last summer—or would have done if you lived in the Chilean countryside. On the other hand, if the thought of yet more of those things (or not enough of some of them) brings you out in shivers, a better option to escape the August blues might be Naoko Ogigami’s Rent-a-Cat, which is more or less as self-explanatory as Snakes on a Plane, though far more upbeat: a young Japanese woman picks up stray cats and rents them out to lonely people. Sweet and sentimental, it’s a light, quirky film, perfect for August. And, as it’s in the open air, you might be able to take your own cat. Or perhaps lure one of the Raval strays along. Rent-a-Cat: Wednesday 8th Verano: Tuesday 21st Gandules’12. Cine al fresco. CCCB. August 7th to 24th, 10pm. Free entry. www.cccb.org

7/23/12 12:00:54 PM


THE Spirit of

adventure Turn your time off into an adventure—try these active getaways and see Catalunya a different way. By Samantha Alzuria

The Terradets reservoir in Pallars Jussà (Lleida) as seen from a balloon © Globus Voltor


obody’s catching a break when it comes to their finances these days and holiday funds are looking as dry as the summer weather. ‘Staycations’ have become an increasingly popular alternative to the yearly trip abroad but it’s difficult to get excited about sacrificing a much-needed summertime escape for a two-hour drive to a crowded campsite. Look on the bright side, though: what better way to explore Catalunya than going off-road, so to speak, for a little slice of adventure? CANOPING AT ACTIV NATURA ADVENTURE PARK ‘Canoping’ is essentially an obstacle course, except this one takes place a thrilling 10 feet up, in the canopy of the forest. After a quick safety demonstration, you are fitted with a harness that you are responsible for hooking up to the zip-wires running above the course as you make your way from one platform to another. You traverse the course from tree to tree in sections varying in height and difficulty. A circuit around the zip-wire course costs from €12 to €30 per person. Activ Natura Adventure Park also has a wide range of other activities that you might want to try out. Quad racing, archery, mountain biking, guided horseback trails, orienteering and the newly added laser combat are all part of the Adventure Park experience. GETTING THERE: Activ Natura is located in the Santa Susanna area, still within Barcelona province, nestled between the sea and the mountains up the coast from the city. Santa Susanna can be reached by car, bus (with Barcelona Bus from Ronda Sant Pere or Estació del Nord) or train from Barcelona Sants, with services leaving every half an hour and the journey taking an hour and 20 minutes. WHERE TO STAY: By far the most convenient place to stay is nearby masía Can Rosich, a family-run farmhouse that offers both great service and character. It is charming, friendly and tranquil, as well as offering beautiful gardens and stunning rural surroundings, perfect for a lunchtime picnic or an evening stroll. Prices start at €59 per night.

34-35. Escape the city PDF.indd 56

BALLOONING WITH VOLTOR Ever imagined yourself hundreds of metres in the air, floating above the breathtaking landscape this region boasts? Globus Voltor organises a series of long-distance flights, some across the Pyrenees and others in Morocco and France, as well as many shorter flights over areas such as La Cerdanya, Baix Empordà, Alt Urgell, Lleida and Cardedeu. Travel old-school over rivers, mountains and sea to experience flight not as a means to start an adventure but as an adventure all in itself. Balloon journeys are scheduled for early in the morning and last around an hour and a quarter. Once the balloon is grounded and properly stowed away, passangers are handed a Flight Certificate, a CD montage of the photographs taken during their journey and a glass of bubbly. Voltor also offers private two-person flights, for those wishing to turn this trip into a romantic escape, as well as gift vouchers. Prices for adults start at €160 and €110 for children. GETTING THERE: Although Voltor is based in Matadepera, getting to the point of take-off is up to you as it will vary depending on your choice of balloon trip. The flight over La Cerdanya in the Pyrenees, for example, begins at the Aeròdrom de La Cerdanya in the town of Alp, a short drive south of Puigcerdà. The drive from Barcelona via the Túnel del Cadí (toll) is around 2.5 hours. Alternatively, the R3 Cercanías train service from Barcelona Sants to Puigcerdà will take you there in around three hours and runs seven times a day. WHERE TO STAY: If you’re truly looking for an escape, look no further than Mas Meya. This large farmhouse is located in the valleys of Ventajola, two kilometres from Puigcerdà, and boasts some of La Cerdanya’s most breathtaking views. The apartment-style accommodation is divided into four separate lodgings, each housing four people on two floors and with everything you need to live independently during your stay. For those who don’t enjoy complete isolation, WiFi is available. Prices for a group of four start at €115 per day during peak season.

7/23/12 2:57:17 PM


KAYAKS ON THE EBRO WITH ROGLES AVENTURA Meander down one of Spain’s most important rivers on a single or double kayak, paddling and drifting past some of Catalunya’s beautiful natural landscapes with Rogles. If you’re not already familiar with this popular watersport, they’ll give you an introduction to kayaking. This means you don’t have to be an expert to take part in the twohour downstream trail from Garcia to Benissanet in Tarragona, just one of the many river trails Rogles Aventura offers. Equipment is provided (and included in the price) and transport to the point of departure and back from your final destination is all taken care of by the company. For a group of up to 10 people, the guided Garcia-Benissanet trail costs €25 per person. Prices vary depending on the trail and the size of the group. GETTING THERE: Rogles Aventura’s headquarters are in Flix, just north of Garcia. A train from Barcelona Sants will take you to Flix or Mora la Nova, which is closer to Garcia, in around three hours. Trains stopping at both stations run five times a day, though the one hour and 45 minute drive from Barcelona may be more convenient. WHERE TO STAY: Full of character, Vilar Riu de Baix is a four-star rural hotel near Flix and offers value for money and proximity. For guests without access to a car, the hotel can pick you up and drop you off at any point within Flix. Prices for a double room start at €72. They also have hostel-style accommodation in their ‘Albergue Rural’ and rent out rural houses for groups. MORE INFO Activ Natura Adventure Park—www.activ-natura.com Can Rosich—www.canrosich.com Globus Voltor—www.globusvoltor.com Mas Meya, La Cerdanya—www.mas.meya.cat Rogles Aventura­—www.rogles.org Vilar Riu de Baix—www.vilarriudebaix.com

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SIMPLY GOOD Make the trek out to El Boo and you will be rewarded with innovative dishes and excellent local seafood. By Tara Stevens. Photos by Richard Owens. ✪ - NOT WORTH THE TRIP, ✪✪ - COULD IMPROVE, ✪✪✪ GOOD, ✪✪✪✪ - VERY GOOD, ✪✪✪✪✪ - NOT TO BE MISSED


ucked away near the Fòrum-end of Barcelona’s seafront, El Boo’s location can feel like a bit of a noman’s-land. The cab dropped us at such a desolate stretch of road I was convinced we’d been taken for a ride. But no, pick your way across the dusty parking lot and over a concrete walkway, and there it is, looking much like a beached version of Radio Caroline—the rogue offshore radio station set up on an old Danish ferry boat that shot to fame in the Sixties. Despite appearances, Boo is very much of bricks and mortar and occupies the site that was previously La Oca Mar (another fish and rice joint) on a concrete pier out at Platja Nova Mar Bella. Surrounded by sea with sandy beach on either side and the curiously pleasing urban backdrop of the Fòrum buildings, the skyscrapers of Diagonal Mar and the distant chimneys of Badalona, it is arguably one of the best located beach restaurants in town, yet so far it is better known as a nightclub than a restaurant. True, their weekend parties draw a crowd and it is dominated by a vast function room that serves as both gala dining venue and dance floor. But you can escape this: either to an intimate dining room with fabulous views on the top deck (a great place to watch a storm, I mused), or to a spacious terrace jutting into the sea where a mix of foreigners and Spaniards loll about on sunbeds (€20 for the day) sponsored by Veuve Clicquot and indulge in long, lazy, cavasoaked lunches. On the day of my visit, there was a lunch

