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sage willow 2012

introduction Famous Quotation:

"When a great adventure is offered, you don't refuse it."

Best known for:

What I find interesting

when flying around the world, she disappeared.

that she learned to fly so fast

3 Key qualities bravery perserverence strong mind

I CHOSE THIS PERSON BECAUSE... she is brave to fly across the atlantic.

when she was in high school her grandmother died and her parents split up twice.

I think that she might be confused that her parents split up so much.

when visiting her sister in toronto, world war I was coming to an end and the wounded soldiers were coming back. so she quit school to work as a nurse's aide. I think that she wants to help the people who helped her country.

amelia was brave to fly across the atlantic ocean because 2 women had tried and failed. she is also brave because airplanes in the 1930's were small and didn't have the instruments we have today.

i think that it would be scary to fly in such a small plane.

she wanted to and did fly across the atlantic ocean in her own plane alone on may 20, 1932. She left New Jersey and flew to ireland. she landed on may 24, 1932. I think that she is brave to fly across the atlantic ocean by herself because the plane is small. She's a woman and women hadn't done it. The instruments could break, there could be stormy weather, you may not have enough food which would be a problem because you might not think straight and you could crash.

She wanted to fly around the world even though she knew there was a chance of crashing and dying or stormy weather. she also had to eat very little and so did her navigator because if they gained weight they would have to leave behind fuel which would mean if they ran out of fuel they would have to crash land. 6 lbs could change everything. I think that i would not be able to do that because she was always invited to fancy lunches wherever she landed. it would be hard not to eat very much. It would be scary to try to fly around the world. I think it would be cool too.

when she was taking off from her around the world flight at pearl harbor on may 20, 1937 her plane flipped over and broke. when she climbed out someone said "i suppose you are going to give up now." and she said "i think not." i think that she really wanted to show that girls could do what boys can do.

It's different because Amelia showed that girls can do exactly what boys can do. Girls can even do better than boys. She was the first person, not just the first woman, to fly across the atlantic twice. She took the longer route around the world when others had taken the shorter route. I think that she wanted to show what girls could do. and she did a really good job of it.



her plane broke down on her around the world flight and she started over.

she worked at a home for poor people.



she flew across the atlantic ocean by herself.

she showed girls could do exactly what boys could.

I'm A change maker when I... tell people not to litter.

I'm Similar to my change maker because: I think women can do the same as men.

My Change maker is connected to eleanor roosevelt because they are both fighting for women's rights and they are both brave women

Author Talk

Amelia Earhart the legend of the lost aviator

Amelia earhart a legend in flight

Name of Book or Website 2

Name of Book or Website 2

someone who is strong, caring for people, and brave

a pilot

the instrument that measures your height above the ground in an airplane

a tool that measures the elevation of an object in the sky, such as a moon or star, in order to determine a navigational position

This Map is of Amelia's around the world flight.


sage willow 2012 1897-1939 when flying around the world, she disappeared. bravery perserverence strong mind Best known for: I CHOSE THIS PER...

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