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Mother Teresa August 26, 1910- 1997

Rebecca .N June 2013 Pine room

Introduction Famous Quotation: Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Best Known For: Helping people who were sick or dying.

What I find interesting: Mother Teresa did not just help poor people that were sick but people that were not poor.

3 Key Qualities: 1. Caring 2. Brave 3. Accepted help from others

I chose this person because... She helped people & I like helping people too.

Overcame a Hardship/Challenge Mother Teresa was helping a sick man who didn't want to take the medicine because he thought others needed it more than him. She had to keep the truth a secret, so she said "We have enough medicine, take it. " It made her feel frustrated to not have enough medicine. She insisted that people outside of India donate medicine. Mother Teresa must have felt nervous about running out of medicine because they had so little. It might have been hard for her to insist on donations and be so forceful.

Showed Compassion and Empathy Mother Teresa felt bad because people in India were living in slums. Mother Teresa taught them the alphabet, how to wash their clothes, and fed them.

I care for people in my life by cheering them up with a joke when they are sad, helping them walk when they are hurt or calling the teacher when there is a problem.

Took Action Mother Teresa opened a hospital for poor people that were dying in the slums of Calcutta, India.

Mother Teresa really helped the people who were dying. The dying needed her help because other nurses or townspeople didn't care about them. They wanted to just focus on the living.

Persevered Mother Teresa never stopped helping the sick and the poor, even when people threw stones at her and threatened to kill her. She wasn't happy, but she forgave them. I think she persevered when she suffered a serious heart attack. She did not rest or stop her work or travel. She kept working for the people who needed her help.

Demonstrated Bravery Mother Teresa left her family when she was young to help kids in faraway schools. She was sad to leave her family but happy to help other people.

I think it is really sad to leave your family at a young age. I could not have done that. I would be devastated. I saw a picture of her crying as she was leaving on the train.

Author Talk I’m similar to my Change Maker because she helped people and I help my mom when she's worn down.

My Change Maker is connected to Mahatma Gandhi because he also fought to give people in India more medicine and food.

I’m a Change Maker when I help someone when they are sick or hurt.

Bibliography Mother Teresa by Susan Eddy

Mother Teresa by Maya Gold

Glossary A Change Maker is: someone who changes what is unfair to make the world a better place.

Calcutta: a city in India

Slum: a place where people live crowded together without much space

Rebecca N.