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Jade Willow Spring 2010

Clara was born in Oxford, Massachusetts on December 25th, 1821. Clara was the youngest in her family. She had 5 brothers and sisters who acted like her mother and father because they bossed her around the house. Her brother suffered from a fall. She stayed by him and nursed him for two years.

Clara was an excellent student and could solve tough math problems and could spell "artichoke." Clara got to go to a teachers' college which was a rare opportunity for women. Clara opened a free public school because she saw that some that some parents could not afford enough money for their kids to go to school.

When the Civil War started, Clara asked people To donate supplies and they did. She delivered the supplies on the battlefield. She was called "the angel of the battlefield" because she helped soldiers on both sides. She fed, clothed, watered and nursed the soldiers.

After the war Clara traveled to Europe and learned about the International Red Cross. When she returned to the USA, she started the American red cross. It still exists today!

The american red cross is like a million doctors that help people. If there was an earthquake, people would donate food to the red cross and the red cross would donate to the doctor and the doctor would go to the person who is hurt.

This Person is a changemaker because: 1.clara was smart. She was an excellent student. 2. she was kind and compassionate because helped pets and people. 3 clara never give up because she got shot with a bullet while she was helping a soldier but she just kept working.

My Changemaker is connected to amelia earhart because they both fought in the war

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One thing I've learned is that you should help people .

Angel of the battlefield.

founder of the american red

I think a changemaker is someone who changed the world.

clean, germ-free.

chance for progress or advancement.

the rights to an idea

clara is sailing to europe.

Jade - Clara Barton