36-37. food & drink PDF.indd 56

7/23/12 12:03:56 PM


party in full swing in the function room, and a largely Catalan food contingent ordering multiple courses, drinking good wine and puffing on Cubans on the terrace. When the food started to emerge, I began to understand what was luring them. Rafa Solé is a damn good chef, skilled at mixing simple pleasures like steamed mussels and clams with more avant-garde creations, and he deserves to be getting more attention than he currently is. Turns out he’s from a restaurant family and has been cooking since he was a young boy. “I like using very good products without too much messing around. It’s good to have fun on the plate, but not go overboard,” he told me when I cornered him for a chat going past the kitchen. His more innovative dishes are a nod to a career that has taken him from Michelin-starred establishments such as AbAC and Moo before landing at Boo. In the name of research, I suppose I should have had the warm octopus salad with pistachios and sweet and sour vinaigrette, or Solé’s special: blue fin tuna (boo hiss) with shitake mushroom confit. But given that blue fin is very much off the menu for me these days, it was his more traditional dishes that held strongest appeal. Thus my friend and I opted for Martini Blanco with ice and lemon accompanied by a small jar of green olives stuffed with l’Escala anchovies—can I just say what a perfect, fuss-free aperitif that is—before sitting down to a feast that began with three amusebouches courtesy of the house: creamy salt cod brandade in a squid ink ‘ice cream cone’, dainty little sandwiches of micuit de foie gras and tempura prawns on a soupy romesco sauce, all hinting at Solé’s capabilities. They were good, but the real joy, as suspected all along, was in finding a place to enjoy very simply steamed and grilled local seafood, so fresh that wafts of brine float up to hit your nose while the sea splashes up against the rocks that support the pier. So we gorged on a huge bowl of steamed Sant Carles de Ràpita mussels and escopinyes Gallegues (Galician clams) bathed in wine, followed by perfect fideus rossejat (which refers to the process of toasting the noodle first to give it that glorious golden-pink colour), all empinado (perky and standing to attention the way they are supposed to), tossed through with cuttlefish and served with a mellow confit of garlic allioli. Washed down with a bottle of Abadal Picapoll from the Pla de Bages, it was one of the best seaside lunches I’d had in a while. Service is extremely sweet and friendly if a little slow and chaotic—go when you have an afternoon to kill and time is of no consequence—and I can’t say that I’m a massive fan of the silly ‘VIP’ nonsense that these places engender, but I will say this: keep it simple and El Boo excels.

El Boo, Platja Nova Mar Bella s/n; tel. 93 225 0100, www.elboo.es. Open daily 1-4pm, Mon-Sat 7pmmidnight. Seafood, fideus and wine for two, €100. Weekday lunch menus from €15.50. Tara’s rating: ✪✪✪✪

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quick bites TOP THREE BOCADILLO BARS By Tara Stevens.

Photos of La Perla de Oro and Jonny Aldana by Tashoma Lemard; photo of Lolita Tapería courtesy of the restaurant

Clockwise from left: La Perla de Oro; Lolita Tapería, Jonny Aldana


ugust is probably the month that Barcelona citizens are least inclined to cook—who needs to get even hotter by dallying with the oven? But man can’t live by ice cubes and cheap peaches alone, so read on for three places around town that serve up quality sandwiches that will keep you going over the coming weeks. Jonny Aldana Jonny Aldana is a cute little place in increasingly villagey Sant Antoni that does Catalan smorrebrod. Think open-faced, dark bread topped with imaginative local products such as blood sausage on sweet potato and caramelised onions, and grilled aubergines with goat’s cheese and sun-blush tomatoes. Add a pretty terrace with gingham-clothed tables beneath the plane trees, an intimate dining room for retreating from the sun and the jolly, friendly feel of the place, and Jonny’s is gradually establishing itself as a neighbourhood classic. Top pick: thick slices of bull blanc (chunky pork sausage) topped with peppery rucola, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. Aldana 9 (Sant Antoni), tel. 93 174 2083. Open Mon-Thurs, 11am-midnight; Fri and Sat, 11am-3am; Sundays, 11am to 10pm. www.jonnyaldana.com La Perla de Oro This atmospheric deli-style café just off the Ramblas has been around since 1939 and serves a top selection of hot and cold sandwiches, as well as imaginative tapas and salads. It’s a great

38. Quick bites PDF.indd 42

place for a casual supper seated at one of the mismatched high tables with a bottle of wine from a solid list, but just as good for picking up an impromptu picnic to take to the beach or Montjuïc. Top pick: toasted sourdough spread with tapenade, goat’s cheese and roasted piquillo peppers, sprinkled with oregano and grilled until golden. Unió 34 (Raval), tel. 93 301 5639. Open Mon-Sat, 8.30am-midnight Lolita TaperÍa Formerly the bar known as Inopia, this Sant Antoni institution remains best known for top notch, classically Spanish tapas. It is still invariably rammed if you pass by in the evening, but for a quick bite and beer, particularly on Friday or Saturday (the only days of the week they open for lunch), the pulgas de vidrio (sandwiches on extremely crunchy bread) and pan de molde (soft sliced and white) are well worth making a detour for. Each of the bocas is inspired by a region such as Mallorca or another emblematic Barcelona bar—‘La del Quimet’, for example, pays homage to nearby Quimet i Quimet in the shape of smoked salmon, Greek yogurt and truffled honey. Top pick: ‘El de Ressaca’ (the hangover cure) consisting of crispy pancetta, oozy cheese and fried onions. Tamarit 104 (Sant Antoni), tel. 93 424 5231. Open Tue & Wed, 7pm-midnight; Thu, 7pm-2am; Fri & Sat, 1-4pm, 7pm-2.30am. www.lolitataperia.com For more Barcelona dining tips, follow my tweets: @taralstevens

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Quality Sushi in Barcelona www.sushiexpress.net

This is not just any ordinary sushi. It is made on-site with top quality

interested in our combos or menus. At lunchtime the menus are

ingredients. You can take away, enjoy in our shops, Sushiexpress

accompanied by a free drink.

Eixample and Sushiexpress Galvany or call us and we’ll deliver it

We also offer you the chance to buy from our wide range of

to your home or hotel. Have a look at our menus to get to know

oriental products, including sauces, condiments, frozen foods

our maki, nigiri, temaki and other specialities or you might be

and much more.

SUSHIEXPRESS EIXAMPLE Consell de Cent, 255, 08011 Tel. 93 451 5454

SUSHIEXPRESS MERCAT GALVANY Santaló, 55, 08021 Tel. 93 200 9293

Open 12pm-4pm, 7pm-11pm 365days/year! Delivery 1pm-3pm, 8pm-10.30pm

Open from Tuesday to Saturday. 9am-3pm No delivery

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Food&Drink For more in food&drink visit our online directory www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/eating-and-drinking


 under 20 |  20-30 |  30-40 |  over 40 RV Reservation Advised | NEW in food & drink this month


* Discount for Metropolitan readers. Check our website for details.

American THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN SUPERMARKET 4Sant Gervasi Good news from Taste of America! All of the products you miss from the U.S.A., from BBQ sauces to breakfast treats, are now in Barcelona. Cheerios, Hershey’s chocolates, peanut butter and jelly, Newman’s Own sauces, Wilton, root beer, Peperidge Farm, marshmallows, macaroni & cheese, bagels and more are just some of the goodies that await discovery. Go visit, you’ll be amazed! And for your convenience, there is public parking right at the rear of the store! New opening in Sant Cugat!  Balmes 322 I FGC Sant Gervasi I Tel. 93 211 9792 C/Plana Hospital 18 I FGC Sant Cugat Tel. 93 187 5070

biergarten4Les Corts To celebrate the eighth year of the Biergarten, the first traditional German terrace in Barcelona, why don’t you and your friends try the real taste of Bavaria? The space recreates the legendary beer gardens, with German music, typical Bavarian food and beer, wooden benches and excellent service from waiters wearing costumes from the region. The Biergarten is the ideal place to come and have a great time while watching your favourite football.  Pl. Pius XII, 4 I Metro Mª Cristina Tel. 93 5081 000/676 477 094 psofiabiergarten@expogrupo.com www.princesasofia.com Open every day from noon to midnight



Do you dream of great bagels? Then Be My Bagel is the right place for you. They sell authentic bagels from Barcelona, just how you like them. They have an extensive range of bagels and cakes, from the more classic choices such as poppy and multigrain to delicious and innovative chocolate, almond and coconut bagels—you’ll not come away disappointed. 

Nevermind is a cult place for those looking for a more alternative scene in touristy Barcelona. Mixing large amounts of grunge music, graffi tti and urban sports, they serve up amazing cocktails, special! house shots, cheap beer, Happy Hour till 10pm, free freshly-made popcorn, authentic decoration, skate videos and much more. 

Planeta 37 (Pl. del Sol) I Metro Fontana and Gràcia I Tel. 93 518 7151 I bemybagel@gmail.com Open Mon-Fri 9.30-2pm and 5pm-8.30pm, Sat 10am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm, Sun 10.30am-2pm

Escudellers Blancs 3, 08002 | www.nevermindbcn.com | Open every day from 7pm

SWEET REBEL BAR4Barri gÒtic Located in the heart of the Gothic quarter, this cool ‘beach bar’ is the place to enjoy the sweetest reggae music 365 days a year. Chill out with a beer or try a Jamaican cocktail made from natural fruits and sweet rum. Its comfortable surroundings and ambiance. make it a great place to relax. Beers 2 Cocktails 5.  Ample 54 | Open every day from 7pm-3am

Bar macarena mar4 BEACH BAR Mac Arena Mar is an authentic beach club located on the sand near Port Forum. They have a top programme of international DJs playing throughout the summer, so you can enjoy an Ibiza vibe right here in Barcelona. Relax at the beach and enjoy their exquisite range of dishes, including seafood dishes, gourmet hamburgers, sandwiches and tapas. They also have a fantastic wine menu to accompany your ‘al fresco’ lunch. 

