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alexander g . willow. may 20i2.

introduction Famous Quotation:

"All that I am, or hope to be, i owe to my angel mother."

Best known for:

What I find interesting

because he was a president and a lawyer

he stopped slavery.

3 Key qualities


hardship bravery perseverance

he freed slaves.

he needed all these to face what he faced.

the same month abraham Lincoln was president the Civil war started. IT started in 1861. The south didn't want to be part of the united states because they didn't want to give up their slaves. the North was defending their state so the civil war started. i think it is super hard that the person who hated war had to be president when the war started.

WHen abe was young he saw a slave get sold in New Orleans. Abe thought slavery was wrong. I think that was not fair becase the slave didn't want to get sold. Abe was there and he was probably sad because the slave had no choice to be sold.

On september 22, 1862 Abe signed the emanicaption proclamation. it outlawed slavery in the UniteD States. I think that is was brave to sign it because someone might assassinate him.

Abe gave speeches that slavery was wrong and people hated him. He said that slaves "Deserve Respect." He thought everyone should be free. oNe famous speech he gave was the Gettyburg Address in 1863. I think it's really action because abe stopped the south by the war.

abe freed all slaves. abe never changed his mind that he hated slavery even though people hated him and said we like slavery. i think that it was hard to have to keep his word that slavery will end because people were willing to fight to keep it.

in 1858 abe ran for president and lost. abe ran again in 1860 and won! I think that it is perseverance because abe ran again and again until he won!

today there is no slavery in the united states and blacks can vote. there are new laws that bring more peace and that say that every one should be treated equally. i think abe helped make these things possible.

Abe gave a speech called the gettysburg address in 1863. he said that "people shall not perish from Earth." I think he gave the speeches because he needed more people to help him say that slavery is wrong.



in 1858 abe ran for president and lost. he ran again in 1866 and won.

abe was young and he saw a slave get sold. abe thought slavery was wrong.



abe gave speeches that slavery was wrong and people hated him.

abe freed slaves.

I'm Similar to my change maker because: if slavery was still here i would hate it.

I'm A change maker when I... pick up trash.

My Change maker is connected to Harriet tubman because they both hated slavery and they both took action.

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Abraham lincoln: a life of respect

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it takes perseverance, action, compassion, and bravery to be a change maker

a speech given by abe lincoln on september 22, 1862 that outlawed slavery in the southern states

Abraham Lincoln - Alexander G.  
Abraham Lincoln - Alexander G.  

This is a 2nd Grade MCDS Changemaker report