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Morris Arts


2017-2018 Arts in Education Highlights Keefauver Artist Residency Grant $5,500. LEFF Foundation Artist Residency Grant $5,500.

Storytelling Arts Grant for Head Start $2,500. Pumpkin Illumination Visiting Artist Workshops $1,600. The Youth Art Mentoring Program $6,000. S.O.A.R. Summer Arts Program $1,600.

Over 182,000

Morris Arts

students at 87 schools

Arts In Education Programs

in 7 counties

provided over $62,700.00

participated in Morris

in grants and awards

Arts education

to area schools

programs during the 2017 - 2018 school

Girls Surviving Program $40,000.


Artist Residency Programs Spiritree Modern Art Residency

World Dance Residency

Shakespeare Residency

Over 47 exceptional Artist Residencies took place in area schools engaging over 6,200 students in interdisciplinary programs with professional teaching artists. Residencies conducted this year featured mural arts, theatre, poetry, dance and literary arts.


Atlantic Health Artist Residency Program Morris Arts was pleased to work with Atlantic Health again this year to provide an

• 2018 Atlantic Health Artist Residency Program concludes • Morris Arts partners with S.O.A.R. program to create art program • Morris Arts and Storytelling Arts partner to enrich Head Start Programs in Morristown and Dover • Morris Arts announces publication of its 2018-2019 Arts in Education Program Guide • The Lauren and Emily Failla Foundation renews funding for Artist Residency Program at Alexander Hamilton School in Morristown • The Girls Surviving summer program in Morristown explores Immigration • 2018 Keefauver Arts in Education Grant awarded to John Hill School in Boonton • Morris Arts Young Artist Mentoring Program receives funding for 2018-2019

Artist Residency Program for all five hospitals in the Atlantic Health System. Patients, visitors and hospital staff throughout the Atlantic Health System had a chance to try their hand at printmaking, guided by Morris Arts master printmaker Eileen Foti, the guest artist for Atlantic Health System’s fourth annual Artist in Residence program. Foti designed a mixed media piece specifically for each hospital, reflecting important medicinal plants that grow in each of the five distinct geographical regions of the country. She carved dozens of small linoleum blocks depicting what lives and

The Healing Mountain by Eileen Foti

grows in the mountains, deserts, prairies, forests and rainforests. Members of the hospital community then handprinted the blocks and Foti used the impressions to create the borders around the collaged maps. The centers of piece features three of Foti’s handpainted medallions that highlight plants which have helped to sustain and heal

• Morris Arts to partner with the New Jersey State Council on statewide AIE Grant Program

people for centuries.

• Release of Arts Integration Handbook

and bring people together. Foti’s finished artwork will be sent to each hospital and

The Artist in Residence program has provided an opportunity to promote healing will reflect both the artist’s vision and the creative expression of the Atlantic Health System community.

Summer Arts Program at S.O.A.R. Morris Arts is now partnering with The Spring Street Community Development Corporation in Morristown to provide an artist residency program for students in the S.O.A.R. Program (Student Outreach and Academic Reinforcement). The Spring Street Community Development Corporation, founded in 2011, is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for Morris County families by addressing economic, educational and social needs while preserving the cultural and ethnic diversity of the area. 5th and 6th grade students in the S.O.A.R. Program are working with Morris Arts teaching artist, Caren Frost Olmsted to create a work of art that will reflect the goals of the S.O.A.R. Program. Following a brainstorming session about the images that would depict their thoughts and feelings about the S.O.A.R. program, images were transferred to canvas and painting began! We eagerly await the final work of art and will post it on the Morris Arts website once it is completed!

Storyteller Julie Della Torre brings a story to life at Head Start in Morristown

The Power of Storytelling Morris Arts will partner again with

The National Association for the Education of Young Children posits

Storytelling Arts to expand early literacy programs with the students

that readiness is more than basic knowledge of language and math,

and teachers at the Morris County Head Start in Morristown and

and those expectations should include physical, cognitive, social

Dover. This program designed for students who face substantial

and emotional competence, as well as a positive attitude towards

socioeconomic obstacles that impede their ability to achieve

learning. Storytelling specifically addresses human emotional

“school readiness�, uses storytelling to help develop emergent

development and provides a lens through which children can study

literacy skills, including: listening, vocabulary, comprehension,

and understand the world around them. Last year through funding

sequencing, and recall. These are the building blocks of reading,

from Morris Arts, the program was expanded to provide over 35

writing and oral communication.

additional classroom visits.

