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Sacagawea 1788-1812

Ellie T. Willow Room June 2013

Introduction Famous Quotation: "Everything I did on that journey was for my people." Best known for: Sacagawea was a big part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. She helped translate between the Indians, Lewis and Clark. She also guided them and helped find food.

What I find interesting: Sacagawea had a baby when she was only 15.

3 Key Qualities: 1. Bravery 2. Persevered 3. Overcame a Hardship

I chose this person because... My sister studied her in fifth grade, and then I read a book about her and thought she was interesting.

Overcame a Hardship/Challenge In 1794, Sacagawea was a Shoshone girl and got captured and became a slave. She returned to her family in 1805 after helping Lewis and Clark. I think she overcame a hardship because she became a slave and then got away from the people who captured her.

Showed Compassion and Empathy Sacagawea was interpreter for the group and when the Indians saw her with her tiny baby they had nothing to fear. She helped them find food and guided them. I think it was not easy for her to do all that. She showed compassion because she helped the group by guiding them and helped them communicate.

Took Action Sacagawea took action because she accepted when Lewis asked her to come on the expedition in 1804-1806, Sacagawea said yes. She helped guide Lewis and Clark and found food. On this journey, they discovered how long America went on. I think Sacagawea made a good choice of accepting it because she did a good deed.

Persevered I read that when they ended the journey they finally went back to her home in the ShoShone village in 1805. She was so happy to see her brother. She persevered because she tried to get there and she did! I think she persevered because she has been away from her family and she never gave up until she finally got there.

Impact: How Things are Different Today When the boat flooded Sacagawea saved the tools. If she did not save the tools the expedition would not go on, and we would not know how long the United States would go on. I think she made a impact in the world and was brave.

Viewed Problems as Opportunities Sacagawea got captured and became a slave. She was forced to marry. The man was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Since she was a slave she had the opportunities to go on the expedition and help other people. I think she made a good choice because she helped other people.

Demonstrated Bravery Sacagawea was only 16 years old when she crossed America with her baby on her back. I think she was very brave to do that because even if I was 30 I would not be brave enough.

Communicated and Shared Sacagawea communicated with the Indians by specking Shoshone. She translate because she told Lewis and Clark what they were saying. I think she felt good for helping other people.

Sacagawea Persevered when: she finished the expedition on a good note. And after that she tried and tried to get back to her people and she did.

Showed compassion when: she helped by guiding and finding food, and just being nice to her people.

Took action by: going on the expedition and making it to the end.

Made a difference when: she saved the tools from the boat when it sunk, since she did that the expedition went on.

Author Talk I’m similar to my Change Maker because...I like to go on cool expedition too.

My Change Maker is connected to...Lewis and Clark because they were change makers who went on the expedition too.

I’m a Change Maker when I pick up trash on the ground.

Bibliography Sacagawea by Carole Marsh

Who was Sacagawea by Dennis Fradin

Sacagawea Biography Fun book

A picture book of Sacagawea

Glossary A Change Maker: is someone who changes the world in a way and helps other people.

ShoShone: is one of the languages that Indians speak.

Lewis and Clark expedition: an expedition to see how far west America goes on.

Interpreter: is a person that translates between languages.

Map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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