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Barbara Piatkowska 43 The waterside, Charlotte quay dock, Ringsend rd 0873923462

Dublin, 18.08.2013

Brandfire Suite 2-3 85-86 Amiens Street Dublin 1

Dear Brandfire, While I was searching for an opportunity to get some experience in the marketing and sales I have found that Brandfire is looking for an intern. Immediately I have checked company website. At the beginning I checked how the Brandfire design looks like and I found it inspirational and innovative. Then while reading the description I found out that this company a great place to gain new knowledge, create promotion, and improve in customer service/sales. For me this is what marketing is about, this is why I decided to apply.

I have been an active volunteer and worker since secondary school, which is caused by my strong believe that everyone can make a difference in the world and work for success. My work experience was always somehow connected with marketing and sales. I had opportunity to see how different processes works in small and medium companies. My biggest chance for learning about marketing and making my own decisions was in AIESEC organization. I had specific Job Description, Measures of Success, learned how to organize my work with gantt chart and how to report to top level management. Please check my resume to see more about my past responsibilities. I am now seeking opportunities for both: making the world a better place and gaining professional experience. I believe I can offer my experience, passion and most of all strong engagement to the company and I will be honored if you let me present my candidature personally during an interview. Yours faithfully, Barbara PiÄ…tkowska

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