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alice i. pine may 2011

best known for... If I was Frida, I'd be very proud of myself for doing all of that art. I'd also be happy that I was the first woman to have her own art show.

BIRTH: july 6, 1907 in mexico

Frida is best known for her pictures. Frida satisfied lots of people with her wonderful, strong art. She also, probably, inspired lots of little girls who were sick. She worked really hard on her art. she died in mexico when she was 47

sick with polio as a little girl in mexico didn't quit, even when her work was called "passable"

she was the first woman to have her own art show in mexico or the u.s

she had her own art show in sanfransisco

Frida had hardships when she was just a girl in Mexico. She had a very bad diSEASE CALLED POLIO. BACK THEN POLIO WAS VERY HARD TO GET RID OF BECAUSE THEY DIDn'T KNOW AS MUCH AS WE DO NOW. Polio eats muscles in your legs. she was sick for one whole year! most of the time she was in bed. after she got better, her father took her to the beach near her house To help her leg get more muscle. He had her do exercises, like biking, swimming and even boxing, too!

I think that Frida was being very brave especially because she was just a little girl when she got sick and she was trying something new that might not have worked.

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after she had the disease her right leg was very skinny. Frida felt that she was different from all the other kids, that she went to school with. They called her "pin-leg," and other nasty names. Even when she grew up, frida still had the injury to her leg. She wore long skirts because she was afraid that people would tease her.

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Frida was brave when she was in a bus accident while she was in college. She was really hurt, and she had to use a cane after she healed for the rest of her life. While she was in bed recovering, her mom bought her a mirror and put it over her bed, and bought her some paintbrushes and paint. Frida decided that she would be a painter, not a medical student! WHile she was in college, the famous diego rivera came to paint murals at her school and she fell in loved with him and married him right after!

It's sort of surprising that she married Diego, because at first she would tease him. She even soaped the steps to see if he would fall!!!

AFTER THEY MARRIED, THEY MOVED TO san francisco when diego got a job there. frida never gave up her paintings, even when diego was painting big murals and she was just painting medium size and when people said that they were "passable." (which means that they could be passed on with out being touched. and it could be another way to say that diego's paintings were way better than frida's!) diego was a famous painter and millions of people supported him. She kept painting imaginary paintings of herself. Finally, someone noticed that her paintings showed the way she felt.

I bet Frida felt left out because at one show, she was so bored, she just started singing!

Frida dreamed of having her own art show but she didn't mention it wasn't very common for women to have their own art shows. But when she drew this amazing painting, they just had to let her have her own art show! Her masterpiece was a painting called "frida & Diego." it showed a picture of frida and diego standing next to each other and there was a dove holding a message about frida being herseLf, and that no one could change that! Frida was a feminist because she thought women deserved to have art shows, just like men!

Maybe if paint a really nice painting, i'll get my dream.

I wou ld be v ery pr that I did su oud maste ch a rpiece the fir t st wo hat I was her ow man to h av n ART SHOW e !

Frida communicated and shared ideas with others with her paintings because they told us a lot about her. Like when she drew the painting of her and diego and the dove holding the message to other people about herself, and about her being herself. The message was that no one could change that. She always painted her eyebrows like the wings of a bird, because her father (and diego, too, after they married!) called them "the Elephant and the Dove," because she was so dainty and he was so big!

I like all of how she painted herself, and all of the messages in her art.

frida thought about others because she believed in communism. it means that you everybody gets the same amount of things.

People Should have an equal amount of things!

frida made the mistake of not standing up for her self when Diego was not introducing her to all of the people who came to his art show. And she didn't remind diego, "Diego! I am your wife. Did you forget about me?"

I would be frustrated because it sounded like Diego was out to lunch talking with all of those people. Frida didn't say anything!

Why isn't diego talking to me?

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Because of frida, little girls who had polio had an example of a way to be strong. Frida showed people that even though she was so weak and little, she could still make wonderful art and recover from sickness!

I'm Similar to my changemaker because when i was a little girl i got a very bad sickness and I colored while I was getting better. I stayed in my bed for a long time too!

I'm A changemaker when I help my grandma with her replaced hip, by getting her new ice and making her chair comfortable for her!

My Changemaker is connected to diego rivera because both wanted to make peace with their paintings.

My Changemaker is connected to my mom and dad because at their wedding there was a mural that diego rivera painted.

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frida kahlo the artist who painted her self

frida kahlo

me frida


a changemaker is someone who makes a difference in the world, making things fair!

communism is a belief that people should share.

a person who believes that women are the same as men and should have the same rights.

diego rivera was a famous painter in the 1900 's. He painted murals. He was also frida's husband!

Frida Kahlo - Alice I.  

This is a 2nd Grade Changemaker Report

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