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Different Varieties Of Japanese Green Tea Defined Green tea is a drink that is extremely popular plus one reason for the popularity is due to its health benefits. There certainly are quite a few varieties developed by variations in growing conditions, harvesting time, and processing although green tea is produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. On this particular page we're going to focus on four popular varieties of Japanese green tea. Macha Macha is the tea that's utilized in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and comes in powdered form. There's a un-powdered type of Macha that's called Tencha. Just the blades of the leaves are employed and dried and the leaves are steamed, not the veins and stalks. This variety of tea has a subtle bitterness along with a mellow sweetness.

Gyokuro Gyokuro is considered the best Japanese green tea by lots of people. This variety is grown under diffused light and it's also created from single buds which are picked in May and April. The leaves are extremely small when they may be plucked and they undergo minimal processing however they're steamed for about 30 minutes to stop fermentation and seal in flavor. They are subsequently dried to a moisture content that was 30% until they're formed into thin, dark green needles and they are rolled. The flavor of this variety was described as wealthy and sweet with a little bit of an almost buttery aftertaste and a briny taste. try this site japanese tea ceremony Sencha

Sencha is produced from the top parts of the tea leaves and buds. The entire leaves are steamed for a brief period to discontinue oxidation. They're then rolled into cylinders that were long and dried. The last step is to fire the leaves that will preserve them and give their flavor to them. The flavor of the Sencha assortment of Japanese green tea is mildly sweet with flavors that are herbal.

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