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May 18, 2018

Senior Rachel Davis steps up to the plate despite shoulder injury By Jayna Bardahl, Print Co-Editor-in-Cheif Shouting to the outfield, senior Rachel Davis coaches and encourages the DGS softball team from the dugout as her shoulder injury prohibits her from contributing to the Mustang’s defensive roster. Davis, who plays outfield for the DGS varsity softball team, has been diagnosed with multidirectional instability in her right shoulder, As of May 8, the DGS girls’ varsity softball team is currently ranked 4th according which causes pain to her when she throws. The injury to the Daily Herald. Photo courtesy of Randal Novak developed over time from the amount of stress put on sion of the softball season even though she can’t be out her shoulder throughout her so that she can continue to there and is always putting ten years of softball experiparticipate as a designated a smile on people’s faces,” ence. player for the Mustangs. Garland said. “When I move it, you can If the procedure does not Despite putting up a posifeel the ball pop out, and it go as planned, then Davis tive front to her teammates makes like a grinding noise, will undergo surgery on her Davis still expressed how so it’s kind of gross,” Davis shoulder. certain times sitting on the said. However, without Davis bench can become frustratDavis’ diagnosis means on the field the Mustangs ing, especially given it is that the socket of her shoul- have been forced to troubleher last year as a softball der is too big for the ball to shoot in practice and deplayer. stay in place, causing it to termine ways that they can “I think the toughest part pop in and out of place in make up for her not being is when we are in intense times when she utilizes this able to play defense. One of games or situations, and I part of her body. these changes was moving know that I want to be out Since Davis cannot play senior Samantha Krupa to there with my team, but I defense as much as she used play outfield, a position she can’t,” Davis said. “It beto, she is on the Mustangs’ has not played before but ing my senior year it’s kind roster as a “designated play- quickly became skilled at of disappointing, but also I er.” This means that she is with the help of Davis’ lead. know I still play a role on in the lineup as the team by besolely an offening there.” sive player who Despite the can do things adversity, Berg like pinch hit highlighted and run for the how Davis has team. grown as a “She is good player over her at knowing her years on DGS role and knowsoftball, gaining ing that she attributes that wants to be her shoulder a part of the injury cannot team, and the take away. team respects “I think there her because she has just been works very hard Davis stepping to the plate as a designated player, meaning she is soley a level of conoffensive player. even though she an fidence that she Photo courtesy of Randal Novak might not nechas gained this essarily see as second year on much playing time as she “They had Rachel teach varsity of knowing that she did in previous years,” head me the ropes of what to do,” can be looked at as a senior varsity softball coach LauKrupa said. “She will help leader especially offensiveren Berg said. people out if they ask her ly,” Berg said. “She can be a To cure her injury, Davis questions, even me, even bunter, she can be a person was given two options by though I’m a senior she who’s going to hit for power, doctors: surgery or a stem helps me and tells me. The she has a lot of elements to cell blood treatment called three other girls in outfield her game that’s really make Regenexx. are new to varsity this year her a good threat.” Regenexx is a procedure so she teaches them too.” Nevertheless, Davis’s that requires blood to be Davis does not let her personality is something drawn out of the shoulder so injury stop her from being her teammates see as the that it can be regenerated a vocal leader on the softbiggest aspect they admire and then put back into the ball team. Freshman player about her. body. Essentially, this proDaly Garland highlighted “She just brings so much cess is supposed to help the Davis’ ability to lighten the laughter to the team it’s muscles in Davis’ shoulder mood and bring laughter insane. If we’re ever nertighten up, which she hopes to practices and games, in vous or anything, just have will ease her current pain. turn strengthening the team Rachel come and she will Davis is scheduled to chemistry. immediately make us calm undergo the Regenexx “She cheers up everyone down, and I really admire treatment after the concluand cheers on everyone that,” Krupa said.

Diddia running a relay at Morton West on March 17th. She also runs the 400m, 800m, mile and two mile. Photo courtesy of Laura Duffy

Rebecca Diddia sprints into first year of track By Kendall Brost, Online Entertainment Editor Freshman Rebecca Diddia had never run competitively before this year. The reason for this sudden start was the mere fun she had running around as a child. Now only a year into the sport, she is already a varsity runner. Diddia excelled during the cross country season in which she went to state and ran the three mile in 18:08. She is also improving her mile time, which is now at 5:26. When asked about Diddia, her coach, Douglas Plunkett, had all great things to say about her running so far. “Rebecca is a talented, competitive athlete that doesn’t like to lose. She is willing to work hard to improve herself. Rebecca’s biggest limitation is herself, she doesn’t realize how good she really is. As she continues to gain experience and confidence, she will improve a lot,” Plunkett said. With this being Diddia’s first year running, Plunkett seems confident that Diddia will continue to succeed as her running career continues. “I think that Rebecca will continue to improve as a runner as her focus and maturity grows. I see her eventually developing into a more vocal team leader. She is certainly talented enough to continue running beyond high school,” Plunkett said. At DGS Diddia runs the 400m, 800m, mile and two mile. In these races, Diddia has had the opportunity to compete

with other runners that inspire her. With some of these runners being upperclassmen and for Diddia just starting to run this year, it could be a lot to handle; however, Diddia relies on her teammates to help her through tough situations. “It is awesome. They have a lot of experience so that they can help me calm down before the start of a race,” Diddia said. With Diddia training with more experienced runners, she said that the person she looks up to most on the team is senior Gillian Thomas. “The person I look up to most on the team would have to be Gillian Thomas because she is always in a good mood and works so hard to become a better runner,” Diddia said. When Thomas was told that Diddia looked up to her she expressed her feelings as being honored. She describes Diddia as a supportive and positive teammate. She also shared her advice to Diddia. “My advice to her would be to keep it all in perspective and to relax and soak it in sometimes. After four years, at the very least, high-school running is over. I hope she continues to not take any opportunity for granted and reminds herself that she joined this sport because she enjoys it,” Thomas said. Even though Diddia is only a freshman, when asked about running in the next level in college, Diddia already has plans for that. She said that she will definitely be running in college and hopes to run at Minnesota State University.

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