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July 18, 1918 - still Alive

Gigi s. Pine class May 2012

introduction Famous Quotation:

" a winner is a dreamer that never gives up."

best known for: helping to end apartheid and helping all the people in south africa to live peacefully and to have the same rights.

3 Key qualities: -bravery -perseverance -peaceful

What I find interesting: is that his birth name, rolihlahla, means "troublemaker," or "pulling the branch of a tree." when he apprenticed at a law firm, his boss gave him a suit that he wore for five years straight. he had to patch it up so much, that he said that his suit was more patches than suit.

I CHOSE THIS PERSON BECAUSE: my daddy worked for him.

The blacks who lived in south africa could not vote, or go to school, or drink from the same water fountain as white people because the government said that the blacks did not have the same rights as whites. I think whites and blacks should have the same rights at each other.

He spoke for black people's rights and went to jail for fighting for people's rights. I think the white people should be arrested for treating the black people like that.

He did not obey the laws when the police said he could not travel and give speeches, he did! I think I would obey the laws and I would not travel and give speeches because I would be scared.

mandela started not to obey the laws and people did the same thing as him. I think he was wise and smart to help people and himself get better lives.

mandela was arrested and put in jail on Robben Island for 27 years. The police said that they would let him out of jail if he promised not to do speeches, do protests, and travel. He said "no!" I think that it was smart not to lie and let them know that he really wanted the same rights as whites like to vote and to not live in shanty towns.

even though the police arrested him several times, he kept on fighting. i think it was wise to keep on fighting because he knew someday his work would succeed.

Nelson mandela protested and gave speeches and traveled all over the world to talk about slavery in south africa.

we I'm Similar to my change maker because both we both like peace.

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a change maker is someone who changed the world

apartheid south african slavery

freedom means you are free from something.

south africa is at the southern tip of africa.

south Africa