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January 25, 2014

BARBinc News Global Coverage of “All Things Barber”

Expanding the Empire..! Welcome to our first issue of BARBinc Magazine...!

digital magazine

At BARBinc, we have a dream of creating a that can fully report on great Barber stories and broadcast them throughout the globe. To meet that goal, we’re committed to using the latest technologies to expand our circulation and enhance your reading experience. So, in addition to our FlipBoard magazine editions, we are now expanding our publishing empire with This edition marks the first step in bringing great Barbershop stories to over 70 Million ISSUU readers.

In upcoming weeks, we’ll expand our coverage to give you,

our readers, a front-row seat of what’s happening within the Barbering world. We’ll also use ISSUU to dive deeper into each story. So have fun exploring our new magazine format and be sure to follow/ like us on

FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram...! - The Team at BARBinc News

BARBinc News Categories Business & Profession


From tricks-of-the-trade to game-changing technology, these stories will provide wisdom and opportunity for any barber looking to up his/her game...

Events & Competitions

EVENTS We cover Barber Battles, industry gatherings, publicity stunts and the occassional Customer Appreciation BBQ...

Fun & Entertainment

FUN What’s the value of work without a little fun...? These humorous stories will have you laughing and wondering why life at your barbershop is so dull...

In the Community

COMMUNITY Barbers play a HUGE role in their communities and BARBinc News was there all last year to highlight each local hero...


INTERNATIONAL Is a barbershop in Hong Kong the same as New York...? How about Budapest...? We’ve gathered news all over the world to discover the answer...

Products & Tools

PRODUCTS Gadgets, Goodies and Great-to-Have tools are a barber’s best friend. So, kick back and see some of the best Products Reviews on the Net...


SALON We’re not afraid to walk on the ‘style side...! We spotlight the best news from international salons and styling schools...

Stories of BarberLife

STORIES Spanning the spectrum from “feel-good” to “breaks your heart” - These are the REAL stories about Barber Life...

Styles, Techniques & Tutorials

STYLES “Upping your game” is the holy quest of all barbers. That’s why we only spotlight tutorials that are fun to watch AND great to learn from...!


Happy MLK Day...!

(San Diego, California) Here in America and hopefully worldwide, we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. So, we at BARBinc found this gem of a news-story from four months ago...

About BARBinc and BARBinc News BARBinc aims to be the premiere technology provider for barbers and barbershop owners. We also have the same lofty goal for salons and haircare professionals in general. Through innovative tools and a personal approach when introducing each technology solution, BARBinc has established itself as a trusted partner within the haircare industry. BARBinc News is the “hub” of our digital services ecosystem. Already established as the #1 online source of barber-related news and information, BARBinc News fills a critical information gap within the barbering industry. By staying on top of the ever-changing haircare landscape our goal is to maintain and expand our leadership position with in-depth reporting and articles and inform, educate and captivate our readers. We aim to grow with each issue and attain new levels of excellence. As we grow, BARBinc is committed to establishing and growing long–lasting partnerships with our advertisers and readers.


HowTo: Keep Sideburns With Any Bald Haircut

(Norwich, Connecticut) Ricardo Velasquez (also known as Ricardo The Barber) demonstrates how to keep a client’s sideburns on any bald fade. Ricardo explains that recording the haircut first and then adding the verbal explanation allows him to give a thorough tutorial without it being a 20-minute long video...


“What Would You Do..?” White Barber at Black Barbershop

Denny Moe’s Barbershop is the backdrop for ABC’s primetime TV show “What Would You Do…?” that explores personal and social responsibility….


“What Would You Do..?” Inter-racial Couple at Black Barbershop

In this episode, black barber (an actor) gets a visit from his white girlfriend (another actor) during a typical workday. However, a black female client (yet another actor) waiting for a haircut expresses her dislike of dating “outside your race”.


“Every Idle Word”

Short Film About the Barbering Game

Taken from a full length film, “EVERY IDLE WORD” is a thrilling and emotional story about business, family, loyalty and the struggles within a barbershop and it’s staff. Even in this 20 minute clip, you are given a real engaging story with background and timeline.

The BARBin BARBinc Office

Customized website and mobile app so Barbershop owners can track shop activity and sales. All updated in real time.

BARBinc Directory

Over 80,000 barbers and shops throughout the U.S. are listed with the ability to add videos, brochures and user ratings.

nc Ecosystem BARBinc Marketplace

An “Amazon for Barbers”, vendors can sell anything from Barber supplies to T-shirts...

BARBinc News

With 24/7 worldwide coverage of “All Things Barber”, BARBinc News is the #1 online source of Barber news and information.


Andries Atkin’s Clipper Maintenance Series

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on Andries Atkins, a pioneer in clipper engineering/maintenance. With over 15 years of experience as a licensed barber and certified clipper technician, there’s no better person to learn about clipper maintenance...


Vick Damone’s in “Making The Cut”

(San Francisco, California) Three aspiring student barbers will have the chance to compete for a full scholarship at The Bay Area Hair Institute. The show will also focus on the Judges which include Vick “Vick The Barber” Damone, Shane Nesbitt and Derrick “Deerock” Pecson...


“Making The Cut” Episode #1

In Episode #1, you’ll meet Anthony Aurejo, Paul Mogannam Jr., and Daniel Porter who battle against each other. The competition is sponsored by barber Donnie Hawley and his company LAYRITE Pomade.


Tiger Barbershop

A Community Icon for Generations

(Columbia, Missouri) The doors of Tiger Barbershop first opened in 1929 and not much has changed since the good’ol days.


Best New #BarberArt (Week of Jan-25-2014)







This was a challenging week for the team at BARBinc News since there were SO MANY great BarberArt pieces to choose from‌ Be sure to check out the entire gallery and if you want to submit your BarberArt to BARBinc News, include the tags #BarberArt and #BARBincCom when posting to Instagram..!


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BARBinc Magazine -- JAN-25-2014  

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