Morris Arts 2018-2019 Arts in Education Program Guide Morris Arts is excited to announce the publication of its 2018-2019

based assemblies, workshops or artist residencies, Morris Arts has

Arts in Education Program Guide. Filled with over 150 exceptional

programs to suit every school or community venue.

arts programs in dance, music, poetry, theatre, storytelling and the visual arts, it serves as a valuable resource guide to schools and

Featured on our cover this year is a new program called123 Andres.


They are Latin Grammy winners who have been hailed by Billboard

Our programs, workshops and artist residencies reach school

in Music and Christina a Masters in Urban Education and they bring

children in public and private schools in Morris and thirteen

beats and rhythms from all over Latin America that will entice kids

neighboring New Jersey counties. Whether seeking curriculum-

to jump, dance and discover!

as “rockstars for little language learners.� Andres holds a Doctorate

Mentoring Program Receives Full Funding for 2018-2019 One of Morris Art’s signature programs , the Young Artist Mentoring Program at Morristown High School, is fully funded for 2018-2019 school year thanks to Supau Trust and the Dearhaven Fund. This program assists selected, highly talented art students who need additional support in refining their artistic skills, developing their own personal style and assembling a strong art portfolio, that, in turn, will enhance their ability to compete for admission into art school, college, a career in visual arts and/or scholarship aid. In collaboration with M.H.S. staff, Kaity De Laura oversees the program led by two professional artists who work with the students for 12 weeks each semester. Lauren and Emily Failla Foundation Awards Artist Residency Program to Alexander Hamilton School in Morristown Morris Arts is honored to partner once again with The Lauren and Emily Failla Foundation in placing an Artist Residency Program at the Alexander Hamilton School in Morristown. 5th grade students will be working with The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey using performance and the theatrical tradition as tools for achieving greater proficiency and pleasure in the study of the English language generally, and Shakespeare specifically. Along the way, students are also introduced to many of the fundamental skills utilized by theatre artists, such as ensemble techniques and teamwork, vocal clarity and projection, and others which can have a lifelong impact. This residency will culminate in a full presentation to the Alexander Hamilton school community.

Girls Surviving participants visit Frelinghuysen Middle School to present a workshop about their program

Girls Surviving is a Morris Arts program that provides teenage girls

explore further the implications of their ideas. Over time, the girls

with a safe and creative environment in which to discuss and write

develop a bond that sets the stage for a theatrical collaboration.

about issues that are relevant to their lives. Under the direction of

Together, they craft an original play, create an acting ensemble to

teaching artists, Paula Davidoff and Carolyn Hunt, a diverse group of

perform it for their community and, after the performance, answer

teen girls from the Morris School District, come together to tell the

questions from the audience about the content and process of their

stories of their experiences growing up in their shared community.


The girls read literature and listen to traditional stories that both

This summer’s play was written by ten girls and and featured a central

challenge and support their perceptions of the world they live in. They

character who observed the various relationships and conflicts of the

write and share poetry, journal entries, monologues and dialogues to

people surrounding her.

2018 - 2019 Keefauver Artist Residency Award This year, Morris Arts celebrates Bill Keefauver and the 10th Anniversary of the creation of the Barbara Keefauver Memorial Endowment Fund. This fund, established by Bill Keefauver as a lasting tribute to his late wife Barbara Keefauver’s years of visionary leadership of Morris Arts, supports an arts education residency program in an underserved school in Morris County each year. We thank Bill for supporting this important work and allowing Morris Arts to help honor Barbara’s legacy. Over the past 10 years residencies have taken place in Dover, Netcong, Wharton, Morristown and Riverdale, New Jersey. The recipient of 2018-2019 Keefauver Artist residency award will be announced in October.

Morris Arts to serve as Regional Partner for Statewide AIE Grant Program AIE is the cornerstone of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Education program and is co-sponsored with Young Audiences of NJ and Eastern Pennsylvania. Through this Artists in Education Residency grant program professional artists are placed in long term residencies in schools across the state. Residencies are offered in all disciplines and at all grade levels. All schools can apply for one-year residencies. Morris Arts has been selected to serve as regional partner for this program and will be administering a residency in our area during the 2018 - 2019 school year. We look forward to this collaboration with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and Young Audiences of NJ and Eastern Pennsylvania.

This just in… New Jersey Arts Integration Think and Do Workbook Released The New Jersey Arts Integration Think and Do Workbook was created by New Jersey arts integration practitioners to provide their colleagues with tools and strategies to support the development of a robust arts integration practice. They harvested best practices from thought-leaders championing the arts integration movement across the state and nationally. It is a work in progress. They plan to test these materials and keep adding new content, so they invite you to share your feedback and favorite tools and become a part of the growing arts integration learning community. You can download the workbook at