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Branding with Bevware The glass is as important as what’s in it.


hat’s in a glass? Glassware isn’t just a necessary afterthought—it’s one of the most tangible ways that customers interact with your business and your brand. The look and feel of a glass shapes your customers’ experience and, later on, their memory of a night spent out. Savvy bar owners know that details like glassware matter, and carefully selecting

Pro Tip Many bars are combating glassware theft by offering customers the option to purchase their unique glass.


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appropriate models will pay off in the long run. Presentation is Everything Charlie Reichenbach, Hospitality GM at Wayfair Professional, a division of the large online retailer Wayfair just for the trade and businesses, says, “The wrong glassware can take something away from a drink, whereas the right ones can enhance the experience and even become the driving point of the conversation.” Trisha Charles, Vice President of Product and Marketing at KegWorks, a provider of high-quality bar equipment and accessories, says that a beverage is about much more than just the drink itself. “People taste with their eyes and nose long before it ever hits their lips.” Taste & Aroma Presentation is important, and it can enhance more than just the aesthetic

appeal of a beverage. “Glassware changes the experience and even the flavor of what you’re drinking,” explains Charles. For example, Charles highlights Spiegelau’s (a maker of high-quality, crystal glasses) specialized IPA craft beer glass, one of the many products KegWorks carries. Spiegelau’s IPA glass has a unique ridged bottom that enhances the beer’s flavor by creating more foam. The top half of the glass has a rounded shape somewhat similar to a wine glass. This allows it to open up different flavor notes in the beer, which are usually lost in a regular pint glass. The result is an elevated beer appreciation experience. Reichenbach also suggests using wine-shaped glasses to lend a distinctive taste to other beverages. “Glassware shape can truly impact the taste and f lavor of the actual drink, and while the majority of research to date has been related to

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By Emily Eckart