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Wild boar in Barcelona Where to buy organic produce


Remembering the city’s air raids

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On our web An inside look The month How to: make the most of your balcony Fashion: Aby Mackie Interview: Madalina Pirvan Photo collage: Outdoors Ideas: Culture, Gastronomy, Escape the city...


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From the Senior Editor: We’re now almost midway through arguably the most difficult time of the year, when Christmas is long gone and Easter is far off on the horizon, meaning that it’s all work, work, work. Fortunately for us, we live in a place that embraces the fun of Carnival, and in this issue, we hope you can find other ways to keep your spirits up. Our feature articles cover Barcelona’s wild boar population, the city’s outlets for organic produce and the anniversary of the first Civil War bomb raids here, 75 years ago. We interview two women, Abigail Mackie and Madalina Pirvan, who are following their own paths in Barcelona and hear from the Granada duo Elastic Band ahead of their concert here at the end of the month. Look out as well for this month’s striking photo collage, ideas for romantic fun around Catalunya and ways to make the most of even the smallest balcony. Hannah Pennell

Publisher Creative Media Group, S.L. Managing Director Esther Jones Senior Editor Hannah Pennell Art Director Aisling Callinan Sales Director Rainer Hobrack Account Executive Richard Cardwell Financial Manager Andrea Moreno Editorial Assistants Max Bentley and Nicola Reid Design Assistant Isolda Piza Sales Assistants Tashoma Lemard and Chloe Pera Contributors Amanda August, Jonathan Bennett, Lucy Brzoska, Roger de Flower, Nick Lloyd, Tara Stevens and Nicola Thornton Photographers Tashoma Lemard, Richard Owens and Lee Woolcock Cover illustration Ferran Capo Illustrator Ben Rowdon Editorial Office: Ciutat 7 2º 4ª, 08002 Barcelona. Tel. 93 451 4486, Fax. 93 451 6537; Advertising: General enquiries: Printer: Litografia Rosés. Depósito Legal: B35159-96 The views expressed in Barcelona Metropolitan are not necessarily those of the publisher. Reproduction, or use, of advertising or editorial content herein, without express permission, is prohibited.

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50m2 sunny charming flat - Born

Triplex apartment of 128m2 - Sarrià

Fantastic Duplex apartment of 200m2 - Les Corts

Cosy one bedroom apartment, modern finishings. Fully equipped and furnished. Short letting possible. Ref. L0252ba Price: €1.100

Private garden of 35m2, living room, separate dining room, eat-in kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Parking opt. Unfurnished. Ref. L0244ba Price: €1.750

Living/dining room with open plan kitchen, four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Terrace. Top quality finishings. Parking. Unfurnished. Ref. L0247ba Price: €2.800

Detached 225m2 house - Vallcarca

115m2 apartment - Diagonal Mar

185m2 family apartment - Pedralbes

Living/dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, service area, plot of 300m2, pool and parking. Great finishings. Furnished. Ref. L0221ba Price: €3.300

Terrace with fantastic views and good exposition, living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Parking. Furnished. Ref. L0251ba Price: €2.500

Eat-in kitchen, service area, living/dining room, 10m2 terrace, three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Communal pool. Two parking spaces. Unfurnished. Ref. L0241ba Price: €2.700


Brand new flats in Sarria

Sunny 140m2 flat - Diagonal Mar

A 90m2 high floor refurbished apartment - Eixample

Brand new flats located in the heart of Sarria. From 1 to 3 bedrooms. Open kitchen. Community roof-top sun deck. Ref. V1105ba From €380.000

20m2 terrace with sea views, living/dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Communal area. Parking. Ref V1228ba Price: €750.000

In listed building, Living/Dining room with a balcony, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Top quality fittings and finishings. Ref V1236ba. Price: €590.000

Please call for further properties 93 241 30 82

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on our web Le Nozze di Figaro © Antoni Bofill

BOOKS FOR FREE We have two books to give away this month, one aimed at younger readers and the other for the grown-ups. Both are bilingual, published together in English and Catalan, so they’re ideal for anyone looking to practise their language skills. The first is Big Magic (Gran Magia), a series of stories for six to eight year olds written by Georgina Tremayne, translated into Catalan by Sylvia Serratosa and beautifully illustrated by Cristina Caupena. The other is the second volume in the All Angles series, an anthology of short stories by Catalunya-based authors. Readings from both books will be taking

A night at the opera

place in Barcelona this month—find details of these

We’re pleased to welcome our first opera critic, Josephine Novak, who will be writing exclusively on our website about the productions being shown at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. A retired editor and opera lover, Josephine will this month start her reviews of the shows being staged at the world-famous operahouse with the Mozart classic The Marriage of Figaro (above) and the little-known work, Il Burbero di Bueno Cuore. Discover what she thought of them at: operareviews

of winning one of the books, at

and what you have to do to be in with a chance

CARNIVAL TIME! The time for crazy costumes, debauchery and feasting is upon us. Yes, it’s Carnaval once more, the final fling before the seven abstemious weeks of Lent kick off. Of course, with things the way they are now, we’re all having to be more abstemious year-round, so we might not see that much difference ahead, but still, any excuse to dress up and eat unhealthy food for a few days, eh? Find out what’s on here:

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AN INSIDE LOOK Illustrator Ferran Capo

I was born in Barcelona in 1979. I studied at EINA design school but ended up developing more disciplines besides design, for example live video and music mixing for clubs and festivals. I have a couple of gigs coming up soon: one is Tot Festival and the other Barcelona Visual Sound. I’ve had illustration work published in Cañamo magazine, on flyers and posters for Sala Apolo, Suborn Club and Ling magazine. I’m also in charge of the image for the parties organised at La Ratonera, a small downtown venue in Barcelona, and have done different things from video ads to video installations and working as a video assistant on movies. I’m currently working as Content Manager for Dailymotion Spain and keep drawing and trying to develop as a graphic designer and illustrator. Barcelona is ruled by frightened peasants and cheesy hotel managers. I never miss a chance to swim in the sea. I always avoid pickpockets and the Guardia Urbana. A view: Barcelona from the top of Raval Hotel (Rambla Raval 17). An inspiration: Foreigners in your city and locals when you are travelling. A place to go with friends: Betty Ford’s (Joaquín Costa 56). About the cover… The cover is based on this month’s Carnival. I had this weird twist when drawing characters; maybe they look a bit like a retro futuristic cartoon, but you can find characters extracted from classic paintings by Matisse, Picasso and Miró who covered the subject of Carnival in their work. I used Google Images to get some inspiration, searching for weird combinations, like art and movies.

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STARRY-EYED CosmoCaixa has just opened one of the most advanced planetariums in the world. Put on your stereoscopic glasses and feel that much closer to the stars and constellations thanks to the 14-metre dome, which boasts an innovative 3D projection system. This is not like the time you went to see your favourite film in 3D and came away devastatingly disappointed. This astronomic simulation is capable of bringing 100,000 stars into view, as well as satellites and maps of the world. Programmes range from scientific films for the general public to projections with astronomic and astrophysical content. These starry shows are presented in four different languages (Catalan, Castilian, English and French) and adapted for those with sensorial disabilities. It’s out of this world. Teodor Roviralta 47-51.

Sweet somethings With the cupcake trend continuing apace in Barcelona, there must be more than one reader who has gazed at the beautiful creations of rich sponge and pastel-coloured icing and thought, “I could do that”. But while the cold(ish) winter days of Barcelona lend themselves well to cake comfort eating, the city hasn’t yet jumped onto the cakemaking bandwagon that is rolling through many of our countries of origin. The recent decision, then, of gourmet bakery blog Sweet 180º to branch out into selling accessories online and in select local shops is timely indeed. From the porcelain stands pictured right (no, we don’t know why there’s a trumpet there either; focus on the raspberries) and pretty paper cake plates for when you’re serving delicious cake slices and don’t necessarily want to use your best china (pictured bottom right) to themed kits for parties, this is an excellent place to start your Barcelona collection of baking essentials.

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Effortless style If you’re a man who made one of your resolutions for the new year the intent to get away from daily bed-head hair, mismatched socks and inside-out cardigans, help is at hand thanks to Italian fashion label Sobrino. With their brand new store in the heart of Barcelona, they promise to deliver the long-loved casuality of male urban streetwear with a touch of sophistication. You’ve got no excuses now not to smarten up. Carrer de Pi 12.

Dining in Whether you’re at Apolo for Nasty Mondays, Anti-Karaoke or just a common-or-garden concert, why not up the ante on your pre-gig beers or post-clubbing snacking, rather than simply heading to any old local eatery? Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t eat those samosas or intriguing bocadillos were we in a state of total sobriety. Apolo has the answer: its very own diner. Don’t expect anything extraordinary inside—it’s got exposed pipes, metal seats and simple wooden tables—but hey, it’s better than sitting on a pavement spilling food onto your lap. No, no, this is much more civilised; they even have a cocktail menu! Open late and perfectly located next to a top Barcelona nightspot, it’s ideal for an unparalleled night out. Vilà i Vilà 60-62.

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OFFICE SHARING from just €175 per month




MEET BCN - C/Balmes 167, 3º 2ª 08008, Barcelona / Tel: 93 176 30 76 - Fax: 93 217 31 28

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BRIGHTEN UP YOUR BALCONY Max Bentley looks at how you can make the most out of your balcony, however small it may be. 1. BRINGING NATURE INTO YOUR HOME Your balcony may not be large enough for you to enjoy but there is no reason why it can’t be put to good use for other creatures. Why not welcome nature into your home by creating a friendly environment for animals? Building or putting up a birdhouse can be a fun activity for all the family and you can be sure to expect a few starlings, tits or even a parakeet (if you’re lucky) on your balcony every morning. If birds aren’t your thing, however, why not set up some butterfly netting and a few lavender plants to invite those delicate creatures onto your balcony? 2. GET YOUR GLOVES OUT Maybe your balcony needs sprucing up a little or requires a dash of colour. Just because you don’t have a garden, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get those gloves out! Well-chosen greenery and colourful plants such as geraniums and petunias can provide your balcony with character and turn it into your own personal oasis. If you’re feeling adventurous, growing your own herbs and food plants can be an entertaining and productive activity. Sunflower seeds, tomatoes and fruit have all become integral ingredients of the Mediterrean diet and with a healthy climate almost all year round, save yourself a trip to the greengrocer’s and grow your own produce. 3. MAKE YOUR FEELINGS KNOWN With government spending cuts, the euro crisis and rising house prices all concerns for the average Barcelona citizen, it is understandable that many people have strong political views about current affairs. Your balcony is your personal space and can be converted into a mouthpiece to express your feelings openly. Protest banners or posters are an effective way to vent your thoughts and cover up those empty spaces on your balcony. 4. SOLAR LIGHTING One of the greatest struggles many balcony owners face is the lack of access to an electricity source. A solution to this problem can be found through the use of solar technology. With a variety of different sizes and attractive designs, many homestores now sell a range of solar lights, which absorb the rays of the sun during the day before generating energy at night to provide you with an attractive, warmly-lit place to relax in the evening. Leave any other suggestions about how to make the most out of your balcony space, at: com/balconies

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British designer and creator Aby Mackie is helping to develop Barcelona’s vintage fashion scene. At her Barcelona studio, she talked to Nicola Reid about the allure of second-hand clothing and why she advocates a sustainable lifestyle.

We live in a society which has bought into excessive fashion consumption. Don’t feel guilty. We’ve all been there. But while there’s no obligation to change your ways, there are ample opportunities to take a new direction with the growth in the vintage clothing market, a trend that has steadily advanced in Barcelona thanks in part to people like British creative Aby Mackie. The opposing agendas of ‘fast fashion’ and sustainability, coupled with endless magazine interviews with celebrities about how ‘this old thing’ was found at their favourite out-of-the-way vintage store, has seen a huge expansion in the concept of digging out clothes from the past, either to wear as is or to adapt them to personal or catwalk tastes. “We’re very conscious of consumerism,” said Mackie of her family, which has embraced a sustainable lifestyle. “I hardly ever buy new clothes. About 95 percent of what we have is vintage, swapped, borrowed or given.” In her work, too, Mackie is conscious of how manufacturers nowadays often opt for time efficiency over lasting quality and has headed away from such practices. She has a vintage label, Violeta Vintage, through which she sells—online and at local markets—classic pieces found in many different places. These include markets in London and Chile, where her husband is from and which she visits occasionally. Mackie’s treasure trove wardrobe in her studio, where she has all the pieces for sale on display, is captivating. “It’s all the things that I loved but that weren’t quite right for me, or not quite my style.” When asked about what she looks for in a vintage garment, she said: “In general, I try and find garments in really good condition. Quality speaks for itself.” She then revealed how her dad, an antique clockmaker and restorer, inspired her passion for timeless classics. “It taught me about things that were well-made, old, well-worn and had a history. It’s the same with clothes. You find things that are beautiful and well-made, timeless.” She has also created a line of baby bibs—under the label Wild and

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Beautiful—that she creates using pieces of second-hand material and other raw materials, all of which are sourced in this area. “Everything is local, and the idea is to keep it local. We don’t get anything imported. We do everything ourselves.” If you’re still not convinced by the allure of vintage clothing, consider this: despite appearances to the contrary, with so many stores selling cheap clothes, the homogenisation of fashion design means consumers actually have limited stylistic choices. “You pick up on particular silhouettes because they’re all repeated,” said Mackie. So, there’s an element of conformity in following fashion, even when it is considered an act of individualisation. This is exactly why vintage is a great option for anyone tired of looking like everybody else. “You’re getting the current trend, but with a twist on it. By buying an old piece, it’s actually more unique and original. No one is going to have the same thing as you, they’re really not.” From Leicestershire to Barcelona, and with a degree in Textile Design and an MA in Fine Art and Photography behind her, Mackie describes her journey as “a big mess of creativity”. She also talks fondly about the creative community in Barcelona, mentioning a few of her friends who are doing similar things, such as Lulu Melotte (Vintage-bebe) and Leyla Nazim (Layelfishvintage). “It’s all mixed up. Everyone is multifaceted in what they’re doing now.” After some time off looking after her young children and moving house, Mackie is now settled and ready to concentrate on some of her new projects during 2012. She participates regularly in markets around Barcelona: Brick Lane BCN, a monthly vintage pop-up collaboration (this month’s edition takes place on Saturday 4th on Corretger 5, 12 to 6pm) and the Saturday market on Allada Vermell are two of the places where you can seek out Aby Mackie and her vintage treasures.;

1/26/12 1:06:24 PM


Mother boar followed by her striped boarlets

New neighbours

Barcelona’s wild boar population is getting bolder. Text and photos by Lucy Brzoska.


t the end of summer, when the ground is dry and rock hard, and foraging opportunities diminish, wild boar often stray into Barcelona from the hills of Collserola. The peripheral areas of the city have grown accustomed to these visits. Last September, however, the Guardia Urbana were summoned to deal with a boar family who had crossed the city’s busy ring road, and penetrated the central barri of Gràcia. The same family had been observed exploring Parc Güell a month earlier. The sight of policemen herding these woodland ungulates through the city streets brought home the fact that Barcelona might need a new strategy for living with its bristly wild neighbours. At the heart of the boar conflict is the Collserola natural park’s unique situation: a green island at the centre of a densely-populated metropolitan area of three million people, with 150,000 of them living within the boundaries of the park itself, which has struggled with encroaching urbanisation. As humans invade the boars’ habitat, and vice versa, their lives are bound to overlap.

