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sebastian pine may 2011

best known for... jane is best known for being the first women to live with chimpanzees! She discovered that they use tools, have wars, and communicate with each other!

BIRTH: 1934 in london

now: is owner of website and 77 years old. the website is called roots & shoots.

when jane was little (only 5!) she had to leave london because the german nazi army was bombing!

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jane goodall (young)

mr. goodall joined the british army right away. jane was heartbroken that her dad left. this was world war 2. this war started in 1939.

I think this was hard for Jane because she might think that her father might be dead.

Jane Goodall made mistakes when she was eight years old because She was so curious about animals. When she was eight, she snuck out of bed and went to the barn in the middle of the night. She went to see how the eggs come out of chickens. Her parents even called the police!

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Hi, Mom!

Jane never gave up on being with animalS and LEARNInG ABOUT THEM. Jane cared for other animals like her pets that were a dog, some chickens a fish and lots of other wild animals. Her favorite pet was rusty the dog. she studied rusty and other animals. SHE ALSO FORMED A NATURE CLUB. Jane and her companions, ladybird, trout and bluebird, formed a club not to hurt nature. They even painted snails!

going to africa

She decided she had to go to africa to see all of the animals, particularly to study chimpanzees. While she was waiting to go on the boat, she was a waitress and people told her "That's crazy!" You're crazy." SHE TOOK RISK When she was working in the jungle. she could run into lions, snakes,

even mad chimps! bugs

While jane was living with the chimps she was worried about louis leakey because he was very old and could get hurt, or die.

Jane cared for the chimps very well too, and didn't hurt them. If the chimps were hurt, she would stand up for them and tell people that it is not right to do that to chimps.

Picture being imagined! Coming soon!

Jane showed resourceful problem-solving because she said women can do what you call a "men's job." "We can do that!" thought jane, and she went right to africa and Lived with the chimps. no man had EVER done that before! Jane also helped endanged species not to be endangered.

Jane still communicates to other people and children that they can change the world like she did. And can change people's hearts about something or someone.

If Jane was a rock star, she would be Bob Dylan and John Lennon combined because of her activism for chimps!

I'm Similar to my changemaker because i love and care for animals.

I'm A changemaker when I help other poeple that are hurt.

My Changemaker is connected to diane fossey because they both studied endanged species.

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jane goodall

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sebastian pine may 2011 jane is best known for being the first women to live with chimpanzees! She discovered that they use tools, have wars...