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Vassar College ​hey there it's Lauren thank you for joining me for another video this one is a spring a spring wardrobe updates video a clothing haul I've done one one other of these around the holiday time for my winter sort of a wardrobe updates and people seem to really like it one over well so I thought I would do another one since I have a accumulated a nice little stack of things so yeah I'm just gonna I'm just gonna hop in some of these things I've had you know more recent some I've had for a few months now since it's been since December since I did a last one and actually the first couple things I'm gonna talk about are we're actually Christmas gifts this first one this is actually from Carhartt this is a a pair of Carhartt overalls I have like been seeing some people wear like just like Carhartt in general it's like gotten cool again so we found like a mainstream thing to wear wouldn't like it was kind of a thing that was everywhere growing up because I grew grew up very like a rural area I just been like seeing people around LA and even when I've been traveling like wearing like some girls specifically wearing like Carhartt overalls and they receiving like a TV show I think that show love the girl was wearing a pair that you know they obviously have been like altered to fit a little bit better but yeah I just saw it and I thought it was really cool I I guess I commented on that out loud at some point and my husband took note and he surprised me with a pair so I'm really excited about these guys they they fit pretty decently they've got some really really great hardware you know these are the kind of things that literally will last forever that's you know Connor it's great for that since they aren't the most flattering I do plan on finding a tailor and giving them sort of altered in certain places and even before then I think I'm going to sort of cut off the hem so it's not so like baggy and like it has like a little slimmed slim down by showing some ankle and I don't know if I will just look with my sewing machine that cuff it around or potentially just like fray the edges for now since it's kind of an in look and then if I you know get sick of that I can always just fold it up and and sell it over from there unlike the drastic opposite end of like work where I have this really beautiful feminine like sparkly chic French blouse from the French band printed payment to the French brand sazon I've always wanted some clothes from Suzanne and I put this shirt on my Christmas wish list and my mother-in-law actually purchased this for me it is just the most beautiful like special occasions kind of top very very flowy it's got like these peacock detailed print and I don't really don't like wear anything that has these kind of frills I because I feel like that usually drowns me and make me just look look like I'm wearing my big sister's clothes or something like that but there's something about this that seems to work for me I wore those during the holiday season with that leather skirt that mini leather skirt that I put in my last haul video for the winter and that was like kind of like a nice like elevated but like not over done special occasions outfit but mainly I've been wearing this in a really casual setting so I think this still transitions really well into the springtime I've been wearing it with like high-waisted jeans especially like my wine like high-waisted jeans and then just you know basically kind of like jewelry like this in my hair like this and kind of still looks rather elevated but keeps keeps it kind of casual at night I enjoy that vibe so yeah really really sort of beautiful treasuring piece I have in my wardrobe I've actually picked up quite a few dudes from Madewell which seems to be I think made well and anthropology seem to be the backbone of my wardrobe with like a few other places maybe like brandy melville to like kind of round out first thing I have from able to talk about is this shirt that I'm wearing now this is the oldest out of the made of things the other made little things I bought during a recent sale but this is a wrap blouse that kind of has like slightly poofy sleeves right here and it's of a cropped stuff that like wraps around they have a lot of this style of shirt right now in a variety of fabrics I actually have one of these that I got at the beginning of fall a like red maroon silk version that I wore so much it's it's in my dryclean Polly I can salvage it I I went out to dinner with it because it was it's like a good sort of like basic silk shirt that can easily pair with something to elevate or like fancy up a pair of jeans and I got some butter on it so hopefully it's not a goner but anyways I cut a updated version of this a few months back I think I actually even ordered it in December when they had a big sale but it was backordered so it didn't come till the new year but this has just been another sort of go-to everyday top for me it is of a cropped style but that works for me since I do have a lot of higher rised pants and skirts so it's it's fun to like do like a full kind of Canadian tuxedo with it and also to like wear with like any sort of like feminine floral print skirts that I have I kind of like the contrast of denim with that either a couple of things are from made well we're purchased during a recent sale I think pretty sure I said this in the last video but every so often they definitely do a like percentage off your entire order of full price stuff so I was kind of making my Madewell wish list and wait for that and that that happened again and usually it excludes denim but it didn't this time so that was really nice but I haven't bought uh jeans with holes in them in years I was very like anti jeans and

