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His name is Alexssandro Mello Furtado , 23 years old , born in Barra de São Francisco a country town , now lives in Vitória the capital of Espírito Santo , Brazil . He says to be a lover of all types of drawings, painting , architecture and nature, plants and animals of all kinds . Loves typography, specially the ones crafted in an artistic ways and calligraphy, interacting with the illustration. “I like to draw since I can remember . When I was little, people always have praised my drawings . My hobby was to draw on the ground , in large backyard that we have in the back of my house . I could make huge drawings on the floor using just a stick as a pencil. I used to spent whole days doing it and never got tired , for me it was like to be immersed in an imaginary world where I could create whatever I wanted . I used to draw plants, animals , houses, towns, people, and inventing various creatures and objects that do not exist ... It was really good. By that time that I believe that I started to develop and improve my skills as an illustrator. At school he always always were the best in art classes , and it was usual to him help teachers and collegues make the posters and stuff . “I learned to paint on canvas and even sold some paintings , assured me some local recognition “ During high school he worked illustrating for the private school where he studied with a scholarship. “ Today on the Graphic Design course , I feel like I made the right choice. I have worked as an illustrator , and done many interesting jobs . I intend to pursue this career as an illustrator and also work in the field of typography , mainly to produce letterings . “

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lose myself trying to identify who they are. René Magritte is a strong

and which one you feel most proud of?

influence, also Gustave Courbet. Also some recent artists that I’m a fan as Mattias Adolfsson. It is

ative work, well finished and achieve I remember doing two very

I’m happy for the recognition

One was to create an interactive ex-

that I have achieved , but I’m still

my drawings. I love the simple

hibition, in the discipline of Project

not very well known and have

trace that he has and richness of

5. It was practically an architectural

difficulties make a living just doing

detail drawings. Bartosz Kosowski

project, involving several rooms,

illustration , although I believe that

is another current artist who has

decorated and fitted with some

this is changing for the better.

influenced me a lot.

devices to stimulate the senses and

wo is the best sign painter I know

some graphic peaces that drove the narrative of the exhibition. Another project that took a little less work but I was really proud to

zilian who works as a sign painter,

be a part of, was to create a board

and has an exceptional work.

game quite complex for the Depart-

doing design and illustrating. I still

ment of Design of Games, we cre-

worry about the financial. I do not

ated a battle game with numerous

know if I can live comfortably just

pieces and rules. The great difficulty

being a designer, at least here in my

is to test the game and see what

town. But I always believe I’ll get

really does work and what does not.

there I just have to fight for it.

Before being an illustrator, you are a graphic designer, what is the importance of the course in your work?

an illustrator. Illustrate is not only

professionally, I consider as another area of design more than art itself. By the time that the shapes, the lines, the colours, the composition, the format, everything that is being represented there was thought

pride myself enough of that.

that it will be placed, how it will be presented, customer demands, costs, everything is taken into consideration. Of course there is an artistic expression in every job, but I do not consider it art. Moreover, the drawings that I do by my own initiative, in my sketchbook, or other media, typically carry an expression of my feelings, my everyday experiences, some thoughts and daydreams. These I consider as art.

What are your influences? Who inspires you? This is a difficult question. I

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Do you prefer sketching on paper or digital illustration ?

You draw from a young age? When did the interest in illustration and when you saw that doing so was a passion ?

to the draw, wielding a pencil, a pen or

We also need to have dominion

I’m drawing since childhood. Draw

‘re painting. After all it does not have

over softwares and learn how to

was a daily activity for me, despite

control Z.

transit between analog and digital.

not having much prodding by my

The projectual method that I

family. But was in the course of

learned as a designer fits perfectly

Graphic design that I discovered

in the production of illustration.

that drawing was really a passion

about knowing how to draw. You need to know and use various artistic techniques, meet different types of art materials, tools and media.

for me, and that’s why I started

to be appreciated by the target audience of this work. The local

Once I discovered that I felt good

I learned a lot with this project , and

collaborated a lot with my work as

The illustration work that I do

When you decided that design and illustration would be your workmates ?

and also Caetano Calomino, a Bra-

The course of Graphic Design

Would you consider what you make art? When was it started ?

customer demands as best as possible.

visible his influence in some of

main influences are David A. Smith

Interview with Alex Furtado

stand out in the market have to do cre-

difficult projects at the University.

In the field of typography, my

1 - Ilustration and lettering - Sketchbook

has grown here in Vitoria. Of course to

I prefer the paper. I feel closer a brush. The paper requires a greater responsibility. Especially when you

Do you believe that drawing is the study / training or talent ? For me are the 2 things. And

How did you choose to study Graphic Design at university?

working professionally as an illus-

they exist at different levels in each

trator. And it has worked ever since.

person. I think some people are

My entry into the university

What is the importance of colours in graphics for you ?

was kind of confusing. I applied for various institutions and courses. But what I really wanted was to do

born with talent, which is nothing

The colours can evoke sen-

architecture. Even though, I was

sations and feelings, become a mor-

searching on University of Espiri-

bid and dark, or energetic and light

more than a natural ability to see shapes and colours in a sharper way. Which when added to the study and / or practice creates good illustrators . The second case is the person

to Santo website before applying

design. Hot and cold, light or heavy,

who can not draw very well, but

to the entrance exam and I just

balancing ideas, convey neutrality,

with enough study and practice can

discovered the course of Graphic

harmony or contradiction. The

improve their perception and hence

Design. Before that I never had

colours may mean more than the

develops talent.

thought about that are, since I had

figure itself represented .

the exception that my talent is

no clue about what it was. Then I searched more about it and signed up for this course, I’m not sorry. It was the right choice .

What was the most difficult job you had to do until now,

I think I fit in this first case, with

You’re still early in his career, but would you say that the illustration is in your future?

limited, I recognise that I still have

I think so. The market for this area

reproduce shapes and colors with

some difficulties in perception. I know people who even without study, using only the practice, perfection

2- Ilustration made for a book cover called “Auditoria 2” (Auditing) The illustration intends to show the many places that auditing can be performed

3. Digital Illustration

4 - Book Cover Illustration - Oficina de Ginástica

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5 - Ilustration in black paper - Sketchbook

6 - Illustration created to represent the feminine spirit of the tropical forests. In this paint, I tried to represent the surprise of this wild spirit when she see the human on the other side of her reality

7 - Ilustration and lettering - Sketchbook

10 - Wall painting made for the Academic Center of Design from Federal University of Espírito Santo. 9 - Graphic design and illustration project and developement for the EP “Vão”, of the singer and songwriter André Prando

6 EYE 01/14

8 - Ilustration and lettering - Sketchbook

11 - Illustration and lettering project and develoment to the restaurant “Ai, Caramba! - Premium Hot-Dogs”

Eye Magazine Article  

The brief was to research, write, and design an article for the prestigious graphic design magazine Eye. Project developed to the subject...

Eye Magazine Article  

The brief was to research, write, and design an article for the prestigious graphic design magazine Eye. Project developed to the subject...