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Charlie Moore Willow Room Spring 2010

Leonardo da vinci was born in 1492 in Vinci, Italy. When he was born, an eagle swooped down and got ready to attack. But leo's mother wouldn't let that happen. When the bird flew away, the boy put out his hands as though to touch it. Then they knew that he would grow up to be great.

When he was a teenager he moved to florence to be near his father. Leo was known as one of the greater people because he could bend iron horseshoes with his bare hands. he also thought up inventions that came in handy. He got his ideas from watching nature. He noticed how leaves float down to the ground, and drew plans for a hang glider to rock side to side, just like the leaves. He learned to swim like the frogs, because he notice they used their back legs to push.

during that time he liked designing things that were not made then and he loved painting. In fact, he loved it so much he out-painted some of the best painters, including his boss! He received many commissions (or requests) from the people of Florence to paint their portraits. Sometimes, he got complained at because he didn't finish people's paintings quick enough, or at all, but he didn't care, because he was more interested in designing his inventions.

he moved to milan to look for a job. he did many projects for the king of milan such eighty ton horse, (out of bronze)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a giant mural 30 feet wide and 14 feet l0ng. It was called THE "Last supper." then he made thousands of thousands of inventions and paintings.

when he was done he moved to The vatican. he painted the most remarkable painting in the world--The "Mona Lisa"-because the smile was mysterious, haunting, and welcoming. He painted for someone but liked it so much he kept it for himself. soon he was on top of the world! but then he died 1519 at the age of 67. he was known as an inventor, a master artist, a scientist (HE Studied the human body) and Engineer.

This Person is a changemaker because: 1. he made every thing (hang gliders to battle boats) but people found his notes and claimed them as their own. 2.he painted the most remarkable painting in the world!! (the mona lisa) 3. he was the first modern scientist.

My Changemaker is connected to henry ford because they both invented the car!!!!!!

Author Talk

One thing I've learned is he


gave up! in all his life he made (if not thought of) 20,000 inventions and he lived for 67 years for that much he could

never given up


leonardo beautiful dreamer

leonardo da vinci italy 1452-1519

the legacy of da viinci

neo leo the ageless ideas of leonardo da vinci

someone that changes the future or changes laws that they think aren't fair.

requests for his paintings and yes he got lots of money for them

talents (painting, inventing, etc.)

overcome, pass. pass someone ahead of you in a specail talent.

This map is important to leo because this is where he was born (Vinci) then he moved to florence then milan. that is why italy is important to his life!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie M. - Leonardo da Vinci  
Charlie M. - Leonardo da Vinci  

MCDS 2nd Grade Changemaker Report