April 2016 Bar Business

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Now Playing at a Bar Near You Bars make their cocktails the star attraction, with a little help from their famous friends. By Elyse Glickman

Hillary Clinton – Southern Sunset


ther than deliver high-quality comfort food, how does the all-American New York delicatessen or hot dog stand do one better to get their customers through their doors? Turn to celebrities for inspiration. You can look no further than the storied New York City institution Stage Deli, which during its 75-year run honored famous patrons with creatively crafted sandwiches. You could have dinner with “Clint


Bar Business Magazine April 2016

Eastwood,” “Adam Sandler” or “Katie Couric” anytime you wanted…until the restaurant closed in 2012, that is. The tradition, however, lives on from coast to coast. For your consideration, there is the “Anna Kendrick” at Chicago’s Hot Doug’s; the “Woody Allen” from New York’s Carnegie Deli; and the “Alfred Hitchcock” at Fritzankotter’s Sandwich Factory in Huntington Beach, California. So what about drinks? www.barbizmag.com