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Muay Thai Training Camp – Where The Real Action Begins Desiring to become a real Muay Thai fighter? Then train like one! Muay Thai has been one of the fastest growing Thai sports not only in Asia but throughout the world because of its unique extremeness that deeply engross sports spectators. I’ve been into various Muai Thai tournaments and one thing I won’t forget every time I got to see a fight is the fresh adrenaline rush that runs all the way to my core. In Thailand, you do not just get a chance to see a real fight up close and personal because you can also opt to learning the art at first hand. With my personal experience in Muay Thai training, I’ll provide you with the general outline of the things you must consider and expect with the training that you will be acquiring in the home of Muay Thai. Likewise, I will share to you my personal favourites as well as the spectacular places that I discovered perfect for Muay Thai Training. First thing to consider is determining the type of mma thailand that you will be in. In Thailand, there are generally two types of training camps: those that are primarily intended for foreigners and the other where foreigner clients are very rare. In my opinion, the most appropriate camps for foreigners to start training are those that are geared towards them. There are many camps in Thailand that fall under this category and training in one of them would be able to cater your needs as a foreign Muay Thai beginner. In my personal experience, I was very lucky to join a perfect training camp called “Teamquest.” The training camp is fully equipped with excellent facilities ranging from 10-30 heavy bags and multiple rings. What I like the most about this camp is that, throughout their existence, they have produced over 18 UFC fighters and these champions serve as trainers in the training camp. How would you feel training and fighting with a pro that you only got to watch on TV before? Definitely it is a once in a lifetime experience to grab for. Muay thai gyms thailand will open you doors of possibilities. While on training, you will be surrounded with like-minded individuals who will give you the opportunity to focus more on your goal. Being the home of authentic Muay Thai, the training camps in Thailand can suffice you with the highest quality of training regimes that will be sufficient enough to prepare you for your future fights. What’s even better about the best chiang mai accommodation is that, it is situated on extremely desirable locations that you would want to go, whether you are under training or not. If you want to have a bit mixture of business and pleasure, then why not try a camp like Team Quest? – A place to provide with high quality training and is also very close to various Thailand activities and attractions. Get the best of both worlds in a price that will definitely go well with your budget.

Muay Thai Training Camp – Where The Real Action Begins