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Professional and Research Exchange Training and

Training New Trainers 27. 4. - 1. 5. 2017


Prague isn’t just a city, but an entity of some kind.

Sezin Koehler

Dear participants, I would like to invite you to the international event of IFMSA Czech Republic: Professional and Research Exchange Training & Training New Trainers in Prague. IFMSA Czech Republic is a stable part of IFMSA worldwide and is one of the most active NMO in SCOPE and SCORE, therefore we decided to organize PRET & TNT in Prague and contribute more to the international community. We believe that our event will be suitable for experienced officers as well as IFMSA freshmen. We also hope to attract students with our great location in the centre of Europe. Seeing beautiful and historical Prague, you will have the chance to experience a great event with interesting people from the whole world. Global Health and social determinants were chosen as main topics, because we want to emphasize its importance in today’s world. Be part of PRET & TNT Prague and bring new ideas to your exchange program and training division. Sincerely,

Drahomír Kolenčík National Exchange Officer of IFMSA CZ (2015 - 2017)

Who are we

IFMSA Czech Republic is a student association with 8 Local Committees in 4 Universities with almost 1000 active members. Our Exchange Program With more than 350 contracts IFMSA CZ is one of the most active members in SCOPE and SCORE. We exchange students with almost 60 countries and our coordinators take part in most regional and global events.

Our Training Division Training Division, to the contrary of otherstanding committees in the IFMSA, is not focused on creating and organising new projects, but rather on supporting the coordinators, volunteers and other IFMSA members to become greater and more successful leaders, who are able to easily and effectively reach their goals.

By delivering trainings, which are conducted by our certified trainers, we help our members not only to uncover their strengths but also expand their inner potentials. At the same time, we organise inspirational and highly motivational events, such as Open Weekend or Training Weekend, providing an intensive educational programme full of engaging trainings. Therefore, it is not surprising why Training Division is nicknamed as “the backbone of the IFMSA�.

Meet the team

Anna Zemánková head of OC

Drahomír Kolenčík PRET

Jan Pivarči treasurer

Marika Dědinová TNT

Mária Stratilová program

Kamila Šurkalová program

Sarah Horáková program

Ivana Havelková PR

Tereza Jílková PR

Barbora Kubicová logistics

Training New Trainers Dear friends and future marvelous trainers, we are thrilled to welcome you in just a few weeks to your life-changing experience! Training New Trainers is a special occasion arranged by the Training division, which is considered to be the backbone of the IFMSA. Get ready for trainings which will improve your presentation skills, teach you how to facilitate, work in groups and overall help you with your soft skills and preparation of your own training. All workshops are going to be led by experienced and brilliant facilitators: Sophia Tolle, Marika Dฤ›dinovรก, Georg Schwarzl and Kristรณf Andrzej Baran, who is a BEST trainer (Board of European Students of Technology). Our main goal is to raise new enthusiastic trainers who will support and encourage the IFMSA members by conducting trainings. At the same time, trainings offer an exclusive opportunity to uncover your strengths, meet new and inspirational people, talk about profound thoughts and ideas, and finally to find your true and exceptional self.

TNT Trainers Georg Hello, I'm Georg and I am from the beautiful southern part of Styria which is known for its amazing vineyards. I've been in IFMSA for more than 3 years now and I just can't get enough. After quite some time I discovered my passion for the world of training, which is still growing day by day. There is nothing more inspiring than supporting and seeing people in their development and growth. Happy to be once more in an amazing team of trainers and enable a bunch of motivated participants to start their trainers journey. #somuchlove

Marika Hi, I am Marika, half Czech half Hungarian medical student born in the most beautiful Prague. I am now the Training Director for IFMSA CZ, even though I became a trainer only in spring of 2015 and it totally changed my life, not only in IFMSA, where I finally found my place, but also in my personal life. It’s exhilarating for me to work on reaching the potential of people I have a training with and, on the way, also mine. I cannot wait to meet all of you, grow together and help you with the first steps of becoming a amazing trainers.

Sophia Hey everyone, my Name is Sophia and I am from Frankfurt, Germany! My friends keep describing my as one bumpy, fluffy, passionate bunch of energy. So having found my passion in training first, I found another passion in spreading the spirit of training to everyone else. I just cannot get enough of people discovering the best version of themselves, and I am super excited to be part of this awesome team and amazing event and even more excited to pass the spirit of training on to you.

Kristóf Hey there, I’m Kristóf from Budapest, Hungary. I studied Chemical Engineering and therefore not related to IFMSA, but coming from an NGO called Board of European Students of Technology (aka BEST). I became a trainer there in 2014 and delivered quite a lot of sessions all around Europe both in my NGO and outside of it. Becoming a trainer also opened up a second profession in front of me and since then I started my own training company with some awesome friends besides working as an engineer. I am also quite excited to possibly meet you in Prague and give you a push to become a great trainer.