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Traffic accidents are one of the most serious hazards. Allotments are raided and trashed, rubbish bins are broken into, parks and golf courses ploughed up. One estimate has the current boar population in Collserola as 900, although it’s difficult to provide an exact figure since they are essentially nocturnal animals and visibility is severely restricted in dense woodland. I asked Francesc Llimona, a biologist working in the park and author of several papers on the subject, if a saturation point had been reached—was Collserola now so full of boars that they were being forced out to make a living in the city? “They can live in even denser populations than here,” he said. “The problem is the degree to which boars are losing their fear of humans.” This is aggravated by people who actively feed them, entranced by the sight of such powerful-looking mammals, whose heads can appear mounted as fierce hunting trophies, approaching peaceably for a slice of pizza or anything else that’s going. In no time at all, the boars begin to feel at home in an urban environment and become addicted to scavenging for junk food. It’s often a

1/25/12 1:38:41 PM


Mother boar and two youngsters

“The problem is the degree to which boars are losing their fear of humans.�

14-16. Wild boar PDF.indd 3

death sentence, as regular offenders will be captured and put down. But the vast majority of boars prefer to keep their distance from us, and for them, Collserola is an ideal habitat. Large extensions of oak trees satiate their appetite for acorns; in a lean acorn year the boar population will dip. There are streams where they can bathe and coat themselves in mud, essential for keeping parasites at bay and spreading scents in the rutting season. Deep, bramble-filled gullies proliferate, ensuring safe hiding places from the two million visitors the park receives a year. Boar populations are thriving not only in Spain but all across Europe. One cause is the decline in their natural predator, the wolf, though changes in land use are by far the main factor. In Collserola, the last wolf was shot at the end of the 19th century, when boars themselves were on the verge of extinction in Catalunya. But their numbers didn’t begin to rocket until agriculture and woodexploitation dwindled in the Seventies. Since the wolf is unlikely to be reintroduced any time soon,


1/25/12 1:38:52 PM



about 25 times a year hunting clubs from the metropolitan area are allowed to bring their dogs and rifles into Collserola to cull the boar population. A section of the park is cordoned off at a time to prevent accidents. A year ago, the Generalitat, whose minister for Agriculture and the Environment, Josep Maria Pelegrí, openly confesses his dislike of animals, proposed the boars could be shot by bow and arrow. The archers, using sophisticated high-tech equipment, would slip into the park at night to dispatch their prey. The government probably didn’t expect the ensuing public outcry, motivated principally by fears that the boars would suffer a slow painful death. Many also found it abhorrent that hunters were being given authorisation to enjoy themselves in a natural park with what might be construed as expensive deadly toys. The idea was rapidly shelved. Instead, the more traditional sounds of horns, baying of hounds and gun shots will continue to be heard in Collserola from October to February, the established hunting season. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that culling alone is not a solution to the conflicts. People have to be taught how to live cheek by jowl with wild animals. A system of fines has been suggested, to curb feeding and the dumping of rubbish in accessible places. Studies also stress the importance of buffer zones between woods and urban areas. Open habitats of shrub- and grassland appear to deter the boars from exploring further, with the added benefit of increasing species biodiversity. Are boars dangerous? No one has ever reported being attacked by one in Collserola, but these large mammals deserve our respect. They come armed with tusks and are capable of tremendous acceleration over short distances. Generally, on detecting human presence, they will use this speed to move in the opposite direction. The main exception is a mother protecting her young, who might confront the perceived intruder and threaten to charge. In such a situation your best move is to slowly back off. If worried about unexpectedly stumbling across a boar, the ideal strategy is to keep up a noisy conversation while walking and, like the majority of Collserola’s visitors, you will never see so much as a single bristle. The incursion of boar into the city is damaging for all concerned. I remember one night near Horta coming across a group of juveniles on a roundabout, ploughing the earth and scattering freshly planted shrubs. On being disturbed, they ran noisily up the steps of the nearby university campus. Removed from their natural habitat, they seemed reduced to a gang of hooligans on the rampage. In stark contrast, one quiet autumnal afternoon, in the depths of Collserola, the silence was broken by something heavy approaching, and a large male boar galloped up the slope. While females and young travel in herds, the adult males lead a solitary life. Half-hidden behind some trees, I held my breath, and he showed no sign of having seen me. I could see his sloping back, with its short black mane, and the protruding tusks, a primeval sight, so often depicted in cave paintings. After snorting a couple of times, he slowly meandered away into the undergrowth. Sometimes Collserola, with its hoards of mountain bikers, walkers and runners, seems about to be engulfed by the surrounding metropolis. The presence of wild boar is a saving grace, helping to protect the spirit of the place. I felt privileged to have had such an encounter, on the very doorstep of the city, only a metro-ride away.

No one has ever reported being attacked by a boar in Collserola, but these large mammals deserve our respect. WILD BOAR FACTS AND FIGURES - The word ‘boar’ describes an adult male of certain pig species, including domestic pigs of which wild boar are the ancestors; in the case of the wild boar, ‘boar’ is applicable to all members of the species. So it is correct to say ‘female boar’ or ‘infant wild boar’. - In the UK, they were hunted to extinction in the 17th century, but are now found in areas of the country once more after creatures escaped from farms where they were being bred for meat. - Boar hair was often used to make toothbrushes until the invention of synthetic materials in the Thirties. - They have an average weight of 50 kilogrammes, although some reach over 300 kilogrammes. On average, females are about a third smaller than males. - Female boars are relatively sociable animals. They live in groups called sounders, consisting of breeding females and their young, and typically containing between six and 30 animals. Males, however, are solitary for much of the year, with the exception of the breeding season when they can be found in close proximity to the sounders. - Boars are nocturnal, foraging from dusk until dawn but with resting periods during both night and day, sleeping for around 12 hours a day. - They eat almost anything they come across—nuts, berries, flowers, roots, grasses, rubbish and insects. They will also often finish off the remains of dead animals, such as deer. - Unlike their female counterparts, adult males develop tusks which grow continuously for use as weapons and tools. Males also have an extra hollow tusk on their top lip, which acts like a knife-sharpener, constantly sharpening their bottom tusks. - The snout of the wild boar has a cartilaginous disk at the end, supported by a small bone called the prenasal, that allows the snout to be used as a bulldozer when foraging for food.

Lucy Brzoska runs nature tours and writes for the website

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I came to Barcelona in 2010. I was in my last year of university, studying theatre, and feeling a bit down, thinking that I hadn’t learnt what I needed to learn to be prepared for my life as an artist. I knew I wanted to go somewhere warm—I had only seen the beach three times before I was 18—and by sheer coincidence, my mum phoned to say she had a friend going

diferente (Generally different). I am usually sarcastic about the popular songs of the day—especially Las 40 Principales— and lament the lack of diversity. I like to introduce bands that people might never have heard of, although I’m not one of those weirdos who hates bands once they’ve become successful. I love Bowie, Joan Jett and Arcade Fire, for example.

I’ve lived in and I don’t miss them, but I couldn’t live without my MP3 player, a notebook and a pen. This is the first time in my life I feel my room belongs to me. I have my dark red walls, photos of my friends and shows, posters of clowns and dolls, my lamps, my green carpet and psychedelic scenery. I feel most at home in Sidecar [the

Madalina (‘Mad’) Pirvan Multidisciplinary artist, 23, Romanian

to Spain. She suggested I might want to go with him and I left 10 days later. I lived in Girona for six months before moving here. I didn’t know a soul when I arrived but in four days, I found a theatre group on the Internet called PVC. They seemed very extreme and provocative and, amazingly, they let me work with them. At first, I was lost; I didn’t have a clue about their activities and my Castilian accent was a cross between French, American and Romanian, but it really opened doors for me. After a year with them, I wrote to Radio Star Terrassa who were looking for collaborators. One of my many, many dreams from the age of 12 was to have my own radio show broadcast at four in the morning, where I could sit in the darkness and it wouldn’t matter what I said or what music I played. Now I do just that, but on Sunday afternoons at 2pm… My show is called Generalmente

19. interview PDF.indd 24

On Sunday mornings, I wake up early, even if I go out partying the night before, and spend a couple of hours deciding what I’m going to play. I write my spiel on the train; as long as I know the first bit of what I am going to talk about, the rest will follow. I love talking and hearing myself talking without being interrupted! I am always laughing at myself too, which is a bit weird considering I’m completely alone in the studio. It’s like my playground. A lot of people inspire me in different ways, from their creativity to their serenity, intelligence, their ability to be unselfish or their courage to be out of the ordinary. Most of all, I admire people that manage to be happy. It seems such a difficult thing. I don’t know yet how to do it, but some seem to have reached happiness in some way and I think “Lucky bastards”. I don’t really have many possessions. I’ve left many things behind in the houses

club in Plaça Reial]. It reminds me of my favourite club in Bucharest, the Control Club. It’s a place where there’s always somebody I know, there’s always Martini and there’s always music I like. Coming to Spain has changed me a lot. It’s made me grow up and stop being a selfish brat. This contagious passion for theatre and my need for journeying were decisive forces in where I am now. I am a traveller and I couldn’t imagine my life another way. I do love the beach. It’s the best soundtrack for reading a book or watching the hot guys surf. I’m pretty scared of the mountains; I saw a horror movie when I was little where a tree ate some teenagers and mountains are always the perfect setting for a serial killer, so no holiday in the mountains for me, thanks.

Interview by Nicola Thornton. Photo by Lee Woolcock.

1/25/12 1:40:03 PM


Good food guide Find organic food in Barcelona with our list of places selling all the essentials. By Amanda August. Photos by Tashoma Lemard.


nyone who has ever looked for fresh organic products in their local market or greengrocer’s shop in Barcelona might just rub their head in wonder on learning that Spain leads Europe in the amount of land that it organically farms, with a surface area of 1.7 million hectares. It’s hard to believe when you consider the relatively few shops in the city that sell organic fruit, vegetables and meat. The contradiction is explained by the fact that the country is one of the leading exporters of organic produce in the world, and while the latest statistics from Spain’s Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) show a 10 percent growth in the number of organic producers, both in agriculture and livestock, most of the produce goes abroad. Fortunately for organic-hungry shoppers out there, some of the produce does make it into shops in the city, often supplied by small farms and cooperatives in the region. Furthermore, box schemes are becoming more popular here, whereby orders for fruit and vegetables are made online or by phone and the boxed order is delivered to your door. There are also online companies selling organic meat. Of course, Barcelona is still a long way off other big cities in countries such as Austria, Denmark and Germany in terms of both demand and availability of organic fresh food products, and the current economic situation can’t be helping to change this. However, a recent study carried out by MARM on the market for organic products in 2010 showed growth of nearly 12 percent in sales of organic goods compared to a loss of 0.9 percent for non-organic. In a nutshell, interest is there and growing all the time. Our round-up of some of the places where you can currently buy fresh organic fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and bread in Barcelona includes small local shops, supermarkets, a market trader and online companies. Most also sell eggs, cheese, cold cuts and cured sausages. Do expect to pay more—Spain may be producing a lot but a small market, less demand, little competition and working with small farms keeps prices higher. Also bear in mind that the choice of fresh

20-21. Organic produce REPDF.indd 2

produce is more limited as a result of many shops trying to stick to selling produce from as close to home as possible for environmental reasons, and consequently this means that products stocked will depend on what’s in season. Barceloneta Comestibles: Sant Carles 13, tel. 93 221 9581 With the feel of an old-fashioned delicatessen, thanks to its original tiles and old wooden fridge, this small shop is popular for its takeaway ready-made organic meals but it also has a good range of fruit and vegetables and produce is locally sourced as much as possible. Fresh organic meat can be ordered in.

Baluard: Baluard 38-40 baixos, tel. 93 221 1208, Just next to Barceloneta market, this busy bakery offers several organic breads including wholewheat, spelt and baguettes. Eixample Bio Space: València 186, tel. 93 453 1573, This large, spacious store has an excellent selection of fresh organic produce at surprisingly competitive prices. Formerly a family-run butcher’s, it became an organic supermarket in 2000. A fresh meat counter sells beef, goat, pork and chicken, and on Fridays a limited selection of fresh fish from organic farms is available.

Wokimarket: Ronda de la Universitat 20, tel. 93 302 5206,www. A concept store with a supermarket selling organic, Asian and Latin American products and four food zones serving organic Asian, sushi, pasta and pizza, and meat. It also includes a Baluard bakery (see above under ‘Barceloneta’) selling fresh organic breads. Its selection of fruit and vegetables is good if a bit pricey. The building itself is striking and was once the offices of Escofet, the architect company that has been manufacturing the renowned Barcelona paving stones

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(L-R): At Bio Space, you can find fresh organic meat and fruit as well as dried fruits; Barcelona Reykjavik serves a range of organic breads and savoury snacks

since 1906. There are three other stores in the city: in Gràcia (Astúries 22, tel. 93 292 0399), Barceloneta (Passeig Maritím 1, tel. 93 224 1251) and El Born (Carders 6, tel. 93 315 2795). See page 38 for Tara Stevens’s review of Wokimarket. El Born Barcelona Reykjavik: Princesa 16, tel. 93 186 6336, Bakery with a daily selection of around 12 types of bread, the majority made with spelt (a traditional grain that is a species of wheat but easier to digest). The most popular bread is spelt with oats and mixed seeds (sesame, sunflower and pumpkin) but other speciality breads include Catalan wheat with sweet potato. Sweet and savoury snacks include gingerbread, pain au chocolate, pizzas and quiches. All ingredients are organic and come from regional or national producers as much as possible. Bread can be bought by weight. Shops also in Gràcia (Astúries 20, tel. 93 237 6918) and in Raval (Doctor Dou 12, tel. 93 302 0921).

