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Max Pine Class May 2010

Nelson Mandela was born in July 18 1918. Life was easy when he was young beacuse his father was the chief of the village the that nelson lived in but life got harder as he got older. then he had to go to school.

one day nelsons father died. that is also when nelson had to walk to another school. he also had to to leave his family to go to another school.

when nelson was sixteen he became a man!!!!!! nelson had to do a tribal DAnce.

nelson went to even another schoOl but got expelled beacuse the principal thought that black people did worse than white people!!!

Nelson and another man sold to oxen and with the money they bought two two train tickets to johannesb -urg the so called city of

Nelson had heard many stories of johannesbu rg such as: people would work in coal mines for little pay. luckily since nelsons father used to be a chief he became a

Nelson started a protest for blacks and whites to have the same rights, even some whites joined!!!

one day the gigantic group of protester s met up the police!!! some of the protester s were killed, luckily nelson survived!

one night nelsons youngest son woke to the sound of an an awful crash!!!!!!! !! the african police had taken nelson to jail!!!

Nelson was sent free from prison but had to go back beacuse he kept protesti -ng.

luckily Nelson was freed again,the n he became precede nt of the governm

This Person is a changemaker because:

One thing I've learned is not all changemakers make a change.

1. he started protests. 2. he stood firm in a white school. 3.he protested for equal rights for all.

My Changemaker is connected to oliver tambo beacuse they both opened a legal practice in johannesburg.

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http:// www.essortme whereifindbio_r ruv.htm

A biography of Nelson Mandela

a changemaker is someone fighting to make a change.

protesters are a group of people fighting to make change.

a group of houses tents or shelters.

Peace is non violence and non war.


Max W. - Nelson Mandela