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Diana Dean Buckeye May 2010

sacajawea was captured by hidatsa warriors

the expedition builds fort mandhan where they spent the winter.

sacajawea is reunited with her shoshone people and recognized her brother cameahwait.

sacajawea saved all the supplies for the expedition.

a river was named after her name

the corps of discovery leaves the knife river villages and heads western april 7th

This Person is a changemaker because: 1. she saved the supplies for the expedition 2. she traveled all the way with her baby on her back to the pacific ocean 3. she traveled across the montains with frozen feet

who are you connected to: susan b. anthony ameila earheart. because they were all brave and postive thinkers

Diana likes skiing and pets. I have a crazy dog.

one thing i learned is: she lead a group all the way to the pacific ocean

sacajawea her true storie

who was sacagawea

a guide e w a j a sac is and to lew clark


sacajawea is a changemaker because: She lead a group all the to the pacific ocean by herself

The Pacific ocean is an ocean on the west coast of north america.

hidatsa warrior: is person who guards and fights in wars

expedition : is when a group of people gather together to

THis map shows where sacagawea travelled with their group.

Diana - Sacajawea  

MCDS 2nd Grade Changemakers

Diana - Sacajawea  

MCDS 2nd Grade Changemakers