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arberShop Magazine is an upscale


lifestyle magazine that pays homage

Keep tabs on your teams.

to our first and eldest community center, the black barber shop. For

decades African Americans have met in the barber shop not only for grooming but to pass on information, to gather information, to talk sports, talk about current events, to talk about issues that plague our community to read the latest relevant


T. Sinclaire Arlene Culpepper StAff WritEr

Hicham Kasbi Art DirEctor

in the African American community, not only for being trusted, but for being some of our first successful entrepreneurs.

complete. Each issue of BarberShop Magazine in a


barber shop will be read by at least 100 individuals at least twice per month; African American males visit the barber shop for grooming on at least three occasions per month.

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Barbering is once again on the fast track when it comes to the list of rapidly growing career options

2011 proved to be an immensely successful year for the New Orleans Saints



This alleged publicizing of blasphemous content

has kicked off in full swing and will prove to be another major nail biting event


The father is the pillar of support for a child and the support and guidance of a father is pivotal in framing the decisions




scandal is the one of the biggest controversies that has ever surrounded the New Orleans Saints

Department has been long since involved in ill activity and complaints regarding excessive use of violence, discrimination and foul play.

13 HOW TO?

setting up a business from scratch is not child’s play. TO OUR READERS: Before beginning any significant changes in diet or exercise, individuals should consult with a physician or health professional. The materials in this publication are for reader information, and should not be perceived as medical or health advice.




and just laugh. Barbers have always held high status

A haircut takes between 30 to 45 minutes to

New Orleans Hornets has one of the most promising squads in the Southwest Division

Dallas Xavier Evans

publication and on lots of occasions talk nonsense

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The rate of unemployment in African Americans went to a record high in the past couple of months

College football is at its hottest peak this year.


The sudden death of the King of Pop brought about severe cracks. The end of an episode that exposed painful party divisions inside Congress and out.


Obama’s sweeping gun-control package faces an uncertain future.


He is as as legendary as they come.

50 DREAM TEAM something truly new in entertainment...


Sassy, special and quite unique – Hollygrove native, Tasha. J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 5

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Barbering is once again on the fast track when it comes to the list of rapidly growing career options. Training to be a barber is preparing for a fulfilling and life-long profession that not only provides excellent opportunities for professional growth but also comes with the added flair of showcasing your creativity to the masses. these days professional barbers are not only limited to trimming hair – growing opportunities of providing salon treatments, shampooing, hairstyling and stylish trimmings can bring a barber on the forefront for media endorsements, fashion shows or even films. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS AND LICENSING CRITERIA Training to be a barber requires a certification course, diploma or a degree depending upon the choice of institution. The program, comprising over 9 months, teaches the students the basics of hair and moustache cutting, shaving, shampooing and styling. Some schools may also teach

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coloring or dying techniques, adding to the skills of the student. the program then ends with an exam after which a license is provided to the individual. Additional knowledge of facial treatments and hand or foot care are provided in courses that provide cosmetology training in addition to barbering. the career path is fairly profitable and enjoyable for students who cannot afford or do not have the required time to attend a fullfledged college degree course. A student may also take up apprenticeship programs to learn the tricks of the trade, thus start earning from the very beginning of the training schedule. Assistantship programs are best suited for budding students because they provide a chance to learn and experiment from the very early stages. MONETARY BENEFITS AND PAY SCALE Working as a barber can be a challenging and creative career path with numerous options of work environments in vogue. Barbers can either work privately by opening up a personal shop or leasing a spot in a spa, salon or hotel. they can also work contractually or provide services on demand as in government institutions like hospitals, prisons or for the military. the American Bureau of labor Statistics (BlS) has predicted that the career opportunities for barbers are set to grow for about 12% in the decade stretching from 2008 to 2018. According to the BlS, a barber can make up to $24000 per year, depending on their expertise, location and product-line.


HIGHLIGHTS Apart from the sound financial income and a respectable and decent career graph for barbers, there are also other small but significant advantages that make it an attractive career choice for budding aspirants. These include:

A barber does not need to work necessarily in an office-like environment – they can open up their personal shop and enjoy the booming success of their business by being their own boss! A typical trim or shaving job does not take longer than half an hour. This a barber can attend to a large number of customers per day, giving them an added advantage of having to socialize while on job. Enhancing services beyond just cutting hair and catering to different demands of the customers like facial treatments and cosmetology procedures can not only bring a spark of creativity to the normal work routines but also give a boost to the monthly income.

From the very beginning of life, every son looks up to his father as the perfect role model and each daughter dreams of choosing a man who is the mirror of her beloved dad.





hen it comes to parenting, it is often seen that the larger share of importance is always stressed upon the mothers and the role of the father usually takes a backseat. however, the father is the pillar of support for a child and the support and guidance of a father is pivotal in framing the decisions, emotions and overall future of young minds. from the very beginning of life, every son looks up to his father as the perfect role model and each daughter dreams of choosing a man who is the mirror of her beloved dad. thus, it is important for every man to embrace the added maturity and responsibility in his life that comes with fatherhood because not only he has the duty of beautifying his partner’s present but he now also holds the important responsibility of deciding his offspring’s future. the environment that the father creates at home sets the benchmark for the kids’ future and paves way for their emotional, psychological and behavioral nature. children whose fathers are compassionate, engaging and supportive of them and are kind, helpful and respectful towards their mothers grow up to be responsible, strong and clear in their objectives. Studies show that teenagers who are confused or found to be engaged in immoral activities are often

found to have met negligence at the hands of their fathers. children who grow up without the affection and guidance of a father often lack in the positivity, confidence and substance that gives life its true meaning. An actively involved father figure is the ultimate support and backbone of an entire household. the love and nurturing care that a father can provide to a child is unlike any other bond in the world. though men are often busy with their work pressures and are unable to give due time and attention to the affairs of the household, even a small effort can go a long way in ensuring your presence in your little one’s world. A casual game of ball with your son or setting up the doll house of your little princess can not only give you golden moments to share with your family but will also create the impression in your child’s mind that their father is always there for them. the realization of the fact in a child’s mind that there is someone to hold them if they fall down is integral in building their self confidence and personality. J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 7

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NBA NBA T National Overview

he stage is set and the competition is heating up once again after the steamy NBA finals in which Miami heat blew the oklahoma city thunder off their feet. With twists and turns in every game and many surprise packages in the form of superstar players, the recently concluded season kept the fans glued to their tV screens throughout and had them on tenterhooks while they cheered their favorites and supported their teams. the NBA is more of a phenomenon than just a sport for the youth of today. headlines were made when star player of Miami heat leBron James set off to become the superstar of the season by being named the MVP player of the year apart from helping the uS team bag a gold at the olympics in london. A force to be reckoned with, leBron is perhaps one of the best and most dangerous players to hit the ground after big names such as Michael Jordan. Paired with a dream team which features top achievers Dwayne Wade and chris Bosh as well, the prospects of a 2013 NBA win are looking bright for Miami heat. though Miami heat stream-jacked oklahoma city thunder with a massive 4-1 win in the finals, all is not lost for the thunders as long as they have the ultimate goal-getter Kevin Durant. Sporting magnificent performance and young players most of which played the finals for the first time, the thunders reached the finals after spellbinding victories over the top-rated los Angeles lakers and defending champions Mavericks. Boston celtics, who have bagged the most championship titles in NBA history, failed to impress as they were defeated by the heat in a massive playoff. the Eastern conference at this

time is being strongly dominated by the raging Miami heat and their feat of signing the best players for their team is paying off in the form of a string of victories for the camp. With the promising trio of James leBron, chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade all in form and performing their best, the heat is the clear favorite for 2013. coming to the Western conference, there is a strong competition between dream teams that are headed by star players such as Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. the los Angeles lakers, that have bagged the finals trophy 16 times till date, remain to be the favorites in the western camp despite losing to the young blood of the thunders. With a massive bout of confidence and experience, the lakers are strong contenders for the cup but they need to maintain a consistent

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performance in the latter half of this year to get the victory in their bag. Whatever the results may be, one thing is for sure – 2013 will prove to be an immensely enjoyable and nerve-wrecking year both for the players and the avid fans. it remains to be seen that who will take center stage in the coming few matches – the young blood pumped up with all the energy or the experienced professionals basking in glory!


The NBA is more of a phenomenon than just a sport for the youth of today. Headlines were made when star player of Miami heat LeBron James set off to become the superstar of the season

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Abuse of power is perhaps the worst aspect in a civilized society, and the New Orleans Police department has been a name that pops up every now and then on the airwaves regarding racial bias and illegal charges. The increased number of complaints has made the government take action against the department, and the feds have taken over the NOPD and issued four year decree consent to bring about a positive and urgent change in the entire organization.





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he New orleans Police Department has been long since involved in ill activity and complaints regarding excessive use of violence, discrimination and foul play. thus, it was high time that the feds took the matter in their own hands to put an end to the illegal activity that had been raging on for a last couple of years. the investigation that was ordered by the uS Department of Justice has finally concluded after two years and orders have been issued for sweeping changes and transformation of the police department. the uS department of Justice has specifically started this campaign to address all the systematic issues of the department in order to uphold the rules and laws in the entire state and reduce the increasing crime rate and riots in different cities as soon as possible. there have been a large number of reports against the lack of professionalism in the department and

the practiced injustice in the past couple of months. high profile shooting, unjust racial discrimination and alleged use of force by the police department in general, forced the government to take severe action against the NoPD. the Police Superintendent ronal Serpas along with the Mayor Mitch landrieu have imposed strict guidelines and training schedules for the policemen in the New orleans Police Department, which includes suggestions and guidelines on how the officers should conduct raids, arrest criminals and carry out interrogations. the consent decree is specifically designed to impose certain decorum amongst the officers, so that the city conditions remain in control and crime levels may be reduced to a large degree. this four year consent decree, according to the officials, will prove to be a vital step in refurbishing and revamping the entire situation of the state affairs and particularly the Police department. the Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice, thomas Perez has stressed upon the fact that they won’t leave the NoPD until they get a positive result and see a development in the issues and problems addressed during this stage. the decision to change and rebuild the New orleans Police Department policies is a welcome step to ensure that the state conditions are improved and a reduction in racial discrimination, violence and crime rates is brought upon in a positive light. The abuse of force by the practicing officials and increasing corruption in the police department is an issue that needs strict attention and detailed investigations so that any such issues are successfully avoided in the future as well.

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So you think that you have it in you to carve your own unique niche. You do not like working under others and want to break free and enjoy life on your terms. Or you think your finances are dipping a little low and you need to put in some extra muscle to make that wallet feel heavy again. In any of these cases, starting a new business can be your best bet to make a mark and set your creativity in motion!


to be a milestone in ensuring your success, and similarly picking up the wrong idea may backfire ad cause you a major loss.


The key to choosing the best idea out of the bunch is thinking from the customer’s perspective. think if you were the buyer why would you choose the product or service that you provide. Also, research and analyze the market – what’s hot, what’s not, what’s in vogue and what’s in demand.

Make sure that the business that you want to start is something that you cAN do or you WANt to do. Ending up investing a large sum of money in which you have no expertise or do not enjoy can prove to be highly distressing in the long run.

Part 1 – Introduction BUT REMEMBER, setting up a business from scratch is not child’s play. You need to think it through, plan it wisely, judge whether or not you are ready for it and then take the right plunge at the right time to achieve success! An idea without the right planning and execution can only take you this far, so make sure you analyze each and every step to make the numbers count! if you are feeling unsure and confused and have dozens of ideas and thoughts streaming through

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your mind, not to worry! follow these guidelines to learn all the tricks of the trade in a systematic way so that not only your business comes out in the mainstream, but it also becomes a raging success!

An idea that sells is the foundation of a successful business, so first of all search for that winning idea. Your business idea can depend upon a lot of things – your own interest, your skill or expertise, the general appeal of the public and the current demand in the market. Selection of the right idea can prove

Do keep in check your finances. Starting a business from scratch generally requires a sound investment in the beginning and it may take a while to retain that sum first let alone earn some profi ts. hence, make sure that you have the required capita in store to fund, grow and fuel the business for a couple of months without difficulty. Also, pay attention to the salability of the idea because gaining profi t is essentially important to keep your finances up and running.

Plan wisely. from inception, branding, marketing and advertising to customer feedback – a budding entrepreneur needs to plan every step in detail to ensure that the business grows by leaps and bounds in the future!

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The World without the Ultimate Pop Star Three Years down the Road

he sudden death of the undisputed King of Pop brought about severe cracks not only in the music industry but also in the world of his thousands of fans. three years have passed and still the world is unaware of the true cause of Jackson’s death – was it really because of the overdose of Propofol that silenced one of the best voices of this century? Was it his personal physician Dr. conrad Murray who brought about the death of the star? or was it his increasing emotional instability and lack of happiness that was eating him from inside since so many years and ultimately resulted in his death? the cause of the superstar’s death was reportedly an overdose of Propofol, a drug that is used to sedate the patients in a hospital premises under a physician’s supervision. Michael’s doctor-on-call gave him a small dose of the drug at his home when he couldn’t sleep and then went out to make a phone call. upon his return, he found his patient dead owing to the overdose. Michael may have taken the drug himself when the doctor was out of sight, but it was the presence of it in the room in the first place that caused raised eyebrows over the intentions of his physician. A lot has changed when it comes to the Jackson household after the singer’s untimely departure in the spring of 2009. Jackson is survived by three children; Prince, Paris and Blanket, who have come out in the open only after the demise of their father. Michael was highly protective about his children, what with the controversies surrounding his life at different stages, but his children remember their father as taking all these efforts to protect their childhood. however, the family feud over the late singer’s money, property and assets has been a cause of rifts between the Jackson kids and the others. Katherine Jackson, the 83 year old mother of Michael has been denied the custody of the three Jackson kids.

She also went missing for a couple of days which she later clarified as a visit to her daughter, however, the disappearance greatly saddened the kids especially Paris. the latter continually posted angry tweets on the social networking site regarding the fact that she was being deliberately kept away from her grandmother. if that was not enough, another murky incident between Paris Jackson and her aunt Janet further throws light on the estrangement of the Jackson family after his death. the rift saw Janet reportedly storming into the Jackson residence with her brothers and slapping Pars calling her a spoilt brat. Paris retorted angrily to Janet in return, further aggravating the situation.

Michael Jackson


“Michael was highly protective about his children, what with the controversies surrounding his life at different stages” Michael Jackson in his will left everything that he owned to his mother and children and left out his siblings, which is maybe the main cause of tension between the two parties. the death of Michael Jackson at 50 brought an end to the most anticipated musical saga that the world had seen in the recent era. his records which had earlier been chart toppers and blockbusters surged to unimaginable heights of popularity following his death. As the world mourns the end of the glorious era of music and thousands of fans share sympathies for the trauma that the star faced throughout his life, the music that was trademark Jackson will continue to serve as an idol of music lovers for generations to come.


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Religion is a sensitive issue that can give rise to an unanticipated surge of emotions and cause a severe blow to the hearts of millions in a single stroke. The aftermath of protests and uproar that preceded the release of an insulting Anti-Islam film was similar – thousands of people came out in the open and the entire Middle East unified against the attack on their moral values and the religious sanctity of their Prophet.





he movie clip lasting 13 minutes in total depicts mockery of the Muslim Prophet and has been produced by an Egyptian-born 54 year old man Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Wide distribution of the movie over the internet sparked violence and uproar in the Muslim world resulting in a series of events that took away dozens of lives and resulted in damage of a large share of property. the unrest and protests were mainly targeted towards America. the angry mobs destroyed public property, popular restaurants and American consulate offices in a large number of countries. The US ambassador to libya christopher Stevens and three other officials were also killed in libya following the attack on the American consulate office in Benghazi, libya. the islamic leaders are trying hard to control the situation; however,

held in libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen and 20 more countries that are bursting with supporters chanting for the removal of the film from Youtube and also demand necessary action to be taken against the film the whole of Middle East is abuzz with the personal attacks on their faith and religion. however, though activists and major Muslim leaders are stressing upon the public to stay calm and upfront in these times, the protests have ignited a certain level of violence that has resulted in scores of people dying and property damage in the last few months. the low-budget movie has been duplicated and distributed to a large number of sites by now. this alleged publicizing of blasphemous content, however, has hurt the feelings of millions around the globe. As of today, the protests and rallies against the film are still raging on in Afghanistan, libya, Egypt, Pakistan and Yemen. it is true that the right to express one’s voice and motives through online channels is a right of every individual, but does anybody possess the right to tarnish the belief and faith of millions of people? in times when technological hype and media sensations can fuel up the emotions of thousands in a few hours, it is necessary to regulate a mechanism that can judge and decide what goes and what doesn’t go public on the wire. for now, the issue has stirred the debate on religious freedom of expression in a large part of the world. Will the authorities and experts reach a mutually acceptable decision for such issues in the future? only time will tell.

“This alleged publicizing of blasphemous content, however, has hurt the feelings of millions around the globe.” the public is angry and irrational as they target and protest public property. though the uS government has admitted the video to be disrespectful and demeaning, the officials are of the view that no action can be taken against the freedom of expression of the citizens of the State. there have been demonstrations across the Middle East as well as in multiple countries from around the world. indonesia alone has over 3000 supporters. A large number of protests and rallies have also been

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ver the years the hornets have gathered a select group of players that are now polished in defense and attack and are performing at their level best. the most notable names in this regard are of robin lopez, Anthony Davis,

Xavier henry, Al farouq Aminu and the captain Eric Gordon. With Anthony Davis sporting a string of awards and the outstanding performance of the rest of the players in the squad, the team is predicted to have one of the best defensive sides in NBA and is touted to end up in the upper top half of NBA defense. however, when it comes to the attack, Eric Gordon is the main force to be reckoned with because of his consistent performance. though Austin rivers is a valuable asset to the squad when it comes to offense, the entire team is more or less dependent on the captain Gordon when it comes to scoring. A few strong and consistent wins is what the team needs to get a moral boost and get on tracks for a promising performance in the NBA. they have got the talent; they just need to hone it and practice to get some figures rolling on the scoreboards. the recent victories over Magic in Mexico city, indiana Pacers and former NBA champion Dallas Mavericks have been crucial in building up the stage for a massive showdown in the coming NBA games for them. recent developments in the team

have set the wheels in motion for a rapid change in their performance. rookie Austin rivers and veteran offender Greivis Vasquez are all set to compete for the coveted spot of the point guard job that can help set the stage for a promising offense of the hornets. the recent addition of the experienced player Brian roberts in the squad of the New orleans hornets may also prove to be the turning point for them in the upcoming games. Signed up in August this year, roberts may have a chance to make it to the top as he was the mastermind behind the team’s recent victory against orlando Magic in Mexico city. With a three year experience playing overseas in Germany, this budding talent may be the answer to the woes of the team and may turn the tables around for them in the upcoming games. With massive talent and strong hopes on the foreground, the future in NBA for the New orleans hornets is looking to be bright. however, the coming few games will be critical in deciding their fate and standings as they clash with the bigwigs in the western camp.

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rew Brees, the revolutionary quarterback for the Saints is the single most dangerous player in the team. officially named the Nfc offensive Player of the year, Drew Brees startled and vowed fans across the globe with his spellbinding and record settling performance game after game. Drew Brees broke all records this season with his enticing and consistently improving performance, and managed to help his team bag a large number of awards and recognition. Brees is again looking dangerous in his forma and his presence in the team will definitely prove to be a major threat for the competitors in the current season. the previous season proved to be full of ups and downs for the Saints, with big victories against New York Giants, Detroit lines, indianapolis colts and Atlanta falcons making them move higher up the ranks.

however, the season was also marked with certain close matches and a few surprise and unexpected losses to tampa Bay and St. louis rams that shook their desire to clinch the title. the team finished in a considerably good position and was ranked as the third top seed with several records to their credit. After their remarkably smooth performance in the last season, the Saints have yet again emerged as a strong contender and a highly offensive side for the Nfl 2012 championship. last week brought with it an epic 31-24 victory for the Saints against the very promising San Diego chargers. With a victory in their bag just at the brink of their bye week, the Saints are hopeful for a remarkable and promising future for them in the upcoming Super Bowl. Being the hosts of Super Bowl XlVii in the current season, the Saints are hopeful for a comeback and redemption of the title. their coach Aaron Kramer made it a point to mention in his official statement that the current lineup is looking great at the moment and the victory against San Diego has surely sparked up the morale of the team. With a big match against tampa Bay lined for them in near future, the team is training hard to stay in form and keep the scoreboard in their favor. the legendary Jonathan Wilma, who had previously been facing fitness problems, is also expected to join the ranks in the next few matches. An ultimate match-winner and one of the top players in the Nfl, the return of Wilma may prove to be the breakthrough that the Saints are hoping for.

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NFL NFL National Overview

The most recent season of NFL, the NFL 2012, has kicked off in full swing and will prove to be another major nail biting event for the avid fans around the world. Bringing football to every household, NFL super bowls have had fans glued to their TV screens for years now. The opening game of the season brought about much surprise for the fans, with the defending champions New York losing to Dallas in a historical showdown.

efending champions New York Giants set the stage for a massive kickoff game against the Dallas cowboys in an epic battle in September, which finally resulted in their defeat by a close 24-17. the Nfl this year is marked by a series of surprises, twists and turns and the momentum is building up gradually for the much awaited super bowl of the season. looking at the previous season, there were many players that turned

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the game around for their teams and set off to create historical benchmarks in the game. first and foremost in this list is the most amazing quarterback that the recent times have seen – Drew Brees of the New orleans Saints. having a smashing offensive record and with a string of victories under his belt, Brees rightfully emerged as the offensive Player of the Year with his figures and performance topping the charts in most games. Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings has also been consistently performing as the top defense player in the last season and has let his team ace through many tough situations with ease. his strong track record and consistency has brought

Manning is one player to look out for in 2012, as his amazing tactics and strong presence makes the New York giants a favorite again for 2012. Minnesota in the running for one of the most promising squads in 2012. No discussion of the Nfl can be completed without mentioning the strong and consistent performance of Eli Manning, which helped his team bag the top spot and clutch the title after a massive super bowl in 2011. With multiple super bowl awards to his credit and a strikingly consistent performance to date, Manning is

one player to look out for in 2012, as his amazing tactics and strong presence makes the New York giants a favorite again for 2012. Nobody can forget the game between the New orleans Saints and San francisco 49ers that had die-hard football fans craving and raging for more. While New orleans looked unstoppable with an on-form Drew Brees doing the magic for them, the last few minutes of the

game changed the entire view of the field with San francisco moving ahead to face the New York Giants in the semi final. A truly nail biting event, football does not get better than this! though Brees failed to get New orleans the cup in the last season, they are looking to be strong contenders for 2012 and their streak of wins is ringing sure shot alarm bells for their competitors! the stage is set and the games continue with every other day bringing a new record or setback for the fans. the Nfl season 2012, with all the star players, big teams and the adrenaline rush that it brings is a must watch for fans around the globe!

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The recent upturn in economy has been affecting the entire youth population in America, but none have paid the price as much as the African Americans. The rate of unemployment in African Americans went to a record high in the past couple of months, touching as high as 16 percent in July last year. So, what exactly is the real cause of this surge in unemployment in African Americans across the States?




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he current unemployment rate for African Americans has grown to a swift 14.4 percent again after touching down to 13 percent in the earlier half of the year. on the other hand, unemployment rates for Whites and hispanics has stayed constant at 7.4 and 11% respectively during the past year. there are many reasons being held responsible for this stark difference in the figures over the years, with racial discrimination being on the top of the list. racial differences have been a major cause of rifts and injustice in the society for a long time now, but never before has the unemployment rate reached such high points in recent history.

African American teens alone have had an alarming 45 percent unemployment rate reported in 2011, which has contributed significantly on the increase of depression and hopelessness amongst the youth. Employers are wary of hiring African American individuals for jobs due to a variety of reasons, with stereotyping as involvement in criminal activities being a highlight. Even deserving candidates are stripped off opportunities of employment due to these recurring reasons, and it is high time that the government takes strong action in this regard. lack of finances and a decent college degree is also a major backdrop when it comes to finding a job amongst young individuals. With the market highly competitive and college education being unaffordable for a large part of African-American population, a

“ African American teens alone have had an alarming 45 percent unemployment rate reported in 2011, which has contributed significantly on the increase of depression and hopelessness amongst the youth.�

large number of youth is forced to do daily wage jobs that are unable to get them a fair share of income for themselves and their families. the oďŹƒcials and experts, particularly at the Economic Policy institute handling the race, Ethnicity and Economy Program, have stated that this rise in unemployment rates is majorly caused because of more and more people entering the workforce with each passing day. regions that have AfricanAmerican population on the rise while having lesser career opportunities have become stagnant when it comes to jobs and thus the population poses a large number of youth unemployed in the current decade. though there are several organizations run by African Americans that focus on providing employment particularly to the Afro population in the united States, the lack of funding by the relevant authorities and the market are hindering their chances to grow. if the required attention is given to such companies and initiatives are taken to create strong and profitable employment opportunities for African American population, a lot can be changed for the youth of tomorrow. With the job market crucially scarce in every field and competition growing heavily in every area, a change is much needed to ensure no financial crisis hits the African American population in America.

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STOCK MARKET AND HOW IT WORKS Investing in stocks is the call of the day and smart investors swear upon the returns and financial benefits they get through this trade! Gone are the days when stocks were out of range for the common man. Nowadays, anyone and everyone can benefit from this opportunity to boost up their finances. If you are equipped with the right perspective, research, tact and planning, stock investing can prove to be beneficial asset to earn some extra money! however, it is very important to understand the concept of stocks, the stock market and the way it works in detail to ensure that you gain a positive outcome and avoid any unfortunate losses. following are some important points that you need to know before you try your hand in the stock market:


Shares in the simplest definition can be regarded as a small part of a company and buying this small share refers to investing in the stocks of the company. the stock exchange or the stock market is the place where you can buy or sell these shares of a company.


investing in the stocks of the company actually makes you the owner of that company in a way. thus, if the company performs well and gains profits, the demand for its stocks goes up and eventually the price of its stocks increases. in a similar

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manner, poor performance and losses encountered by a company call for a decline in its demand and thus the stock prices drop low.


the dividend is the annual return on the profits gained by the company. Since investing in their shares makes you partly the owner of that company, you are liable to get a payback in the profits of the company as well. the more shares you have of a successful company that is growing rapidly, the more profit you earn!


however, the main game-changer in stock investment is analyzing the daily trends of the market. Predicting the performance of a share is the real trick of the game. Buying a stock when it is at a lower price and selling it when the prices rise is what that calls for the booming profits in the stock market.

5 in order to play it safe and gain the maximum benefit from 2013

investment in stock market, it is important that you pay close attention to the performance and reputation of the company in question. if the company and their business are soaring high at the moment and their services are in demand, it is only natural that the profits for it will go up. thus, research and close inspection of the market are highly necessary to gain a positive result for the investment.


like any other trade, stock market investment is more of a gamble and the right prediction at the right time can help you earn the maximum profits. however, the market is constantly uctuating and you need to be ready for frequent losses if you are thinking to invest in this trade. But, if you plan wisely, research thoroughly and analyze the stock market regularly, investing in shares can prove to be one of the best financial decisions you make! J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 29

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More than 10 weeks after Superstorm Sandy brutalized parts of the heavily populated Northeast, the House approved $50.5 billion in emergency relief for the victims Tuesday night as Republican leaders struggled to close out an episode that exposed painful party divisions inside Congress and out.

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he vote was 241-180, and officials said the Senate was likely to accept the measure early next week and send it to President Barack obama for his signature. Democrats supported the aid in large numbers, while majority republicans opposed it by a lopsided margin. “We are not crying wolf here,” said rep. chris Smith, r-N.J., one of a group of Northeastern lawmakers from both parties who sought house passage of legislation roughly in line with what the obama administration and governors of the affected states have sought. Democrats were more politically pointed as they brushed back Southern conservatives who sought either to reduce the measure or offset part of its cost through spending cuts elsewhere in the budget. “i just plead with my colleagues not to have a double standard,” said rep. carolyn Maloney of New York. “Not to vote tornado relief to Alabama, to louisiana, to Mississippi, Missouri, to — with ike, Gustav, Katrina, rita — but when it comes to the Northeast, with the


second worst storm in the history of our country, to delay, delay, delay.” one key vote came on an attempt by rep. rodney freylinghuysen to add $33.5 billion to an original allotment of $17 billion in aid. that roll call was 228-192 and Democrats broke 190-2 in favor, while republicans opposed it overwhelmingly, 190-38. Similarly, on final passage, 192 Democrats joined 49 republicans in support. opposed were 179 republicans and one Democrat. Earlier, conservatives failed in an attempt to offset a part of the bill’s cost with across-the-board federal budget cuts. the vote was 258-162. rep. Mark Mulvaney, r-S.c., arguing for the reduction, said he wasn’t trying to torpedo the aid package, only to pay for it. “Are there no savings, are there no reductions we can put in place this year so these folks can get their money?” he asked plaintively. critics said the proposed cuts would crimp Pentagon spending as well as domestic accounts and said the aid should be approved without reductions elsewhere. “there are times when a disaster simply goes beyond our ability to budget. hurricane Sandy is one of those times,” said rep. hal rogers of Kentucky, chairman of the house Appropriations committee. Sandy roared through several states in late october and has been blamed for 140 deaths and billions of dollars in residential and business property damage, much of it in New York, New Jersey and connecticut. it led to power outages and interruptions to public transportation that made life miserable for millions, and the clamor for federal relief began almost immediately. the emerging house measure includes about $16 billion to repair transit systems in New York and New Jersey and a similar amount for housing and other needs in the affected area. An additional $5.4 billion would go to the federal Emergency and Management Agency for disaster relief, and $2 billion is ticketed for restoration of highways damaged or destroyed in the storm. the governors of the three states most directly affected praised the congressional action. “We are grateful to those members of congress who today pulled together in a unified, bipartisan coalition to assist millions of their fellow Americans in New York, New Jersey, and connecticut at their greatest time of need,” said a joint statement issued by New York Governor Andrew M. cuomo, New Jersey Governor chris christie and connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy. “the tradition of congress being there and providing support for Americans during times of crisis, no matter where they live across this great country, lives on in today’s vote in the house of representatives.” the governors said they “anticipate smooth passage when this package moves back to the Senate for final

approval and for this long-awaited relief to finally make its way to our residents.” the Senate approved a $60 billion measure in the final days of the congress that expired on Jan. 3, and a house vote had been expected quickly. it is highly unusual for a majority party to bring legislation to a vote that its own rank-and-file opposes, but in this case, Speaker John Boehner, r-ohio, and the leadership had little or no choice. Boehner unexpectedly postponed the vote in the final hours of the expiring congress as he struggled to calm conservatives unhappy that the house had just approved a separate measure raising tax rates on the wealthy. the delay drew a torrent of criticism, much of it from other republicans. “there’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims, the house majority and their speaker, John Boehner,” New Jersey Gov. chris christie said on the day after the delay was announced. rep. Pete King of New York added that campaign donors in the Northeast who give to republicans “should have their head examined.” less than two weeks later, the leadership brought legislation to the floor under ground rules designed to satisfy as many republicans as possible while retaining support from Democrats eager to approve as much in disaster aid as possible. Across the capitol, majority Democrats indicated they would probably not seek changes. “While the house bill is not quite as good as the Senate bill, it is certainly close enough,” Sen. charles Schumer of New York said. “We will be urging the Senate to speedily pass the house bill and send it to the president’s desk.” congress has already approved a $9.7 billion increase in a fund to pay federal flood insurance claims, much of it expected to benefit victims of Sandy. the political veered into the personal at times during hours of debate. in remarks on the house floor, rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., said one South carolina lawmaker who has criticized the measure “personally took a small business” disaster loan in the past. While he didn’t mention any names, South carolina rep. Mulvaney has said he received such a loan. Mulvaney later told reporters the comparison was a poor one. he said that unlike funds in the Sandy legislation, the loan he received was approved within the budget, and not as an add-on that increased the deficit. in the weeks since the storm hit, the federal Emergency Management Agency has spent about $3.1 billion for construction of shelters, restoration of power and other immediate needs after the late-october storm pounded the Atlantic coast with hurricane-force winds and coastal flooding. J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 31

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he talented junior has had the hopes high of the coach les Miles, who is saying the offensive side of the time has never looked so stronger. thoughthe offensive line upof the team had been a strong point in their performance in 2011 as well, the pairing of seasoned players like Spencer Ware, Kenny hilliard and Michael ford with Mettenberger and freshman Gunner Kiel can transform the team to one of the most dangerous sides that the game has seen in the recent times. Perhaps the biggest competition to the lSu tigers in the current season is the threatening Alabama, whose seasoned players have been known to give a tough time to the tigers for a while now. however, certain key players of Alabama are graduating from senior year, giving the tigers an edge over their most dangerous competition. it is suffice to say that the defense has always been the strongestfactor that influences the success rate of the tigers, and this year the top notch defensive players in the

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Squad are making the tigers look like the best defensive side of the season. florida is also a major threat for the lSu tigers, and a victory in the bag against florida can greatly increase their chances of finishing the season in a consistent light. the rivalry between florida and lSu dates back to the 70s and the start of 2013 will bring with it a new race to redemption for both the teams on the football ground. lSu, therefore, need to finish this year with a steady pace so that they can enter 2013 with big hopes to grasp the title against some of arch rivals. the SEc West wing race is in full swing with the biggest match of the season – the clash between the lSu tigers and Alabama scheduled to take place in the middle of November. Both the teams are looking hopeful to clinch the victory, and this meeting will ultimately decide the fate of the two teams on the road to nationals. With a make or break situation underway for the lSu tigers, the team is practicing hard to keep the cup in view and to emerge at the finishing line of the season in a 2013

strong and successful position. the strong squad and consistent performance of all the players currently playing in the squad has had experts speculating lSu as the favorites to win the nationals title. though they have a tough road ahead of them with a clash against Alabama and Arkansas blocking their road to the cup, it is predicted that the strong and consistent line up will result in a successful season for the Tigers.




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The bountygate scandal that has been widely publicized in media circles for a few months now, involved several New orleans Saints players operating a certain ‘slush fund’ that paid them bonus money for inflicting injuries to opposing players and involved violation of Nfl rules within games. the slush pool which had been in practice since the year 2009, provided them extra bounties and payments for inflicting injuries to opposing players that resulted in their early exit from the game. the involvement of the defense coordinator of the team Gregg Williams, the head coach Sean Payton and the general manager of the team tom Benson in the Bountygate scandal has also been made public following a series of investigations by the Nfl. As many as 22 to 27 players were found to be involved in the scandal, and the end of the investigation brought about astounding results and the severest of punishments by the Nfl to date. 8 players of the Saints squad were suspended, of which 4 were currently part of the Saints squad. the list includes the popular Jonathan Vilma who has been the top performer and game winner for the Saints in recent times. The loss of Vilma for the entire 2012 season is one of the biggest blows to hit the Saints and it has considerably affected their performance in the current season.

Seasoned coach of the squadPayton has also been suspended for the entire season of 2012, as he was found guilty of trying to cover up the incident for the past few months instead of reporting it to the concerned authorities. Gregg Williams was found to be the mastermind behind the ’slush fund’ and this has resulted in his suspension from Nfl. A major name that has risen in this entire situation is of the commissioner of the Nfl, roger Goodell. Goodell responded against the Bountygate scandal with some of the most severe punishments to date and the yearlong suspension of the Vilmaand several match penalties against the other three has been the subject of a mass uproar from the players in question, their teammates and the fans. Jonathan Vilma and his fellow teammates that were suspended from the squad, including Will Smith, Anthony hargrove, and Scott fujita have filed for an appeal of relaxation in their punishments. Vilma, in particular, asked that Goodell should be removed from the case because they believe that he is not being fair and impartial. Though the most recent action against the appeal filed by the players will be entertained, Vilma and the others are still adamant of Goodell’s removal from the case. the firm stance kept by both Goodell and the Saints players is the major reason that is inhibiting the case to reach a final verdict.

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he fate of his plan could ultimately hinge on a handful of moderate Democratic senators. Although they are unlikely to endorse the president’s call for banning assault weapons, they might go along with other proposals, such as requiring universal background checks on gun purchases. Several of these senators responded warily after obama unveiled his proposals Wednesday with the challenge that “congress must act soon.” “i will look closely at all proposals on the table, but we must use common sense and respect our constitution,” said Sen. Jon tester, D-Mont. tester told the Missoulian newspaper in his home state recently that he supports background checks but doesn’t think an assault weapons ban would have stopped the shootings at an elementary school in Newtown, conn.,

“I will look closely at all proposals on the table, but we must use common sense and respect our Constitution,”

where a gunman massacred 20 children and six adults before turning the gun on himself. obama’s proposals came a month after the shootings in Newtown, which he has called the worst day of his presidency. his announcements capped a swift and wide-ranging effort, led by Vice President Joe Biden, to respond to the deaths. the $500 million plan marks the most comprehensive effort to tighten gun laws in nearly two decades. it also sets up a tough political fight with congress as obama starts his second term needing republican support to meet three looming fiscal deadlines and pass comprehensive immigration reform. “i will put everything i’ve got into this, and so will

said Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont


President Barack Obama’s sweeping gun-control package faces an uncertain future on Capitol Hill, where majority House Republicans are rejecting his proposals while the president’s allies in the Democratic-controlled Senate are stopping well short of pledging immediate action.

Joe,” the president said. “But i tell you, the only way we can change is if the American people demand it.” Seeking to circumvent at least some opposition, obama signed 23 executive actions Wednesday, including orders to make more federal data available for background checks and end a freeze on government research on gun violence. But he acknowledged that J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 37

19/01/2013 21:04

the steps he took on his own would have less impact than the broad measures requiring approval from capitol hill. he is also calling for limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds or less. “to make a real and lasting difference, congress, too, must act,” obama said. the question now is how and whether that happens. house GoP leaders have made clear they’ll wait for the Senate to act first, since they see no need to move on the contentious topic if it doesn’t. “house committees of jurisdiction will review these recommendations. And if the Senate passes a bill, we will also take a look at that,” said Michael Steel, spokesman to house Speaker John Boehner. Many rank-and-file republicans scorched obama’s proposal. “the right to bear arms is a right, despite President obama’s disdain for the Second Amendment,” said rep. tim huelskamp, r-Kan. Senators are expected to begin discussions on how to proceed when they return to Washington next week from a congressional recess, according to a Democratic leadership aide who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. they could end up breaking the president’s proposals into individual pieces, with votes possibly starting next month. the argument went trans-Atlantic thursday when Defense Secretary leon Panetta, who is leaving the administration, talked to u.S. troops in Europe. “Who the hell needs armor-piercing bullets except you guys in battle?” Panetta told the soldiers at the u.S. Army Garrison Vicenza in northern italy. “for the life of me, i don’t know why the hell people have to have assault weapons.” Panetta, who said he believes in the Second Amendment and has been a longtime duck hunter, was asked about the issue by a soldier who wanted to know what steps the obama administration was going to take to deal with attacks in schools that “don’t have to do with tearing apart our Second Amendment.” Known for his often blunt and colorful language, Panetta added that things can be done to protect children “so that the nuts that are out there won’t use these kinds of weapons to wipe them out.” While the assault weapons ban is seen as having little if any chance of passage, support may coalesce behind requiring universal background checks, which is a top priority for advocacy groups that see it as the most important step to curbing gun crimes. the Brady

campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says 40 percent of gun sales are conducted with no criminal background checks, such as in some instances at gun shows or by private sellers over the internet. obama would seek to require checks for all sales. Sen. chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., already has sponsored a bill to require universal background checks that the Senate could take up, while Sen. frank lautenberg, D-N.J., has legislation banning ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds. Senate Majority leader harry reid, D-Nev., a gunrights backer who’s been supported by the National rifle Association in the past, responded cautiously, saying he was committed to ensuring the Senate

“Panetta, who said he believes in the Second Amendment and has been a longtime duck hunter, was asked about the issue by a soldier who wanted to know what steps the Obama administration was going to take to deal with attacks in schools that “don’t have to do with tearing apart our Second Amendment.”

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considers legislation on gun violence early this year. he didn’t endorse any of obama’s proposals. Despite the uncertainty on capitol hill and opposition from the powerful NrA, outside groups are encouraged by polling showing public support for changes to the law. they intend to try to harness that sentiment to pressure lawmakers. A lopsided 84 percent of Americans back broader background checks, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. Nearly 6 in 10 Americans want stricter gun laws, the same poll showed, with majorities favoring a nationwide ban on military-style weapons. “Now it’s up to us,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady campaign. he said his group would be working “to bring that voice to bear in this process, because without that it’s not going to happen.” J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 39

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PANAMERA TURBO S 550 hp @ 6,000 rpm 0-60 mph: 3.6 s Top Track Speed: 190 mph Consumption (Highway): 23


MSRP $ 175,300.00

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We’ve had great involvement from industry greats too, such as Mannie Fresh, Mystikal, Mos Def, DJ Drama, Lloyd, Dorrough, Ledisi, Mack Maine, Cortez Bryant, French Montana, Juvenile, Travis Porter, Raphael Saadiq, the Grammys, BMI Publishing, the Jazz & Heritage Fest, CD Baby and so many more. Where else can you get all these types of people in one room? The opportunity to mingle with these people is invaluable. Y