PRET Trainers Alia Hello... It's me... I was wondering if after all this years you guys would like to join me? My name is Alia, I am from Graz, Austria and I am excited to get to know you! It does not matter if you are new in your Exchange Team or more experienced – everybody is welcome. In the PRET, we will deal with topics like Intercultural Learning, Conflict Management, Promotion, Advocacy, Migrants Health etc. However, the most important thing for me is for you to leave with tons of new ideas and motivation, as well as lots of new friends and memories. So join me on the journey and let's [ex]change the world.

Ahmed Hello everybody! My name is Ahmed Al-Azzam and I'm a LORE at IFMSA-JO HULC. I truly love helping individuals and groups to be able to reach their full potential and help them achieve their goals and aspirations. As a trainer, I believe the gaining of experience will be mutual. Mahatma Gandhi once said: "A teacher, who establishes rapport with the taught, becomes one with them, learns more from them than he teaches them." We have prepared many surprises for you, so look forward to that. Please, please, bring your smile and enthusiasm with you.

Petya Dear PRET enthusiasts, We are about to go on a great adventure together! My name is Petya, I am from Bulgaria and I am so excited to be one of your trainers. The Exchanges have always been my greatest passion and I will do my best to convey that passion to you. Prepare yourselves to meet amazing people, build new friendships, experience something different and ultimately become an incredible Exchange Officer. Looking forward to meeting you all in magnificent Prague. Lots of blue hugs.

Omar Hello, my name is Omar. Sadly, this is my last year in IFMSA since I am graduating in July. So this is my last chance to share all the passion and knowledge that I gained being a part of this awesome association. And I am hoping to achieve all this in the upcoming PRET in Prague! I can't wait to meet all the participants and experience one more PRET!

PRET Trainers Thomas Dear exchange enthusiast, my name is Thomas Dewaele and I am from Belgium. In my opinion there’s no better way to promote intercultural learning and understanding than going on an exchange to a foreign country. Let’s sit together, discuss and brainstorm on how we can improve those exchanges even more! I have to say I cannot wait to meet all of you amazingly motivated people! Let’s make the world a better place, in our own unique way. Trusting my accumulated knowledge in the SCORE/SCOPE world, with a ton of energy and a charming smile, I will give you my all to make this weekend unforgettable for each and every one of you! See you soon! Hugs and Kisses, Thomas

Maida Hello everyone, my name is Maida, I'm the Slovenian NEO, an exchanges enthusiast, somewhat new to IFMSA, but I love it already. Ever since my graduation training I wanted to do more of those, so I can't wait for this PRET. The way Global health was presented in my Public health lectures was boring, so it's a small personal challenge to make it more interesting for the PRET as it is an important topic. See you in Prague! #SCOPEfirst :)

Kasia My name is Kasia, and I am currently the NORE of IFMSA-Poland and the SCORE Regional Assistant for Europe. We are all in charge of building the next generation of SCOREans and SCOPEans internationally. Therefore, it is necessary for us to motivate and prepare them well in order for them to continue with what we have achieved and improve it. I have left my heart in SCORE. However, I still want to share my ideas, my knowledge and never-ending amount of positive energy with other people interested in Exchanges. I can't wait to see you all in Prague :)

Joana My name is Joana and I'm the current NEO for ANEM - Portugal. I'm attending the third year of medical school in the beautiful city of Porto and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm passionate about exchanges and trainings because I want to give back and continue to broaden the training network on which this federation depends upon. And exchanges… Well, exchanges changed my world and I hope they can change yours too.

The Heart of Europe The Czech Republic is a rather small state in Central Europe bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. It was formed in the late 9th century and throughout the centuries the size has changed enormously, from being part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to what it is now. Czech Republic is mainly known for beer, but it has much more to offer. Just a few kilometres from the capital city you can find picturesque countryside, mysterious castles, and beautiful mountains.

Praga mater urbium Prague is the largest and capital city of the Czech Republic situated on the Vltava River. With a vast number of historical sites and monuments in many styles of architecture, Prague is famous for its rich history and is sometimes called the 'City of a Hundred Spires'. The Gothic Charles Bridge, the Baroque Church of St. Nicolas, the famous astronomical clock, the Jewish Quarter best known from the novels of Franz Kafka. This is all evidence of its fascinating history that includes the Middle Ages, when Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Prague’s mysterious and magical history can be felt while walking through its cobbled streets, while sitting in its many cafes or while rowing a boat on the Vltava River.

If European cities were a necklace,

Prague would be a diamond among the pearls.


