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Annabel s buckeye May 2012

introduction Famous Quotation:

"People do not retire they are retired

by others."

Best known for being a jazz legend.

3 key qualities: hardship perseverance and takes action

what I find interesting is that duke won 13 grammy awards.

I CHOSE THIS PERSON BECAUSE duke ellington stood up for black musicians to be stars.

dUKe's parents made him take piano lessons even though he did not want to. But eventually people called Duke a musical genius because he took those lessons. He didn't want to take lessons but he persevered and kept practicing. I think that Duke felt good when he was called a musical genius. The lessons were worth it.

Duke nurtured his muscians to play performances that they did not know they could do. I think he had empathy for his muscians. he let then be creative. if they messed up he encouraged them to try again.

duke was brave when he performed at washington's best hangout. there was so many people. the cotton club in New york city became a regular gig.

i think duke wasn't afraid to go on stage and perform.

Duke Ellington took action by forming his own small band. They were a group of muscians who played all over washington DC and later moved on to New York City. I think He took action and formed a band all by himself which is pretty impressive.

When they traveled in the south, Duke had his band travel in fancy, safe railroad cars that kept the men safe from people who did not like black people. I think this was a good idea because back then some people did not respect black people and wanted to hurt them. Duke wanted to keep his band safe.

YEARS LATER DUKE heard that tune that made him quit piano. but he heard it in a whole new way so duke decided to go back to piano.

i think duke realized that piano wasn't so bad after all.

I am a changemaker because I play baseball on a team with mostly boys. I am one of two girls on the entire team!

I'm Similar to my change maker because: i love music and I play drums

Author Talk

DUke Ellington by Andrew Davis Pinkney

Research from NPR music

CHange makers have a special skill like music or athletics or math, which make them interesting to others. The special skill is why people study them.

A musician is a person who plays piano or drums or guitar...any instrument. Duke Ellington played the piano and the trumpet. Duke ellington was amazing because he formed a really great band that stood up for black musicians. People said bad things about Duke because he was black but he never gave up!


1899/1974 Annabel s buckeye May 2012 introduction Best known for being a jazz legend. what I find interesting is that duke won 13 grammy awa...

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