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1910 1997

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introduction "every body should be loved and cared for."

BEST KNOWN FOr: she gave all she had to the poor that lived in calcutta, INdia but she saved a lot of food for her so she could stay alive and keep helping them and kids in different countries.

3 key Qualities: bravery compassion AND empathy strong mind

what i find interesting is when she was 12 she said "when i am 18 i am going to be a nun."

i chose this person because i heard a lot of people talking abut her so i read about her and i got so interested about her and i put her as my top choice and i got her. i really like how she helped the world.

In 1948 mother teresa put on common sandals and a simple cotton sari like the poor women of india. she spent her days teaching in her outdoor school. She did these things even though she could have gotten sick. She gave up a lot to do this. I Think she was brave because she was away from her family for a long time. she worked long hours and it was hard because most of those people were sick and she could get sick.

Starting in 1929 Teresa moved to India to help the poor. mother teresa helped care for sick neighbors and helped A womAn take care of Their kids because the mom was very sick. MOTHER TERESA WAS brave to do that because if i did that with my mom because I would get really scared and run back to my house.

iN 1929, when she was 18 she moved to India to help sick children/ adults by giving them medicine and food. I think this was brave because i wouldn't want to move so far away from my family and because she could get sick too like them.

she gave medicine to the sick because they were really sick and were about to die. these people lived in the slums of calcutta. some people called them the untouchables because most people didn't want to touch these people because they thought they were disgusting. she thought that everybody should be treated well and she thought that it was important that if you are poor and you get twenty dollars that you should buy food and medicine before you buy clothes. Your body needs to be healthy first.

in 1937 she became a school principal in calcutta. she wanted all kids to have an education. she made a GREAT Decision to do that and help the poor kids get an education.

hospitals would not help the kids and adults who were dying on the streets of calcutta. so mother teresa opened the Missionaries of Charity in 1950, a house to care for these kids and adults. she fed them and gave them medicine. I think she was brave because she got really close to these people in the house she opened. She persevered because the government didn't want her to open the hospital house but she kept working and got to open the Missionaries.

Before she left her family to become a nun, agnes lived in europe. agnes and her mother went to people's houses to help them and feed them. I think now if a person needs help, people have to call 911 and have an ambulance pick them up. helpers do not do surgery at people's houses. they do it at a hospital. People who need help can also go to a shelter, a hospital, a church or a doctor.

she Kept trying to open a hospitaL for the poor because at the regular hospital it costs too much money so they could not afford it.

She showed compassion when she went to calcutta to help the poor kids and adults.

TOOK ACTION BY making it so most kids in calcutta are not as sick anymore but there are still a lot of kids that are sick.

MADE A DIFFERENCE WHEN she kep trying to open the hospital and she got to open it.

I'm A change maker when I... go to the beach and pick up trash and bring it home and make stuff out of them

I'm Similar to my change maker because: i also think that everybody should be loved and cared for.

My Change maker is connected to florence nightingale because she helped kids and adults get better too and gave them medicine.

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mother teresa a live of careing

mother teresa and the kids

mother teresa helps the poor

mother teresa helping the poor

is an inventor or makes a difrence in the world.

a person that gives up everything to the church because they want to help poor people .

someone that is the head of the nuns

people who live in calcutta. They are called the untouchables because people think they are tos gross and sick to touch.

this is a map of india. mother teresa went there and worked there and helped the people there.


sophie e. willow room may 2012 1910 1997 3 key Qualities: bravery BEST KNOWN FOr: she gave all she had to the poor that lived in calcutta, I...


sophie e. willow room may 2012 1910 1997 3 key Qualities: bravery BEST KNOWN FOr: she gave all she had to the poor that lived in calcutta, I...