Veritas: Via Laietana 28, tel. 93 268 8200, customer services: 902 667 789. This Catalan organic supermarket chain started up in 2002 and now has 22 stores, with 16 in Barcelona. It has a large selection of fruit and vegetables. Some stores have meat and fish counters, too, otherwise fresh meat can be found pre-packed in the chilled section. Compared to other shops, Veritas can be more expensive, but the advantage is the wider selection of produce on offer. A loyalty reward scheme gives customers who spend a certain amount a discount on their next shop. Shops throughout the city—call customer services (number above) to find your local branch. Raval Biocenter: Pintor Fortuny 24, tel. 93 302 3567 This small shop just off La Rambla has been in the business of vegetarian health food for 25 years and is run by the family that has the restaurant of the same name across the street. Its fruit and vegetables are a bit pricey and the selection is limited but it covers the basics and offers friendly personal service. Gràcia Bio Nyam: Travessera de Gràcia 315, tel. 93 476 5438, www.bion-

20-21. Organic produce REPDF.indd 3 This small local health and food shop opened two and a half years ago and owner Oriol Alonso is currently upgrading the website to incorporate an online shop. Its range of fruit and vegetables is good for the size of the shop and prices are kept competitively low. Organic chicken and beef is also available and can be ordered in. A loyalty-card scheme gives customers a 10 percent discount on their sixth shop. Bio Mercat: Mercado de l’Abaceria Central, Stall 53, Travessera de Gràcia 186, tel. 93 210 6019 Matching the size and choice of produce of any of its fellow fruit and vegetable market stall holders, Bio Mercat is doing a roaring trade. Everything is organic and owner Murad Mrabet, who started the business 15 years ago, tries to buy in as much locally and nationally grown produce as possible. It’s a mystery why other market traders in the city, especially in La Boqueria and Santa Caterina, haven’t followed suit. Biosí: Ramon i Cajal 42, tel. 93 213 0971 This popular health and food shop in the heart of Gràcia has built up a loyal clientele during its five years in business. It has a good range of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, along with fresh organic meat, which can also be ordered in. Internet The following sites are worth checking out for online shopping for fruit and vegetable boxes and fresh meat. Working with Catalan farms in Baix Llobregat, Penedès, Maresme and Bages, Horta de l’Eixample sells a full range of seasonal organic produce and delivers to your door. The company also has a small café-shop in Eixample at Nàpols 155 (tel. 93 265 1450) selling a small selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Another online organic box service selling produce sourced mainly from the company’s own farm in Moncayo in Saragossa. Boxes are competitively priced and customers can choose what produce they’d like included. This company has an extensive range of organic meats in various cuts and smoked salmon. Eggs are also available. Orders can be made by email, telephone or online. Deliveries to Barcelona are made two days a week and there is no minimum order.

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Many thanks to all of you who sent in photos for this theme—unfortunately there wasn’t room to print everything, but you’ll find more images online here: Next month’s theme is: HISTORY. Send your photos to by March 16th. Find all the practical info at:

The dancers of BCNSwing in Parc Ciutadella, by Daniel Rinehart


Beautiful skies of Sitges on Kings’ Day, by Jan-Willem Bode

22-23. Collage PDF.indd 34

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Flock of green parrots having a rest at a busy Glòries crossroads, by Dorothea Biehler

Winter in Montserrat, by Marika Michalak

The photographer’s wife relaxing in a Romanic church in the Pyrenees, by Matthew Phillis

22-23. Collage PDF.indd 35

Labyrinth Park, by Wendy Taylor

1/25/12 1:58:47 PM


City target


eventy-five years ago, on the evening of February 13th, 1937, an Italian cruiser off the coast of Barcelona fired shells at an arms factory on Passeig Sant Joan. They missed their target and 18 people were killed. A month later came the first raid from the skies when Mussolini’s planes hit Poble Sec. Six people died and 39 were injured. From that day, the city would be hit almost 200 times until its fall on January 26th, 1939. Some 2,500 to 3,000 Barcelona residents were killed and thousands more were injured. It was the beginning of the 20th century’s murderous affair with the mass bombardment of civilians. Although Madrid had already been shelled as a military target on the front line, and Baghdad, Kabul and other places had been bombed by the colonial powers before, this was the first time a city had been targeted systematically over a sustained period. The planes, often Savoias, flew in from the Aviazione Legionaria’s base on Mallorca. There was no radar and no land from which to telephone to warn of their approach. So residents didn’t know the planes were coming until they were actually heard or seen above the city. Attempts were made to improve warnings. The city council built contraptions that tried to pick up the sound of planes with little success. People took in stray dogs and cockerels to warn them of the approaching danger, for both have acute hearing. As a result of the delayed warning, citizens had between one and a half and three minutes to get to an aid raid shelter. Despite this, the numbers of deaths was comparatively low—consider that some 3,000 died in the worst night of the London Blitz alone. Of course the bombing was less intensive in Barcelona, but it was also a result of the excellent network of around 1,400 air raid shelters that locals set out about building once the first bombs fell. Residents’ associations and trade unions took to the task without waiting for the authorities to give the go-ahead. As many of the men were by that point at the front, much of the work was done by women and children. As the war continued, the city council set about building larger, more secure shelters and improving the self-built ones, but without the collective effort of a large number of locals, this task would have been impossible. At the end of the war, the British brought the chief engineer of Barcelona’s civil defence programme, Ramon Perera, to London. He advised them to do the same as the Catalans had done: dig deep and to get the whole population involved in the work. Churchill decided against this approach, arguing that making such public shelters would make people “cowardly and lazy”, and claiming that the British working class lacked the solidarity to engage in the

24-26. BCN air raids REPDF.indd 34

This month marks the 75th anniversary since air raids started on Barcelona, and a new strategy of modern warfare was born. By Nick Lloyd.

digging. Instead the people were given the Anderson shelter, often a death trap. Confidential reports later expressed regret that the Perera model had not been adopted and estimated thousands had died needlessly in the Blitz. The Italians experimented with different methods of inflicting damage on Barcelona, combining explosive, high-explosive and penetrating explosive bombs, followed by incendiaries. Antipersonnel bombs were also used. British nurse Anne Murray passed through the city with the retreating Republican army a few weeks before it fell. She saw the horrors of war: “We found a whole lot of children, dozens of them, with their hands off, completely off. The Italians had dropped anti-personnel bombs marked ‘Chocolatti’. The children were picking up these things—they hadn’t had chocolate for years—and they just blew their hands off. This Spanish surgeon that I worked with, he was in tears. We all were.” The worst raids took place between March 16th and 18th, 1938, when nearly a thousand people died, as raid after raid struck the city. The weather was cold and rainy, and many people fled, seeking refuge in Collserola. Soon the centre was almost deserted, the streets deep in broken glass. The worst occurred on the 17th. A lorry carrying high explosives, which happened to be passing the Coliseum cinema on Gran Via, was hit. The blast destroyed almost an entire side of an Eixample block. Six hundred people were killed. At the time, many thought the Italians had dropped some evil new weapon. Although most of the raids were committed by the Italian air force, towards the end of the war, Barcelona was also attacked by the German Condor Legion, including 40 attacks between January 21st and 25th,1939, principally a series of deadly raids by Stukas on Barceloneta. Like the Aviazione Legionaria, they saw the city as a testing ground, the results from which they would later put into widespread use with deadly effect. Many of the victims were treated by Profesor Josep Trueta, head of trauma services for the city, who also later worked for the British. During the war, he developed the use of a new plaster cast method for the treatment of open wounds and fractures. It would save hundreds of lives in Barcelona and many, many thousands during the Second World War. The industrial, port and working class areas were the most hit, particularly Barceloneta, Ciutat Vella, Poble Sec and Poblenou. After the war, Franco left much of the bottom half of the Raval in ruins until the early Sixties as a punishment and warning to the local population of what happened if they supported ‘the Reds’. The Eixample was also hit, though more prosperous areas tended to be spared, and some prime targets were conspicuously left alone.


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May 29th, 1937: The day after the first night air-raid on Barcelona, carried out by four Italian planes. Photographer: Pérez de Rozas. Source: Arxiu fotogràfic de Barcelona

24-26. BCN air raids REPDF.indd 35

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Italian records show that on some occasions French and Belgian companies bribed the Italians not to bomb their factories, including those making arms. The huge Maquinista complex was also left untouched, presumably under instructions from the Nationalist-friendly owners with an eye on post-war profits. War is also business.

The Italians experimented with different methods of inflicting damage on Barcelona.

Bombing of Barcelona route Unlike other vestiges of the Civil War in Barcelona, the bombing of the city is relatively well commemorated and there are a number of sites you can visit, including: - Refugi 307. Highly recommended is a guided visit to this restored air raid shelter hollowed out on the side of Montjuïc. In addition to giving an in-depth view of the bombing of the city, it also functions as a centre for historical memory for Poble Sec. After decades abandoned, the shelter was rediscovered and saved thanks to the work of the late Valerie Powles, Poble Sec devotee and dedicated historian. Book for Saturday or Sunday visits only through the Museu de la Ciutat. - Plaça del Diamant. Another impressive air raid shelter, which takes you deep under the surface of Gràcia. - Turó de la Rovira. Site of the main air defences, built in 1937 in an attempt to protect the city from air raids, though they enjoyed little success. The ruins are now protected and panels explain the

military history of the hill, along with a remembrance of the shanty-town dwellers who later lived here. Even if you’re not interested in the history, the views are splendid. Bus 24. - Plaça Sant Felip Neri is perhaps the most delightful square in Barcelona, but its peaceful, secret atmosphere belies its tragic history. When I arrived in Barcelona 20 years ago, I was told that the pitted marks in the stone were from the bullets of Anarchist execution squads, who had shot priests against the wall here. It is a story one still hears regularly today, but it was a lie put out by the Francoist authorities in an attempt to cover up the death of 42 people here when a bomb fell on the church on January 30th, 1938. It had been turned into a makeshift orphanage and most of the victims were refugee children from Madrid. As the rescue workers pulled out the survivors from the building another bomb fell in the square, killing more. It was the second worst bombing atrocity during the war, the first being the aforementioned Coliseum bomb, a monument to which stands in front of the Coliseum cinema on Gran Vía.

Nick Lloyd leads historical tours in Barcelona and runs the website

March 17th, 1938: An aerial image of an air raid on Barcelona, taken by the Italian air force. Source: Arxiu fotogràfic del Centre d’Història Contemporània de Catalunya

24-26. BCN air raids REPDF.indd 36

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Network of English Speaking Therapists Established in 2000

Connie Capdevila Brophy PhD Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist 934 670 650

Anna Jansen MA Dance Movement Therapist 657 183 542

Norma Alicia Le贸n, PhD Clinical Psychologist Psychoanalyst 680 971 468

Maria Sideri, MSc Psychologist & Dance Movement Therapist 655 162 410

Donna DeWitt MA Performance & Sport Psychologist 607 636 246

Vera M. Hilb MA Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist, EMDR 667 584 532

Jill Jenkins PsyD Child Clinical & School Psychologist 935 041 690

Emma Judge MA Licensed Counselor Psychologist 639 041 549

Manuel Isa铆as L贸pez, MD, PhD Claudia Ros Tusquets MA Clinical Psychologist Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst & Psychotherapist 934 102 962 / 657 570 692 686 991 742

Peter Zelaskowsk i UKCP Registered Psychotherapist 628 915 040 All NEST professionals are Licensed / Certified

main pages Feb2012.indd 7

English - Spanish - Catalan - Dutch - German - Italian

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MAKING PLANS A few suggestions about things to do tonight, this weekend, later on...


David Hockney—Cartels 1964-1986, Galeria Eude, until the end of March

David Hockney is riding high at the moment. A huge retrospective currently running at the Royal Academy in London is sold out; he accepted an Order of Merit last month from the Queen (following his refusal of a knighthood two decades ago); and The Guardian recently crowned him a style icon at the splendid age of 74. And while his adoption of the iPad as an artistic tool has been (in the main) lauded by critics, Barcelona’s Galería Eude has a timely show on now that highlights some of his humbler creations from decades past. It features a series of posters from 1964 to 1986, some designed by Hockney for specific events and others created to advertise shows of his work around the world. Although it clearly doesn’t compare to the 200-work megashow in London, this is a great way to get a taste of the British artist’s output.

Big it up

José Mercé—De Cajón Flamenco Festival, Saturday 11th, Palau de la Música, 9pm. If you’ve been promising yourself to learn all about flamenco, this is one show that you really shouldn’t miss. And if you’ve gotten to grips with the genre, it’s likely you’ve already got your tickets to this concert. José Mercé is currently one of the big quesos in flamenco, with hundreds of thousands of discs sold since his career went stellar in 1998 following the release of Del Amanecer (From the Dawn) and an enviable back catalogue, which the singer-songwriter is presenting here as part of his Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn) project that brings together all his biggest hits.

No pancakes, no cry Dijous Gras, Thursday 16th

If you come from one of those places that celebrates the Tuesday of carnival week with pancakes served with lemon and sugar and are worried that Barcelona might not offer similar pre-Lent gluttony, fear not. The last Thursday before Lent, known here as Fat Thursday, sees locals devour botifarra d’ou (egg sausage), omelettes (truites) and coca de llardons (a savoury puff pastry creation filled with a cured meat called cansalada). So all suitably calorific for the last blow-out before the abstemious weeks ahead. Take part by heading to your local charcuterie or patisserie to purchase these seasonal delicacies.

28-29. Making plans PDF.indd 6

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DARK STORIES BCNEGRA—Thursday 2nd to Saturday 11th

Barcelona’s festival dedicated to crime fiction continues to go from strength to strength, with another great line-up this year of authors both local and international (as well as one police commissioner), including several high-profile names who are likely to excite any fan of the genre. Anne Perry, Jake Arnott and David C. Hall (whose books are set in Barcelona) are just some of those who will be taking part in round tables and conversations. And there are, of course, the ubiquitous Scandanavian authors, such as Jussi Adler-Olsen and Gunnar Staalesen, who have become such renowned masters of crime fiction in recent times. Finally, Greek writer Petros Màkaris, winner of this year’s Pepe Carvalho award, will be in conversation with Lorenzo Silva on the 10th. Most events take place at La Capella (Hospital 56).

Fun with squares HungaryTo, Aragó 353 Barcelona’s only Hungarian bar and restaurant has taken advantage of the famed creation of Hungarian Ernö Rubik, a certain cube of coloured squares, to set up the Barcelona Rubik’s Group for those enamoured of trying to get all the colours in the right place. The idea is to share secrets and short cuts about solving the Rubik’s Cube, which was, incredibly, invented back in 1974. If you’re feeling a tingle in your fingers at the mere thought, find out more on the HungaryTo Facebook page.

Up on stage

Some of the concerts happening this month in Barcelona

dEUS—Wednesday 8th at Bikini Future Islands—Friday 17th at Sidecar Buraka Som Sistema (pictured above)—Saturday 18th at Apolo Joe Bonamassa—Sunday 26th at Palau de la Música

28-29. Making plans PDF.indd 7

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REVIEW Could ‘The ladder of escape’ be the definitive exhibition of work by Barcelona artist Joan Miró? By Will Shank.

Bleu I, Bleu II and Bleu III (L-R), 1961. Centre Pompidou, Paris. © Successió Miró, Palma de Mallorca

L’ESCALA DE l’evasió

Fundació Joan Miró. Until March 18th I had long suspected, since the time of MoMA’s ‘High and Low: Modern Art and Popular Culture’ exhibition in 1990, that there was less to the art of Joan Miró than meets the eye. Once I had learned that many of his cryptic forms were in fact abstractions of vacuum cleaners or silverware that he found in mail-order catalogues, Miró moved way down my shortlist of favourite artists. The current show at the Miró Foundation reverses that opinion. In what may prove to be the definitive Miró exhibition, the artist is redeemed as a kind of painter/poet who found himself trapped in the events of history but managed to rise above them. Hence the metaphor of ‘the ladder of escape’. Here also on full public view is ‘Miró the quintessential Catalan’, which will certainly endear him to local audiences. The museum’s permanent collection has been cleared out, with its galleries almost entirely turned over to this installation, which means that familiar works such as the artist’s enormous hanging tapestry and Calder’s great mercury fountain, are not on view. But the tradeoff is worth it. A gallery full of early works from Miró’s rural getaway at the family’s farm in Mont-roig introduces the young artist who worked in the early Twenties in an almost timid, high-key palette, rendering his forms in a primitive two-dimensionality. (Miró was born in Barcelona, a stone’s throw from the Ajuntament, but he felt rooted in this small town 140 kilometres away.) So genteel are these early works that the sudden transformation of his palette in the first Paris paintings, starting in 1925, comes as a shock! All at once his backgrounds are black, and his abstracted figures glowing reds and blues. Altered though he may have been by the time spent with the Surrealists in Paris, Miró continued to return to Catalunya, even after the military uprising of 1923 began to transform and suppress his beloved homeland. The goats on his farm are by now surreal shapes on a background of Yves Klein ultramarine.

