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Nutritions By: Amanda, Alegria, AnaPaul,Camilo,Karl, Juan Pedro y Juan Francisco


TABLE OF CNTENT What is nutrition?

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The habits of our community


Tips and Suggestions for a Good Nutrition


What is nutrition? In these paragraph we are going to tell you what is nutrition and definition. We are going to tell you interesting facts about nutrition. We are going to tell you about what it does and things like that. Nutrition in our body is very important. Nutrition is the source of energy in our body which our nutrients can function. Look nutrition is the source of energy in our body. That means that without nutrients we were weak or even dead. Nutrients are very important in our body. Nutrition you know what it means. People could may know what is nutrition but they don’t know the term of nutrition.

The term (nutritional) refer vitamins, proteins, minerals and that entire thing that help the body. That is something that not all people know. That is an interesting fact. Nutrition are fats, proteins, carbohydrate and water, that is a little thing of what is nutrition. And other thing about nutrition is proteins that your body needs to develop bones. That is one important thing. Without that you can’t walk. Nutrition is essential for your brain can develop, have a good health, grow properly and have a resistance bones and skill. Those are how a good nutrition can help you. A good nutrition help you to prevent diseases. In conclusion, a good nutrition is one of the most important thing in our body.

The habits of our community The habits of our community are: to eat every day breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our community most of the time has an schedule to eat and its very good that most of us eat fruits every day, but the vegetables we need to start eat them more because less of the 50% of us eats 4 or more times vegetables a day. The other half doesn’t eat any vegetables. This is unacceptable because more people prefer to eat junk food most days of the week instead of eating healthy food like vegetables, fruits, etc. Do you want to prevent diseases? Eat healthy and make sure you are always eating variety! Sometimes they say that junk food is good for us because like hamburgers, they have meat, tomatoes and French fries are made of potatoes. Nutritionists say that pizza and tacos are the healthiest thing to eat but if you put only cheese is really not healthy. You need to vary your food. All of these stuff is made with artificial products. That’s why we should eat healthy. For helping you understand what you need to eat, there’s the food pyramid. What you need to eat more of are grains, then vegetables, then fruits, milk and fats. If you are eating all these in a variety diet you should be a healthy person. Eating well also help us for our digestion. If you don’t eat well this may affect your digestive system because some products that shouldn’t be consumed are damaging your body. The nutrition is always healthy and good for you. Nutrition is not just eating healthy; it’s also to take care of our body. Our community does take of our bodies because we exercise a lot. We have a lot of marathons were the best athletes are recognized be us. To the winners we give those awards so instead of running for the award, the need to start to like to run and to exercise.

As you’ve see, all of these thing such as eating healthy, exercise and be well nourished. For eating healthy, you need to do all of the things that we mentioned above, so you could be in form and a healthy body and life. For the food pyramid it would be awesome that you take a look at that so you can know what to eat and how much of it. Our community needs to get better at eating more vegetables than just junk food but for doing.

Tips and Suggestions for a Good Nutrition! Alegría Martínez, Amanda Vaca Having a good nutrition is very easy, you just have to know the right choices you need to make when you are about to eat. Having a good nutrition is about eating something healthy instead of something unhealthy. Everything you eat has to be moderated. You don’t need to exaggerate with a healthy diet; you just need to keep in mind that even the tiniest change in your diet makes a HUGE change in your life. Here are some tips and suggestions that may help you with your nutrition. A good nutrition doesn’t involve an extreme diet that can lead to anorexia, bulimia or eating disorders; it involves you eating proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber that your body requires. This are some tips that are going to make you feel fresh, happy, comfortable and with a lot of energy. When you are grocery shopping, think about your plate: make sure you have a variety of colors in it. Also make sure these colors come from natural ingredients. When you are at home and you are about to make your lunch, remember you need a normal portion of each ingredient. This means you don’t need too much of something and a little of the other, it means you need a balanced plate. One of the most important food that you should have in your plate are fruits and vegetables, they both are the half of a plate. Vegetables are very good, they also have so many different flavors, some will be more salty than others, and some will be sweet vegetables. Some vegetables can help you prevent some types of diseases, like cancer. Vegetables are very good for your healthy diet. Drinking water is another way to have a good balanced diet. Water lets your organism hydrate, and that helps your body work better. The health benefits of vegetables and fruits are that they are rich in vitamins, minerals… etc. and that gives you a healthy life! Keep eating vegetables and fruits… but don’t forget grains, dairy and protein! Some good fats your diet needs that help you feed your brain, heart, and cells, your hair, skin, and nails are the oils from plants like the canola, peanut and olive oil. Also, you should eat the oil that comes from avocados, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans) and seed (pumpkin and sesame). Your diet should also have a good amount of oil because of the fish you need to eat salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and cold water fish. You can also eat corn, soybean, flaxseed oils and walnuts so your diet has healthy fats! It is as easy as those steps you just read! If you want to have a good nutrition you just have to know what is better for your body and health. You should eat in moderation and not eat too much of something and a little bit of the other. You should also remember that you should eat in moderation. Also remember that if you

start from this very first minute a balanced diet, your life will be full of healthiness! Every little step you take on changing your diet, the less time it will take you to completely change to a new and improved diet!

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