Tel. 679 888 836 I Playa Port Forum, Sant Adria de Besos I Metro Forum (L4) I TRAM Central Térmica reservas@macarenamar.com www.macarenamar.com

Food & drink August 2012.indd 45

Barraval4Raval Barraval is located at the top of the Rambla de Raval where they have a fantastic terrace for you to enjoy great, seasonal Mediterranean food. On Friday and Saturday nights, they have a live DJ so you can enjoy tasty cocktails in a trendy atmosphere. Weekend menu 12.95  Hospital, 104 (Rambla del Raval) | Liceu / Sant Antoni | T. 93 329 8277 M. 609 221 400 | Wed-Sat 7.30pm-2.30am, Sat-Sun open at 1pm for lunch | RV

MANCHESTER BAR4Barri gÒtic Manchester Bar brings together friends and music fans to enjoy great tunes from the Eighties and Nineties. From Joy Division to Placebo to The Smiths and all the way through to the Happy Mondays, Manchester Bar has it all. A must-visit place for anyone who knows and loves their music!  Milans 5 | Metro Jaume I | Every day 7pm-3am Tel. 627 733 081 | www.manchesterbar.com

7/23/12 12:15:50 PM

42 FOOD & DRINK burger PIM PAM bURGER4Born


Here quality is of the upmost importance, making it the best burger and frankfurter take-away in town. Special hamburgers, chicken burgers, bratwurst, frankfurters, home-made chips and stroganoff are also available and are all prepared on the premises. 

You can choose from four types of burger: classic, cheeseburger, barbecue as well as bacon cheese, for 8 to 9.50. Sides include fries, bbq chicken wings, chicken nuggets and salads. Free delivery.  Tel. 93 458 0710 I Tue-Sun 1pm-4pm and 7pm-11pm www.liliburger.com

International bELGIOUS 4Barri GÒtiC

Sabateret 4 - Bor I Metro Jaume I Tel. 93 315 2093 I burger@pimpamplats.com Calle Bigai 1, Bonanova, 08022 I Tel. 93 211 5606 www.pimpamburger.com I Every day 1pm-12am

With the most original 50 flavours on the planet, Belgious’s HighDefinition Ice-Cream provides a universe of new sensations. Their other products include authentic savoury crepes, waffles from Brussels and full-flavour exotic juices from Brazil, including the famous Açai natigela.  Gotico - Avinyo 50 I Metro Liceu I Tel. 93 501 9020 Rambla de Poble Nou - Taulat 83 I Metro Poblenou I Tel.93 127 0333 For opening hours consult www.belgious.com

Cocktails PALAU DALMASES COCKTAIL bAR4 Barri GÒtiC At the heart of La Ribera neighbourhood, on Carrer Montcada, the Dalmases Palace is one of the most notable city palaces from the 16th century. This gorgeous palace of Baroque influence is a testimony to the artistic, political and cultural life of Catalunya. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the most exciting cocktails, and they also have the best opera music live every Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm. 

Montcada 20 I Tel. 93 310 0673 espaibarroc@gmail.com I Open every day from 7pm

GILDA bY bELGIOUS4 Barri GÒtiC Open for just one year, Belgious’s new restaurant concept has already become a reference in the Gothic quarter, famous for its Belgian-Spanish tapas and fusion cuisine with ice-cream. During the week, they surprise their visitors with exquisite daily menu offerings. At night, you can start the evening with various Belgian draught beers then continue with some tapas, or how about their famous Flemish beef stew? Check them out, you won’t be disappointed! Ample 34 I Tel.93 310 3492 Open Mon-Fri 1pm-4pm, Every day from 7pm-12am www.gildabybelgious.com

Delivery bREAD & CIRCUSES bARCELONA 4GrÀCia Bread & Circuses creates delicious, inexpensive, creative sandwiches showcasing American technique and style combined with incredible Catalan ingredients. The first truly American-style sandwich shop and delivery service in Barcelona. Try their lunch box special for your office, picnic in the park or day at the beach. Follow them on Facebook. 

Congost 13, 08024 I FGC Gràcia Tel. 610 898 494 I Delivery from 1pm-4pm

VITALI PIZZA4 BarCeLona Gourmet pizza delivery from 3 locations offering 50+ thin-crust, homemade pizzas. With specials like three large cheese pizzas for 15 and the option to pay by credit card, it makes for an affordable meal at home without all the fuss. Special offer: 2X1 on every Monday home delivery! 

Paris 109 I Metro Hospital Clinic Tel. 93 444 4737 Rosselló 270 I Tel. 93 458 0710 Taxdirt 13 I Metro Joanic/Gràcia Tel. 93 285 41 95 www.vitalipizza.com

Food & drink August 2012.indd 46



Firstly there’s the food. Using only the finest quality ingredients, the kitchen specialises in Mediterranean cuisine with an international twist and plenty of options for vegetarians. Try their quinoa and tofu burgers or a sinful home-made dessert. Secondly, there’s Gut’s attention to detail and the friendly, respectful service. It’s the perfect place to have a drink and enjoy the night in good company. Try it for yourself and find out why everyone is talking about Gut. 

Perill 13 I Metro Diagonal Tel. 93 186 6360 I restaurantgut@gmail.com

food &drink

to advertise in this section, please call 93 451 4486 or email ads@barcelona-metropolitan.com

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FOOD & DRINK 43 Japanese - Sushi SAKURA-YA4LeS CortS


Sakura-Ya is a serene-yet-busy little joint that combines a Japanese restaurant, bar, souvenir shop and food store. Located in L’illa shopping centre, at lunchtime it offers the very best traditional Japanese cuisine and take-away. The quality of the food is excellent, and so is the service. SakuraYa definitely lives up to its standards, so whenever you are in the mood for some shopping and good food, treat yourself to a Sakura-Ya experience. 

If you want to enjoy the best sushi service in the city, this is your place! Sushiexpress takes great pride in using top quality ingredients to ensure excellent sushi. They deliver to your home or hotel. You can choose individual pieces of maki, nigiri, sashimi, temaki, menus, combos, and other Japanese specialties from an extensive menu on their website. If you eat at any of their locations at noon the menus are accompanied by a free drink.  Consell de Cent 255, 08011 | Tel. 93 451 5454 Open Mon-Sat 12pm-4pm, 7pm-11pm Sun12-3pm, 7pm-11pm 365days/year! Delivery 1pm-3pm, 8pm-10.30pm

Diagonal 557, 08029 | Metro Mª Cristina/Les Corts Tel. 93 405 2645/93 430 48 90 | Fax. 93 430 3743 Restaurant Mon-Thurs 1pm-5pm, 6pm-9.30pm, Fri-Sat 1pm-9.30pm Shop Mon-Sat 9.30am-9.30pm

Calle Santaló 55, 08021 Tues-Sat 9pm-3am Tel. 93 200 9293 www.sushiexpress.net



Among the youth it’s the most sought after Sushi Train Restaurant in Barcelona. It’s the absolute place to be if you’re in with the in crowd and always packed five minutes after opening. It has a quality buffet with super fresh food prepared daily, Toyo is the place to go. Not only do they have a huge amount of different types of dishes, but you can also eat as much as your heart desires. Choose what you like while it passes in front of you, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great service. Toyo gives you amazing food for a good price. The midday menu is only 10 and the evening one is 15. 

Namaste was the first Indian restaurant in Barcelona. You will be able to enjoy authentic North Indian food in a lavish and exotically decorated interior. The secret of Namaste’s rich and authentic cuisine lies in the finest selection of delicate condiments cooked by professional Indian chefs, using the Tandoor cylindrical oven of Northern India—the best oven for keeping the juices and flavours of cooked food. Namaste has also carefully selected the best wines to accompany Indian food, including Indian wines. For beer lovers, Namaste has a wide range of European brands and Indian beers and liquors. 

Torrent del Olla 10 | Tel. 93 459 2630 www.restaurantetoyo.com Open 1.30pm-4pm, 8.30pm-Midnight Closed Mon night

Villarroel 70 | Tel. 93 451 4027 www.restaurantenamaste.com Open 1pm-4 pm, 8pm-12pm

Indian - Hindu VEG WORLD INDIA4 GrÀCia

NAKASHITA4Born Nakashita is Barcelona’s newest sushi restaurant, a cosy place where you can enjoy the best Japanese food and freshest seafood. Located close to the Arc de Triomf, the restaurant feels like an authentic Japanese tavern with a very intimate atmosphere. Enjoy your delicious food along with wine, Japanese beer or sake. 

Discover a world of sensations in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. Try vegetarian delicacies from all over the world such as delicious bread home-made in a Tandoori oven and south Indian dishes like Masala dosa and Idly. Daily continental and Indian menus, 9.95 inc. free soup and salad buffet in the lunchtime menu. 