31. Art review PDF.indd 6

By the time of the ‘October Events’ in 1934, when the Generalitat of Catalunya was condemned and imprisoned, Miró’s production responded in kind. His ‘Savage Paintings’ are a product of this period, with his palette ever more intense as he experimented with the slick support of copper panels. With the military uprising against the Republic in 1936, Miró, with the rest of Republican Spain, had reached a sense of bewilderment. A subject as seemingly mundane as the Tate’s Still Life with an Old Shoe becomes a harrowing expression of internal tension. Following the fall of Barcelona and Madrid, and rise of Franco to power, Miró left for exile in VarengevilleSur-Mer. However, when the Germans occupied France, he selfexiled back to Spanish territory, taking refuge on Mallorca, where he lived off and on for the rest of his life. There he reworked earlier paintings, giving them double dates, and found an uneasy peace in the post-war years, as reflected in such contemplative paintings as Woman and Bird in Moonlight (1949). The high point of the show for me is the thrilling installation of the enormous deep blue 1961 triptych from the Centre Pompidou. By this time his work shows the inescapable influence of the American Abstract Expressionists, and it is one of his strongest periods, where the reductive process has created large works of great power. After that things fall off a bit, and the subsequent white triptych (Paintings for the Cell of a Recluse, 1968) is a particular disappointment because its somewhat grubby condition detracts from the purity of its forms. (Where are the Foundation’s conservators when you need them?) The exhibition ends with a quote from Miró who gratefully outlived Franco and survived peacefully to a ripe old age. The artist, he said, “is someone who, amidst the silence of others, uses his voice to say something and who has the obligation that this thing not be useless but something that offers a service to man.”

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Pablo Román, leader of Granada group Elastic Band, answered our questions ahead of their show at Sidecar this month.

Metropolitan: Where did your name come from? Is it a reflection of your music or just a fun play on words? Pablo Román: It was a sound effect that we widely used in the first demo; later it became a way of understanding the band. How was the band created? We wanted to prove that it was possible to create pop music by moving away from the traditional rock pattern—so we replaced the electric guitar with a mandolin. We then found certain limitations at the creative level that moved us to add other elements, such as samplers and synthesizers. Why did you decide to write and perform in English? If we played folk music like flamenco, we would surely perform it in Spanish. But pop music has its roots in Anglo-Saxon culture, so we believe it’s more aesthetic and rhythmical to do it in the native language. Can you explain the title of your new album, M oo D? Why not just Mood? When you spend so much time recording an album, you cannot avoid going through different moods personally and professionally. I consider that M oo D is a clear reflection of that, hence the title. M oo D (written that way) only corresponds to the brilliant album of Elastic Band!

33. Music PDF.indd 6

The Eighties are clearly a big influence for you—what’s their appeal? We were biased against this decade aesthetically, but these prejudices gradually disappeared and our resources increased. Nothing is more positive in the Eighties than its lack of prejudice and breaking with traditional patterns from previous years. What do you think of the indie music scene in Spain? Is it overshadowed by bands from the US and UK? The scene is becoming more interesting, but not having the right infrastructure forces Spanish bands with possible international impact to disappear. In the past, our groups did not have to compete with foreign bands, but current globalisation has exposed the lack of skill of the Spanish industry for exporting music. Keeping your creative independence is clearly important to you— how do you see the future panning out for the group? Is it possible to stay independent in today’s music industry? It is increasingly difficult to distinguish between mainstream and indie bands. So far, we’ve tried hard to keep our identity because we believe that is more attractive to certain audiences concerned about this. Elastic Band, Sidecar—February 24th

1/26/12 11:17:42 AM


DON’T SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Surprise your partner with these ideas for an alternative romantic experience suitable for Valentine’s Day or indeed most other times of the year. By Max Bentley and Nicola Reid.


hile a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers can often do the trick, we take a look at some more unusual options available here for saying “I love you”.

SLEEP IN THE TREES Just imagine: you awake to the chirping chorus of birds, the room still sweetly fragranced from the aromatic candles of the night before. As you pull back the bedsheets, you can see the morning sun glistening over the Pyrenees and the only sign of life is the busying of the woodland creatures below. No wailing children, no traffic noise coming in the window, no phones ringing; just the sounds of Mother Nature. Stepping onto the balcony, the country air chills your cheeks as you take in the pure tranquility of one of Catalunya’s finest romantic paradises. Below you, an organic food basket is waiting to be pulled up to your treehouse. That’s right—your treehouse. Cabanes Als Arbres is an idyllic hideaway in the treetops of Girona, in the picturesque Sant Hilari Sacalm forest. It offers couples a luxury retreat from their busy working lifestyles with eco-friendly, peaceful accommodation where they can enjoy the joys of nature close-up. Savour the pleasures of being able to disconnect yourself and sleep amongst the branches of a majestic tree in a cabin suspended above the ground. The treehouses have no electricity, running water or phone coverage, making them the ideal location for that much-needed romantic break. There are 10 treehouse cabañas to choose from, each with a different colour scheme and unique rustic style but every one as cosy as the last. A series of romantic essentials are available to help you satisfy your relaxing requirements, from a bottle of cava (€8) to a massage kit (€35). What is perhaps most striking about the cabañas is the way in which they engage with the natural surroundings and contribute to an environmentally-friendly ideal. They are made entirely from untreated natural wood while the chestnut exterior and douglas fir fiber assure total insulation. Guests can use the facilities at the nearby Masia Vileta, a 14th-cen-

34-35. Escape the city PDF.indd 56

Enjoy a romantic weekend with your partner in a luxury treehouse

tury Catalan guesthouse, which is equipped with a restaurant, bar, lounge with WiFi, showers, swimming pool and garden. Bikes can be hired from reception (€5) for those who want to venture along the winding country lanes or take a trip to one of the nearby attractions. Guests at Cabanes Als Arbres are elegible for a €2 discount at the Parque de la Selva de l’Aventura where there are an array of adrenaline-filled obstacle courses and tree-swinging activities, allowing you to step into the roles of Tarzan and Jane. For those who simply want to kick back and relax, take a trip to the Font Vella Spa Hotel where you can enjoy a wide range of natural treatments and therapeutic remedies. Both of these options are within a 10-minute journey from the cabins. CREATE YOUR OWN CAVA If you’re looking for a special gift for your loved one, then why not whisk them off to a vineyard to create personalised bottles of Catalunya’s favourite bubbly? Lifestyle Barcelona offers this unique experience at Masia Can Battle in the Alt Penedès region for just €30 per person. For that price, you can enjoy a guided tour of the winery with an in-depth explanation about how cava is made. Following this, there’ll be a tasting session, so you can select the ones you want to use for your own creation. Based on your preferences in colour, taste and texture, you can each choose some of your favourites to blend and create the unique bottles of cava to take home with you (one per person). Combined with the stunning scenery and the blue skies above Catalunya’s famed wine-making spot in the Penedès region, this makes for a special romantic outing. And if this experience gets you in the mood for vinification à deux, at Can Battle, for around €1,000 you could make a cellar of 100 bottles of your own cava together, going through the entire process, starting with grape-picking. MAKE IT STEAMY For those of you who have yet to explore the natural beauty of the Catalan landscape, an excellent way to do it in romantic style is with the ‘Tren dels Llacs’ (Train of the Lakes) route in the Lleida and pre-Pyrenees region. This is one of Spain’s most picturesque and nostalgic journeys, and is one that can be taken on certain days of the year on a classic steam or diesel locomotive. The route, which runs from Lleida to La Pobla de Segur, opened in February 1924 and snakes through the Catalan countryside, giving

1/26/12 11:11:28 AM



See some of Catalunya’s beautiful lakes from the seat of a historic train

spectacular panoramas of its lakes and rock formations. The first two lakes you’ll see are Sant Llorenç de Montgai and Camarassa, which become visible as the train chugs past the La Mitjana Park, opening up into a blossoming wildlife nature reserve to reveal impressive gorges. Going past the salt mines of Vilanova de la Sal towards the town of Cellers, the open waters of Terradets await as do the lammergiers and vultures who anxiously linger to prey upon any fish who dare rise to the surface. The final stage of the journey approaches the El Pallars Jussá region, passing through some of Catalunya’s most ancient rural villages and heading towards the Sant Antoni lake, the largest surface of fresh water in the province. Springs, waterfalls and natural beaches produce a beautiful montage of the local scenery as the train ends its journey at La Pobla de Segur, perhaps best known nowadays as the birthplace of the admirable FC Barcelona captain, Carles Puyol. The train journey takes just under two hours, but if you want to make it last longer, the lakes are popular spots for kayaking, so once you’ve enjoyed them from a distance, you could also spend some time paddling around them. The Tren dels Llacs route operates with normal trains throughout the year, so you can take your loved one there this month. However, if you can wait until the spring, that’s when the historical trains start running, making this a truly romantic trip.

MORE INFO Cabanes Als Arbres—average nightly rate for a double room for two adults is €107. Lifestyle Barcelona— Masia Can Batlle: Artcava— Tren dels Llacs— Advance booking for the historic trains is necessary; go to Espai Provença at Provença FGC station (Balmes with Rosselló), tel. 93 366 4553. Tickets are priced at €24 for adults (€12.40 for the normal service), €13.20 for children 4-13 and under-fours are free. At the time of writing, the 2012 timetable for these trains was not available but in 2011, started in April.

34-35. Escape the city PDF.indd 57

1/26/12 11:11:31 AM


FRENCH STYLE You don’t have to travel across the Pyrenees to enjoy classic French dishes. By Tara Stevens. Photo by Richard Owens. ✪ - NOT WORTH THE TRIP, ✪✪ - COULD IMPROVE, ✪✪✪ - GOOD, ✪✪✪✪ - VERY GOOD, ✪✪✪✪✪ - NOT TO BE MISSED


afe Emma is one of those places that opened to the sound of ringing bells. Why? Because of the pedigree of the chef of course or, in this case, the pedigree of two. Romain Fornell came from the one-starred Caelis restaurant in the hotel that we all thought was The Ritz but turned out not to be, and Michel Sarran who hails from a two-star joint in Toulouse. They’ve opened it on the site of the old Relais de Venise, which long-time residents of Barcelona will remember as the place to go for steak frites. I was sad when I realised it was no more—not that I’d been for a long time, but in the back of my mind it was always reassuring to know it was there. Hey ho, times move on. In the case of Fornell and Sarran, they’ve come together not to open a ‘bistronomía’, which by now everyone seems to have agreed is an idiotic term created and used with gay abandon by writers like myself to describe a mid-range restaurant put together by a generally destitute, but talented chef. Rather, they’ve simply opened a good, old-fashioned bistro serving sturdy, unpretentious dishes that won’t make you cry when you get the bill. For the most part, it’s very successful, though there are some elements of bistrodom missing. It’s a big space filled with tiny tables, which is great if you want to foxtrot to the bathroom, a pain if there’s nowhere to put the Le Creuset your lentils came in. The heated porch at the front is warm and welcoming with its faux wicker chairs and dark walls, but inside, the pale greys

36-37. food & drink PDF.indd 56

and greens, lit by cold, white eco bulbs in the chandeliers, are a tad gloomy. Grumpy service doesn’t help the fantasy. Still, it’s packed to the rafters on a Wednesday night and our request for a bigger table so we can pig out is denied. Around us are families with kids, dapper old gents out for a mid-week supper, cooing couples and giggling friends, and the menu immediately makes you feel at home, if home is France. An all-French wine list features bottles from the Loire to the Languedoc, with the vin du table going for €14 a bottle, and the most expensive Bordeaux a not-too-terrifying €43. A map on the back of your placemat shows you exactly where everything came from and on the other side there are cuts of the steer, so you can tell your aiguillette from your bavette. Elsewhere, the menu offers classics like the humble salad niçoise for €6.50, a cheese omelette for €8.50 and moules frites for €12. There’s an oyster bar and the excellent bread is baked in-house. All signs of something solid though I order none of it. Instead I have my first ever oeufs muerette, which I argued blind with a friend not so long ago didn’t exist and am suitably shamed that something so great has managed to pass me by these past 40 years. Here, a perfectly cooked egg is poached in a rich wine sauce and served on a slab of sour dough toast with wild mushrooms and a generous shaving of truffle on the top. I would go back for this dish alone. It was the stand-out of the evening. My companion’s cep soup was a little cold, though tasty

1/26/12 11:13:09 AM


enough and his lentils with Toulouse sausage verging on the bland. “It needs salt,” he declared, which, let’s face it, is unusual for sausages. But my onglet— a much under-rated cut from the diaphragm—‘con escaluñas’ (shallot sauce), was spectacularly beefy if a little bloody. I’ve come to the conclusion that al punto just isn’t right for this cut. It needs to be pink and juicy in the middle with plenty of crusty char on the outside to bring out the rich flavours, medio hecho in other words. But the frites were great and the cheese plate a joy to behold. A couple of days later I went back for the club sandwich (OK, but nothing to write home about so I won’t) and a triumphant one-man tarte tatin topped with gooey, caramelised apples, pert as babies’ bottoms on a disk of buttery pastry. Oh la, la! Long live the plain old bistro I say: the perfect place to spend this Valentine’s.

