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BARBARUS releases its new line of pins created from found materials to cultivate a dialogue between personal style and one’s immediate environment. This dialogue encourages a meditative awareness – a being in the moment. Each hand-crafted BARBARUS object promotes wearers to seek adornment from their surrounding landscape as a continuation of the age-old expression of embellishing one’s body. The BARBARUS object re-contextualizes the daily ritualistic act of accessorizing.

The search for beauty becomes a personal process in making sense of one’s environment. The BARBARUS pin serves as a vessel and tool for wearers to express their own aesthetic ideals using preserved and decayed natural items. The search for these items creates a bond between one’s self and the exterior world. In the search for the sublime, a sense of beauty can be found in the smallest, often overlooked object.

Style... the tip of the blade

Style... the tip of the blade, the sheath of the stem

The style the tip of the blade, the sheath of the stem


The BARBARUS Pin explores the age-old tradition of ornamentation through the collection of flowers, leaves, and grass for body adornment. BARBARUS Pins are produced in three wood varieties: Birdseye Maple (M), Walnut (W), and Red Bullet (R). Wood remnants used to create each pin originated from cabinetry and furniture making processes. Surfaces are carved, smoothed and treated before being branded for authenticity

Barbarus Pin