Rec Comtal 15 | Metro Arc de Triomf Tel. 93 295 5378 | www.nakashitabcn.com Mon-Sun 1.30pm-4.30pm, 8.30pm-12am

Bruniquer 26 | Metro Joanic Tel. 93 210 7056 | Tues-Sun 1pm-4pm, 8pm-11.30pm

Italian ICHO4LeS CortS Icho restaurant blends authentic Japanese cooking with the best Mediterranean products. This is an unequalled, exquisite and innovative gastronomic option, totally unique in Barcelona. The tasting menu is pure gastronomy fantasy—you will delight in an emotional journey beyond your senses. This restaurant breaks the mould of the existing impressions of modern Japanese gastronomy in Spain. 

Deu i Mata 69-95, 08029 | Metro Maria Cristina Tel. 93 444 3370 | reserves@ichobcnjapones.com www.ichobcnjapones.com Mon-Sat ,1.30pm-4pm and 9pm-11.30pm

Food & drink August 2012.indd 47

TRATORIA 4CUitaDeLLa viLa oLiMPiCa This new stylish and sophisticated restaurant presents the best of Italian cuisine with an international touch, based on extensive experience from working in London, New York and Miami. Whether you’re looking for a place to go with friends or your date after catching a film at the nearby Yelmo Icaria, or starting your evening out at the Port Olympic with an unbeatable value meal, La Trattoria del Mare is the place to go.  Avinguda d’Icària 132 | Tel. 93 221 9369 Metro Ciutadella Vila Olimpica www.trattoriadelmarebarcelona.com

7/23/12 12:15:58 PM

44 FOOD & DRINK Juice and Smoothie bar SANO 4GrÀCia Barri GÒtiC - SantS


Want a healthy, tasty alternative? Try a refreshing smoothie like Antioxidant, Mango & Passion Fruit or Coco Muesli (3.80) or a delicious juice made only with fresh blended fruit and no added water, milk or sugar (3.60). Can’t decide? Try one of their convenient combos from 4.50. 

In the heart of the Gothic quarter, Magnolia offers exquisite signature cuisine from chef Gianni Fusco at affordable prices. With its warm and loungy interior, it is the place of choice at any time of the day. During the week, breakfast and lunch menus attract huge crowds thanks to their great quality and reasonable prices. During the afternoon, clients can choose from a variety of tapas or enjoy mojitos for just 3.50.  Breakfast from 2.70, Lunch from 9. Dinner menu 17.95 (Sun-Thurs) 25 (Fri-Sat) Ciutat 5 | Metro Jaume I | 93 304 2376 | 691 504 942 noche@magnoliabarcelona.com | www.magnoliabarcelona.com | www.facebook.com/magnolia.rna Mon-Thurs 9am-1am, Fri 9am-3am, Sat 1pm-3am, Sun 1pm-1am

Gran de Gràcia 16 | Metro Diagonal Tel. 93 217 8115 | Jaume 1 | Metro Jaume I Tel. 93 310 3247 | Creu Coberta 50 Metro Espanya | Tel. 93 117 0891 Every day 10am-8pm | info@sanojuice.com | www.sanojuice.com



Barcelona’s emblematic juice bar now also serves vegan breakfast that includes tortilla de patata, muesli with raw cashew yogurt, muffins, waffles, coffee and tea. Chill out in the bar for smoothies or enjoy a sandwich or a full meal in the restaurant. 


Located in a trendy new area of the city, this restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine. They have a great three-course menu del día for 10.20 (and at night you can enjoy traditional Spanish dishes and half rations from la carta.) Their special ‘afterwork’ offer lets you enjoy two excellent promotions: A glass of wine together with a special Fabula toast for 4.50, and/or a glass of cava (Brut Nature) alongside a duo of salmon and anchovies for 5. They also have a private room that is available for group bookings. 

Cardenal Casañas 7 | Metro Liceu | Tel. 93 302 4330 Every day 10am-midnight

Mediterranean bARNAbIER4Port oLÍMPiC Located at the base of the Mapfre tower at Port Olimpic Barnabier specialise in Mediterranean cuisine, paellas, fresh seafood, tapas and have a great list of international beers. Their fantastic menu also includes salads, grilled meat and pasta with something to suit all tastes. For group reservations consult their website for the complete menu. 

Parlament 1 | Metro Poble Sec | Tel. 93 292 6209 info@restaurantefabula.es www.restaurantefabula.es

Marina 16 | Metro Port Olimpic Tel. 93 221 0212 | www.barnabier.com

Mexican VINDA4Barri GÒtiC Vinda is a fantastic Mexican bar and restaurant that is famous for its amazing margaritas, daiquiris and mojitos. Located in the heart of the Gothic quarter, they offer an incredible selection of Mexican dishes and tapas that will put you in the mood for an unforgettable night out on the town. Ask the cocktail barman for recommendations! 

Regomir 4 I Metro Jaume 1 Tel. 93 319 8956 Mon-Sun 6pm -2am I vindabar@gmail.com

Tapas / Mediterranean PATXOCA 4Born

ROMERO4 eiXaMPLe D Located in the centre of the city, just a few streets from Passeig de Grácia, this exquisite and charming restaurant serves fresh, organic produce sourced directly from local markets. The staff are determined to share their love for Barcelona and its culinary wonders and only use the best ingredients to create their delicious dishes. The idea behind the restaurant was to create a unique space where good friends could come together and enjoy great Mediterranean food and wine. The chef at Romero, José Antonio Camacaro León, has an unmatched passion for food and offers his guests creative, natural dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine. With options for vegetarians and gluten-free menu items, there’s something to suit all tastes. Be sure to check out the great value set menus and daily specials too.  Bailén 115 | Metro Verdaguer or Girona | Tel. 93 457 0640 info@romerobcn.com | www.romerobcn.com | Mon to Sat Lunch starting at 1pm Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm, Thu-Sat Dinner starting at 8.30pm

Food & drink August 2012.indd 48

This fantastic restaurant has tapas and traditional dishes that use local and seasonal produce, including vegetarian options, all prepared in a home-cooking style. Enjoy a daily menu from Monday till Saturday, and brunch on Sunday! Patxoca also has a beautiful terrace on a pedestrianised street, with a child’s play area just next door. They don’t use MSG. 

Tel. 93 319 2029 | Mercaders 28 Close to Santa Caterina market Mon-Sat 10am-2am, Sun 10am-3pm, 8pm-midnight

7/23/12 12:16:01 PM

FOOD & DRINK 45 Thai Thai gracia4GRÀCIA Expect authentic ingredients all imported from Thailand and cooked by experienced Thai chefs. The Pad Thai and green and yellow curries have excellent subtle flavours. Simply delicious! The special tasting menu for 21 is a huge hit and allows you to try all the exotic dishes Thai Gracia has to offer. An affordable 11 menú del día is available during the week. The warm hospitality and attention to detail to every dish at Thai Gracia will keep you coming back for more. 

Còrsega 381 | Metro Verdaguer / Girona Tel. 93 459 3591 | www.restaurante-thai-gracia.com Every day 1pm-4pm, 8pm-12am | RV

Vegetarian amaltea4EIXAMPLE E

Visit Amaltea vegetarian restaurant, where a warm and welcoming environment allows you to fully enjoy a tasty and healthier alternative to your everyday meal. Dishes include cereals, pulses and vegetables with home-made puddings. The cuisine is creatively international with care taken to ensure that each meal is well-balanced and made with the freshest ingredients. Menu of the day 10.70, night and weekend menu 15.30.  Diputació 164 | Metro Urgell | Tel. 93 454 8613 | www.amalteaygovinda.com Mon-Sat 1pm-4pm, 8pm-11pm, Closed Sun


Bun bo ViÊtnam4Barri Gòtic Satisfy your craving for fresh, healthy Vietnamese food just steps away from the Gothic cathedral. Sit under the leafy trees of the quiet terrace or inside the restaurant which is entirely decorated with bright colourful pieces straight from Saigon. Start with delicious fresh summer rolls, crispy Asian pork lettuce cups, followed by traditional Pho or Bun noodle dishes. Accompany your meal with a fresh and exotic cocktail like the sakirinha (caipirinha made with sake). The menu of the day is an affordable 10 inside and 11 on the shady terrace. The kitchen is open non-stop all day. 

Founded 25 years ago, Govinda continues to thrive on a blend of experience and fresh innovation in vegetarian Indian cuisine. The international menu features talis, a salad bar, natural juices, lassis, pizzas and crêpes. Govinda offers a vegan-friendly, nonalcoholic and authentically-decorated environment with lunch and weekend menus. 

