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Tiyona F. Pine Class May 2010

in 1944 mlk graduated from brooker t. high school.

in 1956 the u.s. supreme court says the city must end bus segregation mlk and other leaders call of the montgomery boycott.

in 1955 mlk recived his ph.d from university.

mlk and coretta were married at corettas parents house.

1963 mlk led one of the most menorable gatherings in history.

1968 mlk got assassinated in memphis tennessee and they never found the guy.

This Person is a changemaker because: 1. mlk said walk dont ride the bus because they dont let blacks sit in the front of the bus 2. mlk led the most menorable in history 3.he chaned stuff

My Changemaker is connected to rosa parks

One thing I've learned is mlk led one ofthe menorable gathering in history.

i picked my change maker because when i red about mlk it sounded like i would like him

martin luther king,jr. a man of peace

my dream o k mlk

if you lived at the time of mlk

mlk stoped bus segregation.

the klu kluk klan burned crosses in front of blacks home.

blacks and whites could not go to the same bath room.

the civil rights movement is the name given to the fight for freedom and equality for

he lived in oakland

Martin Luther King - Tiyona