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Charlie k. Willow May 2010

henrY ford was born on july 30th, 1863, on a farm near michigan. his mother was strict; she believed that doing chores was good. henry didn't like chores; he thought they were a waste of time. when he finished his chores he went inside and didn't come back out! and at school he was known for his skill of fixing watches.

ONE day he and his father were walking down the road and they saw a steam powered machine chugging down the street. henry was off, talking to the driver before his father knew where henry was going. henry blurted out tons of questions for about 5 minutes.

when henry was 16, he left home and found a job at the ''edison illuminating company'', a business owned by thomas Edison. later he got married to clara bryant in 1888. they had 1 kid named edsel.

Henry made his first car called a quadrocycle, then he realized he made a mistake. The car was too wide for the door! So he took an ax and knocked out the wall.

One of henry's workers came up with an idea to use the assembly lines. It worked so much better! they could make over 100 cars an hour!

Then henry had a heart attack. He handed the business to edsel but edsel died a month later. Henry gave it to his grandson Henry Ford II. A few weeks later henry took the job back. henry died april 7, 1947. about 30,000 people came to his funeral. without henry, we wouldn't be able to afford cars.

This Person is a changemaker because: 1.he tries to make things fair for everyone because he thought about workers pay. 2.he made cars; a faster way to travel. 3. he never gave up, even when he got a heart attack.

My Changemaker is connected to leonardo da vinci because, they both invented things that helped people

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One thing I've learned is henry always listened to other people because he thought everybody's ideas were good, (especially the time when his worker came up with the idea to use assembly lines.)

henry ford

henry ford inventor at work

a changemaker is someone who changes laws that are unfair to a group of people\ culture

Persuasive means like you change somebody's mind about something \ convince

a person who learns a trade by helping a skilled worker

a process where a product is made by a series of smaller jobs

this is a map of the ''usa'' (michigan is in the blue)

Charlie K. - Henry Ford