Plaça Villa de Madrid 4-5 | Metro Catalunya | Tel. 93 318 7729 www.amalteaygovinda.com | Tue-Sat 1pm-4pm, 8pm-11am, Sun-Mon 1pm-4pm

Sagristans 3 | Metro Urquinaona | Tel. 93 301 1378 | www.bunbovietnam.com Every day 1pm-1am


Disset 17 Graus4BORN

Barcelona’s best vegan restaurant , Juicy Jones never compromises on freshness or quality. They serve a range of Mediterranean and Indian cuisine with a funky ambience they also offer a large variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Go Juicy! 

The new wine temple in Born—a unique space in Barcelona offering a wide range of quality wines. Just opened, you can come and enjoy the cosy, local and welllaid-out bar, surrounded by shelves full of original and interesting wines. Affordable to all, the bar offers wines from all over the world, specialising in Spanish, French and Portuguese wines. Also don’t forget the special drinks menu of gin and tonics, cocktails, whiskies, beers and other drinks. 

Hospital 74 | Metro Liceu | Tel. 93 443 9082 Every day 12pm-5pm, 8pm-1am

Vietnamese la vietnamita 4GRÀCIA La Vietnamita is a new food concept in the heart of Gràcia, offering fresh and healthy Vietnamese inspired cuisine. They serve light and nutritious dishes such as traditional ‘Pho’ soup, the typical rice noodle dish ‘Bun Xiau’ and classic ‘Goi Cuon’ spring rolls. All their dishes are prepared in the moment and served with ingredients that are naturally full of flavour. Veggies and vegans: they have a lot to offer you, too! So what are you waiting for?  Torrent de l’Olla 78 | Metro Diagonal | Tel. 93 518 1803 | www.lavietnamita.com

Addis Abeba 4sants This fantastic restaurant offers wholesome food served in the traditional Ethiopian way. Importing fresh ingredients and using top-quality local meat, the food is prepared with an exciting range of over 25 herbs and spices creating an incredible range of tastes and flavours. Their combination plates offer an excellent way for groups to try a variety of dishes to give you the true taste of Ethiopia. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll love the huge selection of dishes on offer too. 

Vallespir 44 | Metro Sants Estacio | Tel. 93 409 4037 Mon-Fri 8pm-12am, Sat 2pm-4pm, 8pm-12am

Food & drink August 2012.indd 49

Antic de St Joan 3 Tel. 93 268 1987 | Tue-Sun 7pm-2.30am

Cercle d’Amics 4EIXAMPLE Enjoy high level gastronomy at this classy new restaurant headed by chef Jani Paasikoski and offers an exciting blend of traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine with an exciting modern style. By using fresh produce and seasonal flavours, they create interesting and delicate dishes which are sure to arouse your senses. At night, the soft lighting and comfortable surroundings provide the perfect atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy their fantastic cocktails. Daily menu 16.  Rosselló 209, 08008 | Metro Diagonal Tel. 93 237 8902 Open every day 1pm-4pm, 8.30pm-11pm Closed Sat lunch and Sun

7/23/12 12:16:07 PM

main pages August 2012.indd 7

7/23/12 2:36:11 PM



Business directory To advertise in this section, call: 93 451 4486 or email: ads@barcelona-metropolitan.com See also our online directory at www.barcelona-metropolitan.com Scissors of London BRITISH HAIRDRESSER

Tim aspires to listen to your needs and suggests how they might be met in distinctive and exciting ways. Style is unique and Tim will craft you a look achieving a harmony of shape and style. Tim has been hairdressing for over 12 years. Having trained, taught and worked in London’s top salons including Toni & Guy and Vidal Sassoon. Opting out of salon life, Tim works to fit in with the modern pace of life and offers a one to one service orientated around your needs. Carrer Viladomat 45-47, Atico M. 633 382 787 timbulmer@btinternet.com www.scissorsofldn.com


* Discount for Metropolitan readers. Check our website for details.

Kinki - HAIRDRESSER Kinki peluqueros is an 15% OFF international hairstyling group from Holland with over 40 salons in their home country. They put their heart and soul into cutting and colouring the most beautiful hairstyles, from the latest trends to classic cuts. If you bring a friend for a full treatment they will give you both a 15% discount and a free glass of cava. English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French speaking. Pintor Fortuny 14, Raval Metro: Catalunya (L1, L3) T. 93 302 3379 www.kinkipeluqueros.es Open Mon 4pm-8pm, Tues-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 10.30am-8pm

Hairdates - HAIRDRESSER Their guide will help you find the best hairdressers and stylists in the city, all sorted by area for your ease. Just three clicks and you can easily book your appointment and check out reviews then pay when you arrive at the salon. Leave your review and you’ll gain free points to exchange for free services! Join Hairdates now and discover this week’s Hot New Hairdresser!


La Hair Boutique -

Anthony Llobet English Hair Salon - HAIRDRESSER


Don’t let your Spanish come between you and your hair. Anglo-Catalan Anthony Llobet has over 20 years’ experience in hairstyling and a passion for excellent client service. Anthony leads a dedicated team of stylists who specialise in a variety of services, including Afro hair, extensions, straightening and make-up (and speak over 11 languages between them). The original retro interior and friendly staff create a very special atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a stylish cut. Put your trust in Anthony and the team, who are strongly committed to providing you with outstanding service at affordable prices.

Trained by Toni & Guy London, Veronique runs a friendly salon with a dedicated team who speak English, Spanish, French and Swedish. La Hair Boutique is a relaxed and cosy salon that offers progressive cuts and colours with great style advice too. They are especially talented at creating new, personalised looks using the latest techniques.

Barceloneta, Almirall Churruca 8 T. 93 221 1612 / M. 619 224 695 Gràcia, Ros de Olano 19 T. 93 218 0449 / M. 692 371 307 Raval, Sant Pau 122 T. 93 441 3177 / M. 692 371 308 El Born, Carders 34 T.93 295 4871 / M. 692 371 404 Gòtic, Avinyó 34 T. 93 301 4513 / M. 692 371 405 www.anthonyllobet.com

MP 47-52 August 2012.indd 43

Plaça Regomir 5 Metro: Jaume 1 (L4). T. 93 269 1937 M. 699 643 462 www.hairboutiquebarcelona.com

7/23/12 2:51:26 PM



VeterCat Melisa Oddo


The best at-home veterinary care for your pet in the province of Barcelona. French and English-speaking veterinarian. Vaccination, general medicine, behaviour problems, emergencies, etc. Thanks to her love for animals, Melisa Oddo offers you the best vet service in your home. Try it for yourself and be impressed.

Professional and friendly, the Bonavet veterinary clinic provides veterinary consultations, x-rays, analyses and surgery. They can also advise you on dietary requirements and they stock a complete range of special food products, beds and toys to keep your pets healthy and happy. If you make an appointment you can even bring your pet down for a grooming session and a trim.


M. 620 157 753 melisa@vetercat.es www.vetercat.es

We Love Your Cat -

Pharmacy Serra Mandri



They are experienced and trustworthy cat sitters, and can provide your cat with the love and care you usually give them every day. In your home cat sitting only. First visit to meet you and your cat is free! They operate only in Barcelona.

The helpful and qualified pharmaceutical staff at this wellknown Barcelona chemist can help and advise each client to ensure they get exactly what they need. They also stock a great range of products, including homeopathy, natural medicine, aromatherapy and organic cosmetics. The pharmacy is open 365 days a year and also offers a home delivery service.

M. 615 359 256 www.weloveyourcat.com weloveyourcat@gmail.com

Av. Diagonal 478 Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5) Chemist T. 93 416 1270 Homeopathy T. 93 217 3249 Open every day 9am-10pm

Dr. Steven Joseph - DOCTOR

Mary D. McCarthy - DOCTOR

Established in 2005, Googol Medical Centre offers its patients comprehensive healthcare in a friendly, discreet and relaxed environment. UK doctor Steven Joseph provides a wide range of medical care for the English-speaking community in Barcelona with access to all medical specialties and tests. His practice includes mental health.

Feel confident with Dr. Mary McCarthy, an American-trained doctor for adults. A native English speaker with over 20 years’ experience in Barcelona, Dr. McCarthy offers professional, private health care. She is a member of the American College of Physicians and is also certified as a Specialist by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Gran Via Carles III nº-37-39 Metro: Les Corts (L3) T. 93 330 2412 M. 627 669 524 googol@hotmail.es www.googolmedicalcentre.com Open Mon-Sat

Aribau 215 Pral. 1a T. 93 200 2924 M. 607 220 040 FGC Diagonal or Gràcia

Dr. Christian Eickhoff deutsche zk - DENTIST

Clínica Caballero Friedlander - DENTIST

Highly recommended among the international SPECIAL community, they use OFFER the latest in dental technology like digital prosthetics and orthodontics. The whole German team is English speaking and the doctor has an American training in implantology and orthodontics. Check-ups and X-rays are free. Centrally located.