Cafe Emma, Pau Claris 142,tel. 93 215 1216, Open Mon-Fri, 8am-12.30am; Sat and Sun, 9am-12.30am. Approx €40 for three courses with a mid-range wine. Tara’s rating: ✪✪✪

36-37. food & drink PDF.indd 57

1/26/12 11:13:11 AM


quick bites THE RISE OF THE LIFESTYLE SUPERMARKET. By Tara Stevens. Photos by Tashoma Lemard.


arcelona has 73 different barrios and 46 markets, 40 of them dedicated to fresh produce. It also has several independent markets like the cheese and honey market on Plaça del Pi on the first Friday and Saturday of the month, and pop-ups like those run by Slow Food Catalunya. You would think we had more than enough to keep us sated, yet, in our increasingly stressful lives we’re always on the alert for a way out: if you’ve attempted to wade through the crowds in the Boqueria on a Saturday morning, you’ll be all-too-familiar with how stressful the weekly shop can be. Enter the ‘lifestyle supermarket’, a burgeoning trend in middle-class Barcelona where you can stock up on basics like bread, oil and wine, but also get a cup of coffee, a fast lunch or a three-course meal; a far cry from the miseries of trawling round El Corte Inglés or Caprabo at rush hour. If Spain hasn’t quite gone the way of the British high street yet, it’s certainly getting harder for small, independent stores to survive here. The lifestyle supermarket strives to recall the days when we went to different high street stores for our groceries, ensuring on your behalf that products have been carefully sourced, often from small producers and artisans. By placing them under one roof they have a better chance of survival. The Woki Organic Market is arranged like a high-class food hallcum-organic grocery, the like of which you might expect to find in New York’s fashionable Chelsea district. It has an excellent bakery and shelves heaving with all sorts of organic goodness ranging from miso soup to goat’s cheese and pork sausages, to Jerusalem artichokes and ginger. Several small sections with smart, marble-topped bars and mismatched tables and chairs are spread throughout. There’s one for pizza (which looked top-notch by the way) and pasta, another for sushi and wok, a third for raw food and salads, one for organic steaks and burgers. Portions are generous, reasonably priced and, best of all, good. My Mexican inspired organic burger topped with avocado and cilantro oil was just the ticket for lunch on my tod while out running errands, and I picked up dinner on the way out. Genius. Ronda Universitat 20, tel. 93 302 5206, (see page 21 for details of other branches) BEST OF THE REST Cornelia & Co: a more upmarket option with a large dining space and deli-style counters for stocking up on cheese, charcuterie, bread and pastries. It also does dinner party packs for entertaining at home. València 225, tel. 93 272 3956, Mary’s Market: posh groceries at their finest with lots of high-profile brands like Kettle chips, Italian cheese biscuits and single-estate chocolates. Good for a sandwich and an excellent cup of coffee. València 266, tel. 93 487 5786, La Cuina d’en Garriga: artisan and specialist products, most of them from Spain, as well as beautiful kitchenware and foodie gifts. You can book the back room for private tastings for groups of 8-12 people. Consell de Cent 308, tel. 93 215 7215,

38. Quick bites PDF.indd 42

1/26/12 1:34:22 PM

Advertising feature

Totally Japanese, completely Mediterranean, absolutely unforgettable.

Icho restaurant blends authentic

intricacies of Japanese cuisine.

Shidaran, the master chef, agreed

Japanese cooking with the best

You can enjoy the most exquisite

to open something completely

Mediterranean products. This is an

tradition of the Japanese coast,

different that breaks the moulds of

unequalled, exquisite and innovative

created in a unique manner with

the existing impressions of modern

gastronomic option, totally unique in

Mediterranean products. To finish,

Japanese gastronomy in Spain.


the influence of Italian and French

Traditional Japanese cooking is a

Our guests can enjoy a fine dining

confectionery blends with Japanese

symbolic ritual in which the spirit also

experience with excellent cuisine. The

techniques to produce succulent and

participates, and that is why Icho will

list of starters is a hideaway for some

refined dessert offerings. The blend

always be remembered.

is masterful.

The biggest novelty at Icho this

The tasting menu is pure gastronomy

season is its original food and drinks

fantasy. You will delight in an

bar. Our guest can enjoy tapas as

emotional journey beyond your

delicious first samples of Icho’s

senses. The range of sake, wine and


of master chef Tan’s most precious secrets, while the sushis and sashimis are evidence of chef Tan’s mastery of the

tea on offer has been exclusively selected, and Icho’s sake is the most venerated of its kind in Japan.

Open: Monday to Saturday, 1.30pm-4pm and 9pm-11.30pm

To accompany the delicacies from Icho’s kitchen, there is a wide wine list, which includes 12 splendid suggestions from around the world. Ana Saura, the creator, and Yukihiko

main pages Feb2012.indd 9

Deu i Mata 69-95, 08029 Barcelona Tel. +34 93 444 3370

1/23/12 1:15:27 PM


Food&Drink For more in food&drink visit our online directory  under 20 |  20-30 |  30-40 |  over 40 RV Reservation Advised | NEW in food & drink this month

THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN SUPERMARKET 4Sant Gervasi Good news from Taste of America! All of the products you miss from the U.S.A., from BBQ sauces to breakfast treats, are now in Barcelona. Cheerios, Hershey’s chocolates, peanut butter and jelly, Newman’s Own sauces, Wilton, root beer, Peperidge Farm, marshmallows, macaroni & cheese, bagels and more are just some of the goodies that await discovery. Go visit, you’ll be amazed! And for your convenience, there is public parking right at the rear of the store! New opening in Sant Cugat! Balmes 322 I FGC Sant Gervasi I Tel. 93 211 9792 C/Plana Hospital 18 I FGC Sant Cugat Tel. 93 187 5070

7Sins Bar and Lounge 4EIXAMPLE e If you’re looking for a friendly and good value place to get a bite to eat, 7Sins is the place you’re looking for! Their menu has a vast selection of dishes to share as well as a large choice of gourmet 100% beef burgers. After your meal there’s an elegant lounge with Chesterfield sofas and impressive decor, ideal for having a drink or cocktail. 7Sins also has a terrace where you can enjoy a meal or a drink outdoors. You can see their full menu at 

Muntaner 7 | Metro Universitat Tel. 93 453 6445 | Mon-Sun 1pm till late | RV



Barcelona’s first contemporary American restaurant and cocktail bar, now in their fourth year, invite you to indulge your senses. All menu items are made to order and their desserts are baked on the premises by an American chef. To complement your visit, browse their selection of wine and beer from the U.S. including the latest additions from the Brooklyn Brewery.

Ever wished you could share a cocktail with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart here in Barcelona? Well now you can! Cinebar brings the golden age of cinema back to Barcelona with original version screenings of everything from Hollywood classics to French New Wave and Italian neo-realism. While you’re there, enjoy a ‘cine sandwich’ made from a selection of rustic breads, a movie-themed salad, fresh juices, smoothies, proper Italian coffee or, of course, a cocktail. 

Villarroel 82 I Metro L1 Urgell/L5 Hospital Clinic Tel. 93 502 4825 I Mon-Fri 1pm-4pm, 7pm-1am, Sat 1pm-4pm, 7pm-3am, Sun 7pm-1am

Food & drink Jan 2012.indd 44








Plaça Cardona 4 | FGC Gràcia Paris 200 | Metro Diagonal Tel. 93 002 2300 | Open 8am-3am u can

o yo btitles s with su p ro d e k c a from th d as a b d music te screene c le e s refully y the ca BE MY BAGEL 4GRÀCIA could u also enjo o y flaherty's4BARRI GÒTIC d e . h ktails Thirties to the Sixties veBer wis c o c Do you dream of great bagels? Then a n lo Since it was established in 2001, Flaherty’s My Bagel is the right place for you. Theyare Barce adeknown has become one of Barcelona’s n or h’ mbest h r u b sell authentic bagels from Barcelona,sjust andwic p e e spubs. H in ‘c y and busiest Irish By offering food a e y r d how you like them. med re, enjo can. tilmmidnight with Au u ovie-the(including u’re theall day from 10am o o y y a They have an extensive range of bagels e , il s w h d W No rea Irish Breakfast as well our popular tic bFull ffeeas and cakes, from the more classic choices Bogart? n of rus an coon satellite big rey er Italisports selectio group menus), slive h p a p such as poppy and multigrainutom delicious ro m p o , fr H othiea sunny terrace and a pool screens, oWiFi, m s , and innovative chocolate, almond and s a e is ic rdona esh ju room where you can also play darts, not coconut bagels - you’ll not come away salad, fr Plaza Ca il. its very spacious premises, to mention EBAR in ’s IN disappointed.  C re e d a cockta e ws is, th course, Flaherty’s has rightly become known as ly open e f w n o e d n r, o o e o h T d the g the pub that has it all!  h C/ , fans an for film 200 (wit r events , t s e ri n a g P a / for you m C n n o o ti a g c in ky open erfect lo to swan r branch is the p festivals anothe . Cinebar lm th fi n i o in m and m ) this ot jections ranaI dos haken n cG Planeta 37 (Pl. del Sol) I Metro L3 Fontana Gràcia Enriand rtini – s from pro a M a ’s Tel. 93 518 7151 I ocktail, ther it a back wheJoaquim Xirau | Metro Drassanes pagne c Open from Mon-Fri 9.30-2pm and 5pm-8.30pm, s. SoPlaça m f cinem e a o é h e ir C g o a a s n Tel. 93 412 6263 Sat 10am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm, Sun 10.30am-2pm fter or f . e golde you’re a nings o you kid brings th n scree king at d – that o io e lo rr rs Cinebar e ti ’s s v l re a ar. He h origin at Cineb French lona wit ’ll find it lassics to u to Barce c o y d o o Hollyw films are ing from lism. All a everyth e -r o e Italian n ave and 1/26/12 1:52:07 PM New W





Nevermind is a cult place for those looking for a more alternative scene in touristy Barcelona. Mixing large amounts of grunge music, graffitti and urban sports, they serve up amazing cocktails, special house shots, cheap beer, Happy Hour till 10pm, free freshly-made popcorn, authentic decoration, skate videos and much more. 

You can choose from four types of burger: classic, cheeseburger, barbecue as well as bacon cheese, for 8 to 9.50. Sides include fries, bbq chicken wings, chicken nuggets and salads. Free delivery.  Tel. 93 458 0710 Tue-Sun1pm-4pm and 7pm-11pm

Escudellers Blancs 3, 08002 | | Open every day from 7pm



SWeet reBeL Bar4GOTIC

the dog iS hot4RAvAL

Located in the heart of the Gothic quarter, this cool ‘beach bar’ is the place to enjoy the sweetest reggae music 365 days a year. Chill out with a beer or try a Jamaican cocktail made from natural fruits and sweet rum. Its comfortable surroundings and ambiance make it a great place to relax. Beers 2, Cocktails 5.

Taste the best hotdogs in town! Choose from more than 20 different toppings and sauces, including a vegetarian option with tofu sausage. Our specialities will surprise, with crazy flavours from all around the world.

Ample 54 I Open every day from 7pm-3am

Joaquin Costa 47 I Near Plz. Universidad and MACBA Museum I T. 93 185 9517 Open every day 1pm-11pm, delivery fri-sun 7pm-11pm or call for our delivery service

Burger PiM PaM Burger4BORn Here quality is of the upmost importance, making it the best burger and frankfurter take-away in town. Special hamburgers, chicken burgers, bratwurst, frankfurters, home-made chips and stroganoff are also available and are all prepared on the premises. 

gut4GRÀCIA Firstly there’s the food. Using only the finest quality ingredients, the kitchen specialises in Mediterranean cuisine with an international twist and plenty of options for vegetarians. Try their quinoa and tofu burgers or a sinful home-made dessert. Secondly, there’s Gut’s attention to detail and the friendly, respectful service. It’s the perfect place to have a drink and enjoy the night in good company. Try it for yourself and find out why everyone is talking about Gut. 

C/Sabateret 4 - Bor I Metro Jaume I Tel. 93 315 2093 I Calle Bigai 1, Bonanova, 08022 I Tel. 93 211 5606 I Every day 1pm-12am

Perill 13 I Metro Diagonal Tel. 93 186 6360 I

delivery VitaLi PiZZa4 BARCELOnA Gourmet pizza delivery from 3 locations offering 50+ thin-crust, homemade pizzas. With specials like three large cheese pizzas for 15 and the option to pay by credit card, it makes for an affordable meal at home without all the fuss. Special offer: 2X1 on every Monday home delivery! 

Paris 109 I Metro Hospital Clinic Tel. 93 444 4737 Calle Rosselló 270 I Tel. 93 458 0710 Taxdirt 13 I Metro Joanic/Gracia Tel. 93 285 41 95

gourMet eXPreSS 4BARCELOnA ‘Lunch Box’ by Gourmet Express. The best alternative to pizza or Asian food. A new concept in Barcelona; they are specialists in delivering high-quality food to your home or office at reasonable prices. They can deliver within 30 minutes, exquisite menús, made by our own chefs using only the freshest products. Traditional Catalan and Mediterranean food to satisfy the most discerning palate, thoughtfully served with all you might need, including metal cutlery and glasses. All so you can enjoy food in the comfort of your home or office. Free delivery to readers of Barcelona Metropolitan.  Pasaje Milans 28 | Tel. 93 260 0789

Food & drink Jan 2012.indd 45

hard roCK Cafe4CIUTAT vELLA Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona offers an inspired, creative ambience with incredible rock‘n’roll memorabilia on display. Come and taste authentic American food. Their barbecue entrées slow cooked in the cafe’s hardwood smokers are delicious. Visit the bar to try a premium cocktail and check out the live music and special events on offer. Don’t forget to stop at the Rock Shop for fine, classic, cotton T-shirts or a collectable Hard Rock pin. 

Plaça Catalunya 21 | Metro Catalunya | Tel. 93 270 2305 | | Restaurant: Sun-Thurs 12am-2am, Fri, Sat and hol eves 12am-3am | Rock Shop: Sun-Thurs 10am-1.30am, Fri, Sat and hol eves 10am-2am

1/26/12 1:52:14 PM

42 FOOD & DRINK ice Cream Shop BeLLaMia heLaderia itaLiana4BORn

iCho4LES CORTS Icho restaurant blends authentic Japanese cooking with the best Mediterranean products. This is an unequalled, exquisite and innovative gastronomic option, totally unique in Barcelona. The tasting menu is pure gastronomy fantasy - you will delight in an emotional journey beyond your senses. This restaurant breaks the mould of the existing impressions of modern Japanese gastronomy in Spain. 

After a long day of discovering Barcelona, people queue up to taste Bellamia’s exquisite gelato. The reason: friendly staff, an excellent location, but most of all, delicious, freshly made ice cream that gets rave reviews from everyone who’s tried it.  Epaseria 14 | Metro Jaume I | Tel. 93 310 4210 1pm-midnight (50m from Santa Maria del Mar)

food &drink

to advertise in this section please call 93 451 4486 or email


Deu i Mata 69-95, 08029 | Metro Maria Cristina Tel. 93 444 3370 | Mon-Sat ,1.30pm-4pm and 9pm-11.30pm

Japanese - Sushi





Sakura-Ya is a serene-yet-busy little joint that combines a Japanese restaurant, bar, souvenir shop and food store. Located in L’illa shopping centre, at lunchtime it offers the very best traditional Japanese cuisine and take-away. The quality of the food is excellent, and so is the service. SakuraYa definitely lives up to its standards, so whenever you are in the mood for some shopping and good food, treat yourself to a Sakura-Ya experience. 

Nakashita is Barcelona’s newest sushi restaurant, a cosy place where you can enjoy the best Japanese food and freshest seafood. Located close to the Arc de Triomf, the restaurant feels like an authentic Japanese tavern with a very intimate atmosphere. Enjoy your delicious food along with wine, Japanese beer or sake. 

