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Finding Lake Tahoe Luxury Real Estate in the Region’s Different Cities Lake Tahoe luxury real estate, Lake Tahoe real estate The Lake Tahoe real estate market is a vast area that includes several different cities around the lake. These cities have different elements that make them more desirable to some and less desirable to others, so it is essential to determine which area will suit a potential homebuyer’s needs and preferences the best. The different areas of the lake are detailed further below by location so future residents can decide where to look for properties. The North Shore The north shore includes cities like Incline Village and Crystal Bay, both of which include breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. There are several beaches, private and public, and recreational areas that residents and tourists enjoy. Incline Village is generally considered to be more expensive than other areas of the lake, so if an individual is searching for a high-end property, this is one of the best areas to look. The East Shore The east shore is comprised of Zephyr Cove and Glenbrook. The east side of the lake is mostly in Nevada, so there are several differences in living costs and laws when compared to California. This is a popular area due to its pristine beaches and amazing views. The South Shore The south shore is home to the largest city on the lake, which is South Lake Tahoe. This city has a wide variety of different neighborhoods, ranging from affordable mobile home parks to Lake Tahoe luxury real estate properties situated directly on the water. In addition to a diverse real estate market, this city has a community college that offers two and four year degrees, as well as several casinos on the Nevada side (Stateline). South Lake Tahoe is home to Heavenly Mountain, a popular ski resort during the winter and several marinas that offer rental paddle boards, kayaks and boats. The West Shore There is quite a community on the west shore since it includes several different cities: Homewood, Tahoe City, Meeks Bay, Sunnyside, Tahoe Vista, Kings Beach, Carnelian Bay and Tahoma. Much like the other areas around the lake, this has affordable homes, as well as luxury properties that include lake views. However, these areas are often less developed than other areas, meaning they do not include as much entertainment as South Lake Tahoe does for example. Though every area of the lake is beautiful, there are certain requirements homeowners have that will determine the Lake Tahoe real estate property they purchase. For help finding a property in the Tahoe region, contact an experienced realtor like Kelly Flaherty. Ms. Flaherty is a resident with the necessary know-how to help individuals find a home. Visit for more information about Lake Tahoe luxury real estate properties.

Finding Lake Tahoe Luxury Real Estate in the Region’s Different Cities