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Lilli b Willow may 2012

introduction Famous Quotation: "Blind people must be treated as equals, and communication is the way to bring this about."

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What I find interesting

louis made braille so blind people could read, write, type, tell stop watches, greeting cards, elevators, and even magazines.

is that he found a problem and made a change.

3 Key qualities


perseverance strong mind hardship

he really wanted to read but his wanting to read quickly faded because it was really hard to read.

When Louis was three years old, one day when HIs father was out with a customer he poked himself with an awl in the eye. by the time he was five years old he was blind. I think That it must have been scary for Louis's parents when he first said to his parents "When is morning going to come?" The answer was never louis was totally blind.

in 1819 louis became a teacher at the national institute for blind children. he got shakespeare's plays to be turned to braille by someone who had vision to read it to him. i think he wanted for blind people to learn like he did that's why he became a teacher and made famous books into braille.

in the 1800's during a time of war with france, the russian army came to eat at the braille's house. i bet it would have been frightening for louis if he could not see nor understand what they were saying. i think louis was brave because he could have had a meltdown but he didn't, he stayed calm.

in 1825 louis and his friend gabriel guathier made the first braille writing board. now louis, gabriel and other blind people can read and write because they can feel the bumps and make dots with there styllus to communicate with others. i think that it must have been hard and fun. It must have been exciting!

he could distinguish the smells and sounds of a cart on the path so he knew when people were coming. (like the baker by his smell, soldiers by their boots and regular people by their key rings in pockets). i think that he must have been very smart and intelligent because he could surprise people by saying "Hello baker!'' The surprised baker would say "Hello Louis!" This shows a strong mind because he knew how to do things that people didn't think he could do.

in 1815 he got a teacher so he could follow his dream and learn! his teacher taught him ways to get around. he had to study hard to learn about smells and sounds. he loved learning! i think that it is good to have a teacher and that would have been great if i was him. he must have studied really hard and had to learn a lot to go to the school for the blind in 1819.

now blind people can read, write, tell time and type. now they can learn as much as people with sight .but when louis was a child , blind people were treaded poorly and didn't have the same rights as sighted people.

i think it was good that louis stood up for blind people and found a way for blind people to read and write.

louis saw a problem with sonography because the book weighed 400 pounds so it took a lot of strength to carry one and louis decided to drop the dashes and just do dots. sonography was used by the army so they could read at night but it was to hard to learn. i think he took one thing and changed it to make a new alphabet for the blind.



in 1840 louis braille didn't get his books printed for the blind because it would be expensive for them to change the system.

when he cared for blind people and he thought that it would be good if there was an easier way to read and write. he got a new way to read and write.



seeing a problem with night writing and trying to fix it with a different system, and he did.

he knew that it was hard to read night writing so he tried to make a difference.

I'm A change maker when I... pick up trash, when i am at the beach, and when I bring a cloth to cover food instead of plastic.

I'm Similar to my change maker because: I think all people should be equal.

My Change maker is connected to helen keller because she was blind and deaf and louis was blind.

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louis braille the blind boy who wanted to read

a picture book of louis braille

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Name of Book or Website 2

a person who changes the world in a good way

a deadly disease in the 1800's that is fluid in the lungs so you have coughing fits

something that can be better

it means you cannot see


Lilli b Willow may 2012 1809-1852 louis made braille so blind people could read, write, type, tell stop watches, greeting cards, elevators,...