Centre comercial l’illa Diagonal planta el rebost Diagonal 557, 08029 | Metro Mª Cristina/Les Corts Tel. 93 405 2645/93 430 48 90 | Fax. 93 430 3743 Restaurant Mon-Thurs 1pm-5pm, 6pm-9.30pm, Fri-Sat 1pm-9.30pm Shop Mon-Sat 9.30am-9.30pm

Rec Comtal 15 | Metro Arc De Triomf, Tel. 93 295 5378 | Mon-Sun 1.30pm-4.30pm, 8.30pm-12am

indian toyo - SuShi train4GRÀCIA Among the youth it’s the most sought after Sushi Train Restaurant in Barcelona. It’s the absolute place to be if you’re in with the in crowd and always packed five minutes after opening. It has a quality buffet with super fresh food prepared daily, Toyo is the place to go. Not only do they have a huge amount of different types of dishes, but you can also eat as much as your heart desires. Choose what you like while it passes in front of you, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great service. Toyo gives you amazing food for a good price. The midday menu is only 10 and the evening one is 15.  Torrent del Olla 10 | T. 93 459 2630 Open 1.30pm-4pm, 8.30pm-Midnight Closed Mon night

SUSHIEXPRESS4EIXAMPLE If you want to enjoy the best sushi service in the city, this is your place! Sushiexpress takes great pride in using top quality ingredients to ensure excellent sushi. They are conveniently located in two places in the city: l’Eixample and Santaló, and they can deliver it to your home or hotel. Delivery is from 1pm-3pm and from 8pm-11pm. You can choose individual pieces of maki, nigiri, sashimi, temaki, menus, combos, and other Japanese specialties from an extensive menu that you can check on their website. If you eat at any of their locations at noon the menus are accompanied by a free drink.  Consell de Cent 255 | Tel. 93 451 5454 Open 12pm-4pm, 7pm-11pm 365days/year! Delivery 1pm-3pm, 8pm-10.30pm

Food & drink Jan 2012.indd 46

nirVana4EIXAMPLE Located in the heart of Barcelona, Nirvana is a relaxed and intimate place, inspired by the refined esthetics of Oriental culture with modernist touches. They provide an original mix of Indian style and the latest trends from the world’s major capitals, creating a special environment that transports you to a place of feelings, tastes and nuances that make any visit to Nirvana an unforgettable experience. From noon, you can enjoy a creative menu that combines a selection of traditional Indian flavours with Mediterranean cuisine, and features exquisite details of Oriental cuisine. Later on, enjoy their Club Lounge where Nirvana offers excellent service in an area designed for you to enjoy a varied menu of drinks and cocktails, as well as a live event or show.   

Pau Claris 96 | Metro Passeig de Gràcia | Tel. 93 270 3585 | | Mon-Fri 1pm-4pm, Mon-Sun 8pm-3am

1/26/12 1:52:19 PM

FOOD & DRINK 43 indian - hindu

Mediterranean Veg WorLd4GRÀCIA


Discover a world of sensations in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. Try vegetarian delicacies from all over the world such as delicious bread home-made in a Tandoori oven and south Indian dishes like Masala dosa and Idly. Daily continental and Indian menus, 9.50 inc. Free soup and salad buffet. 

In the heart of the Gothic quarter, Magnolia offers exquisite signature cuisine from chef Gianni Fusco at affordable prices. With its warm and loungy interior, it is the place of choice at any time of the day. During the week, breakfast and lunch menus attract huge crowds thanks to their great quality and reasonable prices. During the afternoon, clients can choose from a variety of tapas or enjoy mojitos for just 3.50.  Breakfast from 2.70, Lunch from 9, Dinner menu 17.95 (Sun-Thurs) 25 (Fri-Sat) Ciutat 5 | Metro Jaume I | 93 304 2376 | 691 504 942 | | Mon-Thurs 9am-1am, Fri 9am-3am, Sat 1pm-3am, Sun 1pm-1am

Bruniquer 26 | Metro Plaça Joanic Tel. 93 210 7056 | Tues-Sun 1pm-4pm, 8pm-11.30pm

Juice and Smoothie Bar JuiCy JoneS 4BARRI GÒTIC Barcelona’s emblematic juice bar now also serves vegan breakfast that includes tortilla de patata, muesli with raw cashew yogurt, muffins, waffles, coffee and tea. Chill out in the bar for smoothies or enjoy a sandwich or a full meal in the restaurant. 

Cardenal Casañas 7 | Metro Liceu | Tel. 93 302 4330 Every day 10am-Midnight


Want a healthy, tasty alternative? Try a refreshing smoothie like Antioxidant, Mango & Passion Fruit or Coco Muesli (3.80) or a delicious juice made only with fresh blended fruit and no added water, milk or sugar (3.60). Can’t decide? Try one of their convenient combos from 4.50.  Gran de Gràcia 16 | Metro Diagonal | Tel. 93 217 8115 Jaume 1 | Metro Jaume I | Tel. 93 310 3247 Creu Coberta 50 | Metro Espanya | Tel. 93 117 0891 Every day 10am-8pm | |

Mexican frida'S4EIXAMPLE D In the heart of L’Eixample Dret, Frida’s is an inviting spot dedicated to the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Taste exquisite regional cuisine from both northern and southern Mexico, as well as traditional specialties. Margaritas, Mexican beers and many types of tequila. Ask for our “Al Pastor” tacos offer of Thursday and Fridays! 

Bruc 115 | T. 93 457 5409 | Metro Girona Tue-Sat 1pm-4pm, 8.30pm-midnight. Bar open all day. Lunch menu €10.30 Mon-Fri

roMero4 EIXAMPLE D Located in the centre of the city, just a few streets from Passeig de Grácia, this exquisite and charming restaurant serves fresh, organic produce sourced directly from local markets. The staff are determined to share their love for Barcelona and its culinary wonders and only use the best ingredients to create their delicious dishes. The idea behind the restaurant was to create a unique space where good friends could come together and enjoy great Mediterranean food and wine. The chef at Romero, José Antonio Camacaro León, has an unmatched passion for food and offers his guests creative, natural dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine. With options for vegetarians and gluten-free menu items, there’s something to suit all tastes. Be sure to check out the great value set menus and daily specials too.  Bailén 115 | Metro Verdaguer or Girona | Tel. 93 457 0640 | | Mon to Sat Lunch starting at 1pm Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm, Thu-Sat Dinner starting at 8.30pm

Catalan/Mediterranean CerCLe d’aMiCS 4EIXAMPLE Enjoy high level gastronomy at this classy new restaurant headed by chef Jani Paasikoski and offers an exciting blend of traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine with an exciting modern style. By using fresh produce and seasonal flavours, they create interesting and delicate dishes which are sure to arouse your senses. At night, the soft lighting and comfortable surroundings provide the perfect atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy their fantastic cocktails. Daily menu 16.  Rosselló 209, 08008 | Metro Diagonal Tel. 93 237 8902 Open every day 1pm-4pm, 8.30pm-11pm Closed Sat lunch and Sun

Food & drink Jan 2012.indd 47

BarnaBier4PORT OLÍMPIC Located at the base of the Mapfre tower at Port Olimpic Barnabier specialise in Mediterranean cuisine, paellas, fresh seafood, tapas and have a great list of international beers. Their fantastic menu also includes salads, grilled meat and pasta with something to suit all tastes. For group reservations consult their website for the complete menu.  Marina 16 | Metro Port Olimpic Tel. 93 221 0212 |

Visit online

Our Restaurant Directory at

1/26/12 1:52:23 PM


BOO4POBLENOU BOO Restaurant has a privileged location on the coast of Barcelona and it’s the perfect space to organise meetings between friends, business meetings, events, etc. Boo has daily activities, weekend, daytime and evening entertainment, group bookings and special events. In Boo Restaurant you can enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine in its two restaurants: The Restaurant and Boo Mirador and they have different options for groups and vegetarians as well as special cocktail and snack menus. 

Founded 25 years ago, Govinda continues to thrive on a blend of experience and fresh innovation in vegetarian Indian cuisine. The international menu features talis, a salad bar, natural juices, lassis, pizzas and crêpes. Govinda offers a vegan-friendly, non-alcoholic and authentically decorated environment with lunch and weekend menus. 

Nova Mar Bella Beach, S/N, Espigó de Bac de Roda 1 Metro Poblenou (L4) | Tel. 93 225 0100 | Tue-Sat 12pm-2.30pm, Sun,12pm-18pm Closed Sun and Mon night.

Placa Villa de Madrid 4-5 | Metro Catalunya Tel. 93 318 7729 | Tue-Sat 1pm-4pm, 8pm-11am, Sun-Mon 1pm-4pm

Patisserie Mas Pastissers


Established in 1966, Mas Pastissers have a long tradition of pastry-making in Barcelona. Since then, they’ve continued to create explosions of flavours in their patisseries. Through experience and research they’re constantly improving to make small works of art. All of Mas Pasitssers’ products are made from the perspective that they have a personal responsibility to their customers to help them maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The Slow Food philosophy is found in their line of products. Lunch menú available. 

Barcelona’s best vegan restaurant , Juicy Jones never compromises on freshness or quality. They serve a range of Mediterranean and Indian cuisine with a funky ambience they also offer a large variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Go Juicy! 

Còrsega 398 | Tel. 93 207 0764 Passeig Maragall 66 | Tel. 93 455 1987 Passeig Maragall 269 | Tel. 93 435 4873

Hospital 74 | Metro Liceu | Tel. 93 443 9082 | Every day 12pm-1am

Vietnamese la vietnamita 4GRÀCIA La Vietnamita is a new food concept in the heart of Gràcia - offering fresh and healthy Vietnamese inspired cuisine. They offer light and nutritious dishes such as traditional ‘Pho’ soup, the typical rice noodle dish ‘Bun Xiau’ and classic ‘Goi Cuon’ spring rolls. All their dishes are prepared in the moment and served with ingredients that are naturally full of flavour. Veggies and vegans: They have a lot to offer you, too! So what are you waiting for?  Torrent de L’Olla 78 | Metro Diagonal | Tel. 93 518 1803 |

Thai Thai gracia4GRÀCIA Expect authentic ingredients all imported from Thailand and cooked by experienced Thai chefs. The Pad Thai and green and yellow curries have excellent subtle flavours. Simply delicious! The special tasting menu for 21 is a huge hit and allows you to try all the exotic dishes Thai Gracia has to offer. An affordable 11 menú del diá is available during the week. The warm hospitality and attention to detail to every dish at Thai Gracia will keep you coming back for more. 

Còrsega 381 | Metro Verdaguer / Girona Tel. 93 459 3591 | Every day 1pm-4pm, 8pm-12am | RV

Vegetarian amaltea4EIXAMPLE E Visit Amaltea vegetarian restaurant, where a warm and welcoming environment allows you to fully enjoy a tasty and healthier alternative to your everyday meal. Dishes include cereals, pulses and vegetables with home-made puddings. The cuisine is creatively international with care taken to ensure that each meal is well-balanced and made with the freshest ingredients. Menu of the day 10.70, night and weekend menu 15.30. 

Diputació 164 | Metro Urgell | Tel. 93 454 8613 | Mon-Sat 1pm-4pm, 8pm-11pm, Closed Sun

Food & drink Jan 2012.indd 48

Bun bo ViÊtnam4Barri Gòtic Satisfy your craving for fresh, healthy Vietnamese food just steps away from the Gothic cathedral. Sit under the leafy trees of the quiet terrace or inside the restaurant which is entirely decorated with bright colourful pieces straight from Saigon. Start with delicious fresh summer rolls, crispy Asian pork lettuce cups, followed by traditional Pho or Bun noodle dishes. Accompany your meal with a fresh and exotic cocktail like the sakirinha (caipirinha made with sake). The menu of the day is an affordable 10 inside and 11 on the shady terrace. The kitchen is open non-stop all day. 

Sagristans 3 | Metro Urquinaona | Tel. 93 301 1378 | Every day 1pm-1am

1/26/12 1:52:28 PM

Food & drink Jan 2012.indd 49

1/26/12 1:52:28 PM



Business directory To advertise in this section, call: 93 451 4486 or email: See also our online directory at


* Discount for Metropolitan readers. Check our website for details.


Scissors of London -

BRITISH HAIRDRESSER Tim aspires to listen to your needs and suggests how they might be met in distinctive and exciting ways. Style is unique and Tim will craft you a look achieving a harmony of shape and style. Tim has been hairdressing for over 12 years. Having trained, taught and worked in London’s top salons including Toni & Guy and Vidal Sassoon. Opting out of salon life, Tim works to fit in with the modern pace of life and offers a one to one service orientated around your needs.

Kinki peluqueros is an international hairstyling group from Holland with over 40 salons in their home country. They put their heart and soul into cutting and colouring the most beautiful hairstyles, from the latest trends to classic cuts. If you bring a friend for a full treatment they will give you both a 15% discount and a free glass of cava. English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French speaking. Pintor Fortuny 14, Raval Metro: Catalunya (L1, L3) T. 93 302 3379 Open Mon 4pm-8pm, Tues-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 10.30am-8pm

Carrer Viladomat 45-47, Atico M. 633 382 787

Anthony Llobet English Hair Salon - HAIRDRESSER


Don’t let your Spanish come between you and your hair. Anglo-Catalan Anthony Llobet has over 20 years’ experience in hairstyling and a passion for excellent client service. Anthony leads a dedicated team of stylists who specialise in a variety of services, including Afro hair, extensions, straightening and make-up (and speak over 11 languages between them). The original retro interior and friendly staff create a very special atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a stylish cut. Put your trust in Anthony and the team, who are strongly committed to providing you with outstanding service at affordable prices.

What sets apart an Aveda beauty professional? Their mission is to bring out their client’s natural beauty. Aveda partners with salon and spa professionals around the world. They see beauty as a craft and believe that authentic beauty is one that works in harmony with nature. Authentic beauty cares for the environment we inherited and that we’ll leave to the generations that follow us. Authentic beauty cares about society, creating harmony in the way we live and the way we interact with one another as human beings. Taller lives this mission to the full, offering gentle and natural hair and beauty treatments in a unique and beautiful space in the heart of the Born.

Gràcia, C/Ros de Olano 19 T. 93 218 0449 / M. 692 371 307 Raval, C/Sant Pau 122 T. 93 441 3177 / M. 692 371 308 El Born, C/Carders 34 T.93 295 4871 / M. 692 371 404 Gòtic, C/Avinyó 34 T. 93 301 4513 / M. 692 371 405

Pescateria 8, Born T. 93 315 0980 Metro: Barceloneta (L4) Open Mon 2pm-8pm; Tues-Sat 11am-8pm

MP 45-50 feb.indd 43

1/26/12 11:19:58 AM



La Hair Boutique -


Trained by Toni & Guy London, Veronique runs a friendly salon with a dedicated team who speak English, Spanish, French and Swedish. La Hair Boutique is a relaxed and cosy salon that offers progressive cuts and colours with great style advice too. They are especially talented at creating new, personalised looks using the latest techniques.

Plaça Regomir 5 Metro: Jaume 1 (L4). T. 93 269 1937 M. 699 643 462

The Vital Touch -

*READER MASSAGE DISCOUNT Start your New Year 2012 with the ‘Complete Healthy You’ programme. It includes weight management, personal fitness, therapeutic massage. The benefits to you: • Eat and live like a confident, healthy person achieving your ideal weight. • Enjoy exercise, tone up and renew your energy. • Feel relaxed, detoxified, free of pain. Ask about this fabulous six-month programme offered at a special discounted rate! M. 659 995 657

VeterCat Melisa Oddo


The best at-home veterinary care for your pet in the province of Barcelona. French and English-speaking veterinarian. Vaccination, general medicine, behaviour problems, emergencies, etc. Thanks to her love for animals, Melisa Oddo offers you the best vet service in your home. Try it for yourself and be impressed.

