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by Ashley Willow May 2010

martin Luther King Jr. was born on january 15th, 1929 in atlanta, ga. martin lived ON street with only black people. martin liked to play football with white friends that lived on a different street but one day they said martin can't play with them because he was black.

later on martin graduated from booker t. washington high school. martin became a minister of a church. martin 's dad was a minister so martin wanted to be a minister too. martin noticed blacks were not treated as fairly as whites. black people couldn't eat in some restaurants they couldn't eat at lunch counters. they had to sit in the back of theater. the seats were lumpy.

martin moved to boston and got his degree to become a minister. martin got an apartment that he shared with a friend from alabama. martin got married to coretta scott in 1953. in 1955 martin luther king jr. told black people to go on a bus strike. they didn't go on the bus for a year!!

martin led the biggest march in the world. 250,000 attended!! the march was for equal right for blacks. people marched to washington d.c. Both white and black People came to hear martin say the "I have a dream speech". martin dreamed that little white boys and girls can hold hands with little black boys and girls.

martin luther king jr. got shot on april 4, 1968. martin was standing in front of his apartment and a man named james earl ray was hiding nearby and shot martin.

on martin's grave it said "free at last free at last thank you god I'm FREE AT LAST."

This Person is a changemaker because: 1. because he fought for equal rights for blacks. 2.martin led marches and said speeches for equal rights. 3. martin never gave up.

One thing I've learned is I should not judge people by their skin color.

My Changemaker is connected to ruby bridges because they both think blacks and whites should have equal rights.

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a picture book of martin luther king jr.

martin luther king jr.

marching to freedom the story of martin luther king jr.

my brother martin

is a person that never gives up, a person who cares.

segregated means people are separated or can't play together.

when people can play together and go to the same school if they are white or black.

freedom riders are some people black and white rode buses through the south to protest against segregation .

This is a map of Where Martin grew up.

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