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Report about 8th ITFR World The 8th World ITFR performed in Guarapari began on August 29 at Hotel Fazenda Flamboyant, located 13 km from the city center. A perfect place to practice tennis has 8 clay courts manicured and surrounded by lots of gardens. The official opening was attended by 45 participants, between players and their families, inspired whit the sound of the Brazilian Nacional anthem, already imagined share a real international fellowship. Representatives from five countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and the United States and six Brazilian states of Espírito Santos, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo. There were 21 Rotary clubs and 17 districts represented. The ITFR aims develop fellowship among Rotarians and their family members who love and practice tennis. Established in statute, all editing must provide a worldwide tours, the implementation of a social project and / or donating to the fund Polio. Until today, the group has contributed just over U$ 300 thousand to the Rotary Foundation and its projects. This time was not different, was establishes a reading room at a N Tennis Academy, located in a poor neighborhood of the city of Vila Velha, located near Guarapari. The academy led by Professor João Gomes Neto, a social entrepreneur, incorporated the reading room on day by day of the 90 children that attend there and take free classes.

The realization of the 8th World ITFR provided an investment of U$ 6,000 for the reading Room installation and donation to the Rotary Foundation. The 25 players started the competition, divided into 8 categories, on the 30th morning, after the fear of rain that dared to show up the night before. There were 5 days with intense sports activity. On the third day, the group, now a bit tired, made a tour to known beaches of Victoria, Vila Velha and Guarapari. also visited the Convento da Penha, the main tourist point of the state of Espírito Santo after test the Moqueca Capixaba of Curuca in Meaipe. The group held its Annual General Meeting acting approvals by the accounts of the previous management, leading fellow Marcos Franco, Brazil, the Director for South America, Brazil has approved the proposal for inclusion of Interactors as members of the group and approved the proposal for realization of the 9th World in Cluj Napoca, Romania, the land of Dracula. It was also determined that Antonio Carlos Dueñas as the Tournament Director for the State of São Paulo, Alexandre Okimoto is the Tournament Director for southern Brazil and Emanuele Romiti will be the Tournament Director for the northern region of Brazil. On the last day, afternoon, everyone was able to witness the inauguration of the Reading Room in Vila Velha, where the Governors of District 4410 Lacourt Antonio and Marco Zanardo District 4420, sponsors of the Championship, joined members of the Rotary Club of Vila Velha Praia da Costa - will monitor the project, and the Governor Atanas Atanasov District 2482 in Bulgaria. Everyone had the opportunity to make their positive comments and then hitting a ball with the kids project.

At the evening, the site of the Hotel Fazenda Flamboyant was held the ceremony of awards to the winners, which was attended by the brothers Falcão, Olympic medalists in boxing in London. Were granted by the group 2 Paul Harris Titles: one for Professor Joao Gomes Neto, in recognition of his selfless volunteer works; another for Tomislav Maravic, the creator and founder of ITFR worldwide. Soon after the special dinner was served which ended with the beginning of the beautiful presentation of the Samba School Mocidade Unida da Glória - MUG, from the city of Vila Velha. Many compliments for the welcoming and the organization of the event. detach to Tomislav Maravic, Croatian, Gov. indicated District 1910, the group's founder and participant of the eight World Championship, performed by ITFR: "It was fantastic." Our thanks to all who believed on the success of the event and contributed for it: District 4410, District 4420, RC Santos Oeste, RC Vitoria Praia Cumprida, RC Praia do Canto Vila Velha, RC Guarapari Praia do Morro, Tennis Academy N , Fazenda Flamboyant Hotel, Águas Pedra Azul, Santos Neves Planejamento e Incorporaçoes, MHP Maxium Human Performace, Argento Parrilla, Abras, Cobra D'Agua, Abrevo do Brazil and Protos Comunicação e Brasil-Rotário. I conclude inviting everyone to participate in this wonderful experience, and registering the words of Eugene McNease, Vice President of ITFR during the General Assembly: "I challenge you to seek Rotarians to be part of ITFR - Fellowship International Tennis for fun, enjoy new personal contacts with different people, in different places of the world. Feel free to engage and plan their participation in upcoming events. Each group member is responsible for himself. Our limitation depends on our imagination”.

And finished in Samba....... by Marcos A F Franco Director of ITFR for América do Sul EGD 2010-11 D4420 RC of Santos Oeste Translation by Tiana Romiti RC of Natal Alecrim

September 2012

Report about 8th ITFR World  
Report about 8th ITFR World  

Relato sobre as atividades do evento ocorrido em Guarapari, no Espírito Santo