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Aurora Elixirs launched in June and currently offers two hemp CBD elixirs: Lavender Spice (pictured) and Grapefruit Rosemary.

Photo: Aurora Elixirs.

the active ingredients. We also tried specifically not to mask the flavor and aroma of the active ingredient.” Pustynsky also sought to enhance the terpenes found in cannabis—essential oils responsible for the aroma that also may help to bolster the effects of CBD—by using ingredients that are also high in terpenes, like coriander, citrus peel, lavender, and rosemary. Each 200 ml bottle contains 15mg of CBD. “We deliberately chose that size so that it’s a single serving. And it’s only 15mg, which isn’t a lot in the spectrum of what a single serving of CBD could be,” says Pustynsky. “For people who do want a higher dose of CBD, or who aren’t using the full bottle for a cocktail, we’re developing a companion water-soluble tincture that will have complementary flavors to our drinks.” Scott Leshman, Founder & CEO of Cannabinoid Creations, a producer and distributor of a diverse range of CBD products, says his company’s hemp CBD water, beverage enhancer, and five different flavors of soda (ginger ale, orange cream, grape limeade, high tide honeydew melon, and cartoon cereal crunch) are all great fits for a bar or nightclub. “It’s an additional revenue stream for bars and nightclubs,” he says. “CBD also offers consumers the ability to chill and relax, so they will stay longer and purchase more.” Cannabinoid Creations has been making CBD products for over 12 years and ships across the US. “We take over two years in developing our products before bringing them to market,” says Leshman, who also notes the products are 100% bioavailable, meaning the body uptakes or absorbs every milligram of CBD.

Jared Bailey, Cocktail Lifestyle Expert, approaches CBD as he would any other ingredient in a cocktail. “Once the f lavor profile is recognized, it’s then my priority to make that blend in (and work with) the other ingredients in the recipe,” he says. “I’ve personally sourced [CBD] oil in multiple places ranging from local smoke shops to” Some bar owners even offer CBD products like elixirs or sodas as standalone products on their menus. “We primarily developed flavors that we thought would taste great on their own too,” says Pustynsky. “So even though the concept of mixability was always in the back of our mind, we were certainly looking for a product that you could consume on its own.” Leshman agrees. “It’s a great non-alcoholic option,” he says, noting this is especially true for afterhours venues. “It gives them something else that they have the ability to sell that’s going to keep people there, that’s going to keep them relaxed, that’s going to help them from being hungover the following day from the alcohol they consumed prior to cutoff.” As with any new addition to your bar menu, be sure that your bar staff is educated on the CBD products you bring in-house. It’s important that your employees are able to answer any and all questions your guests may have about this new frontier in cocktail culture.

Mix It Up When using CBD, Pustynsky recommends bartenders start off small. “I think especially if you’re mixing with alcohol, it’s better to start with small amounts,” she says. “I think 15mg is a great way to start.” Pustynsky also notes that Aurora Elixirs mix well with gin or in Collins-style cocktails with lemon juice and a spirit of choice.

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