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july 24 1897 july 16 1937

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amelia moved to toronto canada because she wanted to help injured soldiers and spent almost a year working in a military hospital as a nursing aide. i think it was hard for amelia because she had to take care of over 50 soldiers!!! Ithink

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Amelia became a nurse's Aide and helped wounded soldiers who were injured while fighting during World War I.

I think she was compassionate because it takes compassion to help others. She did hard, yucky work to help the soldiers feel better.



Amelia flew from Hawaii to California. The take off was terrible, the vega was weighed down with fuel. AMelia got lost and had to ask a ship for her location. Amelia made it to California and was thankful to be alive. I think Amelia was brave because she got lost and had to ask for help. She must have felt scared and brave at the same time. She didn't give up and made it to california.

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once amelia could fly 'she wanted her own plane.she took odd jobs and saved all her pennies! She was excited about flying and willing to get her own plane. She naver gave up until she got what she wanted.

I'm Similar to my change maker because ameilia likes most sports and I do to0 like basketball,soccer and wallball

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maker is connected to sacagawea because they both were first to explore

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