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OCTOBER NEWSLETTER The October meeting began with Orshii demonstrating his new $20.00 music and video player that he purchased from “”. A video, originally sent to him by his cousin in AVI format, was converted to the AMV video format by a “free” program called “MP3 Tools” that he downloaded from the Internet. The video file was then uploaded to the mini player (pictured) via a USB cable connection. An Interesting Learning Experience: A company called Invion makes the music and video player and the model is the Ellipse 2. I noticed that the device was not working properly and I was getting an error message indicating that there was no storage space available. At first, I attributed the poor performance to the player’s inexpensive price and the fact that it was “refurbished”. Then I Googled the manufacturers name and the model name. I quickly found the company website. The site had a tech support “Chat” INVION Ellipse 2 area. I connected with a tech and explained my problems with the Ellipse 2 player. He told me what do to correct the problems and emailed me the instructions. I was also able to down a complete “Advanced User Manual” from the website and I studied it carefully. The device is amazing!! I downloaded the update for Vdownloader (7.4). I used Vdownloader to get video from “Youtube”, converted the video with the “MP3 Tools” program to AMV format and upload the converted video to the Ellipse 2 player. I'm having a ball. I took video with my digital camera (which was stored in AVI format), converted it, and uploaded it to the player. A little research on the Internet uncovered the true potential of a wonderful device. I'll demonstrate what I've learned at the next CPU meeting. - Orshii The topic of the meeting shifted to Microsoft’s Live Maps aerial image website. Member addresses were input into the search window of the site and a “birds eye” aerial view appeared that could be viewed from four directions. Most aerial images appeared to be at least a year old. The images looked like they were taken either in the spring or the fall because of a lack of foliage on the trees. But the images were clear and detailed. Go to and click on “Maps and Directions” near the top. Some members said that they were required to download software in order to view the “Live Maps” website, others said that they didn’t have to. Barb Schmitt demonstrated the “Magic Jack” Internet phone device that can be used with a regular phone or headset. She connected the “Magic Jack” device in an available USB port on her laptop. A phone dial with other info soon appeared on her screen. Barb then dialed my cell phone and we were connected. The nice part about using the “Magic Jack” device is that you can use a regular phone (connected to the device) and speak with someone on his or her regular phone. The signup fee plus device cost about $40.00 and the yearly fee is $19.95. Not bad. Barb will share further discoveries about the device at future meetings.

Special thanks to: Sig, Art, Nancy, Hank and others who contributed their helpful computer experience and insights during the meeting. Upcoming Meeting: NOVEMBER 6, 2008 at Cohen's Bakery. The meeting starts promptly at 6:00PM. z z z

Barb Schmitt will demonstrate more great features in Google, such as Google Sites for an easy, free website development template, and, an online publishing site for Emagazines, etc. Orshii will demonstrate Vdownloader and video converting. Others will contribute what they've learned.

CPU October 2008 Newsletter  

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