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Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962

Cate T. Pine Room June 2013

Introduction Famous Quotation: Friendship with ones self is all important, because without it you can't be friends with anyone. Best Known For: Working for equal rights, being a role model to women and a respected First Lady.

What I Find Interesting: Her close friend was Amelia Earhart. She took a ride with her.

3 Key Qualities: 1. Risky 2. Helpful 3. Good natured

I chose this person because she seemed interesting and no one knew about her, even me until now.

Overcame a Hardship/Challenge Her parents died when she was 8. Also, her mom treated her poorly because she thought Eleanor was ugly unlike her. Her mom called her "Granny". I think that her mom should've treated her daughter more kindly. I think it was unfair for Eleanor.

Showed Compassion and Empathy Eleanor helped soldiers during World War II, and sent notes to them to comfort them.

I like to do good things like writing thank you notes and "I hope you feel better soon" notes. I love the feeling.

Took Action She helped the poor during the Great Depression and taught the children.

If I were a poor kid during that time, I would be shocked to see her teach me because most adults were more focused on themselves.

Persevered As First Lady, she went to all kinds of places hurt by WWII. She never gave up even though she tried to help.

I think her visits to the hospital helped the soldiers feel better even if they died.

Demonstrated Bravery It took a lot of bravery to smile in public because she didn't want people to laugh at her buck teeth.

I know how Eleanor felt because my brothers laugh at me for no reason. It feels embarrassing to be laughed at.

Author Talk

I’m similar to my Change Maker because we both love to read books.

My Change Maker is connected to Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt. She was married to Franklin. Her uncle was Teddy.

I’m a Change Maker when I do something helpful to you and the world. I would like to stop people who bully.


Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Quiet No More

Glossary A Change Maker is someone who helps the world in a way they think is right.

First Lady is the woman who is married to the president.

Great Depression was a time when there was a lot of poverty and people starved. The crisis started in 1929 because the Stock Market crashed. Friendship means to have someone to look after and play with.

Map of Long Island Where Eleanor Grew Up

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