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mackensie p. pine may 2011

best known for... Amelia earhart was the very first woman to fly across the pacific ocean solo and the atlantic.

BIRTH: 1897 atchison, kansas 1920 takes first flight

1928 friendship flight across atlantic ocean

DEATH: 1937 it was believed she died in a plane crash in the pacific

1931 married george putnam

When ameila earhart was about ten years old she and her little sister made a roller coaster. Quickly, Amelia flew down the roller coaster, her dress got caught in the wheels and ripped, and some how her stockings ripped, she lurched forward and got a bloody knee. Amelia went into the kitchen and asked her mom, "can i have a pair of pants?" Her mom gave her a pair of bloomers and she was happy! This made her life much easier to wear pants. Women in these days didn't wear pants so this was a big deal. she was brave.

amelia earhart's challenge was when she was making her around the world flight. noonan, her navigator, did not keep his promise to not drink alcohol on the plane. He drank alcohol! So amelia had to navigate her plane by herself!

ameila earhart perseRvered when she had to sell her very own airplane after she flew it across the pAcific ocean! she wanted to fly but there were barely any flying jobs for women because, back then, women did not have the same rights like voting and flying! but Amelia did not give up. later, a man named george p. putman asked her to write a book about her solo flight across the Atlantic. It was known as the friendship flight. The book was actually a big success and Amelia. She earned enough money to buy got a new plane!!!!!!!!!

amelIa earhart communicated because a man named gEorge putman asked her TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THE FRiENDSHIP FLIGHT. IT Actually WAS A HUGE SuCcESS BECAUSE SHE GOT enough MONEY TO BUY A NEW PLANE!

ameila showed compassion when she went to schools across the country to talk to young girls. She would tell the girls they should never be afraid to follow your dreams Even if people try and discourage you, because women don't have the same rights--don't quit! Keep trying! Amelia was a role model for many women.

In this picture, she's being a role model.

ameila earhart risked flying around the world flight with a man WHO Got DRuNK. some people think her navigator made her have TO try and navigate herself with no man. since howland island was so small she had a hard time. no one knows what happened to her.

Because of AMelia, flying became more popular and planes improved. They had bigger gas tanks because amelia ran out of gas on her last flight, when she tried to fly around the equator of the earth. Another thing that is different because of amelia is that women were less scared of flying, and ready to try it and other things that only men could do!

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I'm Similar to my changemaker because boys at second grade sports always make me last, and its just like flying--I can be first, too!

I'm A changemaker when I go to second grade sports and no girls come.

My Changemaker is connected to susan b. anthony because they fought for women's rights.

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flying ace

a person that changes a bad law to a good law.

bloomers are a pair of pants that are all puffed up and sort of like a skirt.



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