holes for a really long time and I don't know came around and funny enough I was wearing these the other day and my husband was like you bought he bought jeans with holes in them and I was just like you really sound like an old man when you say that I think it's called the slim boyfriend and it comes in like the low-rise and a high-rise and I actually got the high-rise end it's a lighter wash and I really like that it's its high-rise but it's more of a straight leg so it's not just like suffocating your thighs and calves which is nice a little a little a little tired of skinny jeans I like I like me a wide leg or a straight leg but like a straight leg that's still like tapers that doesn't like a full bootcut anyways ah yeah these are good and I'm petite so I don't think I got this short I think I just got the regular the regular size but it is a crop style and it has a little bit of a frayed hem and I liked this a lighter wash I thought it kind of made it a sort of like Levi's vintage s which I have tried all the Levi's jeans that have like are really big right now like the five-oh ones and they don't have any stretch that they're just too too uncomfortable like I have a size so when I get a pair that's like the right sort of fit for like my waist and stuff like there's like no room for my thighs it's just like clamping on them and I don't I don't I don't like that I don't like the feeling so but I like the look of them and I feel like these still accomplish that they aren't like super super stretchy but they're not so tight like in that sort of like 100% sort of denim away that's like doesn't move I just I really don't like that feeling so but I also don't want things with too much stretch because that easily bags out and usually kind of makes it be more of a skinny fit and so I yeah I really like these great color really good really good I've been wearing these with a lot of different different things I actually had these on earlier and I took them off so I could chill them in the video and not be sitting in them also pants wise from made well I believe these are called the Emmet these are the Emmet wide leg pants these some I really wanted these in the blue color but that like sold-out instantaneously when the sale went on so I was I was happy to get the green but if the blue comes back I will happily go and get that because these are totally my type of pants I love a wide leg and a wide leg for shorter girls is a hard to find and I'm wearing them right now my white leg denim jeans from maybe well that I got last spring that kept hoping and praying that they bring them back and just not seem that way that's why it having these are really great they aren't like completely cropped on me they kind of go all the way to my ankles so I don't mind that right now because I've been wearing a lot of like kind of chunky mules and boots like that so it still kind of works but I think eventually I will take up the cuff that end of the leg I can't think of words to I will have them to show more ankle which I think will contrast better with the white lightness it has these really really big style pockets that actually I find to be super flattering on the butt and also these jeans are like it was like good but pants and lastly in this haul is a as a bunch of stuff from anthropology as I said sort of the backbone of my wardrobe next to made well this is actually a purse but I ticked up I'd say six or so weeks ago it's become my go-to bag I am yeah gone more into the circle trend since I showed that last little like circle purse that I got for Christmas but that one is definitely more of a pouch and it's like a small thing and I've been wanting a new everyday like medium sized purse it was under hundred I'm gonna say it was under seventy around fifty so not bad nice circle purse and it actually like deceptively fits quite a lot of stuff you can see my current bag it's got all of my current things in it and I really like the hardware on it actually has a strap that I was experimenting with last night to see if it would like make a cool belt verdicts still out on that but you can use it as like a crossbody or with the hardware of the circles on here it fits well I'll noticed or on the hands yeah it's nice a little nervous I'm not having a beige bag because I'm kind of like a messy messy person I'm a Spiller so so far so good for how long I've had it have not dirtied it up it is nice though to have a bag like a Beijing brown bag usually I get black because I am I'm a mess her up or things but so far so good and it's nice to have a different color person my life this one this is a shirt actually that was in I think I wore