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Jane Goodall 1934 -

Jeydi G. Buckeye Room May 2013

Introduction Famous Quotation: "It was because the chimps are so eye-catching, so like us and teach us so much that my work was recognized worldwide." Best known for: Helping chimpanzees to survive and teaching people that chimps are like us.

What I find interesting: Jane Goodall stayed in Africa for almost 40 years to study about what chimps do and learn about their personalities and how they live.

3 Key Qualities:

I chose this person because... I really like animals and both Jane and I like chimpanzees.

1. Bravery 2. Determination 3. Empathy

Overcame a Hardship/Challenge The poachers were killing the chimps and selling their babies. I wonder if they are bad people because they are killing the chimps.

Showed Compassion and Empathy Jane traveled all over the world to tell people to help the chimps. I think she is really nice because she helped the chimps to survive by telling people to help the chimps.

Took Action Jane took action when she went to investigate chimps and see what they are doing. She left to tell people to help the chimps. I think that is really nice because she left the chimps which was hard for her. And it was hard to go all over the world. The chimps should have a healthy habitat. Jane helped protect the habitat.

Persevered Jane was 28 when she started work with the chimps and she never stopped. I think she persevered because she never stopped. She faced challenges like when poachers were trying to kill baby chimps but she kept going.

Impact: How Things are Different Today She learned a lot about the chimps so she shared it with everybody.

Now, more people know that you should take care of the chimps.

Viewed Problems as Opportunities Jane had to leave her family, but she was glad she had the opportunity to be with the chimps and see them. I think she made a difference in how people treated chimps when she went to Africa.

Demonstrated Bravery I read that Jane went to live in the jungle all by herself. I think she was brave because I would be scared to go by myself at that age.

Communicated and Shared Jane saw chimps and what they did. She shared what she learned with everybody. I think people realized that the chimps were like humans.

Jane Goodall Jane persevered when she never stopped working with the chimps even though it was hard sometimes.

Jane showed compassion when she was sad about how the chimps were being treated.

Jane took action by telling people all over the world that they needed to help stop the killing of chimps.

Jane made a difference when she taught people how chimps are like us.

Author Talk

I’m similar to my Change Maker because we both like nature. We like chimps.

I’m a Change Maker when I tell someone to not fight with someone else.

My Change Maker is connected to Ruby Bridges because they both are brave.

Glossary Change Make: a person that made a good change in the world.

Poacher: A person that tries to kill animals.

Chimpanzee: An animal that is related to monkeys but is bigger.

Bibliography Jane Goodall: Living with the Chimpanzees

Jane Goodall

The Watcher

Jane Goodall: Primatologist and Animal Activist


Jane standing there waiting it's silent she see a chimp She is curious it comes toward her. The chimp grabs the banana and runs away!

- By Jeydi G.

Jeydi G.