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Cannabis & Cocktails Collide A primer on the use of cannabis products in bars and nightclubs.


he US legal recreation and medical cannabis market is worth billions of dollars, and its growth is projected to continue as legalization picks up pace. With this explosive growth, it should come as no surprise that cannabis has started to creep into our industry with products aimed at bars and nightclubs for sale, on display at tradeshows, and already in use in establishments across the country.

Pro Tip Bars looking to bring in CBD products should check their state regulations and comply with them.


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“I think it’s something that’s new, and I feel like the beverage/bar industry is always clamoring for something new,” says Victoria Pustynsky, CEO of Aurora Elixirs, which produces CBD hemp elixirs. “They’re hungry for experimentation.” This article will focus on just one of the many compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant: cannabidiol (CBD). Mixing the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with alcohol is not recommended given its psychoactive effects on the mind. CBD is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Most CBD is derived from hemp, a cannabis plant with such low amounts of THC that it has no psychoactive properties. Companies that sell CBD products are careful not to make medical claims, but it has a range of therapeutic effects, which can include a reduction in stress, anxiety,

inflammation, and pain. Due to CBD’s ability to take the edge off, it can fit well in the social setting of a bar. “I like to say that it rounds the edges. It creates a more balanced effect,” says Pustynsky. “It helps to ease that transition from your day into your evening.” Bars and nightclubs are serving as a means to transition cannabis from taboo to typical. “CBD is a great way to enter the category safely,” says Pustynsky. “It’s conventional, but it’s reintroducing this whole group of consumers who may have strayed from that category and bringing them back in in a familiar setting. “I think the general consumer perception of cannabis-derived product has changed so dramatically over the past couple of years. People are so much more receptive to it.” A Lesson in Legality Consumer perception may have

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By Ashley Bray

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