Social Program Thursday: Opening Ceremony The opening ceremony will take place at Hotel Duo. We will introduce our team, our agenda, give you tips for your stay in Prague, and we will present our keynote speakers. (We will be closing our first night with some icebreakers - couple of fun activities and games.) You will be free to either explore night Prague with us or return to the hostel. time: Thursday 6:30 PM dresscode: smart casual

Friday: Discovering Prague SCAVENGER HUNT For those more adventurous we have prepared a Scavenger Hunt. This is an amazing opportunity to see the city on your own, discover more hidden places in Prague while getting to know the city, its inhabitants, and of course your fellow hunters. What is a Scavenger Hunt? This famous game is based on a list of tasks one tries to complete. For example you will have to take a picture of someone from the Czech Republic or to memorize what does a certain inscription on a church say and then repeat it after a while. As you can see these tasks require you to explore and socialize with people. We have also prepared a little surprise for the winners! time: Friday evening dresscode: comfortable ;)

GUIDED TOUR We have prepared several tours for you were you will have the chance to discover and get to know our beautiful city. From the main tour which will show you around Pragues most famous monuments like the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock to a smaller one where you will get to enjoy the amazing views from Petrin Hill. We will let you choose in advance by email in order to make your tour as pleasant and enriching as possible. time: Friday afternoon dresscode: comfortable ;)

Saturday: Grand Social On Saturday we will leave our afternoon open to exploring the city. Starting 14:30 AM you will be able to choose one of the options we prepared for you. These will be: 1) guided tour with our students prepared by our amazing Sarah; 2) a visit to a brewery where you will see how the famous Czech beer is made and you will get a taste as well; 3) a visit to the famous GrĂŠvin wax museum and afterwards the pedal boats or rowing boats for up to four people - you will be able to exercise a little and see the city from the Vltava river! time: Saturday afternoon dresscode: comfortable

Saturday: National Food and Drinks Party A traditional part of IFMSA events, we are making sure to make it happen again in Prague this May! Let's enjoy an amazing evening exploring the best foods and drinks from the various countries we come from and have fun! Bring traditional or interesting snacks and drinks from your country and celebrate our diversity through food! time: Saturday evening dresscode: national costume

Sunday: PRETNT Party The main social event will take place on Sunday at 7:00 PM in the heart of Prague. You will get the chance to talk to all of the participants and us. Show us your moves, sing your heart out, and end your stay on a good note! Great mood is guaranteed. time: Sunday evening dresscode: casual

Getting to Prague There are several ways how to arrive to Prague. In any case we will provide the transport from the airport, bus and train station Vรกclav Havel Airport Direct flights from... Wien, London...

Florenc Bus Station Flixbus, Student Agency, Eurolines

Main Train Station


Plus Prague Hostel, Přívozní 1562/1, 170 00 Prague Welcome to Prague Plus Hostel! Situated in a quickly developing and modern part of Prague called Holešovice, Prague Plus Hostel is just a few stops from the city centre. In the neighbourhood you may find many cafés, pubs, and art centres.

Inside the hostel The Hostel itself has everything you might need during your stay, be it a swim after a long day, for sportsfanatics a gym, billiard, a restaurant with a barbecue, and, needless to say, free WiFi. The staffs are unbelievably friendly and helpful; the rooms are cosy and spacious. If needed, we can arrange a parking spot for you right next to the hostel.

In case you have any question concerning the accommodation, do not hesitate to approach us with any question! We believe you will love Prague Plus Hostel!

Venues JIPKA, Zenklova 305/11, 180 00 Praha - Palmovka The program will be held at the JIPKA – the language school, just couple of tram stations or few minutes by foot from the hostel.

Tankovna, Zenklova 36, 180 00 Praha - Palmovka

Both lunches and dinners will be served near the JIPKA school in the excellent Tankovna. You will get to choose whatever meals you fancy.

How to get around Prague The best way to travel around Prague is by the public transportation, in which we take great pride, for it is reliable and it is wide spread. We have three subway lines, many buses and trams.

How does it work? A ticket for the length of your stay will be provided for you by us, so you need not worry about buying a wrong one. To be able to use a ticket, you need to validate it in the machine in picture. You need to only validate it once. You will be given your ticket from our volunteers once they pick you up. One ticket is for every type of transport, including the Petřín Funicular and Ferries on the Vltava river. Have fun exploring those not so well known views of Prague!

The H ostel Adre Přívo ss zní 1 562/1 Prah a7

Start: Nádraží Holešovice (subway C) 1. Follow the rails (you can even take the tram - 1 station to Ortenovo náměstí), the road's called Plynární. 2. Once you get near the park cross on the lights to the Přístavní road. 3. Go straight and soon you will find the Prague Plus Hostel.

Basic Czech Phrases ahoj čau dobrý den nashledanou prosím díky ano ne pardon pivo

/ah-hoy/ /tchaw/ /dobree den/ /nus-hle-dah-no/ /proseem/ /deekey/ /ano/ /ne/ /pardon/ /peevo/

hi or bye hi or bye hello goodbye please thanks yes no excuse me beer

EMERGENCY CONTACTS emergency telephone number: 112 logistics team: +420 721 467 147

Pretnt Prague 2017 Invitation Package  

The Invitation Package for PRET & TNT in Prague, 2017.