Professional and friendly, the Bonavet veterinary clinic provides veterinary consultations, x-rays, analyses and surgery. They can also advise you on dietary requirements and stock a complete range of special food products, beds and toys to keep your pets healthy and happy. If you make an appointment you can even bring your pet down for a grooming session and trim.


M. 620 157 753

Plaça Bonanova 10 T. 93 211 0204

Dr. Steven Joseph - DOCTOR Established in 2005, Googol Medical Centre offers its patients comprehensive healthcare in a friendly, discreet and relaxed environment. UK doctor Steven Joseph provides a wide range of medical care for the English-speaking community in Barcelona with access to all medical specialties and tests.

Gran Via Carles III nº-37-39 Metro: Les Corts (L3) T. 93 330 2412 M. 627 669 524 Open Mon-Sat

Mary D. McCarthy - DOCTOR Feel confident with Dr. Mary McCarthy, an American-trained doctor for adults. A native English speaker with over 20 years’ experience in Barcelona, Dr. McCarthy offers professional, private health care. She is a member of the American College of Physicians and is also certified as a Specialist by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Aribau 215 Pral. 1a T. 93 200 2924 M. 607 220 040 FGC Diagonal or Gràcia

MP 45-50 feb.indd 44

BCNMED - INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONSULTING An integrative health care service that combines scientific and medical expertise with a deep, sensitive understanding of each person’s needs. Our complete, impartial and independent support will provide you with the best medical solutions available in modern medicine. Seamless access in the most prestigious professionals in healthcare. Clear and simple diagnostics and clinical results. A break down of geographical and linguistic barriers.

M. 605 513 774

1/26/12 11:20:03 AM



Dra. Susana Campi - DENTIST

Pharmacy Serra Mandri


For all your dental needs, a team consisting of our first-class professionals can offer you excellent treatment. We have more than 30 years of experience and are pleased to offer you our services in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

The helpful and qualified pharmaceutical staff at this wellknown Barcelona chemist can help and advise each client to ensure they get exactly what they need. They also stock a great range of products, including homeopathy, natural medicine, aromatherapy and organic cosmetics. The pharmacy is open 365 days a year and also offers a home delivery service.

Rosselló 95, local, 08029, Barcelona Metro: Hospital Clinic (L5) Entença (L5) T. 93 322 9114 Fax. 93 322 0220

Av. Diagonal 478 Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5) Chemist T. 93 416 1270 Homeopathy T. 93 217 3249 Open every day 9am-10pm

Dr. Christian Eickhoff deutsche zk - DENTIST

Tingsvall & McCarthy -

Highly recommended among the international community uses the latest in dental technology like digital prothetics and orthodontics. The whole german team is English speaking and the doctor has an American training in implantology and orthodontics. Check-ups and X-rays are free. Centrally located

Dr. Stefan Tingsvall offers general dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics and endodontics, whilst Elena McCarthy is a qualified dental hygienist and specialises in comprehensive preventative care and tooth whitening Bright Smile. Together, they aim to provide a relaxing and pleasant experience for the patient.

Consell de Cent 249, bajos Metro Universitat (L1/L2) T. 93 323 9629

Castellnou 47 T. 93 205 1903 M. 636 312 522 / 696 664 430 FGC Les Tres Torres (L6) Bus: 16, 30, 66, 70, 72, 74 Open Mon-Sat


American Chiropractic Center - Doctors of Chiropractic


Do you suffer from problems such as lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, shoulder and articular pain, discal hernia, fibromyalgia, or stress? Dr Chiappinelli and his team pride themselves on providing friendly and professional chiropractic care, with the clear aim of improving the patient’s health. The clinics, located in Barcelona and Sitges, have individual treatment rooms which are equipped with the most up-to-date and innovative technology. Dr. Chiappinelli and his team all qualified from the top American and French universities and have worked for 20 years to ensure and provide an unbeatable service. They speak English, French, German and Italian. Make an appointment at one of the clinics and let the team help you to reach your maximum health potential.

As a trained Life Coach, Counsellor and Emotional Therapist, I will help you to change situations you don’t like in your life. Life is your opportunity to learn and understand, and what life asks of you in return is to achieve that understanding so that you feel happy and gleaming with content. You did not come here to suffer, live in rage, envy, rancor, resentment, dissatisfaction or sadness; but to laugh, love and feel lucky. Maybe you have limiting or painful thoughts that make you believe that “this is all there is,” but in reality you have within your reach the fascinating power to change your way of life and relate to other people with well-being and happiness (even though right now it seems difficult or impossible).

Barcelona: Pau Claris, 139 3o 2a T. 93 487 5035 Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L3, L5) Sitges: Rafael Llopart 74, T. 93 811 0101

M. 676 698 529

MP 45-50 feb.indd 45

1/26/12 11:20:04 AM



Eugenia Espinosa PSYCHOTHERAPY

Eugenia is a dedicated professional who specialises in psychological issues related to immigration. She offers effective treatment for mood and anxiety disorders as well as couples and family therapy. The first consultation with Eugenia is free.

Network of English Speaking Therapists Established in 2000

M. 677 090 479



NEST is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of English-speaking therapists who provide professional services to individuals, families, schools and companies. Established in 2000, their highlyqualified, licensed psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists offer outstanding services in English and several other languages.


Jonathan Lane Hooker -

Jonathan Hooker can help if you’re looking for support, guidance or help with any aspect of your life. An English-speaking psychotherapist, counsellor, coach and guide, he is dedicated to helping people make sense of their lives. Jonathan provides one-to-one sessions or workshops for groups of four to 12 people. Metropolitan readers are invited to a free 20-minute introductory meeting.

T. 93 590 7654 M. 639 579 646

Paloma Azpilicueta -



Nick Cross is a registered psychologist, specialised in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can help you with the causes of distress and unhappiness and it provides treatment for anxiety, fears, relationship difficulties, depression, problems adjusting, loss and trauma.

English-speaking clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Forty years of professional experience with adults, children and adolescents. She has worked in both the public and private sectors in mental health as well as in education and social issues. Psychodynamic orientation.

Manuel Isaías López, MD, PhD Claudia Ros Tusquets MA Clinical Psychologist Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst & Psychotherapist 934 102 962M. / 657 570193 692825 686 991 742 644

English - Spanish - Catalan - Dutch - German - Italian

Barcelona: T. 93 415 6646 Mataro: T. 93 799 6596

Berta Garcia, M.D, MsC. -

Krishinda Powers Duff

Having specialized in neurobiology and anxiety disorders for her Masters at the University of Maastricht and Florence, she is also well experienced in adult and child psychiatry in both public and private systems. As an English-speaking psychiatrist, she has worked for many renowned international institutions providing an excellent service with multidisciplinary treatment.

Krishinda is a fully-qualified and trained British midwife offering home birth and home dilatation service. She also provides antenatal and postnatal care and support to mothers and babies for six weeks after birth. She is supported in her practice by a team of Spanish but British-trained midwives and alternative health care professionals as well as a breast feeding consultant/Doula. Midwife means ‘to be with woman’.


M. 626 232 641

MP 45-50 feb.indd 46

The Hestia International Centre of Psychotherapy has become a reference in the city. The professional team work with individuals, couples and families through psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, clinical hypnosis, art therapy, NLP and EMDR. They speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Greek and the first consultation is free.

Passeig Sant Joan 180 Pral 2a Metro: Joanic (L4) T. 93 459 2802

For more details on their practitioners, visit their website or see their advertisement in the main pages.

All NEST professionals are Licensed / Certified


Bsc Hons - Midwife

M. 665 143 437

Marenostrum Centre de Salut familiar

Fontanella 16 Principal, 08010

1/26/12 11:20:08 AM


Clustermedica Laser treatment


The B-Cure laser provides relief and treatment for a wide range of orthopedic problems in the neck, back and joints that generally result from bad posture, excessive use of a computer keyboard or sports injuries. Now you can stop pain and heal the source with just a six-minute treatment, twice a day. It’s ready to use anywhere, lightweight and rechargeable. If you’re suffering from this type of injury, then call now or visit their website for more information.

Steve is a fully-qualified, professional personal trainer, who has worked with some of the strongest British and American athletes (UK strength coach for national judo team) and is now enjoying bringing these benefits to motivated private clients in the Barcelona area and beyond. After years of experience and with a fun, personalised and hands-on approach, he guarantees an impressive change in your physical fitness, energy levels and confidence.

T. 90 210 6989 Vidal i Guash 13

M. 635 661 961



Explore Barcelona in style with Via Vespa. Rent a new and automatic Italian Vespa LX 50 and go from the beach to the hills, dive into the city centre and find your way through the charming little streets of Barcelona. Rent your vespa by the hour or take a tour with friends. The coolest way to see the city.

The Inysi Industrial team are professionals in plumbing and electrical services, air conditioning and satellite installation. Providing services for over 60 years to households and companies, no job is too big or too small for them. If you’re looking for someone reliable that you can trust, then get in touch today.

Princesa 56 T. 93 319 6754 M. 656 860 471

M. 657 994 630 Alcolea 42, Bajos Metro: Plaça de Sants (L1, L5)



Looking for help without the worry of getting lost in translation? This experienced team of builders provide a range of services, including renovations, bespoke carpentry, kitchens and bathrooms, decoration, shopfitting, electrical installations, IT networks, satellite TV, architectural services and exhibition stands. Get in touch with tProject for an obligationfree quote.

Advalua is a team of architects and professionals that can find and/or reform the property for sale or rent that you’re looking for, whether to live or work in. They offer a complete range of services: they inspect and evaluate properties; carry out renovation estimates and projects as well as coordinate all the work to be done; process the permits, technical documents and everything you need.

Contact: John Steven Thorp T. 93 460 7803 M. 691 664 806

M.693 726 721

Graham Collins -

Terraza Barcelona -

Interior Design

Graham Collins is an experienced interior designer and property consultant and can help with everything concerning property, design and decoration. So, whether you need help working out the property market or are looking for someone to renovate your home, Graham is here to help you.

Consolat del Mar 35, 3er Metro: Barceloneta (L4) M. 678 757 511

MP 45-50 feb.indd 47


Steve Elite Fitness -


Dirk has a passion for creating affordable carpentry designs for both interior and exterior spaces. From terrace decks to planters, pergolas to storage sheds, he will impress you with the quality of his work. Wooden furniture for: garden, terrace, balcony, living, bedroom, bathroom, office - you name it, he makes it! Everything is custom made - choose from one of his designs or bring your own ideas. Please contact Dirk for an obligation-free quotation. M. 657 452 279

1/26/12 11:20:10 AM



Van - Removals


VanBCN offers experience, good service and inexpensive rates to make your move or removal safe and easy. Whether you are looking for man with a van for a quick move or if you want to do a complete removal, just call or send your request online. VanBCN adapts its service to your needs. They can pick up your stuff or take it to the port, airport or storage. Deliver home your purchases from IKEA or any other shop. Move your office, your room or your house. Just contact VanBCN. They know how to do it.

Corase specialise in international removals and have a worldwide network of agents. You can trust them with any type of move, big or small. Their staff are attentive to each client’s needs and are trained to ensure that you get quality, speed and security. Corase also offer a range of other services, including storage facilities. They will be happy to give you a free quote.

T. 93 426 7684 M. 647 533 344

Flat for sale - PROPERTY

Aspasios Rentals & Services - PROPERTY

Flat for sale (71m2) in the up and coming area of Poble-sec. 5th floor (including Principal) in a listed building with a lift. 3 bedrooms, lounge/ dining room, kitchen, bathroom and store room. Central heating and air conditioning, double glazing with aluminium frames and 3 balconies with lots of light. In the heart of Barcelona, 15 minutes to Las Ramblas and to the port. Well maintained, ideal for investors. Price: €245,000.

Staying at Aspasios in Barcelona and Madrid is the perfect way to enjoy Spain. Feel at home in a new city while staying in a luxurious furnished apartment. Aspasios provides accommodation for days, months or years. They offer check-in at any time and day of the year as well as a 24hr phone service. Aspasios has multicultural staff willing to welcome you in different languages.

To view call Victor M. 661 673 390

Adriana Romero T. 93 304 1448

Spaces for rent - PROPERTY

Benjamin Franklin -

They offer a range of rooms and spaces for rent at a low price. Perfect for a variety of classes and events like yoga, theatre, dancing, business meetings, seminars and rehearsals. They have different sized rooms at Liceu, Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya that are both clean and comfortable with central heating, A/C, tables and chairs to suit your needs. You can rent their space by the hour, half or full day, weeks or months. For more information please call Jubran.

The Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona offers a differentiated, American curriculum from nursery to grade 12; English language college-preparatory education, including learning support and foreign language programs; Fully accredited, with strong academic programs: American High School diploma, Spanish Baccalaureate Certificate, and IB Diploma program; Active Parent Teacher Association and welcoming global community


T. 93 303 4154

Martorell i Peña 9 T. 93 434 2380 F. 93 417 3633

One-to-One -


Learn exactly what you need with one-to-one Spanish classes in the office or at home. Focus your classes on the language and vocabulary that best serves you according to your own personal or professional needs. Business Spanish and small group classes are also available. Get confident in Spanish with Pilar.

Study Spanish in one of Spain’s most established and prestigious language schools. Since 1982 Metropol have provided high-quality language training to students of all nationalities. The school is right in the heart of Barcelona city centre and it’s a great place to learn or improve your Spanish. It’s a popular and specialised school, with more than 27 years of experience and they offer great value Spanish courses for all levels.


M. 610 057 266

MP 45-50 feb.indd 48

Av. Diagonal 249 Metro: Monumental (L2) T. 90 070 2270 (free)

T. 93 301 8241 Pau Claris 87, 1o1a Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3, L4)

1/26/12 11:20:11 AM


Kingsbrook LANGUAGE SCHOOL Kingsbrook have been helping people learn Spanish in a simple, pleasant and fun way since 1985. The school is located in the heart of Barcelona and has a team of experienced and dedicated staff. In order to create an optimal learning environment, the school ensures that classes have only between 7-10 students.

Spanish for foreigners

Languages4Life -


Languages4Life is a small school in a charming building in the heart of Eixample. Our teaching method is visual and intuitive thanks to our interactive classrooms which have tactile whiteboards and internet. We have inspirational native teachers who have experience in language instruction. Access to internet on Macs or via WiFi.

Trav. de Gràcia 60 Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5) T. 93 209 3763

València 275 3o Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3, L4) T. 93 487 5116 Skype languages4life

Versión Original -


The experienced teachers at Versión Original are thrilled to share their enthusiasm for the Spanish language and culture. This small city centre school, with classes of no more than 10 students, is devoted to languages, especially Spanish. There’s a great atmosphere here and a 5% discount for Metropolitan readers.

BCN L.I.P. Languages is a small school with a warm and welcoming atmosphere in Barcelona’s old town. They offer both intensive and extensive courses and it’s the perfect place to ensure success in your language immersion. The centre is equipped with the most advanced facilities to enable you to succeed in your chosen language.

Gran Via 636, 1o 1a A Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3, L4) T. 93 412 4576

T. 93 318 6591

Análoga Traducciones -

Lotus Concierge -

Análoga offers you a wide range of quality services: · Translations: Specialised native translators. · Legally-certified translations: Official translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. · Interpreting: Qualified professional interpreters. Rental and installation of equipment for simultaneous interpreting.