If you’ve always wanted to have a beautiful smile, but don’t want to wear visible metal braces, they have the solution for you. They’ll be pleased to help by creating an ideal treatment concept for you using Incognito® invisible lingual braces or invisalign® clear braces. Call them for a free evaluation visit:

Consell de Cent 249, bajos Metro Universitat (L1/L2) T. 93 323 9629 info@deutsche-zk.com

MP 47-52 August 2012.indd 44

Plaça Bonanova 10 T. 93 211 0204

Puigmarti 33, Local 2 T. 93 237 0287 info@clinicacf.com www.ortodoncia-barcelona.com www.clinicacf.com

7/23/12 2:51:28 PM


Dra. Susana Campi - DENTIST For all your dental needs, a team consisting of our first-class professionals can offer you excellent treatment. We have more than 30 years of experience and are pleased to offer you our services in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

Rosselló 95, local, 08029, Barcelona Metro: Hospital Clinic (L5) Entença (L5) T. 93 322 9114 Fax. 93 322 0220 campi@coec.net

Tingsvall & McCarthy -

DENTIST & DENTAL HYGIENIST This eco-friendly clinic promotes great patient care using natural products. The Swedish-trained dentist Dr. Stefan Tingsvall is on hand to provide a very caring way of treating people—he solves the problem and gets the job done. Qualified USA-trained dental hygienist Elena McCarthy provides education on preventive care using effective herbal rinses and essential oils. She also offers the leading teeth whitening treatment ‘Brite Smile’. Castellnou 47 T. 93 205 1903 M. 636 312 522 / 696 664 430 FGC Les Tres Torres (L6) Bus: 16, 30, 66, 70, 72, 74 tingsvall.mccarthy@gmail.com www.tingsvall-mccarthy.com Open in August excepting emergency visits

Clínica Dental Image -

Dr. J. Vilallonga - AMERICAn

A great new clinic, 20% OFF just opened, offering 20 percent discounts on all treatments, 25 percent off dentures for elderly patients and teeth whitening with a 2 x 1 offer. The first visit and first diagnosis are free. Great design, charming staff and excellent service.

Doctor Vilallonga and his staff boast many years professional experience and use the most modern technology in an international level in order to offer definitive and results of maximum quality. Don’t allow a dental problem to ruin your life; the time to enjoy life has begun.

Sardenya 502 T. 93 192 4050 Metro: Alfonso X (L4) Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-2pm, 4pm-8.30pm

Pi i Gibert 34-36, 1º 1ª 08930 Sant Adria de Besos T. 93 381 1864 M. 659 443 583 drvilallonga@hotmail.com


InnOrbit - HERBAL PRODUCTS Their infusions taste delicious and complement a healthy lifestyle. They have created four blends using 100 percent naturally-grown herbs and spices. The recipes are based on Ayurvedic medicine and endorsed by modern science. UP&GO: Ideal for sport and exercise. YOUNG&FUN: Enhances memory and promotes concentration. CALM&RELAX: Relieves stress. SLIM&FIT: Helps to maintain a healthy weight.


Tania Spearman -


€15 OFF

Make acupuncture your first choice, not your last resort! Tania is offering all Metropolitan readers a15 € discount on first appointments with this voucher. Acupuncture treats many conditions from pain, stress and depression to fertility and more. Call now to make your appointment or to see if acupuncture is right for you. Tania is a UK university trained acupuncturist with her own clinic in the centre of Barcelona. English, Spanish and German spoken.

T. 93 814 0287 andy@innorbit.com www.innorbit.com

Enric Granados 133, 4-1 bis 08008 M. 644 322 161 info@taniaspearman.com www.taniaspearman.com



Do you want to improve your nutritional health? Ana can help you, as a nutritionist with many years of experience. All you need is a consultation and if you want, she can monitor your progress. Change your lifestyle and improve your health, because we are what we eat!

The Hestia International Centre of Psychotherapy has become a reference in the city. The professional team work with individuals, couples and families through psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, clinical hypnosis, art therapy, NLP and EMDR. They speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Greek and the first consultation is free.

Sant Hermenegild 26, 4o 2a 08006 M. 679 743 274. ana.bm79@gmail.com

MP 47-52 August 2012.indd 45


Passeig Sant Joan 180 Pral 2a Metro: Joanic (L4) T. 93 459 2802 info@hestia.es www.hestia.es

7/23/12 2:51:30 PM



Jonathan Lane Hooker -


Jonathan Hooker can help if you’re looking for support, guidance or help with any aspect of your life. An English-speaking psychotherapist, counsellor, coach and guide, he is dedicated to helping people make sense of their lives. Jonathan provides one-to-one sessions or workshops for groups of four to 12 people. Metropolitan readers are invited to a free 20-minute introductory meeting.

Nick Cross is a registered psychologist, specialising in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can help you with the causes of distress and unhappiness and it provides treatment for anxiety, fears, relationship difficulties, depression, problems adjusting, loss and trauma.


T. 93 590 7654 M. 639 579 646 jonathan.hooker@yahoo.com www.jonathanhooker.com

Mercè Boixet - CLINICAL &


M. 644 193 825 ncross@copc.es

Paloma Azpilicueta -



English-speaking clinical psychologist trained in Barcelona and the UK. Having worked in the UK for 17 years Mercè Boixet now works in Barcelona and offers psychological assessment and treatment to adults experiencing depression, anxiety, addictions, problems adjusting to life changes as well as difficulties coping with physical illness and neurological conditions. An initial half-hour consultation is free.

English-speaking clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Forty years of professional experience with adults, children and adolescents. She has worked in both the public and private sectors in mental health as well as in education and social issues. Psychodynamic orientation.

Via Augusta 120 2º 1ª (Plaça Molina) M. 638 510 314 mboixet@copc.cat

Barcelona: T. 93 415 6646 Mataro: T. 93 799 6596 solazpi@ya.com www.centrepsicologiamataro.com

Krishinda Powers Duff

Clustermedica Laser treatment

Krishinda is a fully-qualified and trained British midwife offering home birth and home dilatation service. She also provides antenatal and postnatal care and support to mothers and babies for six weeks after birth. She is supported in her practice by a team of Spanish but British-trained midwives and alternative health care professionals as well as a breast feeding consultant/Doula. Midwife means ‘to be with woman’.

The B-Cure laser provides relief and treatment for a wide range of orthopedic problems in the neck, back and joints that generally result from bad posture, excessive use of a computer keyboard or sports injuries. Now you can stop pain and heal the source with just a six-minute treatment, twice a day. It’s ready to use anywhere, lightweight and rechargeable. If you’re suffering from this type of injury, then call now or visit their website for more information.

Bsc Hons - Midwife

M. 665 143 437

Marenostrum Centre de Salut familiar

Fontanella 16 Principal, 08010 krishinda@gmail.com

Graham Collins Interior Design

Graham Collins is an experienced interior designer and property consultant and can help with everything concerning property, design and decoration. So, whether you need help working out the property market or are looking for someone to renovate your home, Graham is here to help you.

Consolat del Mar 35, 3er Metro: Barceloneta (L4) M. 678 757 511 grahamcollinsbcn@gmail.com www.grahamcollinsbcn.com

MP 47-52 August 2012.indd 46

T. 90 210 6989 Vidal i Guash 13 clustermedica@clustermedica.com www.clustermedica.com

Vanessa Pascual interior designer

Vanessa Pascual a trained interior designer from the School of Design, University of Vic. Her projects are tailored to the needs of each client under the concept of functionality, beauty and design for everyone. Since 2008 she has run her own firm with a strong team of technical, industrial and design staff, who work closely together, offering their customers a wide range of options and solutions to make their dreams come true. T. 93 841 8021 www.vanessapascual.com

7/23/12 2:51:34 PM


Lugaris - PROPERTY

Aspasios Rentals & Services - PROPERTY

The best option to live and work in Barcelona. Brand new, modern furnished and bright apartments. In Poblenou, a few metres from Bogatell beach and very close to the 22@ district. Privileged services such as swimming pool, parking, security, cleaning and free WI-FI, to make your stay more confortable. Use this promotional code to get 10% off your next booking. Code: 20CM12

Staying at Aspasios in Barcelona and Madrid is the perfect way to enjoy Spain. Feel at home in a new city while staying in a luxurious furnished apartment. Aspasios provides accommodation for days, months or years. They offer check-in at any time and day of the year as well as a 24hr phone service. Aspasios has multicultural staff willing to welcome you in different languages.

Vidal y Valenciano, 14 T. 93 221 9159 info@lugaris.com www.lugaris.com

Adriana Romero T. 93 304 1448 info@aspasios.com www.aspasios.com

Spaces for rent - PROPERTY


Hotel Onix offer a range of rooms and spaces for rent at a low price. Perfect for a variety of classes and events like yoga, theatre, dancing, business meetings, seminars and rehearsals. They have different sized rooms at Liceu, Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya that are both clean and comfortable with central heating, A/C, tables and chairs to suit your needs. You can rent their space by the hour, half or full day, weeks or months. For more information please call Jubran.

