All About Sabong

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All About Sabong

Sabong is a cultural tradition of the Philippines that involves putting two roosters in a ring called a cockpit. And that they are allowed to fight with each other inside. This tradition has been continuing in Singapore for 6000 years and is a very well-loved sport. It is a perfectly legal activity to take part in the Philippines. People like to go and bet on it together and have fun watching. It is considered a national sport in the Philippines, second to only basketball. Some men even claim it to be their favorite pastime. Thus sport went on even during the times the Philippines had been colonized by the Spanish. As a matter of fact, the Philippines national hero, Jose Rizal, who had been executed by the Spanish colonizers, has a great deal to say about it. He had claimed that most Filipino men love their fowl fighters even more than their own children. Economically Beneficial:

Like every other sport, Sabong is economically beneficial to the country and plays a major role in its economy. Especially for a large number of families who have practiced Sabong for a long time. Several of these families even base off their livelihood on the sport. It is so popular in the Philippines that it has become a billion-dollar industry. The gamefowl industry is booming quickly such that there are several things, people and equipment for Sabong. This includes game bird breeders, handlers, gamblers, sellers, cockpit operators, derby promoters, cockpit owners, gaffers, and much more. There are also others outside of this practice who don't take part in it also benefiting from it. There are tea stalls nearby, food vendors, grocery stores and shops in the area that benefit from it. There are also hawkers who go to places these events take place to sell their goods there. Live Streaming: And not just that, there are also websites that live stream these events online. There are several good and safe websites that one could join to take part in Sabong online. One great example of this is COVID-19 Free: Now the people cannot gather together in groups and enjoy cockfighting together due to COVID19. It would have a very bad effect on the people whose livelihood depends on this, and they would no longer be able to survive. But fortunately for them, there is the internet! One can still have fun and watch the cockfight live on live stream online and watch the fights go on as they like. And people depending on it for income can continue to keep their livelihoods. Since it is a traditional and cultural activity in the Philippines, people are happy to continue to participate in it. Contact us on:

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