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My eyes were blind and my mouth had no words.... Barbara Philipp

Thanksgiving performance, realised at the St. Marxer Schlachthรถfe, Vienna.

an incorporation of religious and politically used vocabulary.

Cocania (Land for many, land of plenty) performance and sound installation produced at the Minoriten gallery in Graz/Austria.

The Great View video installation, at the gallery East 66, Amsterdam.

Excerpt of the video”La Belle Vue” (The Great View)

Excerpt of the video”La Belle Vue” (The Great View)

Spoonfeeding performance, realised in a school building of Yerevan, Armenia.

To be fed up with... Documentation about the people who were involved in the working process of the performance Spoonfeeding in Yerevan.

Automaton video installation, at the A. Piersonmuseum, Amsterdam, 2010.

Josephine Videowork about my great grandmother, Amsterdam 2011.

Performance and drawings, at the symposium Translators as Betrayers, Vienna, 2012.

Drawings, mixed media, 2009- 2012.

Portfolio Barbara Philipp  

Portfolio of my works

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