Idiomplus offers a revolutionary new method of learning languages by utilising social media as an additional online tool so you can learn the content you are most interested in. Their courses are designed especially for professionals, entrepreneurs and managers who require the command of new languages. By practising with relevant content and conversations that fit your interests and work needs you will quickly be able to put your new skills into practical use.


T. 93 303 4154 events@hotelsonix.com

T. 93 445 1791 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 583 5ª www.Idiomplus.com info@idiomplus.com

Benjamin Franklin -

Versión Original -

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL The Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona offers a differentiated American curriculum from nursery to grade 12, which includes English language preparation for college education, foreign language programs and learning support. It is fully accredited with strong academic programs, such as the American High School Diploma, Spanish Baccalaureate Certificate and the IB Diploma. It also has an active parent-teacher association and a welcoming global community. Martorell i Peña 9 T. 93 434 2380 F. 93 417 3633 www.bfischool.org



BCN L.I.P. Languages is a small school with a warm and welcoming atmosphere in Barcelona’s old town. They offer both intensive and extensive courses and it’s the perfect place to ensure success in your language immersion. The centre is equipped with the most advanced facilities to enable you to succeed in your chosen language.

T. 93 318 6591 info@bcnlip.com www.bcnlip.com

MP 47-52 August 2012.indd 47


Spanish for foreigners


The experienced teachers at Versión Original are thrilled to share their enthusiasm for the Spanish language and culture. This small city centre school, with classes of no more than 10 students, is devoted to languages, especially Spanish. There’s a great atmosphere here and a 5% discount for Metropolitan readers.

Gran Via 636, 1o 1a A Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3, L4) T. 93 412 4576 info@versionoriginalbcn.com www.versionoriginalbcn.com

One-to-One -

SPANISH CLASSES Learn exactly what you need with one-to-one Spanish classes in the office or at home. Focus your classes on the language and vocabulary that best serves you according to your own personal or professional needs. Business Spanish and small group classes are also available. Get confident in Spanish with Pilar.

M. 610 057 266

7/23/12 2:51:36 PM





Study Spanish in one of Spain’s most established and prestigious language schools. Since 1982 Metropol have provided high-quality language training to students of all nationalities. The school is right in the heart of Barcelona city centre and it’s a great place to learn or improve your Spanish. It’s a popular and specialised school, with more than 27 years of experience and they offer great value Spanish courses for all levels.

Requirements: · English speaking · Have graphic design training · Have a good knowledge of Photoshop and Indesign Position available in September.

T. 93 301 8241 Pau Claris 87, 1o1a Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3, L4) www.bcnmetropol.com

Send your CV to design@barcelona-metropolitan.com Geo Mac - COMPUTERS

Kingsbrook -

George Cowdery is a freelance Mac technician who has been providing valuable support to the Mac community in Barcelona for over 15 years. Among the services he offers, George can help clients with maintenance and upgrades, hard drive replacement and ADSL setup. He can also provide consulting and tutorials according to his clients’ needs.

Kingsbrook have been helping people learn Spanish in a simple, pleasant and fun way since 1985. The school is located in the heart of Barcelona and has a team of experienced and dedicated staff. In order to create an optimal learning environment, the school ensures that classes have only between 7-10 students.


Trav. de Gràcia 60 Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5) T. 93 209 3763 info@kingsbrookbcn.com www.kingsbrookbcn.com

M. 606 308 932 machelp@geomac.es www.geomacbcn.com

Mrs.Q design studio - GRAPHIC DESIGN Mrs.Q Design Studio offers a range of specialised services from branding to graphic design, web design, ceramics, photography and bespoke invitations. Whether you have a new concept in mind that you want to see brought to life or need assistance rebranding your company, contact Mrs.Q design studio. They are happy to help you every step of the way to make sure you get the exact look you’re looking for. They specialise in bespoke wedding invitations, tailor-made to suit the style of your wedding. Match your wedding invitations with save the dates, menus, place cards and thank you cards to create a polished look. At Mrs.Q design studio they love to design creative, engaging brand identities that help their clients flourish. They will help you bring some of your personality to your brand and use their knowledge of colour, passion for typography and creative flair to create an identity that engages your customers.

M. 699 260 938 mrsqdesignstudio@gmail.com www.mrsqdesignstudio.com

MP 47-52 August 2012.indd 48

MT Sailing - SAILING COURSES RYA Sailing and powerboat courses. Always wanted to get on the water, but didn’t know how? now you can! MT Sailing is an RYA training centre right here in Barcelona, offering theory and practical courses at all levels from Start Yachting or Powerboat all the way to professional Yachtmaster Ocean. Internationally recognized qualifications are taught and examined in English. During classes, support is available in Spanish. Their flexible course schedules include intensive, weekend and evenings. To discuss your sailing ambitions, call Michael 695 806 029 or Stephen 646 654 067. Start your adventure today!

T. 695 806 029/646 654 067 sail@mtf.com www.mtf.com.

7/23/12 2:51:38 PM





BritSat offer great television packages so you’ll never have to miss your favourite TV programmes again. Craving a bit of classic comedy, your favourite soap or just fed up of feeling out of the loop of the best TV at home? BritSat will install the full package you choose for a great price. Take your pick from some of the best television in Europe as they install British, Dutch, German, Italian and French satellite TV. The team will create tailor-made installations to suit your requirements, always aiming to find the most discreet location for the dish and cables. BritSat provides excellent customer care and can also incorporate sound systems and multi-screen viewing.

NEW! NEW! NEW! Not allowed a satellite dish? Now we can supply all your favourite uk tv channels including all sports and films over the internet. No dish needed! Specialists in satellite TV, HD, audiovisual and unmatched for quality and reliability. For a personal, efficient and friendly service call the specialists. Our professional team provides satellite television from across Europe at unbeatable prices!

M. 649 605 917 info@britsatlive.com www.britsatlive.com

T. 93 845 9874 M. 649 413 832 enquiries@easisat.net www.easisat.net

Spain Accounting -

Tax AND Accounting services


Qualified UK accountant with 25 years experience in Spain offers: · Tax services for freelance ‘autónomos’ & companies · Income tax returns for employees & non-residents · Registration of ‘autónomos’ & company incorporation (SL) · Practical advice on setting up a business in Spain · Fast, reliable email service

Call David Cook 678 702 369 info@spainaccounting.com www.spainaccounting.com


Brumwell Brokers -


Tired of being out the loop on the best documentaries or are you a secret soap fan? Or, maybe you’re just missing your favourite television programmes from home. There’s no need to miss out anymore—now you can see all of your favourite channels here in Barcelona! Europa Digital are licensed and fully insured to install all satellite systems, including a whole range of channels from BBC HD, Freesat, itv hd, Sky, Sky 3d, Sky Sports and many more. They can also supply all European systems and viewing cards. They were the first company to start operating in Catalunya and, as well as private installations, they have worked for hotel groups and put multi-systems in apartment blocks.The experienced and professional team give friendly advice to ensure that you receive the best package to suit your needs. They are the only company of their kind with a registered office and a 24-hour helpline. Visit their showroom before you buy or call them now for a free quotation. They are fully licensed and insured.

They not only care about your wellbeing, they “insure” it. With over 20 years of experience under their belts they can help you with all your insurance needs. Working with most insurance companies they guarantee you the best quote and best cover for what you need. They can even insure your bicycle!! Brumwell Brokers’ service team can also help you with tax, accounting, legal and labour laws. (Set ups, Autonomos).

Floridablanca 78 Metro: Sant Antoni (L2) T. 93 325 1797 M. 666 556 452 Sant Josep, 32, Sitges T. 93 894 72 99 www.europadigital.tv admin@europadigital.tv

Pl. Gal-la Placidia 1-3 08006 T. 90 262 7810 F. 90 262 7811

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Cogesa - INSuRANCE Don’t wait until it’s too late! Do you feel secure in Barcelona? Are you still insured in your home country? Do you travel? Spanish not fluent yet? Do you want to feel safe and carefree in Barcelona no matter what? Cogesa makes sure to find you personalized and price worthy insurance solutions for your every need. They also speak Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, German and French.

Continental Wealth Management WEALTh MANAgEMENT

The group has over 30 years’ experience of giving professional, custom-tailored financial advice to expatriates on a global basis. They handle all aspects of wealth management, including investment portfolios, QROPS pension transfers and insurance. Their team of advisors can provide a no-obligation review to assess your circumstances and help you to make the right choices for a secure and profitable future.

Diputació 262 T. 93 342 4896 foreignresidents@cogesa.es www.cogesaforeignresidents.es

Av. Del Pla, 128 2 - 202 03730 Javea Alicante T. 96 646 2875 M. 665 362 944 www.continentalwealth.com

Sánchez Molina -

Green Bean Coaching

The lawyers at Sánchez Molina speak English, Spanish, Italian and French. They can help with your business licensing services, legal defence and representation, registration under any form of ownership, accounting services and work and residency permits.

