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An OptimizePress Review Made By a Novice Internet Entrepreneur After looking at a number of articles about WordPress theme, probably you are now mindful of sales pages and the functionalities of OptimizePress as a WordPress theme and as a sales suite software. As the name implies, OptimizePress maximizes WordPress by allowing you to build your site with exceptional squeeze pages, sales pages, prelaunch and launch sites and membership pages without any difficulty. Certainly, the advantages of OptimizePress are really easy to realize once you've used it, or once you feel sick of spending big fees for site making services. Michael Dunlop, owner of "Popup Domination", has stated his interest in OptimizePress after introducing it. Popup Domination was Dunlop's very first digital product. The launching of the product was a success. However, Dunlop has exerted a lot of effort and hard work to introduce the product to the online industry. Most importantly, he paid out a huge sum of money to employ a website designer to create the site to launch Popup Domination to the online market. Of course, he found all of these very complicated challenges. Dunlop just concluded how powerful OptimizePress is and how useful it really is if he used it to launch Popup Domination. He also realized how OptimizePress is special from his product, Popup Domination. Unlike Popup Domination that generates popups for blogs, OptimizePress is focused on producing outstanding squeeze pages that could be built to capture names and contact details of prospect customers in return of freebies. Just as Dunlop assumed, you could build up your website traffic by employing OptimizePress. It is an effective website creator which incorporates ten squeeze pages template which has graphics, text, and video integration support. In fact, based on Dunlop he has established a squeeze page's pre-headline, headline, fonts, embedded videos, and others in just five minutes! You could also never get erroneous in setting up your sales pages with OptimizePress. You could create your sales pages right away by adding testimonial order, and content boxes, and selecting templates to set up your pages' full width headers, logo and sidebars. You may also upload your Amazon S3, EZS3, Easy Video Player videos and the likes, or embed external videos from websites such as YouTube. OptimizePress also supports your products' pre-launch and launch needs by letting you to build launch funnels, which can be incorporated with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. James Dyson, the creator of OptimizePress even told Dunlop that he is creating a new function that could improve your launch funnel by overseeing the visitors' activity history. In this way, you could include an auto-direct and auto-response capability to your pages. Apart from the outstanding top features of OptimizePress, Dunlop is pleased with OptimizePress support service. Moreover, Dunlop feels that OptimizePress has still plenty of potential for progress regardless of the exceptional features it offers currently. Even more importantly, the value for money is just worth it, that Dunlop used OptimizePress to setup his new website, Income Diary. Dunlop is convinced that OptimizePress could definitely optimize your website creation. Now it is your time to begin believing.

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An OptimizePress Review Made By a Novice Internet Entrepreneur