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margot willow 2nd grade may 2010

Jane was born in 1934 in london, englAnd. when she was 4 she hid in a stuffy hen house for 5 hours to find out how a hen laid a egg.

when she was 8 dr doolittle and TArzan inspired jane to go to africa because she loved animals.

when jane was 23 she went to africa. she met dr louis s.b. leakey. he gave her the job of studying chimps. she stayed for more than two decades or 20 years. before that nobody had gotten close enough to observe real chimps.

People thought that people were the only tool makers but jane proved that chimps used tools too. they use the tools to get food.

Now she has started companies to help chimps. roots and shoots helps them by saving their land.

This Person is a changemaker because: One thing I've learned is if you set your mind to some thing you can do it just like jane.

1.she discovered some thing 2.she never gave up. 3.she is determined to help save chimps.

My Changemaker is connected to John james audubon and diane fossey because they all studied animals.

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a changemaker is someone that makes a permanent change

DR Doolitte is a book a about an animal doctor who could talk to animals.

Dr lois leakey is a world-famous anthropologist and archaeologist.

where jane sat when she saw a chimp close enough to observe.

Margot - Jane Goodall  

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