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Raine B. Willow May 2012

introduction Famous Quotation: "It was as if I came back to life after being dead."

Best known for: her courage and her bravery because she gave speeches around the world.

3 Key qualities: hardship perseverance bravery

What I find interesting that helen became famous but was unaware that she was.

I CHOSE THIS PERSON BECAUSE...she was blind and deaf.

When Helen Keller was one and a half years old she got a high fever and she became blind and deaf. I think It was scary for both her and her parents because if Helen died she wouldn't have done all the good stuff, like give speeches her experiences.

from 1943-1946, helen traveled all over the world to see injured and blind soldiers during World War II to make them feel better. I think it meant a lot to the soldiers because she went through sickness, silence and darkness and some of the soldiers that she saw lost their sight or hearing during war.

In may 1888 Helen went to school at the Perkins Institute for deaf and blind with her teacher annie. In the fall of 1900 helen went to Radcliffe college. I think it was brave to go to Perkins because it was hard to find a school for blind and deaf people back then.

helen Keller gave speeches in europe, egypt, australia, and japan to help blind people. she wanted to make people believe that people with handicaps can still have hope. I think she was kind of like me when I'm talking about worms or snails or something. i think that she took action because she was blind and deaf and still she went to egypt!

helen was famous for learning so much so quickly, they called her "wonder girl". when she was 10 she decided she wanted to talk, not her teacher. I think she has a strong mind because she believed that she could speak and told her teacher in hand motions that she wanted to. so her teacher taught her how to speak.

She didn't give up because she was blind and deaf. she learned how to swim and even how to ride a bike! she didn't give up when she was learning words or how to speak. I think helen is kind of like me except i learned how to ride a razor with both feet off the ground. (I only ride bikes when i'm in the mood to.)

helen keller showed people that blind people could go to schools and deaf people could also. she showed people that they can learn and are smart. I think 100 years ago it wouldn't be fair if lots of people couldn't go to school because they were blind.

PERSEVERED WHEN...she wanted to learn words she diidn't give up.

SHOWED COMPASSION WHEN...she went to see injured soldiers and gave them hope.

TOOK ACTION speeches around the world.

MADE A DIFFERENCE WHEN...she showed people that blind people could go to school and that they weren't dumb (as in not being able to speak.)

I'm A change maker when I... pick up trash on the beach.

I'm Similar to my change maker because:we both like gardening.

My Change maker is connected to louis braille because helen read braille.

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Raine B. Willow May 2012 1880-1968 I CHOSE THIS PERSON BECAUSE...she was blind and deaf. Best known for: her courage and her bravery because...

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