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born 1907 died 1954

claire g. pine may 2012

introduction Famous Quotation: feet, what do i need you for when I have wings to fly?

Best known for painting in pain. she is also known as one of the most famous mexican artists of the twentieth century.

What I find interesting is that she is one of the only girl artists that i've ever heard about. she really liked to dress up in traditional clothing.

3 Key qualities ~Bravery ~perseverance ~empathy

I CHOSE THIS PERSON BECAUSE we have a lot in common. for example, we have the same birthday, our fathers are both photographers, and we both love to make art.

i read that when frida was 6 years old, she got polio. I think it would be very painful and hard for a child because she couldn't have a lot of fun and run around like the other kids. i read that when frida was 18 years old, she was on a school bus and there was a big crash. frida almost died. I think that I would stop painting, but frida did not stop.

frida felt compassion and empathy for the poor. it showed that she cared in the painting "my dress hangs there." the painting expresses that america has a lot of things like money while others are suffering.

i read that she showed bravery when she was in pain after she got in the bus accident. she kept on going. I think that I would feel so sick, I would sleep and cry all day, But Frida kept on going.

i read that When Frida got in a big bus accident, it was while lying in bed that she decided to take up art. I think that I would think about painting, but I wouldn't start. Frida's father was a photographer and a painter which helped her to feel even more inspired.

I read that after frida got polio, she had one good leg and one weak leg. to make up for it, her parents made her do sports like boxing. I think if I had polio and I had A weak leg, I would not let my parents let me do boxing.

no boxing for me

i read that Frida was in a lot of pain when she got older. she never fully recovered. She kept on going and painted and got married, despite her injuries and her pain. She didn't let the accident ruin her life. I think that no way I could have done that.

my leg hurts.

frida changed artists history because even when she was in pain, she painted on. people admire her because she could've laid in bed, but instead she lived a good, exciting life. I think that I would have stoppped painting and lied in bed.

I am a change maker when I do gymnastics because I work hard at it. by sticking with it, i set an example for others to work hard at what they love doing.

my change maker and i are similar because our dads are both artists.

Lenardo da vinci is connected to Frida because they both are artists.

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frida kahlo artists in their time

frida kahlo the artist who painted herself

somebody who has some kind of hard time in life and they keep on going. a change maker inspires other people to do good things. polio

an infectious viral disease that affects the central nervous system and can cause temporary or permanent paralysis. mural a painting on a wall.