Scan the QRS code for a short video clip of why business coaching may just be the answer you need. Green Bean coaches small and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs proven business techniques that have helped thousands of businesses boost their sales, increase profits and hit their company goals. They will coach you to implement the strategies you need to move to the next business level.


Gran Via Carles III, 84, 5 Metro: Maria Cristina (L3) T. 93 490 9669 javiergarcia@sanchezmolina.com www.sanchezmolina.com


T. 93 268 9544 M. 693 940 701 explore@freegreenbeans.com www.freegreenbeans.com

Barcelona’s Guest

PERSONAL ASSISTANTS This company provides assistants who can help you with daily tasks and provide language support if you are not confident speaking Spanish. You can delegate your chores, however large or small, to their staff with total confidence, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind about the organisation of all your appointments and events. They have impeccable references from their clients. Contact them today to discuss your requirements. Ganduxer nº14, Desp 9 08021 T. 93 539 6106 M. 666 816 168 christian@barcelonasguest.es www.barcelonasguest.es

The Spectrum IFA Group - FINANCIAL ADVICE The Spectrum IFA Group creates and provides financial planning solutions for expatriates and foreign residents. Their experienced and qualified team in Barcelona can help you with all aspects of finance including: • Pensions/ Retirement Planning • Savings & Investments • Life Cover • Health Insurance • Currency Exchange • Mortgages • Tax Planning • Asset Management They are regulated financial planners with offices in seven European countries, dedicated to providing the best advice and solution for each individual client. Please email or call them to arrange an initial, no-obligation introductory meeting.

T. 93 665 8596 Passeig de Gràcia 63, Principal 2A barcelona@spectrum-ifa.com

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Job directory To advertise in this section, call: 93 451 4486 or email: ads@barcelona-metropolitan.com See also our online directory at www.barcelona-metropolitan.com

For the latest jobs for English speakers in Barcelona, follow us on Twitter @WorkInBarcelona

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We are currently expanding our Scandinavian sales department and are looking for highly motivated sales people. You don’t have to be experienced in the sales field but you have to have the right attitude and a desire to become a good sales person. You have to be fluent in one of the following languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish. Full time job. We offer a high fixed salary and great comission + bonuses. Please send your CV to nordic-market-research@representative.com

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No more beach bum


t’s summer, you’re skint and everyone’s at the beach; but although the beach is free price-wise, you don’t like the feeling that you’re letting the sand grow beneath your feet. There’s only one solution: work at the beach. Why not? Unless you actually build things, work on anything that is attached to the ground or have more than a small vanful of equipment, you can do your job at the beach. You might be worried about getting sand in your laptop or water in your filing system, but if DJs can haul their turntables out to the shacks that erupt on urban beaches like a water-borne infection, then so can you. Few combinations are as teeth-gratingly wrong as sand, vinyl and expensive styluses. So stop worrying, wrap your laptop in your towel and get down there. It’s true that everyone has stories of how the beach ruined their mobile when water got in the keypad, sand etched hieroglyphics into the touchpad or a hefty volleyball-player used it as a launch pad. So just don’t take your mobile. For starters, you’re more likely to be able

to get on and work undisturbed. And anyway, who takes work calls in August? You might think your profession doesn’t lend itself to transferring to the beach. Window-cleaning is quite difficult to relocate. So too is air traffic control. If you’re a brain surgeon, you’ll find it hard to find an extension lead long enough; and if you’re worried about sand in your mobile, think how much worse it is to get sand in a patient’s brain. But for most people in a service-based economy, you just need a little lateral thinking to work out how to adapt your service to ambient conditions (generally hot and slightly greasy, with the unpleasant whiff of sweat and sunscreen). A lot of the obvious jobs have already gone, unfortunately. Drinks sellers, masseurs (and particularly masseuses offering a particular kind of massage) and good old-fashioned thieves all run successful businesses at most beaches, and won’t take kindly to your attempts at muscling in. But there are plenty of alternatives. Itinerant barbers, open-air English teachers and peripatetic personal trainers can all earn a decent living without forgoing

their beach time. Hirsute and undiscerning men too lazy to go to a conventional barber will leap at the chance of a haircut. Aspirational parents with raucous kids will be delighted if you take them off their hands for a couple of hours, and even more so if you promise to improve their English. And there are plenty of people who could do with a good workout but won’t lift a finger without someone barking at them—just as long as you get their permission, and preferably their cash, up front. You don’t even have to be very good at your chosen profession. Given the roaming nature of both you and your clientele, there’s little likelihood of repeat business, so you don’t need a reputation, you just need good sales patter. Like the exotic ice-cream sellers promising magic from their ice box, you won’t know until you’ve tasted it, and you won’t taste it until you’ve paid. So remember, the opportunities are only as limited as your imagination—and the efficacy of your sunblock. --Roger de Flower

HOROSCOPE Aries You’ll feel like doing your socialising at home this month, so get any planned home improvements done, send the invites and enjoy being the host/ hostess. The end of August could see some romance blossoming.

Taurus You have a real need

Gemini This month your mind is focused on your finances and cash—the good news is that the latter is likely to be plentiful. It’s also a good time to throw out old things. You have a strong need to reach out to friends.

Cancer You’ll be the centre of attention with everything you undertake. And, if you’ve been working on something you’ve been keeping to yourself, now is the time to show it off. It’s also an excellent time to buy or sell.

Leo This is a month of rest and reflection. Your energies may be low after all your recent activity, so sit back and take a deep breath. By the end of August, your energy will return and you might have a cash windfall.

Virgo You should see some

Libra Your career is under scrutiny and you could reap the benefits of your hard work. There may be a new opportunity on the horizon. Your social calendar is full, friends are near and it’s a generally happy time.

Scorpio You’ll travel a lot and meet people who could have a profound influence on your thinking. Pay attention and be open to them. You may find yourself reassessing your career choices when you return.

Sagittarius Your finances need

Capricorn It is a strong month

Aquarius There’s a great atmosphere in your workplace; any opinions and suggestions you make will be well received. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time for moving forward together with new plans.

Pisces Romance is waiting for you this month but keep your options open and don’t make any hasty decisions. There are some changes that you’d like to make in your career, so start planning your moves.

close attention and there could be pressure for you to settle some long-standing debts. If you can do this it will give you a renewed sense of freedom. Find some quiet time for yourself.

to communicate with others on a deeper level and you’ll find that this enables you to really connect with some new people. Changes you make at home over the next month will work well.

dreams come true this month as you reap the rewards of actions from months past. A party mood is in the air, so enjoy, but take some time to be alone, unwind and reflect on future plans.

for love and friendship, so work to keep communication open and clear. Partners and friends may suggest changes that are worth considering. Take time to get your finances in order.

scoop By Ben Rowdon

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A real German beer garden in the centre of Barcelona

Information and bookings: Tel: 676 477 094 Email: psofiabiergarten@expogrupo.com Pl. Pius XII 4, 08028, Next to the hotel Princesa Sofia Monday to Sunday from 1pm to midnight

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‘Biergarten’ refers to the traditional German terraces where beer and sausages are served in a friendly and sociable outdoor area. The Hotel Princesa Sofia pays homage to this German custom to bring the most traditional Bavarian flavour to everyone in Barcelona. Live music, the most authentic atmosphere, typical Bavarian dishes, genuine German style decoration and excellent service by waiters and waitresses wearing traditional costumes from southern Bavaria and who are very familiar with the beer tradition and culture—all this makes it the only terrace in Barcelona that perfectly recreates the atmosphere and special characteristics of the original outdoor beer gardens in Germany. With the slogan “200-percent German”, the Biergarten celebrates its eighth season in high style. This is based on the high quality of the German products imported from Bavaria: the best local beer, real German sausages, traditional regional bread… Thanks to having such items on offer, each year, more and more people come to enjoy this original concept in Barcelona. Guests can try traditional dishes, such as Kartoffelsalat (German potato salad with onions, herbs and vinegar), Obatzda (delicious cheese soup seasoned with paprika) or different kinds of sausages, from the Bavarian speciality Weisswurst to the spicy Debrecziner. If you and your friends are sports fans, at the Biergarten you can also enjoy the sports broadcasts of the Spanish league games, the Champions League matches and the Olympic Games from London on giant TV screens, which, along with its traditional German products, make this event a real experience. The only ‘200-percent German’ terrace in Barcelona is an outdoor area where you can try authentic German sausages and dishes. Open every day from April to October, from 1pm until midnight, with meals always available.

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Profile for Barcelona Metropolitan

Barcelona Metropolitan Issue 187  

We’ve reached August again and at the time of writing, it seemed like it was going to be a hot one. This is a strange month in the Barcelona...

Barcelona Metropolitan Issue 187  

We’ve reached August again and at the time of writing, it seemed like it was going to be a hot one. This is a strange month in the Barcelona...