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introduction Famous Quotation: "we shall live together in peace."

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What I find interesting

the first woman to play an important role in what would become the united states.

pocahontas means "playful one".

3 Key qualities


hardship compassion takes action

I am taking redtail fox where we learn about native americans. the person who teaches it was born in virginia just like pocahontas.

pocahontas was kidnapped by captain argall because he wanted Chief powhatan to stop fighting the settlers. He wanted Pocahantas because he thought that the chief would be worried about her and stop fighting. i think that pocahontas must have been scared, worried and brave. She might have worried that they might change her in a way she wouldn't like.

i read that pocahontas and other people brought food and corn to the white settlers because they didn't know how to grow their own food and they were running out. i think pocahontas must have really wanted them to survive. if she hadn't helped them they would have died!

Pocahontas saved captain john smith again by saying "stop!" when the powhatan warriors were about to smash his head on the ground. She then became friends with john smith who was a settler and different from her. i think that pocahontas must have been very, very brave to do something like that! She risked her own life to save JOHN smith, a person she didn't even know that well.

i read that pocahontas got up in the middle of the night and went to jamestown to warn john smith that her people were going to attack even though she wanted to be friends. i think pocahontas was very brave to do that!

pocahontas and john smith were trying to learn each others language and they accomplished it! I think pocahontas must have really practiced her words because she got all of them right when she went to england. I bet she practiced them almost every night when she had some free time.

i read that pocahontas kept on trying to convince her family that john smith was nice. i think that pocahontas must have really liked john smith to make all that trouble.

pocahontas brought peace between the native americans and the white people when she married john rolfe. I think pocahontas made a big difference with two different tribes that still lasts today. She prevented a war.

PERSEVERED WHEN...she kept trying to convince her family that john smith was good.

SHOWED COMPASSION WHEN...she brought food and corn to the white settlers.

TOOK ACTION BY...walking through the snow at night to warn the white settlers that her people were going to attack.

MADE A DIFFERENCE WHEN..she marriied john rolfe and joined two religons.

I'm A change maker when I... pick up trash. I'm Similar to my change maker because: we both love nature.

My Change maker is connected to sacajawi because they are both Native American.

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