in my last video if things are going up in whatever order I think they are this I I actually went in exchanged it because the version that I had I notice to actually have a bunch of holes right along the armpit and I could see that actually happening with this one as well because it's just like really sort of woven gauzy esque really light breathable fabric so I might go with my sewing machine to see if I can reinforce it because I really like this blouse and I wanted to have some longevity so I've been wanting more peasanty esque light weight blouses especially for the upcoming season this is really a nice lightweight breathable fabric and I love all these sort of like eyelet style embroidered details with the little tassels usually I stay away from these style of blouses because they can be like really dowdy on me you know they can be very just the shapelessness of them can just be really unflattering on me but for some reason this one seems to work and because it's a lighter white material in the length of it it like tucks in really well so I've been wearing this with like high waisted things as well but I can see myself like in in like the more warm summer time wearing these of like a pair of shorts or something like that because they're like it's nice light weight and yeah just really pretty really feminine really sort of elevated nice nice blouse I don't really know what else to say about it to other blouses from Anthropologie this blouse is like a linen blend t-shirt just like a classic style t-shirt I seem to go through these styles of shirts really fast I usually get them from brandy melville but those seem to shrink really quickly on me so I thought maybe I would get a higher version of it to

see maybe if this doesn't like completely shrink on me really really quickly so hopefully that'll work and I like the fact that it's a linen blend so it's gonna breathe really well and just sort of like a classic chic little thing again high-waisted jeans shorts things like that fun basic to have cute cute thing and it's really soft really breathable I like some good breathable fabrics for the spring and summer I don't I don't necessarily care to wear like tank tops and shorts all the time so I generally look for more like breathable pants and we breathable shirts and things like that to wear instead of like short shorts and like tank tops and then another shirt this one is like a really cheeky print that I actually saw this print at Suzanne like a print similar to this where it's sort of cute girls and bathing suits on skateboards and like short shorts and like rollerblading and stuff I've been seeing this print in a few places and then when I saw this at Anthropologie and on sale in anthropology I was like ah yeah it's just so fun and funky and I have a few like funky print shirts from over the years that I you know our just kind of like a nice fun thing to have to like pull out like I have a like a pelican printed shirt I got from made well a few years ago there's just you know it just seems like a basic then when you look up close it's kind of got a cheeky sense of humor so this is also a really nice light weight fabric so it'll be really good for this this season and I love that the sort of the buttons are like wood so it kind of like gives a little bit of like different texture on the shirt and last definitely not least is this coat that I have been living in it's so comfy and like perfect la springtime jacket a little chilly so I'm just gonna put it on right now and you know if you're in a colder weather probably could layer but it works really well for here in LA and I've been really attracted to green green eyeshadow as I mentioned you didn't got the green pants and this just but nice to have a bit of green than a nature into my wardrobe and makeup but this is like a fun sort of quilted Pat pattern or just like a quilted jacket and it is like a it is definitely quilted it has like some stuffing in there that you can feel and you think it's gonna be like super soft and it's still soft but it's more like I think it's like bernie pads or like those like those moving pads that you lay down in like the base of a truck it's like that kind of material so it's like it's like soft and cushy and I've definitely like gone like this and passed out on the couch a few times like this has been like my want to sit like a Snuggie it's been good to take naps in but I like this sort of fun slightly oversized look and it's been really fun to style I've worn it with jumpsuits and dresses and jeans and things like that sort of like breaks up it has a good bit of texture I I kind of look for that lately is just to make sure I'm getting a variety of textures in my wardrobe and I think that's a really fun way to sort of break up an outfit is to like mix with textures and yeah just a good little addition springy spring jacket alrighty I don't really know what else to say about clothes or like my reasoning behind it but hopefully this was fun interesting least entertaining of videos I think that is that wraps it all up so yeah I hope you're having a really good day wherever you are and I'll see you in the next one bye New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations.