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Congratulations to the cross-college teams selected for

Food Innovation Center Seed Grant Awards for 2011-2012 1. Inhibitors of Retinal (Vitamin A Aldehyde) Conversion to Retinoic Acid *Helen Everts (PI), EHE; *Robert Curley, Pharmacy

2. A Comprehensive Costs and Benefits Analysis of Urbanizing Food Systems + *Parwinder Grewal (PI), FAES; *Michael Leiblein, Business; *Robert Scharff, EHE

3. Enhanced Stability and Targeted Delivery of Microencapsulated Anthocyanins for Improved Food Quality and Human Health *Gonul Kaletunc (PI), FAES; *Mark Failla, EHE; *Monica Guisti, FAES; Derek Hansford, Engineering

4. Zinc Deficiency Enhances Chronic Inflammation in Obesity *Daren Knoell (PI), Pharmacy; Mingjie Liu, COM; *Qinghua Sun, CPH; *Martha Belury, EHE; *Mark Failla, EHE; *Robert Murray, COM

5. (‐)‐Gossypol‐enriched Mozzarella Cheese (‐)‐GPMc with Anti‐Breast Cancer Chemopreventive Activity *Young Lin (PI), Vet Med; *Macdonald Wick, FAES; Maurice Eastridge, FAES; W. James Harper, FAES

7. Data-driven Advocacy and Mapping of the Large-scale Land Acquisition in the African Continent + *john powell (PI), Law; Charisma Acey, Architecture; Stephanie Black, Filmmaker- NYC; Kaitlin Cordes, Human Rights Watch, NYC; *Elsadig Elsheik, Kirwan Institute; Samir Gambhir, Kirwan Institute; Andrew Grant-Thomas, Kirwan Institute; *Casey Hoy, FAES; Firoze Manji, Fahamu Networks for Social Justice, Kenya; Hugo Melgar-Quinonez, EHE; Akinyi Margareta Ocholla, Minority Women in Action, Kenya; Joel Wainwright, Arts & Sciences

8. Influence of Strawberries on Air Pollution-induced Cardiovascular Disease *Christopher Weghorst (PI), CPH; *Qinghua Sun, CPH; *Sanjay Rajagopalan, COM

9. 3D Scaffold Platform for Identification of Polyfunctional Nutraceuticals in the Management of Obesity in Men and Women *Ouliana Ziouzenkova (PI), EHE; *Shang-Tian Yang, Engineering; *Mark Failla, EHE; *Josh Bomser, EHE; *Kichoon Lee, FAES Target awards: Plus sign (+) follows the project titles of the teams advancing collaboration beyond STEM disciplines. FIC reserved funding in this round for such broadly interdisciplinary projects.

6. Simple Suppers: A Novel Approach to Childhood Obesity Prevention *Joyce McDowell (PI), FAES; *Carolyn Gunther, EHE; Patricia Gabbe, COM; *Julie Kennel, EHE; *Matt Kleinhenz, FAES; *Carla Miller, EHE; *Robert Murray, COM; Thelma Patrick, Nursing Asterisk* in front of name indicates FIC member

Urban Sprouts

FIC Seed Grants - 2011  

This document is a listing of our cross-college teams selected for Seed Grant Awards for 2011-2021

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