BSM: You’re as legendary as they come, no doubt. What all do you have going on right now? WILD WAYNE: thanks for the acknowledgement! it’s been plenty of hard work to get to this point in my career. right now i’m currently working hard on radio biz. i have been #1 in afternoon drive for my target demographics and it’s due to my dedication to on air AND off air work. i do a normal 2-7pm weekday shift on Q93/iheartradio and on Saturdays, i do a show called real talk which deals with community, politics and lifestyle topics. Additionally, on Sundays i do a show called 504 radio that caters to musicians and artists strictly from the state of louisiana. off air, the industry influence Music conference is one of my projects that started as a small artist outreach program and 5 years later has grown to a Southern mainstay for music business education and performances. My annual summer camp, the Wild Wayne Summer Experience, is one of my favorite things as well. BSM: industry influence is an integral part of the entertainment scene in New orleans and beyond. Give our readers some insight into how important promotion

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& networking events such as industry influence really are in terms of advancing their careers in the entertainment industry. WILD WAYNE: like i said earlier, the industry influence Music conference started out small and has consistently grown. i teamed up with Sess 4-5 at the beginning in 2008 and we’ve done over 60 conferences at this point. our main platforms are networking, education and showcasing talent. Now with that being said, we get a huge attendance from DJs, radio programmers, management teams, producers, and progressive music lovers from across the country. Equally as important, we’ve been able to have panelists discuss everything from publicity to publishing to music law, etc. We’ve had great involvement from industry greats too, such as Mannie fresh, Mystikal, Mos Def, DJ Drama, lloyd, Dorrough, ledisi, Mack Maine, cortez Bryant, french Montana, Juvenile, travis Porter, raphael Saadiq, the Grammys, BMi Publishing, the Jazz & heritage fest, cD Baby and so many more. Where else can you get all these types of people in one room? the opportunity to mingle with these people is invaluable. You could spend a year traveling the country to connect with these folks or just come straight to industry influence and make your J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 45

19/01/2013 21:05

WILD WAYNE: Well, the most striking changes have been the blowup of mixtapes/mixdiscs, the digital explosion, national urban radio programming, the improved access of studios, websites, and filmography for indy artists and also, the birth of the NEW New orleans urban music scene. the No limit and cash Money movement has been changed to a new sound with indy local artists going against the previously established grain. Artists like Dawn richard, curren$y, Jay Electronica, frank ocean, chase N cashe, lloyd, ledisi, PJ Morton, lil chuckee, trombone Shorty, and several more have made it to a national prominence outside of the big 2. A decade ago, the whole music world was controlled by the No limit & cash Money sound and sphere of influence. it’s a whole new world musically in NolA.

mark as a prepared artist with your agenda, business cards, flash drive, and promo material. BSM: one of the most important tasks you are charged with, is your work in the non-profit sector. tell us about your organizations and exactly what all you are involved with. WILD WAYNE: i’ll answer this question first by emphatically stating that the non-profit portion of my work is an integral portion of my longevity and success. i’m in awe every time one of my former campers returns to “pay-it-forward” or tells me how much the camp affected their life. i created the Benjamin foundation in 2000 as my home base for the Wild Wayne Summer Experience. this is my free summer camp for kids ages 7-14 years old. i have serviced several

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hundred kids over the years. the camp has given me a chance to impress upon kids that there’s more positive lifestyle opportunities and people to surround themselves with. We bring the kids on numerous field trips, teach life skills and bring in business professionals from the metro area. My staff has worked overtime to create a safe and wholesome space during the summers for kids from New orleans! We’re currently housed each summer at Dillard university. BSM: take us through a day in the life of Wild Wayne. WILD WAYNE: Geez, well it’s quite a handful. i have an incredible family and they come first. And to them, i’m not Wild Wayne, either dad or husband. first, get the kids prepped & off to school, followed by a quick 2013

workout, then i usually get some calls made and internet work for the station and industry influence. then usually some sort of meetings and then off to Q93 for the Wild Wayne Show. i do a bunch of commercial production for various clients after i get off air. then, either homelife or live broadcast at various clubs depending on the day of the week. And before you know it, the morning has arrived once again. life’s a blur. BSM: how does it feel to know that you’re being honored by the Source as a top Dj yet again? WILD WAYNE: it’s a great feeling to be recognized in the same pool as some of the nation’s greatest and most recognized air personalities from cali to New York! it’s confirmation that the combination of hard work on air & off air, plus

“I’m in awe every time one of my former campers returns to “pay-it-forward” or tells me how much the camp affected their life. I created The Benjamin Foundation in 2000 as my home base for the Wild Wayne Summer Experience.” community participation, local music cultivation and high ratings actually pays off. this is my 2nd consecutive year being named as a premier on air DJ in the Source’s Power issue. thanks to the Source Mag for recognizing me! BSM: how have you seen music change in the past decade?

Bounce music has changed immensely as well. the overall sound of Bounce changed from a neighborhood pride call and response Drag rap+808 infused format to a cut and paste digital music format structurally similar almost to techno. The current Bounce scene has numerous new players in the game and Bounce has now been recognized worldwide, especially due to emergence of Big freedia and Sissy Nobby, the PostKatrina influx of musically open minded, diverse out of towners into the city of New orleans, and global access to YouTube. YouTube let people see the high energy twerkers and hear the high BPM

sound of Bounce songs. Even global r&B singers like Beyonce, Adele, Melanie fiona, Pleasure P, ludacris, Elle Varner, Verse Simmonds, and t.i. have acknowledged the r&B bounceout songs. i sometimes wish the Bounce forefathers had the same luxuries. No telling how big t-tucker, DJ Jimi, DJ Jubilee, PartnersN-crime, DJ Duck, Ms. tee, and cheeky Black would have been now. Much has changed in the last decade when it comes to the New orleans music scene. BSM: Where do you see New orleans music in five years? WILD WAYNE: tough question. i truly believe we have more musical talent than any other place in the universe. PErioD! But we do lack the business infrastructure. This creates a problem. The key components of the engine, i.e. independent radio reps, real managers, publicists, and booking agencies are missing because there’s not enough business or money to foster us becoming the next los Angeles, New York, Miami or Atlanta. We will continue to have artists making it to the next level because of the sheer magnitude of talent here, but unfortunately i believe it will be sprinkled over time, whereas it should truly be a Much, Much BiGGEr amount of artists gaining worldwide exposure in that 5 year span. BSM: Give us a glimpse of Wild Wayne in ten years. What will he be doing and what can we expect to see from him? WILD WAYNE: i believe the radio platform will still be an integral part of my life, But radio will have transformed into some other platform not in any way close to the radio we know today. So i guess that would put me in an ownership or consultant position. Also, entrepreneurship runs deep in my veins so, i’ll probably own one or some businesses, preferably tech associated. lastly, i’d definitely like to continue my work associated with the youth, but on an even grander and more influential scale.

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It has been a really long time since we have seen something truly new come along in entertainment. The wait for that is now over – rapper Jay Jones and R&B singer STY have teamed up to bring us a new kind of mixtape.

with StY to see if a meeting could be arranged. We sat down with him and explained the future plan of the label. Everyone was on the same page and the rest is history.

BSM: Take us through a studio session with the two of you. JAY JONES & STY: first thing we do is find an instrumental to agree on. We listen to it for a while to see which type of concept we can come up with – then we find a melody for the hook and continue writing from there.