If your company needs help and expert assistance in hotel booking, looking for meeting venues and conference rooms, arranging and setting up roadshow or tradeshow stands, transport arrangements and much more, then contact Lotus Concierge today and they can discuss your needs in greater detail. They offer a no-obligation discussion and quote for the first-class corporate event management and hotel booking services they can provide for you.



Paseo de Gracia 122, 3º 1ª Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5) T. 93 412 4618

Geo Mac - COMPUTERS George Cowdery is a freelance Mac technician who has been providing valuable support to the Mac community in Barcelona for over 15 years. Among the services he offers, George can help clients with maintenance and upgrades, hard drive replacement and ADSL setup. He can also provide consulting and tutorials according to his clients’ needs.

M. 606 308 932

MP 51-54 feb.indd 49



T. 93 200 6277

ZumoSEO -

DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES Increase the visibility of your website, brand and online presence with a powerful digital marketing campaign. Engage with and grow your customer base online, to help increase your business revenue. They do all the work for you: Develop and manage your digital marketing strategy; SEO; video production and marketing; Pay-PerClick campaigns (PPC); email marketing; content marketing; social media and professional web design. M. 679 952 795

1/26/12 2:10:39 PM



Mrs.Q design studio -

Guitar lessons - MUSIC


Alen holds Master of Music and Bachelor of Music degrees in guitar performance, and has been teaching all levels of guitar for over 18 years. He accepts students for private or online/ Skype lessons. His students have been top prize winners in numerous guitar competitions and have gone on to earn performance degrees at major universities throughout Europe.

Need a logo, brochure or poster? Mrs.Q design studio can design it for you. They work in partnership with their clients to ensure that their visions can be expanded upon to create a unique solution. Mrs.Q design studio has a fresh and creative outlook on every project. Whether you want branding, website design, tailor made wedding invitations or advertising—let them come up with a visionary original design.

T. 652 477 269

M. 699 260 938

Libby Barnes -

François Roudière (Dip. Mus,



François has 18 years’ experience teaching music and languages in the UK to both adults and children. He will adapt to every individual requirement and tailor his lessons to the needs and pace of each student. Learn to play the piano for fun, to entertain your friends or study for the ABRSM or other exams. He teaches beginners to intermediate level. If you wish, you can also practise your French, English or Spanish while you learn the piano.

Ever dreamed of playing the piano? Now you can, with enthusiastic teacher Libby Barnes. Libby has over 15 years’ experience and can teach a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, blues and rock. Everybody from complete beginners to the advanced can improve with every session. It is never too late to learn, and Libby’s classes are available to all ages, at all levels.

M. 603 506 861

Europa Digital - TELEVISION SERVICE Tired of being out the loop on the best documentaries or are you a secret soap fan? Or, maybe you’re just missing your favourite television programmes from home. There’s no need to miss out anymore—now you can see all of your favourite channels here in Barcelona! Europa Digital are licensed and fully insured to install all satellite systems, including a whole range of channels from BBC HD, Freesat, itv hd, Sky, Sky 3d, Sky Sports and many more. They can also supply all European systems and viewing cards. They were the first company to start operating in Catalunya and, as well as private installations, they have worked for hotel groups and put multi-systems in apartment blocks.The experienced and professional team give friendly advice to ensure that you receive the best package to suit your needs. They are the only company of their kind with a registered office and a 24-hour helpline. Visit their showroom before you buy or call them now for a free quotation. They are fully licensed and insured. Floridablanca 78 Metro: Sant Antoni (L2) T. 93 325 1797 M. 666 556 452 Sant Josep, 32, Sitges T. 93 894 72 99

MP 51-54 feb.indd 50

M. 679 796 281

BritSat - TELEVISION SERVICE BritSat offer great television packages so you’ll never have to miss your favourite TV programmes again. Craving a bit of classic comedy, your favourite soap or just fed up of feeling out of the loop of the best TV at home? BritSat will install the full package you choose for a great price. Take your pick from some of the best television in Europe as they install British, Dutch, German, Italian and French satellite TV. The team will create tailor-made installations to suit your requirements, always aiming to find the most discreet location for the dish and cables. BritSat provides excellent customer care and can also incorporate sound systems and multi-screen viewing.

M. 649 605 917

1/26/12 2:10:43 PM



Easi-Sat - TELEVISION SERVICE Easi-Sat are specialists in satellite TV, HD and audio-visual installations and are unmatched for quality and reliability. The professional team provides satellite television from across Europe and a personal, efficient and friendly service. Contact them now for a free quote and special New Year offers.


Brumwell Brokers -


Smartsat - TELEVISION SERVICE Want to watch UK television? Smartsat was set up in 2002 to offer people living in Spain the choice of watching their favourite UK TV channels including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and the entire FreeSat platform. They have since gone from strength to strength and have installed systems for hundreds of satisfied customers. They’ll build a package perfect for you, whether it’s an individual satellite installation for your home, or multiple installations for offices. Based in Barcelona, the team can go to homes and businesses across Catalunya. Choose from a variety of packages including Standard, Plus (integrated hard drive) and Plus HD (High Definition). A full after-sales service is available and all of the equipment provided is guaranteed. Get in contact with Smartsat today, for all of your satellite needs.

M. 610 092 848

Spain Accounting TAX AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES Qualified UK accountant with 25 years experience in Spain offers: · Tax services for freelance ‘autónomos’ & companies · Income tax returns for employees & non-residents · Registration of ‘autónomos’ & company incorporation (SL) · Practical advice on setting up a business in Spain · Fast, reliable email service Call David Cook 678 702 369

Grupo Catalana Occidente -


An expert in the insurance field, Dagmar Schittenhelm provides his services to many satisfied customers in German or English. Contact Dagmar if you’re looking for free, professional insurance advice with no obligation. Dagmar is a member of the prestigious Grupo Catalana Occidente.

T. 93 630 2190 / 93 630 1637 Afternoon T. 93 371 3868 M. 617 320 323

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T. 93 845 9874 M. 649 413 832

They not only care about your wellbeing, they “insure” it. With over 20 years of experience under their belts they can help you will all your insurance needs. Working with most insurance companies they guarantee you the best quote and best cover for what you need. They can even insure your bicycle!! Bromwell Brokers’ service team can also help you with tax, accounting, legal and labour laws. (Set ups, Autonomos). Pl. Gal-la Placidia 1-3 08006 T. 90 262 7810 F. 90 262 7811

Dragon - INSURANCE Whether you need car insurance, building and contents house insurance, health, life or travel insurance, Dragon’s Insurance’s friendly staff are always ready to help and give you the best advice on insurance in Spain. With multilingual staff speaking English, Spanish and German, there is always somebody ready to help you with your individual needs. Their prices are absolutely unbeatable. T. 96 649 3762 F. 96 649 3998

Staysure - INSURANCE Staysure, experts in products and services for the over 50s, provide British nationals and Europeans living in Spain with a wide range of great value specialised insurance products. For a tailored, no-obligation quote for car, travel, health, home and holiday home insurance, contact Staysure — they understand your needs.

T. 95 201 0018 Ltd is an FSA authorised company. No 436804

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Legal Practice A&E -

Sánchez Molina -



- Foreign trade (Export/Import) - Transport Law - Commercial/Civil law: contracts, lease... - Insurance law and professional liability - Legal defence (Litigation and arbitration) - International merges - Wills - Administrative They speak English.

The lawyers at Sánchez Molina speak English, Spanish, Italian and French. They can help with your business licensing services, legal defence and representation, registration under any form of ownership, accounting services and work and residency permits.

Passeig de Gràcia 118, ppal, 08008 T. 93 125 8799

Gran Via Carles III, 84, 5 Metro: Maria Cristina (L3) T. 93 490 9669

Gabinet Jurídic Tessal -

deVere Group -

Founded in 1983, Gabinet Jurídic Tessal is made up of a small team of highly-qualified professionals. They can help with all types of law including property, construction, accident, damages, family and immigration. They are also experts in business law for accounting services, taxes and social security. They can discuss your legal matters in English and French. Ask for Esther Maya.

The deVere Group is the world’s largest independent financial consultancy with a truly global presence. They provide expert, impartial financial advice in international savings, bonds, life insurance, pensions, as well as structured products, to expatriate clients and international investors around the globe. Their commitment is to help their clients create value and wealth by suggesting the right financial products that best suit their needs. Their advice is free and with no obligation.



Perú 40-44, Escala 2, 2ºA Metro: Glòries (L1) T. 93 486 9451 F. 93 486 9452

Passeig de Gràcia 56, planta 7 T. 93 487 5503

INTERESTED IN DOING A DESIGN INTERNSHIP? The Spectrum IFA Group - FINANCIAL ADVICE The Spectrum IFA Group creates and provides financial planning solutions for expatriates and foreign residents. Their experienced and qualified team in Barcelona can help you with all aspects of finance including: • Pensions/ Retirement Planning • Savings & Investments • Life Cover • Health Insurance • Currency Exchange • Mortgages • Tax Planning • Asset Management They are regulated financial planners with offices in seven European countries, dedicated to providing the best advice and solution for each individual client. Please email or call them to arrange an initial, no-obligation introductory meeting.

T. 93 665 8596 Passeig de Gràcia 63, Principal 2A

MP 51-54 feb.indd 52

Requirements: · English speaking · Have graphic design training · Have a good knowledge of Photoshop and Indesign

Send your CV to

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Job directory To advertise in this section, call: 93 451 4486 or email: See also our online directory at

For the latest jobs for English speakers in Barcelona, follow us on Twitter @WorkInBarcelona

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Time? It is a-changing E

verywhere you look, people are stealing time. Not wasting time—though there’s plenty of that around—actually stealing it. In Samoa, they stole a whole day recently, of which more below. Globally, there’s talk of stealing a second every year, by abolishing the leap second that allows the earth’s rotation to keep up with what it says on the clock. Yes, even the earth is slacking these days. It might not sound like much, but it soon adds up. Almost a minute and a half over the course of an average lifetime, and who wants to lose that? If the leap second is under threat, how long before they go for February, trying to make off with the extra day that comes round every four years? Even if it isn’t under immediate threat, we should still make the most of February 29th this year, anyway. It’s a special day, not least for all those people who have the good fortune to be born on it. You might only get a real birthday every four years, but it means that, like the Queen, you can pick a more convenient date to celebrate getting

older—when the weather’s better or school’s out, or you’re not trying to get over the crushing disappointment of Valentine’s Day. Just don’t pick August, because everyone will be away and no one will come to your birthday party. For the Samoans, losing a whole day is a double whammy. First they jumped straight from December 30th to January 1st, missing out on New Year’s Eve (though technically, the last day of the year is always going to be New Year’s Eve, however short the year). But that was the least of it. They also lost their three-day weekends. Forever. The new calendar leapfrogs them over the international date line, to bring them into the same time zone as Australia and New Zealand, their closest trading partners. Before, they were a full day behind, thanks to the arbitrary drawing of the international date line, which owed more to geometrical elegance than Samoan convenience. So when it was Friday in Samoa, it was already Saturday in Australia, and they were unable to do busi-

ness. Instead they could happily head for the beach or Ikea or wherever Samoans like to go at the weekend. Now they have to man the phones and watch the clock dawdle its way to going-home time, just like every other mug on the planet. It seems particularly cruel to do this in a leap year. Why steal one day and add another two months later? One theory is that Samoan marriage rates have been dropping, so Samoan women need the chance to propose every four years if they’re to get their feckless boyfriends off the sofa and down the aisle. (This is pure surmise, of course, based on lazy Eurocentric assumptions about Samoan lifestyles, before any aggrieved ambassadors write in to protest. You know what they’re like.) Of course, there might be no point worrying about losing a second here or a day there. If the Mayan calendar is right, the world’s going to end this year anyway. And no amount of rejigging the date line is going to help. --Roger de Flower

HOROSCOPE Aries Love and affection are important to you this month, so it’s a good moment for spending time with friends and loved ones. Your positive approach makes it a great time for winning people over with your ideas.

Taurus February is a month

Gemini You’ll feel clear about your goals at the month’s start. Make the most of this calm period to organise your work and home. Some frustration arises later on; deal with it quickly before becoming resentful.

Cancer You are full of enthusiasm and positive energy. Use this well—it will open professional doors and help form unexpected friendships. There may be constructive talks about a new project you’re working on.

Leo This is a busy month and you may find yourself overwhelmed by daily tasks and errands. Try to keep focused and prioritise your time well. Take care of your health, too, and make time to treat yourself.

Virgo Some projects may

Libra Keep this month’s carefree attitude to life under control. You’ll prefer to go out and have fun than deal with issues. Enjoy engaging with others, but also watch out for overindulgence with money, food or alcohol.

Scorpio There’s plenty going on, so try to stay focused on the important matters. Your honest and logical thinking will help establish new partnerships. If things get too hectic, take time out to recharge your batteries.

Sagittarius You’re feeling great

Capricorn The start of February

Aquarius Negotiations and business dealings are positive. It’s also a good time to clear up paperwork and issues pending from 2011. You may struggle to find the balance between your personal and professional lives.

Pisces This is an intense month with frustrating challenges to overcome. Don’t become angry with difficult situations; use your energy to motivate yourself. Better self-awareness helps you understand yourself and others.

and people will pick up on your warm and friendly energy. You will also enjoy a heightened creativity, so try something new. Make the most of this balanced and relaxed phase in your life.

of activity and communication; personal advancement will come easily to you. It’s a great time to catch up on paperwork or apply for a job or promotion. Enjoy the positive energy and ego boost.

go slower than you would like as it’s not the best time to look for cooperation from others. Be patient and adjust your expectations. People are attracted to your creative energy.

may find you feeling lazy and unmotivated. Don’t worry— things start to pick up and you’ll be full of energy by mid-month. Make sure you nurture flagging but valuable relationships.

scoop By Ben Rowdon

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Quality Sushi in Barcelona

This is not just any ordinary sushi. It is made on-site with top quality

interested in our combos or menus. At lunchtime the menus are

ingredients. You can take away, enjoy in our shops, Sushiexpress

accompanied by a free drink.

Eixample and Sushiexpress Galvany or call us and we’ll deliver it

We also offer you the chance to buy from our wide range of

to your home or hotel. Have a look at our menus to get to know

oriental products, including sauces, condiments, frozen foods

our maki, nigiri, temaki and other specialities or you might be

and much more.

SUSHIEXPRESS EIXAMPLE Consell de Cent, 255, 08011 Tel. 93 451 5454

SUSHIEXPRESS MERCAT GALVANY Santaló, 55, 08021 Tel. 93 200 9293

Open 12pm-4pm, 7pm-11pm 365days/year! Delivery 1pm-3pm, 8pm-10.30pm

Open from Tuesday to Saturday. 9am-3pm No delivery

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Profile for Barcelona Metropolitan

Barcelona Metropolitan Issue 181  

Barcelona Metropolitan is produced by Creative We’re now almost midway through arguably the most difficult time of the year, when Christmas...

Barcelona Metropolitan Issue 181  

Barcelona Metropolitan is produced by Creative We’re now almost midway through arguably the most difficult time of the year, when Christmas...