Jay Jones and StY both have quite a buzz Down South. the hitZ international artists are appearing on more and more features and both work really hard at getting their careers going. in an industry where there is a great amount of competition, Jay Jones and StY stand out. Both are amazing performers who are truly coming into their own. they tell us that S.o.u.l. is their new project, that will fuse rap and a classic r&B sound. Jay Jones and StY are both solo artists, but decided to team up on the mixtape, after working together quite well on two of Jay Jones’ mixtapes, “only if You Kool Enough” and his latest project, “only if You Kool Enough 2”. BSM had the opportunity to sit down with both of the artists. here’s our interview with Jay Jones and StY:

BSM: The names Jay Jones & STY are ringing out in the city. Tell us a little about yourselves. (Jay Jones) Well, for everybody that doesn’t know, i’m the son of J-Dawg from the legendary group Black Menace. i’m from uptown New orleans – hollygrove - and i basically been around the music industry for years. it was almost like i was born into the music game, plus i make dope music, but for you to form your own opinion, you would have to listen to the music.

(STY) Well first off, my name StY

stands for ‘’Stay tru2 Yaself’’. i’m from New orleans, louisiana Algiers to be exact. i’ve been in love with music since i was three years old. i went from singing in my church choir, to talent shows, etc. i started taking music seriously by following in my older brother’s footsteps. We came up with a plan to be successful. Unfortunately he passed away two years ago, so i used the loss as motivation to keep going.

BSM: Tell us about the new mixtape collaboration between Jay Jones & STY.

BSM: What sets you apart from

JAY JONES & STY: The name of

the mixtape is entitled “S.o.u.l” which stands for ‘’Signs of undying loyalty’’. it’s basically the best of both worlds. We’re gonna have a couple of features on the tape, but not too many because we really want the people to see how well we work together.

BSM: We hear that the collaboration will be something like we’ve never seen. How will it be different? JAY JONES & STY: this mixtape will be different because it’s not just typical music. Each song will have a strong meaning behind each concept. We didn’t just get in the studio and record songs and say we have a mixtape. We actually sat down came up with a strategy on approaching every track with strong concepts to keep the listeners wanting more.

BSM: You two mesh together well. How did you meet?

JAY JONES: one day, i was on

facebook and ran across StY’s music on a mutual friend’s page. Played da song for my pops,J-Dawg, and he told me to get in contact

other artists who have collaborated in the past? JAY JONES & STY: The difference is, it’s deeper than just music because we’re really potnas outside of this music thing. Because we already know each other, it’s different from two random artists just getting together working on a collaboration tape and not having any chemistry at all.

BSM: What other projects can we look forward to from Jay Jones & STY? (Jay Jones) Well, you can go on or our website, www., to download my latest mixtape, “only if You Kool Enough 2”, and also download my first mixtape entitled “only if You Kool Enough”. (STY) My debut mixtape, “chapter 1: A Man’s thoughts’’, dropped November 22nd, thanksgiving Day.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can follow Jay Jones & StY on the following social networks: twitter: @JayJ0nes/@StyBNc Jay Jones: Jay-Jones/241808379261029?fref=ts StY: ef=ts You can also check out all of their music, bios, etc. on the hitZ international site: listen to their music & more 24/7/365:

J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 51

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DON'T LET IT SNEAK UP ON YOU. Parking can be scary But with Intelligent Park1ng Aulst,

52 | J A NUA R Y

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doesn't have to be Standard on the LS 460





The pursull of perfeeUon

J A NUA R Y 2 0 1 3 | 53

19/01/2013 21:06

“Tasha is a product of Hollygrove and it shows through in her music.” BSM: Tasha’s back on the New

BSM: What are your goals for your

Orleans music scene. What all do you have going on? TASHA: Yes, i’m so excited to be back! right now we’re pushing my new single “Do it on My own”, trying to create a buzz & let everyone know that i’m back.

Sassy, special and quite unique – if we had to sum up New Orleans R&B artist and Hollygrove native, Tasha, this would just about cover it.



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ANYBODY WHO KNOWS anything about prolific music knows that the 17th Ward neighborhood of hollygrove is ground zero for some of the best music anywhere around the globe. tasha is a product of hollygrove and it shows through in her music. Mother, wife, daughter, and positive role model, tasha has her hands full these days with all that is going on in her world. She strives to show young ladies how they can juggle a successful entertainment career with all of life’s important moments – all the while, making sure to be that example they look hope to and hope to emulate. tasha is 504 to the bone. Whether it is interacting within the cultural gumbo found only in New orleans or the crescent city’s epic music scene, Tasha represents the city to the fullest. When we caught up with tasha recently, she showed us what a true Southern Girl she is, by recounting some of her favorite moments. those included the wedding dance with her father where, in true New orleans style, she remembers secondlining with him across the dance floor. tasha vividly described her music to us as “r&B with an attitude”. here’s what else she had to say:


TASHA: i would like to record a

BSM: Describe your style of music. TASHA: i would describe my music as r&B with an attitude! (laughs) i like to write from experience, because i feel that’s when MY best work comes out, and being from New orleans, hollygrove to be exact, that attitude sometimes comes out in my music.

BSM: Who allhave you

full album and see where it goes. i’m not trying to be “famous”, but i often wonder why God would give me this gift if i’m not supposed to use it, so after this album i guess i’ll have a better answer (laughs). BSM: If you could work with 3 producers in the industry, who would that be? TASHA: Well my fAV producer that i’ve already worked with is roi “chip” Anthony, who actually produced my single, but i would love to work with timbaland, the Neptunes & Brian Michael cox.

worked with?

BSM: Where can our readers get

because i’ve worked with so many people over the years. i used to be part of a group called “Diamonz”, famous for the “Wild Wayne intro”. We opened up for Monica, Avant, Profile, lil romeo, choppa, and performed at Jazz fest, club level in Miami, and worked with tons of producers around the city.

yourmusic? TASHA: right now you can hear a few songs as well as my single on Soundcloud at www.soundcloud. com/mstasha & my single “Do it on My own” is also available for download on itunes at https:// do-it-on-my-own-single/ id570766830.

BSM: At what age did you realize

BSM: You’ve suddenly blitzed all

you had been blessed with such musicaltalent? TASHA:Well, at around 6 years old i can remember roller blading up and down my street with headphones on blasting/singing Whitney houston, but i was VErY shy. only i knew about my gift. it wasn’t until around 12 maybe that my cousins and i started singing together in front of our family and friends.

of social media with your presence. Tell our readers how they can connect with you. TASHA: they can follow me on twitter - @Just_tashaB, on & instaGram -Just_tashaB.

TASHA:Whew, that’s a tough one

EDITOR’S NOTE: Make sure to check & support Tasha and all she is doing in New Orleans and beyond.

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BarberShop Magazine is an upscale lifestyle magazine that pays homage to our first and eldest community center, the black barber shop. For d...

Barbershop press optimized for web  

BarberShop Magazine is an upscale lifestyle magazine that pays homage to our first and eldest community center, the black barber shop. For d...